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Coin, medal and banknote auction - 26 July 2008 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 26 July 2008. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 30 - WWI Groups
Lot Thumbnail Description of lot Starting price Realised
383   1914 Star trio & LSGC (Geo V) Pte on the Star, WO2 & C Sgt on LSGC (Black Watch), NVF. £180.00 £180.00
384   1914-15 Star trio 171621 V S Armon AMR RN, Geo V Navy LSGC, 171621 VS Armon ARMR HMS President III (slight correction to the name), QSA Clasp CC, Wittebergen. This is a re-named item, named as above only issued to HMS Partridge, GF/VF. £120.00 £120.00
385   1914-15 Star trio 89660 J H Boocock, Rif A, Sgt Mjr on the Star, Sgt on the pair & Edward VII LSGC 87471 CQM Sgt J H Boocock, RGA, GVF. £80.00 £115.00
386   1914-15 Star, Trio & Geo V RNR LSGC 67 WE WT Engm J M Smith, RNR, GF. £100.00 £105.00
387   1914-15 trio & LSGC Act/L/Sto K3013 A G Shirley RN, SPO on pair & with Geo V LSGC SPO HMS Vivid, F. £80.00 £80.00
388   1914-15 trio 10803 Pte W Law Northd Fus, Geo V Terr Efficiency 4259211 Fsr W Law Northd with ribbon bar, collar badge & two cloth badges. Served with the 5th Battallion Terr, VF. £100.00 £140.00
389   1914-15 trio plus RNR LSGC Medal EA 1191 F Curry ERA RNR, 115ED on LSGC mounted as worn. Also one dog tag, protection certificate from HMS Pegasus & a testimonial from Swan Hunters, VF. £100.00 £120.00
390   1914-15 Trio/Badges & buttons/Masonic Jewel etc. Star 18-322 Pte H Manson 18/DLI, Pair 2nd Lieut H Manson, IGS 1908 Clasp Afghanistan, NWF 1919 2nd Lieut H Manson 35 Sikhs, Defence Medal unnamed & QEII Cadet Force Medal Major H Manson (awarded for service with the Portsmouth Grammar School Contgt). Copy research enclosed, VF. £350.00 N/S
391   BWM & Victory (5 pairs) 130147 Dvr G Piper, RA (stain on Victory), VF, 81285 Gnr A Buck, RA, NVF, 238083 Spr W J M Enright, RE, VF, 129634 Pnr B Greenwood, RE, NVF & M2-222039 Pte J Shepherd, ASC, VF. £100.00 N/S
392   BWM & Victory 48111 Pte F McQuillan Yorks, 1939-45, Africa, Italy, France & Germany Stars, War & Defence plus Geo V Terr Efficiency with extra service clasp named to 62486 Sgt F McQuillan with red service book & WWII release book. Includes 17 original photographs & other paperwork, VF. £160.00 £180.00
393   Family Group - 1914 Star & Victory Medal RTS-549 Strpr E Fitzsimmons ASC, Pte E Fitzsimmons on the Victory. Victory Medal 11119 Pte J Fitzsimmons DLI. Group of five - 1939-45, Africa, Italy, France & Germany Stars & War medal in box of issue to Mr J Fitzsimmonds from RA, VF. £70.00 £76.00
394   Family group (cased) - Canadian Memorial Cross to L/Sgt G Newman A20097 & Mercantile Marine pair boxed to John Newman, EF. £100.00 £125.00
395   Family set of WWI medals, two KIA. 1914-15 trio 2224 Pte A Dean S Lancs. Pair 201416 W Dean S Lancs with box & envelope. Pair 202205 A Dean S Lancs with slip, box & envelope, KIA 31/12/17, 2/4 Battn. Pair 8338 S Dean RW Fus, KIA 25/09/15 1st Day of Loos. (Lived 36 Chorry St, Warrington), all GVF to EF. £200.00 £200.00
396   Five - 1914-15 Star, BWM & Victory to 90657 Sjt B Sapsford, RFA on Star & WO CL 2, RA on medals, plus WWII Defence Medal & Geo V 1935 Silver Jubilee Medal, edge engraved to Serg 374 B Sapsford, all mounted as worn. EF. £75.00 N/S
397   Four - 1914-15 Star Trio to 1404 Pte D Shields RAMC plus GVR (Robes) Terr Eff Medal to 7337269 RAMC. Accompanying these is a letter from the RAF Record Office detailing these awards to a Sgt Daniel Shields (867040) from his service in the RAF & their dispatch to his widow, Mrs C Shields, 23 St Thomas Crescent, Newcastle-on-Tyne in 1951, good VF. £100.00 N/S
398   Group of five - 1914-15 Trio 3048 L/Cpl N G Randall, Middlesex Rgt, Sgt on pair plus War & Defence. Also two RAF badges & photo, VF. £70.00 N/S
399   Group of five - BWM & Victory J 80161 H Ling Ord RN, 1939-45 Star, War & Defence in addressed box of issue with slip (Gateshead address), VF. £50.00 £50.00
400   Group of five - Geo V Terr Eff with two extra service clasps, 4260632 Sgt J H Renwick 4th North'd Fus, 1937 Coronation unofficially named to him, 1939-45 Star, War & Defence with MID emblem & LG 20 Dec 1940. The Coronation medal is also confirmed in the copy paperwork, only five members of the battalion received it. £200.00 £270.00
401   Group of five mounted as worn. 1914-15 trio 3635 AWO CL2 F E Dann DLI, Pte on Star, Geo V Royal Victorian Medal in silver, French Croix-De Guerre with palm leaf. Set of matching miniature medals with MID emblem on Victory Medal. Also oddments, VAD Northumberland Appreciation Medal, two 9ct Flower Show Medals, two silver Flower Show & one Tennis & College Medal, GVF. £200.00 £225.00
402   Group of four - 1914-15 trio plus Geo V LSGC (Naval) 345373 T Loraine, Blk RN, 34573 Thomas Loraine Blksth HMS Pembroke on LSGC, VF. £100.00 N/S
403   Group of four - 1914-15 Star 5-2014 Pte W Thompson, Northd Fus, BWM 5-2014 Pte W Thompson, Northd Fus, Geo V Terr Eff 4258617 Fsr W Thompson, 5th Northd Fus, Geo V Clasp Territorial Eff Medal 4258617 Sjt W Thompson, 5th Northd Fus (Victory missing), GF. £70.00 £86.00
404   Group of four - 1914-15 Star A-Bmbr S C Wright RGA, War & Victory 50881 A-Sgt S C Wright RA, Geo V Meritorious Service Medal 50881 Cpl - A/Sgt S C Wright RGA with original MID certificate dated 07-04-18. Also includes boxed Swedish Gymnastics Association Silver Medal presented to him as the Consul S C Wright, GVF. £200.00 £200.00
405   Group of nine - BWM, Victory, IGS 1937 Clasp, NWF 1937-39, 1939-45 Star, Burma, Italy, Defence, War Medal & 1937 Coronation. First three named, rest unnamed & mounted as worn. These are named to Lieut J M Wilder/Major J MCM Wilder on the IGS 1937. Later/Colonel - full correct name John McMahon Wilder, he served a Medical Officer in India. This comes with a full set of copy documentation which shows service in the Norfolk Rgt 1915-18 RAF as Flt Lieut (Medical) 1925-28. Overall condition VF with minor contact marks. £500.00 N/S
406   Group of seven unmounted - War & Victory 442177 Spr W Russell RE, 1939-45, Africa, France & Germany Stars plus War Medal with Geo VI Terr to 2584153 Sigmn W Russell R Sigs, believed to be father & son, GVF. £70.00 N/S
407   Group of three - BWM & Victory plus Geo VI Special Constabulary Faithful Service Medal 101819 Cpl C R Stephenson, DLI, 'Group Leader' on the constabulary medal, VF. £40.00 N/S
408   Set of three - BWM & Victory plus Geo V LSGC 19181 S Sgt C G Pearce RE, W O Cls 2 on LSGC, VF. £50.00 £54.00
409   Six - Family group - Pair 1914-18 BWM & Victory to 32591 Pte J J Hunter MGC, another pair 1914-18 BWM & Victory to 56482 Pte R B Hunter Sco Rif plus 1939-45 Star & War Medal with certificate in dispatch box named to Mr D Hunter, 6 Tanfield Road, W Benwell, Newcastle upon Tyne 5. Informed the above three were brothers, good EF. £70.00 £70.00
410   Three - 1914-18 BWM & Victory to M334373 Pte G Trotman ASC, plus GVR Robes Special Constabulary LS Medal to Grantley Trotman, good VF. £30.00 N/S
411   Three - Pair 1914-18 BWM & Victory to 656330 Cpl R Moodie, RA plus Geo VI Ind Imp Special Constabulary to Comdt Robert Moodie in box of issue named to above, No 84 Hamilton. Informed by family the above recipient originated from Hamilton (near Glasgow) & after leaving the RHA with the rank of Sergeant, returned to his native Hamilton where he served as Commandant with the Scottish Royal Constabulary from 1939-46, EF. £35.00 £58.00
412   WWI BWM 4.Pte W J Corbett, 16th Battn AIF. Lot includes 1915 ANZAC bronze badge named to him & silver ID bracelet named to NLS Corbet Lt, RC, 12th DLI, heavily toned, VF. £25.00 £64.00
413   WWI Family group, trio 1914-15 Star, BWM & Victory to 768 Gnr P Gray RA (RFA on Star) & pair BWM & Victory to 219599 Gnr P Gray RA. The above are brothers named Phillip & Percy Gray respectively, good VF. (5) The Star has been gilded at some time. £70.00 £70.00
414   WWI Pair plus GSM 7884 Pte P Bradley, RI Rifles, 51737 Pte J P Bradley, RI Fus on GSM with Clasps Iraq & N W Persia, mounted as worn, GVF. £200.00 £250.00
415   WWI Pair plus MSM Geo V 77467 Cpl G S Thompson RE, same on all medals. Also Geo VI Special Constabulary Indie Imp to George s Thompson, with Long Service Bar, VF. £180.00 £240.00
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