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 560 1819-1863 group of interesting stampless covers from 1819 boxed Bremen fumigated cover, 1820 pair covers with TTR 4 Hamburg to Bordeaux, interesting transit marks, both noted 'fumigated'. 1845 item from Leer to London with neat markings, other covers from Hamburg & Bremen. Nice 1853 cover from Düsseldorf (boxed) with three line Minden - Deutz TPO, red Coeln 21.10 Verviers TPO, London arrival & tax markings etc. (8)£50
 561 1849-1950's balance of consignment. Real mixed lot of stamps, covers & cards mainly on leaves. A selection of States from Baden, useful Bavaria, Prussia, Saxony, Wurttemberg, some four margin items & interesting pmks. noticed. North German Confederation, selection of pre-war officials. Oddments incl. 1912 10 & 30pf semi-official Airs M. Range of unused postal stationery money transfer cards (28) with double cards - different formats, four early English military cards incl. two scarce aeroplane items issued by The National Federation of Discharged & Demobilised Sailors & Soldiers, other items of interest noticed. (100's)£150
 562 1850's-1980's all area M & U range in stock book. Useful States in varied condition, good pmk. interest with strong Bavaria, Wurttemberg to 1920, Baden, Brunswick, Saxony, Thurn & Taxis. Good North German Confederation WWI Occupation, Colonies, 'Yacht' types M & U incl. Marianen values to 1rm. WWII Occupation of Bohemia & Moravia, General Govt. - wide range of issues, Danzig - worth checking, post war with French Zone with large multiples incl. marginal inscriptions, West Berlin/West Germany. Lot with potential. (approx. 2100, 3 M/S)£125
 563 1872-1945 good to FU collection in a Lighthouse dedicated album with a high degree of completion, from 1872 small/large Arms types, 1874 21/2, 9gr Mi 29/30 Cat. 495€, Empire with Germania ranges to high values, onward with definitives, airs & better commemoratives incl. 1924 Welfare Fund Mi 365/8. Defins. both wmks. + full ranges of Inflation - all with many varied pmks- potential for high Cat. Mid period Charities, Airs, some Zeppelins. IIIrd Reich virtually complete with many good items incl. Wagner set, M/Sheets with Olympic pair (both papers), Hitler & Brown Ribbon, red opt. sheet has faults, through to 1945 Reich 12th Anniversary pair Mi 909/10 FU on piece with Berlin W 23.4.45 pmk. as is. Fine ranges of officials, WWII Occupation of Bohemia & Moravia, Gen Govt. - some M. Other areas incl. Alsace, Lorraine, Luxembourg, Ukraine, Ostland Kurland opts. M, Channel Islands, small range of Bavaria other oddments. Should be high Cat. (1500 + 10 M/S)£950
 564 1872-1978 all period M & FU collection in large Yvert album. Empire issues from 1871 small/large Shields, mixed condition (damaged not counted) through to Germania with different printings & high values. Strong pre war incl. Definitives, Inflation, Airs 1925, 1926 & 1929, Charity sets M, 1927 'IAA' opts. M. 1930 Iposta sheet M (crease not affecting stamps) which appear to be UM. Good IIIrd Reich with most issues - some UM, all period Officials, selection of post war Anglo Zones, strong West Germany, East Germany incl. 1950 Debria M/Sheet, odd crease faults - not too detracting. Useful lot with potential. (approx. 1880 + 11 M/S)£300
 565 1873-1890's collection of used/unused postal stationery cards incl. a study of the first 'Deutches Reich' postcard 1/2, 2gr Mi P1/4 incl. double cards, variations in card, colour, printing varieties etc. Double hyphen, breaks in border, nice pmk. selection. Further issues with & without 'E' types, different formats, printings. Needs arranging, a neglected area with potential. (111)£75
 566 1891-1902 an assortment of parcel cards to various French destinations with frankings to 2mk & bearing an interesting range of cancels & cachets. Few faults. (18)£120
 567 1880's-1900 19th Century Town Locals, postal stationery. Attractive range in cover album, postally used & unused cards, envelopes & letter cards from a wide area incl. various Berlin Companies, Dresden, Hansa, Halle Courier, Hamburg Hammonia, Hannover Mercury, Leipzig, Metz etc. Ornate designs, commercial interest & attractive postal markings. An area in demand. (102)£350
 568 Ditto as above, a similar lot. (87)£300
 569 1900-1937 slightly disorganised collection of M & U stamps, covers/cards on leaves from 1900. Section of Germania postal stationery cards (49) with Reichpost, Deutsches Reichs types, different formats, values, various Germania issues on cover, se-tenants, high values, mid period through Inflation charity values - many p.s. cards & lots of covers with special pmks. particularly IIIrd Reich period. Needs working on but should prove rewarding. (approx. 1500, 188 covers/cards)£375
 5701913 PPC of Grebenstein franked 'Aquadent' label + Germania 10pf se-tenant pair, Mi R12B. One of the rarest se-tenants to be found on cover. Cat. 1700€ (1) £375
 571 1914-18 Occupation of Belgium, Eastern & Western Command areas, Poland & Rumania. Comprehensive & interesting M, FU + cover collection nicely presented from Belgian Occupation, 1914 Germania opts. incl. many values on censored covers with extra commercial interests. Wide range of military cachets to 1918, issues for Easter & Western Command areas, Poland with Russich Polen & gen. Govt. Warsaw opts. Excellent sections for Occupation of Rumania with German Military Administration, Provisional issues, 9th Army, War tax, Fiscal stamps incl. on cover with unlisted items. Stamps ST Cat. 1080€++ & 76 covers. Well worth viewing, value should add up. (205 + 76 covers)£450
 572 1918-1960's group of Zeppelin & Air Post related items. 1918 postcard showing damaged airship in the sea - card posted London, early German PPC showing LZ1 on first ascent, 1931 scruffy Hungarian flight card with red cachets Sieger 101B. Various cards with 1939 IIIrd Reich International flight cancels for Kassel, Leipzig, Meinengen, Gorlitz, Munster, Essen. Attractive range of Hoffman Zeppelin cards (repro) interesting subjects, ideal for displaying, 1930 card from Munchen showing DOX hydroplane, other items incl. post war letter sheet headed 'Hotel Graf Zeppelin'. Good lot. (25)£150
 573 1919 National Assembly at Weimar x 900++ U sets in bundleware form. Unchecked for postmarks or varieties, SG. 107/10, plus some other miscellaneous items. Cat. £4375++£250
 5741921 Germania 8mk booklet Mi 14 unused, good condition, perfs. OK, slight separation on 30pf pane. Cat. 180€ (1) £45
 5751923 Oct. 31 large registered airmail cover Berlin - UK, with very attractive multiple mixed franking, Mi 111/2, 210/18, 235/7, 263/7. Cat. 320€ (1) £80
 576 1928 4m brown Zeppelin UM corner marginal block of four, some small thins, SG. 445. Scarce block. (4) £50
 577 1929-32 President Ebert (inset) official 8pf postal stationery cards. Good selection of Bild view cards unused & used, different printings - unchecked + two proof card & three 1931 cards issued for the 10th Anniversary of Upper Silesia Elections, 1931 Freiherr Vom Stein cards used. (58)£100
 578 1929 group of Zeppelin mail covers. LZ127 Orient flight postcard franked pair 50pf Airs, tied with Friedrichshafen Luftpost c.d.s. + red lilac cachet Sieger 231A, similar flight with covers franked 2mk Airmail. 1st America flight cover franked 4RM Mi 424y with Luftschiff Graf Zeppelin cancel, blue cachet Sieger 26B. 1929 LZ129 Balkans flight cover franked pair 50pf Airs from Friedrichshafen 7 Sept Luftpost c.d.s. Also 7 Oct c.d.s. Breslau 17.10.29 receiving mark, red boxed cachet. Interesting date variations. (4)£200
 5791930 LZ127 South America flight, official aerial view card franked 2RM South American flight Zeppelin value Mi 438, tied with Luftschiff Graf Zeppelin c.d.s. + red & black Zeppelin cachets, Sieger 57c. (1) £160
 580 1930 LZ127 Spanish flight postcard posted Seville, with red Zeppelin cachet, Sieger 58A. (1)£30
 5811930 airmail envelope to USA endorsed 'Via Graf Zeppelin/Friedrichshafen to Seville' franked by 2rm South American Zeppelin adhesives, tied Friedrichshafen c.d.s. Special red cachet to left, Seville arrival machine back stamp. £140
 582 1930-1944 good range of p. s. cards from 1930 Nothilfe issue, later incl. Hindenburg 'Bild' type with useful pmks. Commemorative cards incl. 1936 Court of Justice, Munich (2) one with slogan cancel, 1939 KdF Congress, Stamp Days, Hitler Head cards incl. with propaganda inscriptions, Occupation of Luxembourg & General Govt. items. Nice clean lot. (42)£90
 5831931 LZ127 Polar flight dedicated air mail card franked 1RM Polar flight stamp Mi 456, tied with Luftschiff Graf Zeppelin c.d.s. + Leningrad black & red Zeppelin cachets, Sieger 203. (1) £115
 5841932 LZ127 1st South America flight cover from Wallasey, England franked KGV 1s & 2/6d values, sent to Brazil, red violet cachets, Sieger 138, confirmation stamp & connecting flight. (1) £50
 585 1933-1945 M & FU + cover collection in four albums. One of the most impressive collections we have seen in a long time, from 1933 Opening of The Reichstag issue(3) Mi 909/10 M & FU to 1945 12th Anniversary of the IIIrd Reich pair M + two pairs FU, one on piece (not incl. in Cat. but could prove to be of much added value). Just a few of the scarcer items noticed, 1933 Wagner set FU, 1935 Ostropa M/Sheet (gum stains) as is often the case. 1936 Olympic M/Sheets - pairs UM both papers, also pairs FU with various Olympic cancels, different Hitler M/Sheets, some on cover, 1937 Brown Ribbon red opt. sheet Mi Block 10 UM & FU with special cancel, 1939 Nurburgring Races opt. set M & FU + sets on both covers & card + many other issues on cover, special pmks. & scarce usage officials. A delight for any German collector, inspection recommended. (1007, 165 covers, 25 M/S + 8 presentation items)£1500
 5861933 Graf Zeppelin Chicago flight 1, 2 & 4RM Mi 496/8 set FU. Cat. 1000€ £175
 587 1933-45 fine M & U collection plus covers on leaves with protectors. Collection with that 'little bit extra', most issues are both M & FU, many UM with extra blocks, many on cover with special pmks. Better usages from 1933 Opening of Reichstag set with extras. The booklet Mi MH52 some sheet combinations M & U, Hindenburg defins. + strong range of se-tenant combinations from Mi W59 to W100 with vertical, horizontal strips, blocks etc. plus booklet MH36 complete Cat. 300€ All the Charity sets from Wagner set Mi 499/507A, both M & FU + se-tenants, all commems. M/Sheets from 1936 Berlin Ribbon, Hitler M/Sheets to 1937 Brown Ribbon Mi Block 10 M & FU with special cancel, all issues to 1945 12th Anniversary of IIIrd Reich Mi 909/10 UM + imperf. marginal pair. Hitler defins. high values with different perfs. combinations, officials. Much more to be explored incl. many cards, covers with scarce usage. Special pmks. noted 1938 Hitler - Chamberlain dated meeting - Bad Godesberg, approx. 2400 stamps incl. 347 se-tenant combinations. 239 covers/cards + more. Must be seen.£1400
 588 1933-1940 study of Hindenburg Medallion Head postal stationery cards both used & unused from examples of early issues with long tail to 'E' 5, 6, 15pf five line address types. Later types incl. answer cards, good range of 6pf Bild view cards types Mi P232, 236. Many used have fancy cancels, some commem. cards from 1933 Luther P224, P237, 1939 KDF Hamburg Mi P246 Stamp Exhibition cards. Worth closer study. (92)£60
 5891933 Chicago flight 1m Zeppelin FU, SG. 510. Cat. £350 (1) £80
 590 1933-44 A comprehensive range of official used/unused p.s. cards covering a wide range of issues from 1933 Opening session of the Reichstag card Mi P248 to the 1944 Goldsmiths Institute issue Mu P287. Better items noticed incl. 1935 15 + 10pf Olympic card with Frankfurt roller cancel, 1937 Nuremburg Rally set of eight, 1939 70th Anniversary of postcard issue, 1940 Mi P290 with added inscription & fancy Wien cancel. Basis for a fine collection. (65)£180
 5911934 Christmas flight cover to Rio franked 50pf + 1m adhesives, tied Frankfurt c.d.s's, obverse bears green Zeppelin cachet, reverse Rio receipt mark, Sieger 286. (1) £50
 592 1935-40 fine range of commemorative postmarks on postcards franked with 3pf Hindenburg values. Attractive designs for Exhibitions, Stamp Days, Festivals, Propaganda etc. from many towns. Items incl. Munchen Day of Art 1937, Stettin German - Finland Competition, 1938 44th German Stamp Day - MS Oceana, The Eternal Jew Exhibition Berlin, return of the Condor Legion from the Spanish Civil War + much more. Good clear cancels. Popular area, all well presented in a quality cover album. (115)£65
 593 1935-36 LZ127 Europe - South America flight cover from Hamburg to Brazil, red Zeppelin cachet 'E' type, 1936 1st North America flight cover franked various values incl. Mi 603 & 606, tied with Frankfurt (Main) Bahnpost c.d.s's, red Zeppelin cachet, Sieger 406D, 9th North America flight cover registered Stuttgart showing red cachet letter 'G', cover posted 6.9.36. (3)£35
 5941935-39 small selection of better private & official p.s. cards, with 1935 Winter Relief Mi PP 122c4, 1938 Count Zeppelin Anniversary/Post Exhibition Mi PP 127c40 + matching exhibition card, both with special cancel. 1938 Anniversary of 1923 Putsch p.s. card + 1939 Day of German Art Mi P127c47 with special cancel. Colourful & eye catching designs. (5) £70
 595 1936 1s August LZ129 Olympic flight cover from Frankfurt - Main (Luftschiffen cancel) on 20, 80pf Airs + red/lilac Zeppelin cachet, Sieger 427B + card franked five different values from Berlin Olympics issue incl. 25 +15pf Mi 615, similar postal markings & magenta cachet, Berlin arrival c.d.s. + repro PPC of LZ129, showing Olympic rings. (3)£35
 596 1936 BERLIN OLYMPICS - a complete collection of chiefly black & white photo cards depicting events, competitions, diagnostics, stadiums, propaganda etc. Albums complete with dust covers, very fine condition for these.£80
 597 LITERATURE - 1936 Olympics collection of cigarette cards in printed book showing Stadia, Events, Participants etc. Also Elsasse & Lothrineen - German Territory 3rd publication of 1942 heavily accented propaganda work detailing Alsace & Lorraine, foreword by Dr Otto Meissner, text in traditional Gothic script, with romanticised descriptions of various areas, architecture, folk etc. (2)£35
 598 1937 group of stampless covers, each showing Special Event postmarks & all having been through the post. Many have eagle/swastika cachet of the town Postamt. A wide area incl. Chemnitz, Fliegerlager - Wasserkruppe, Turn-U-Sports Breslau, Hamburg, Erfurt, Nurnberg, Blankenburg + more. Some scarce pmks. for Exhibitions, Nazi commemorations etc. (27)£55
 5991937 Nuremberg rally card by Franz Eher, Munich - postally used with Hitler Head Mi 651 from M/Sheet, tied with rally special cancel. (1) £40
 6001938 nice selection of Sudetenland propaganda & photo cards featuring Sudetenland Hitler Youth, camp site, banners, Hitler & Chamberlain all franked with Czech values with various freedom cachets for Asch, Egger etc. Worth a look. (7) £70
 601 LENI RIEFENSTAHL signature on 1969 U.N. FDC, clear & fine.£50
 6021938-39 LZ130 Sudetenland propaganda flight card franked Mi 665, 682, tied Rhein-Main flight c.d.s's + red Zeppelin cachet Sieger O456. 1939 Eger, Sudetenland Zeppelin Landing flight cover with red cachet, Sieger 462. Attractive coloured Count Zeppelin, flags & balloon card with Eger flight cancel. Three attractive items. £60
 6031938-42 four propaganda cards from a series issued for the National Competition of the S.A in Berlin + 1942 Stamp Day 3pf Hitler Head inset p.s. cards Mi P308 01/4 set with fancy 1st day cancel. (8) £70
 6041938-44 selection of Hitler photo & propaganda cards, some with special cancels. Items include a card with Hitler & Horthy, the Hungarian Regent visiting Kiel, used with special cancel, 1944 House of German Art card, showing a Hitler portrait. An interesting lot. (8) £70
 605  1939 Medal Award document for Mothers Cross of Honour 3rd Class, awarded to Anna Schatzl. Printed document/certificate which bears facsimile signatures of Hitler & Meissner at base, with embossed eagle at left. Crease & slight edge faults otherwise a good example. (1)£50
 606 1939 LZ130 internal Zeppelin flights multi franked card Frankfurt - Main - Gorlitz flight with red cachet, Sieger 458. 1939 Frankfurt to Essen flight cover with Rhein - Main flight cancel red, black Essen/Mulheim Zeppelin cachets, Sieger 463. Konigsburg flight cover showing red cachets, Sieger 464, this flight was cancelled & card forwarded by train. Attractive covers. (3)£60
 607 1939 Hitler's 50th Birthday set of five commemorative p.s. cards Mi P278, 01/5 + the scarce card Mi 05, Hitler greeting a young girl, postally used with Mi 744 (design taken from card), tied with Post-Bus slogan cancel. (6)£30
 608 1940 May 14 official correspondence from the Reichs Ministry for Building (part of Goerings area of responsibility) & under control of 'Dr Todt'. Content refers to inability to comply with request from another senior Government Official for employment of an architect acquaintance.£30
 609 1940-45 WWII POW Mail. Interesting range of Oflag & Stalag official camp covers, cards & letter sheets from French prisoners in a wide range of camps throughout Germany. Attractively displayed with a map listing camps & occupied territories. All different camp censor numbers from previous offerings, many different design cachets, formats, items from Stalag IXA Ziegenheim, VIO Dortmund, VII Moosburg, Stalag VIIIA Gorlitz, Oflag XB Nienburg Oflag IID Arnswalde, Occupation of Poland Oflag 10D Fichbeck, Stalag VA Ludwigsburg, Stalag VC Malschbach + more. Some camps rarely seen, worth researching & having messages translated. (54)£165
 610 WWII POW Mail. Similar lot but many different censor markings (all different numbers). Items incl. Stalag VIF Bocholt, Stalag IVC Orschatz Via Herer-Krs Iserlohn, Stalag XA Scheswig, Stalag IA Stablack Nr Danzig, Oflag IId Gross Born, Oflag VI Munster, Oflag VIIIF Wahlstatt-Liegnitz + more. Chance to build a definitive collection. (53)£165
 611 1941-44 Hitler Head official postal stationery cards, good representative unused/used range from 1941 local use cards 5, 6 & 15pf + reply double cards Mi P298/303. Examples of Bild (get to know Germany) cards with different printing years. 1942 Stamp Day P308 01/4 with special cancel. European Youth issue, Foreign Workers reply card Mi 310 + some propaganda 'quote' cards. Good basis for further development. (35)£35
 612 1933-44 official postal stationery cards. An excellent virtually complete range of cards from 1933 Opening of the Reichstag Mi P248 to 1944 Goldsmiths Institute Mi 297, most both used & unused. The 1st issue has used cards with additional 'Wagner' values, many interesting subjects incl. Olympics, Nurnberg rally, Hitlers Birthday, Danzig, Austria inclusion in the Reich, many fancy cancels & printing varieties. Attractive lot. (135)£160
 6131940 group of photo cards showing scenes of the Nazi period incl. Military, Hitler Youth marching, damage scene in Occupation of Poland, Hitler eating in Airforce Canteen - an unusual Hoffman card from occupied Luxembourg, VDA 'School Collection' cards. (10) £65
 6141941 Hitlers 52nd Birthday, set of eight special 6pf illustrated p.s. cards depicting fighting units & flags Mi P243 01/8 unused. (8) £120
 615 1941-44 range of military & feldpost subject cards & covers. Various feldpost covers franked with airmail Concession labels, military cachets, different pmks. Official feldpost items. Attractive military scene feldpost cards by Pahle & Co. Hamburg, German newspaper cutting re Hanna Reitsch, leading test pilot of IIIrd Reich, few photo cards from The Imperial War Museum showing flying bombs etc. Worth inspection. (25)£40
 616 Civilian Internment Mail 1941-42 pair of covers sent from France to Mr Alexander, No 792 British Interned Civilian Ilag VIII Tost Germany. The covers each have a different style camp censor cachet. (2)£50
 6171943 Anti British propaganda forgery of the GB 11/2d Jubilee issue but showing KGVI & Stalin, Mi 2, ungummed as prepared + forgeries of KGVI 1/2d - 3d defins. watermarked marginals Mi 3/8 unused as issued. Cat. 400€ (7) £135
 618 1943 Africa Corps 'Palm Tree' issue Mi 5A M (minor faults). (1) £45
 6191943 group of 'Women in the War Effort' colourful propaganda cards by Eric Sutjar, Berlin, inscribed Frauen Schaffen Fur Euch. Eight cards unused. (8) £100
 6201944 Herman Goering U.S. produced propaganda M/S showing Goering portrait in frame in the style of the 1943 Birthday stamp UM. Unusual item. £40
 6211944 PPC from BRUNN to DACHAU Concentration Camp. Adhesive removed by censor & space partly covered by his 'POSTZENSURSTELLE/K.L. DACHAU' cachet. £50
 6221945 12th Anniversary of IIIrd Reich set in marginal blocks of 25 UM, SA block has some paper adhesion affecting six stamps, some minor tone spots etc. RPS Certs for each (2002) £150
 623 HIMMLER HEINRICH 1944 document authorising awards of the Iron Cross First & Second Class to units of the SS Division 'Florian Geyer' & boldly signed in blue ink at base by the Reichsfuhrer - SS Heinrich Himmler. £400
 624 WWII selection of signed postcard photos (4), typed letters & documents signed etc. by various German military & aviation officers & Knight's Cross winners of WWII incl. Heinz Harmel, Hannes Trautloft, Walter Brauer, Johann Schalk, Alfred Haase, Gerhard Conrad etc. The signed images all show Nazis in uniform head & shoulder poses wearing Knights Crosses. FR (1), generally G to VG, 8.£220
 625 AUGUST WILHELM (1867-1949) Prince of Prussia, son of Kaiser Wilhelm II, Nazi SA General. Signed postcard photo of the Prince in a head & shoulders pose wearing his Nazi SA brown shirt uniform. Signed in dark fountain pen ink to the image with fair contrast, 'Heil Hitler ! August Wilhelm, Prinz. V. Prussia' & dated 9th December 1931 in his hand. Together with Crown Prince Wilhelm (1882-1951) eldest son of Kaiser Wilhelm II & heir to the German Throne, signed 4 x 6 photo, to the reverse in purple indelible pencil, the image showing Wilhelm in a formal head & shoulders pose in profile wearing his Royal regalia, signed beneath a typed greeting in German, dated Berlin May 1939. G to VG.£75
 626HITLER ADOLF (1889-1945) Fuhrer of the IIIrd Reich 1933-1945. Signed Christmas greetings card, Berlin December 1937. The printed oblong 8vo card features gold embossed Nazi eagle & swastika in one corner & has two lines of printed German text. Hitler has boldly signed his name in black fountain pen ink at the conclusion. One very light, minor stain to upper edge, otherwise fine & rare.£1200
 627HESS RUDOLF (1894-1987) Deputy to Adolf Hitler in the Nazi Party. Book signed & inscribed, hardback edition of Speeches, published in Germany by the Central Press of the NSDAP, successors to Franz Eher of Munich, 1938. Signed & inscribed by Hess to the flyleaf 'To my old Comrade, Hinrich Lohse, Christmas 1938, Rudolf Hess' in dark fountain pen ink. Some very light, minor foxing to flyleaf. Very minor damage to the spine otherwise VG. £300
 628BORMANN MARTIN (1900-1945) Private Secretary to Adolf Hitler, head of the Party Chancellery. Typed letter signed Bormann, one page A4, Fuhrers Headquarters, Munich 15th February 1943, to Herr Schwarz the State Treasurer of the NSDAP, on printed of the Nationalist Socialist German Workers Party, Head of the Party Chancellery. Bormann writes concerning Race Researcher Dr Lugwig Ferdinand Clauss, membership number 2.909.460 & encloses copy of (no longer present) of the disqualification issued against him. A few file holes to left edge & various annotations & stamps, not affecting the text or the signature. Together with Albert Bormann (1902-1989) Adjutant to Adolf Hitler & younger brother of Martin, typed letter signed A Bormann, one page oblong 8vo, Munich 3rd June 1932, to George Thompson in New York, on Adolf Hitler's printed stationery. Bormann explains why it is not possible to send him the Fuhrer's signature 'since this is only ever given to long standing & particularly deserving members of the movement'. Some light creasing & neat tear to fold repaired to reverse, the tape causing slight discolouration to the text but not affecting signature. (2) £450
 629 SPEER ALBERT (1905-1981) Nazi Politician, Hitler's Chief Architect. Typed letter signed Albert Speer, on page 4to, Heidelberg 11th January 1972 to Mr L W J Collins, in German. Speer apologises for his delay in writing & explains that he has just started in an advisory role within the building trade & that preparations for prefabricated houses takes up all of his time. In concluding he states that he hopes his correspondent will visit Heidelberg again so that they & their wives can have a good time together. Accompanied by the original envelope. Very minor creasing.£90
 630NIEMOLLER MARTIN (1892-1984) German Lutheran Pastor, an opponent of Adolf Hitler who was interned in concentration camps during WWII. Vintage signed postcard photo, head & shoulders study of Niemoller wearing his white collar. He looks slightly away from camera in a pensive manner, boldly signed in blue fountain pen ink with his name alone to the image. £70
 631 BITTRICH WILHELM (1894-1979) Obregruppenfuhrer of the German SS & Waffen SS General during WWII. Typed signed letter W Bittirch, one page A4, Munsing 19th July 1965 to J Van Mastrigt in Rotterdam. Bittrich writes concerning a book entitled Sold Out & Betrayed & comments ' The attempt to portray great events, both in literature and film, always leaves me fundamentally sceptical but I could not however remain completely indifferent to the force of the portrayal and the presentation'. He continues 'In my generation fate decreed on two occasions against our people. Lessons have to be learnt from that and I hope they will be learnt.' VG.£90
 632 NAZI GERMANY Emil Maurice (1897-1972) Hitler's personal bodyguard & chauffeur, an SS Fuhrer who held SS membership number 2 (Hitler was member number 1) blue ink signature & a few additional words in German on white card, dated July 1971 in his hand, neatly laid down. Together with Christa Schroeder (1908- ) Hitler's personal secretary, friend & confidant. Document signed Christine Schroeder, being a form of identification card dated Munich 11th September 1981. The official card features a colour passport image of Schroeder beneath which she has signed her name. The card also bears various official stamps. (3)£150
 633 GOERDELER CARL (1884-1945) Lord Mayor of Leipzig & civilian leader in the conspiracy against Hitler. Goerdeler was deeply involved in the July 20 1944 bomb plot to assassinate the Fuhrer, which resulted in him being tried, sentenced to death & hanged. Rare typed letter signed Goerdeler, one page A4 Leipzig 16th March 1933, to Karl Haberstock, a Fine Art dealer in Berlin, on the printed stationery of the Lord Mayor. Goerdeler thanks his correspondent for a kind invitation but explains that he does not have a spare moment over the next six weeks. He adds that he has sought advice from the Director of the Museum of Fine Arts regarding an exchange proposal & suggests that Haberstock contact the Director, Dr Tempster, directly with any new proposal he may have. Two file holes to left edge not affecting text or signature, otherwise VG.£400
 634 WWII small selection of autographs by four German military leaders comprising Johannes Blaskowitz (1883-1948, General & Commander of the German Eighth Army) signed postcard photo, head & shoulders reproduction of an artists impression of the General wearing his Knights Cross, boldly signed (Blaskowitz) & dated 1943, Edward Dietl (1890-1944, Lieutenant General, commanded the German 3rd Mountain Division) signed postcard photo of Dietl in a uniform head & shoulders pose wearing his Knights Cross, boldly signed with his surname only, Gerd Von Runstedt (1875-1953, German Field Marshall) letter signed Von Runstedt, one page, 26th January 1948, written whilst a prisoner of War, Albert Kesselring (1881-1960, German General Field Marshall) typed letter signed Kesselring, one page A4, Headquarters 8th May 1942, endorsing the application of Voigt & Kremin to be awarded the German Cross in gold as they have distinguished themselves 'by their great bravery in the course of their 178 & 217 missions respectively'. G to VG. (4)£150
 635 JODL ALFRED (1890-1946) German General of WWII, Chief of Operations Staff & deputy to Wilhelm Keitel. Typed letter signed Jodl, one page A4, Berlin 14th June 1941, to an unidentified correspondent. On the printed stationery of the Head of the Army Command staff. Jodly responds to his correspondents' request & forwards a signed photo of himself (no longer present). Two file holes to left edge not affecting text or signature, otherwise VG.£150
 636 WWII selection of autographs of various German Generals incl. signed postcard photos & two signed cards with attached magazine photos by Hermann Hoth (1885-1971), Hans Speidel (1897-1984), Adolf Heusinger (1897-1982), Gerd Powel Von Below (1892-1953), Harald Von Hirschfeld (1912-1945) etc. The majority of images showing the Generals in uniform poses, together with a brief types letter signed by Karl Weisenberger, General of the Infantry, 5th February 1942 & another typed signed letter by Hans Von Armin, head of the German Army in Africa after Rommel, 6th June 1943. G to VG. (9)£240
 637 WWII selection of four signed postcard & 4 x 6 photos by different Generals, comprising Gunther Blumentritt (1897-1967), Walter Wenck (1900-1982, the youngest General in the German Army), Ferdinand Schorner (1892-1973, later a Field Marshal & briefly Commander in Chief of the German Army) & Reinhard Gehlen (1902-1979). Each of the images are post war reproductions of the Generals in uniform. All have been clearly signed, most adding their rank beneath the signature. Neatly mounted.£160
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