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Coin, medal and banknote auction - 26 July 2008 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 26 July 2008. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 30 - WWII Groups
Lot Thumbnail Description of lot Starting price Realised
450   1939-45 & Burma Stars (modern replacements), War & Defence & Geo VI Terr Eff 1468616 Bmdr W D Symonds, RA (official replacement with 'R') court style mounted, GVF. £40.00 N/S
451   1939-45 France & Germany Stars & War & Defence in box of issue with slip, addressed to Mr C Davidson, 25 Moorside, Bedlington. Includes Terr Efficiency Geo VI to 2877900 Gnr C Davidson, RA in box of issues, EF. £50.00 £50.00
452   Boxed set of four - 1939-45 France & Germany Stars, War & Defence are addressed to Mr A Ellis of High Heaton, Newcastle & are of recent replacement issue. Original set of five - 1939-45 Italy, France & Germany & Atlantic Stars plus War Medal. £40.00 £40.00
453   Collection of nine WWII British Medals. 1939-45, Africa, Italy, France & Germany, Atlantic & Burma Stars plus War & Defence, handled condition with ribbons. £35.00 £36.00
454   Eight - 1939-45, Atlantic Clasp France & Germany, Africa, Pacific & Italy Stars, Defence & War Medals plus RNR, LSGC GVIR type I to 10232 S G Scott, Eng RNR & OHMS dispatch box to Mr G Scott, 33 Simonside Rd, Springwell Estate, Sunderland. Informed the above named George Scott, EF. £150.00 £160.00
455   Father & Son Medals. Single BWM 40616 Pte W C Lovejoy (was discharged wounded), group of four to Charles H Lovejoy 1939-45 Pacific Stars, War & Defence, recipient served as a coder on HMS Barfleur. Includes 2 photographs plus 5 large photos taken on board the destroyer plus Neptune Cert & Teachers registration card, NVF. £60.00 N/S
456   Five - 1939-45 & Africa Stars (with copy 8th Army Clasp), War & Defence & TEM Geo VI 1st type to 7872294 Gnr F J Conley RA, all mounted with a matching set of miniatures, near EF. (5 + miniatures) £65.00 £65.00
457   Five - 1939-45, Atlantic, Africa with Clasp N Africa, 1942-43 Burma Star plus War Medal with slip in box named to R C Proctor, 3 The Crescent, Tynemouth Also with letter to Captain Robert Campbell Proctor OBE Merchant Navy, from St James Palace & a vellum citation appointing him to an OBE 5th June 1952, a photograph & a fascinating published 210 page autobiography 'The Tale of a Newcastle Seafarer 1899-1986', FDC. £100.00 £210.00
458   Five - GSM Clasp Palestine to 4267800 Fus T A J Hirst R Northd Fus, plus WWII 1939-45, Africa Stars, War & Defence Medals in OHMS official dispatch box to Mrs Metcalfe, 22 The Green, Southwick, Sunderland, with entitlement slip also named to her from the Under Secretary of State for War offering condolences for her son as named above who was KIA, EF. £120.00 £230.00
459   Five - Order of St John of Jerusalem, 1939-45 Defence, Jubilee Medal 1977, QEII Efficiency Decoration, Clasp Territorial (back dated 1965) & another with Clasp T & AVR (back dated 1976), mounted dress style with original St John case plus three matching lapel badges, good VF. (5 + miscellaneous) £280.00 N/S
460   Five Medals court style mounted - Geo VI 1939-45, Africa, Italy, Defence & War Medals handled & slightly grubby. All un-named, VF. £30.00 £30.00
461   Five oddments - Geo V Special Constabulary with Clasps 1939 & 1943 William J Eyres, VF, 1939-45 Star, VF, Africa Star with 8th Army Clasp, VF, Defence Medal, EF, General Service Cross (hallmarked silver) U27 MYB 22154398 Pte D W Neale, RAMC, EF. £30.00 £32.00
462   Four - 1939-45 Star & War Medal, UN Korea Medal 1950-532 & NGS Medal Clasp Near East to P/JX 842689 E H Simpson AB RN, good VF. Also entitled to Pacific Star - not included. £100.00 £100.00
463   Four - 1939-45, Atlantic Stars & War Medal plus Geo VI 1937 Coronation Medal in silver in OHMS postal package to Mrs J Dodds, 115 Station Road, Ashington, Northumberland with enc. certificate from the Minister of Transport, paying respects to the recipient, Relton G Dodds KIA, good EF. £70.00 £120.00
464   Geo VI Australian Service Medal & Geo VI War Medal both named to Q 140603 R B Guy, VF. £30.00 £38.00
465   Geo VI War Medal in cupro nickel & South African Springbok War Medal in silver, 33407 M Ross on both items. £15.00 £15.00
466   Group of eight - 1939-45, Atlantic, Africa plus N Africa 1942-43 Clasp, Pacific & Italy Stars, Defence & War plus Royal Fleet Reserve LSGC Geo VI 2nd type to JX134458 C H Hadland, Ldg Sea CH B 30484 RFR, EF. The JX number may have been officially corrected. £125.00 N/S
467   Group of five - 1939-45, Italy, France & Germany Stars plus War Medal in box of issue, with Royal Tank Rgt cap badge on a back plate stamped J Toulson. Also R Tank Rgt embroidered handkerchief. Box address is in Barnsley, Yorks, VF or better. £60.00 N/S
468   Group of five - 1939-45 Africa Star, 8th Army Clasp, War & Defence, Geo VI Regular Army, LSGC T-25215 Sgt W E Behenn RASC, plus two Royal Tournament bronze medallions, two silver & one sliver gilt for Tug-of-War & also RASC Boxing Team silver medallion plus photo with his wife, VF. £130.00 N/S
469   Group of five - 1939-45, France & Germany Stars plus War & Defence in box of issue from RA, addressed to T W Hoare. Also 13 Remod Military Service related postcards, ID card, two Div patches & Certificate of Education to 1662240 Gnr W Hoare, VF. £35.00 £44.00
470   Group of five - 1939-45, Africa/8th Army Clasp, Italy, France & Germany Stars plus War Medal (mounted), VF. £35.00 N/S
471   Group of five - 1939-45, France & Germany Stars plus War & Defence & Territorial Geo VI 4259226 Cpl D Hart, RECCE Corps, VF. £80.00 £100.00
472   Group of five - Defence & War Medal, 1939-45 & Atlantic & Pacific Stars, GVF. £50.00 £50.00
473   Group of five - Geo VI Terr Eff 4450962 S Sgt M Jenkins, APTC, 1939-45, France & Germany Stars plus War & defence, with matching miniatures & ribbon bars plus Loyal Service buttonhole badge, VF. £50.00 N/S
474   Group of five - NGS Palestine 1945-48 D/JX 161287, C Keay L Seam RN 1939-45, Africa & Atlantic Stars with F & G Clasp & War Medal, VF. £100.00 £120.00
475   Group of five 1939-45, Africa Stars, War & Defence & Dunkirk medal with certificate named to James Robinson Foster DLI, VF. £90.00 N/S
476   Group of five 1939-45, Africa (8th Army Clasp), Italy plus War & Defence, with two photographs attributed to Pte W Plews T/197560 W/S Platoon RASC, VF. £45.00 N/S
477   Group of five boxed (damaged) no address, 1939-45, Italy, France & Germany Stars plus War & Defence, GVF. £25.00 £25.00
478   Group of five in box of issue (damaged), 1939-45, Africa, Italy, France & Germany Star with War Medal, GVF. Box addressed to Mr G Bambridge of Bedlington from RASC, issue slip missing. £30.00 N/S
479   Group of five in issue box addressed to Mr T E Hannon, 33 Oak Ave Dunston. 1939-45. Africa, Italy, War & Defence Medals, VF. £35.00 N/S
480   Group of five mounted as worn, 1939-45, Africa & Italy Stars plus War & Defence, all un-named, VF. £25.00 N/S
481   Group of five mounted as worn, 1939-45, Africa & Italy Stars plus War & Defence, VF. £25.00 N/S
482   Group of five plus ISM. 1939-45, Africa (1st Army Clasp), Italy Stars, War & Defence (mounted as worn), VF. Also Geo V IS Medal boxed & named to Henderson Maughan, EF. £35.00 £35.00
483   Group of five plus Shooting medallion. War & Defence, 1939-45, France & Germany, Africa/8th Army Bar & shooting medallion named HPS Country Life 1934 G D Rayner, VF. £40.00 N/S
484   Group of five with Memorial scroll to Sgt M B Wright RAF (NO 634217), 1939-45, Africa (NA 1942-43 Clasp) Italy, War & defence. He died 22.09.1946 as a result of burns when bailing out of burning aircraft (Mosquito ?). Pieces of the burnt parachute in a black Japanese box are included, GVF. £170.00 N/S
485   Group of five, 1939-45, France & Germany Stars, War & Defence Medals & Geo VI (Ind Imp) Terr Eff Medal to 2043106 Sgt A T Atkinson RA, VF. £70.00 N/S
486   Group of four - 1939-45, France & Germany Stars, War Medal & GSM Geo VI Clasp Palestine 1945-48 10683558 Dvr J McKay, RASC, mounted with some pitting from the Stars, GF. £50.00 N/S
487   Group of four - Eliz II Police Exemplary Service Medal (boxed) Sergt Royston Shortman, EF, Burma Star War & Defence (mounted), VF. £50.00 N/S
488   Group of four 1939-45 plus Africa Stars with 8th Army Clasp, War & Defence. Post War brass St Johns Service chain with 12 dated year clasps named to Albert T Dodds & a boxed British Railways 15 year First Aid hallmarked silver medal named to A T Dodds 1960, VF. Also includes a brass tankard commemorating the N Africa Campaign made from battlefield scrap. £40.00 £48.00
489   Group of four 1939-45, Burma Stars plus War & Defence with photograph & air gram addressed to Mrs L Glen. He served as 142567. Also 2 sweetheart badges, VF. £90.00 N/S
490   Group of four 1939-45 Star Trio A3664, Geo V RNR LSGC N H Wise Smn RNR, Act/L/S on pair & 4332D on LSGC. Lot includes RN Temp Soc silver medal, Road Operators safe conducting medal etc. & copy documents. Native of Hartlepool, NEF. £110.00 N/S
491   Group of four in box of issue from RAF. 1939-45, Africa, France & Germany Stars plus War Medal. Box addressed to W Slack, Durham City, no issue slip, VF. £25.00 £26.00
492   Group of four mounted on card with log book Warrant Officer F/Eng 15961029 Ken Owens RAF, served with 511 Sqd @ RAF Lyneham. Lot also includes his photo & release book as well as the log book which decribes problems with engine & also states he was shot at. Served mainly in the Med Theatre, VF, £220.00 N/S
493   Group of four mounted as worn, 1939-45, Burma Star, War & Defence with apprentice slip paper named to George William Whitely from A Reyrolle & Co Hebburn, served as PO GN Whiteley on HMS Begum (aircraft carrier), GVF. £40.00 N/S
494   Group of four mounted as worn, OBE (Civil for political services in Durham), Geo VI Terr Eff, Sub D Mackay ATS, War & Defence, served in FANY & ATS. Lot includes similar group to her friend: Group of three Geo VI Terr Eff, Sub J Hudson ATS & War & defence. Photocopy of Dorothy Mackays book 'Laughter in Khaki' is included plus extensive research & copy photographs, GVF. £400.00 N/S
495   Group of four still boxed (Army), 1939-45, France & Germany Stars plus War & Defence. Slip confirms box addressed to Mr W Robson, Burnhope, Co Durham, EF. £30.00 N/S
496   Group of four with dog tags 14722480 S Shields, Dorset Regt 2 x cloths, 1939-45, France & Germany Stars & War & Defence, VF. £50.00 N/S
497   Group of four with Service & Release book, 1939-45, France & Germany Stars, War & Defence W.O Lomas Officer (navigator). War Medal & box of issue to L/Air/Women Gladys Officer 2038057 Radio & telephone Operator WRAF, with original documents & service book, EF. £100.00 £110.00
498   Group of four, 1939-45, Burma Star, War & Defence believed to have been awarded to L/Bombr J N Brown 24753447 3rd Royal H Art, VF. £35.00 N/S
499   Group of four, Sgt W C Chilton 1133148 RAF, 1939-45, Africa Stars, War & defence all unnamed plus approx. 60 photographs. Original paperwork including M?? Subs card, served with 600 Sq City of London in North Africa as an observer/wireless operator. Also includes 600 Sq cloth blazer badge, enamelled badge & 'O' observer badge, VF. £100.00 £110.00
500   Group of seven - Geo VI MSM (Britt OMN) 1058358 WO Cl 2 G M Wiles, R Art, Geo VI Regular Army LSGC named as MSM (EK), 1939-45, Africa & Italy Stars plus War & Defence, VF. £150.00 £150.00
501   Group of seven (not verified) - GSM Geo VI Clasp Palestine 1945-48 (suspender broken off the flan & EK) 14065395 Pte G M Brown, AAC, F, Africa, Italy, Pacific & Burma Stars plus War & Defence, F to GF. £120.00 £180.00
502   Group of six - 1939-45, Africa, Italy, France & Germany Stars plus War & Defence, all in handled condition with ribbons. £25.00 £30.00
503   Group of six - Geo VI Terr Eff Medal 4270776 Fus J H Keepin, Northd Fus, 1939-45, Africa/8th Army Clasp, Italy Stars plus War & Defence, VF. £60.00 £60.00
504   Group of six - Geo VI GSM Clasp Palestine 56534 Dvr E Williamson, RASC, correction to part of number, 1939-45, France & Germany, Africa Stars plus War & Defence (box of issue), VF. £70.00 N/S
505   Group of six - NGS M Clasp Palestine 1945-46 JX 148041 J R Allen Ldg Smn RN, 1939-45 Africa, Atlantic, Stars plus War & Defence. In addition boxed Russian 40 Years Anniversary Medal & Russian Anti Aircraft Gunnery Medal ? plus two silver fob medals named to J R Allen. Also a Regatta 1938 'Boys Whaler' J R Allen prize in the shape of a rowing oar. £120.00 £155.00
506   Group of six 1939-45, France & Germany Stars (gilded), Defence & War Medal (mid emblem), Canadian Volunteer Medal & Eliz II Canadian Force decoration to CSM (WO2) R Allan (served with 3rd/6th Gordons) with red service book. Served as a machine gunner/provost Sgt/Plt/Sgt CSM MID 02/08/1945 N West Europe, LG details included, VF. £220.00 N/S
507   Group of six 1939-45, Africa, Italy Stars, War & Defence & Geo VI Terr Eff Medal (Ind Imp) named to 408251 Bdr J A Davis RA, served with 75th Shropshire Yeomanry. Also includes medal slip, three photographs, four tickets in his name & number 76th SY RA, souvenir of Rome & Presentation to the County Rgt Booklet 31st May 1947 plus one Shropshire Yeomanry shoulder title cloth, VF. £150.00 N/S
508   Group of six mounted as worn, Geo VI Naval LSGC (Ind Imp) J 103544 W James P.O HMS Antelope. 1939-45, Atlantic. Africa, Italy & War Medal. The ship was an 'A' class destroyer, GVF. £120.00 N/S
509   Group of six mounted on board, QEII Imperial service Medal with box named to Reginald Evan Hugh McLaren, also 1939-45, Africa, Burma, War & Defence plus ISM awarded on retirement from Ord Survey Office. He served in the RE during the war, GVF. £70.00 N/S
510   Group of six mounted on card, Geo VI Terr Eff (Ind Imp) 6344871 Cpl D Friend Foresters, also served in Notts & Derby Rgt. 1939-45, Africa, Italy Stars plus War & Defence. Includes Notts & Derby badge & silver sweetheart badge, VF. £120.00 N/S
511   Group of six mounted on card, Geo VI Terr Eff (Ind Imp) 902712 Cpl J Heaton, 1939-45, Africa, Italy, France & Germany Stars plus War Medal, VF. £100.00 N/S
512   Group of six mounted as worn, Geo VI Naval LSGC (Ind Imp) MX48695 G H Adams CERA HMS Unicorn, 1939-45, Atlantic (F & G Clasp), Africa, Burma & War Medal. Details of HMS Unicorn included, an aircraft carrier, VF. £120.00 £145.00
513   Group of six with miniatures mounted as worn, 1939-45 Africa (8th Army Clasp), Italy, War & Defence (all these medals are impressed named), Geo VI Terr Eff (Ind Imp) 875681 D F Berry RA. The recipient served with South Notts Hussars & the 107 RHA (TF), VF. £130.00 £130.00
514   Group of three - Defence & War Medal with Eliz II Terr Declaration dated 1985, GVF. £50.00 £58.00
515   Group of three - modern issues in box with slip, 1939-45 Star, War & Defence, GVF. £10.00 £15.00
516   Group of three - War & Defence, EIIR Territorial Efficiency Decoration dated 1968, GVF. £70.00 £70.00
517   Group of three (loose) - 1939-45 Star, Air Crew Europe Star & War Medal, GVF. £150.00 £150.00
518   Group of three Cpl M G Jonas 24358857 Queens Own Royal Hussars, Gulf War Clasp 16 Jan to 28 Feb 1991, with Kuwait & Saudi Arabian decoration & certificates. Also background information, GVF. £300.00 £320.00
519   Group of three mounted on card with box of issue & regret slip named to Albert Dunn, Chief Eng. Merchant Navy. He died 24.01.1942 aboard SS Tai Sang. Includes large photograph of the recipient & 2 x MN badges, GVF. £70.00 £70.00
520   Group of three mounted on board J J Clifton, KIA 05/06/1942. 1939-45 Star, Air Crew Star, War Medal, 2 x Attendance Medals, sweetheart badge & A G cloth badge. Box of issues addressed to S Clifton of Morden, Surrey. James John Clifton served as WO/AG with 150 Squad RAVR. Also includes Geo V Special Constabulary Medal to Sam J Dodds & copies of squad diaries, GVF. £270.00 N/S
521   Group of three mounted - 1939-45 Star (copy), Italy Star (copy) & Africa Star 8th Army Bar, GVF. £15.00 N/S
522   Group of three with WWII Memorial scroll named to George W Hall fireman M Navy, he died when his ship the SS Empire Adventurer was torpedoed by U138, 30.9.1940. Also 1939-45, Atlantic Stars & War Medal, VF. £60.00 N/S
523   Pair - Africa GSM Clasp Kenya, QEII Type 1 & RAF LSGC Medal to T4022342 CH Tech J Ord RAF, VF. £150.00 £150.00
524   Pair - CSM Clasp Palestine 4385743 Pte J Rogerson Green Howards plus boxed Defence Medal & letter for services in the Home Guard, EF. £40.00 £70.00
525   Pair - Defence Medal & QEII Special Constabulary Medal (Brit Omn) named to James J Egglishaw, GVF. £25.00 £28.00
526   Pair - St John's Service Medal (silver plated) un-named with three extra service bars plus a Defence Medal mounted as worn. £15.00 £15.00
527   Pair - WWII Defence Medal & Royal Observer Corps Medal QEII 1st type to Observer E Hall - this re-named o/w near EF. £25.00 £34.00
528   Set of five - 1939-45, Africa Stars, War & Defence plus St Johns Service Medal in silver named to 19472 Cpl M F Curtis Blyth & District Dvn 1939. Medal issue slip for four medals from Medical Services & ATS in Hants, also St Johns & Medical Corp badges, VF. £35.00 N/S
529   Set of five - 1939-45, Africa (8th Army Bar) & Italy Stars plus War & Defence Medals, VF. £30.00 N/S
530   Set of five - 1939-45 Africa, Italy, France & Germany Stars plus War Medal boxed with slip addressed to Mr M S Penton of North Shields, from Infantry Records, EF. £30.00 £44.00
531   Set of five - 1939-45, Africa & Italy Stars plus War & Defence, VF. £25.00 £25.00
532   Set of five - France & Germany Stars, 1939-45, Africa Stars plus War & Defence, VF. £25.00 £25.00
533   Set of five mounted as worn, 1939-45 Italy, Africa, France & Germany Stars & War Medal un-named, VF. £30.00 N/S
534   Set of four - 1934-39, France & Germany Stars plus War & Defence, VF. £20.00 £20.00
535   Set of four - 1939-45, Atlantic & Pacific Stars plus War medal in box of issue, addressed to P Swan South Shields, with issue slip from Admiralty, EF. £30.00 £36.00
536   Set of four - 1939-45, Italy, France & Germany Stars & War Medal, with Service Release book & other original mementos of the 1st Battalion, KOYLI, VF. £30.00 £34.00
537   Set of four - 1939-45, Africa & Italy Stars plus War Medal in box of issue with slip, addressed to Mr J Cameron of Sunderland from AAC Records, EF. £20.00 £20.00
538   Set of four in box from Air Ministry, 1939-45, France & Germany Stars plus War & Defence. Box addressed to W Hawdon, Sunderland, VF. £25.00 N/S
539   Set of four mounted, 1939 & Burma Star plus War & Defence Medals, un-named, VF. £25.00 £26.00
540   Set of six - 1939-45, Africa, Italy, France & Germany Stars plus War & Defence Medals in box of issue with slip endorsed No 20162 & K Own Bord/DLI. Confirms six medals with Royal Service badge & DLI enamel brooch, addressed to G W Dungeon of Jarrow, EF. £30.00 £40.00
541   Set of six - GSM Palestine (unofficially named) RAF, LSGC PO C Crossley RAF, 1939-45, France & Germany Stars with War & Defence Medals, VF/GVF. £60.00 £60.00
542   Set of three - 1939-45. France & Germany Star plus War Medal in box, addressed to R H Brown of Newcastle, GVF. £20.00 N/S
543   Set of three - 1939-45, Burma Stars & War Medal in box of issue from Air Ministry to J F Passmore of North Shields, EF. £20.00 £20.00
544   Set of three - Air Crew Europe & 1939-45 Stars & War Medal with box of issue addressed to Mrs K Spirit, 154 Strathmore Cr, Benwell, N/Castle. Sgt John Thompson Spirit served with 102 Sqd & died 24th Sept 1942, buried Kiel, Germany. No regret slip, VF. £140.00 £150.00
545   Set of three boxed, 1939-45, Atlantic Stars & War Medal with regret slip & other documents made out to Thomas Smith, Penton LT/JK 176379. He is presumed to have died on 'Juniper' 18th June 1940 & was from North Shields, EF. £50.00 £96.00
546   Set of three mounted as worn, Geo VI LSGC (RAF) (Britt OMN) 356952 Sgt E B P Robson RAF with War & Defence Medals, VF. £45.00 £46.00
547   Set of three mounted for wearing. Defence & War Medal, Geo VI Air Efficiency award with extra clasp plus set of matching miniatures. AEA named to W/O D Harrison (880012) WAAF. Sold with a large amount of paper work, all original items including RAF Release Book, Officers Pay Book named to Flt/Officer D Harrison, ID card with photograph, dog tags, blazer badge of 3505 Fighter Control Unit, RAAF cap badges, silver ID bracelet, RAAF buttons, newspaper clippings, menus, WWII issues box & ATS armband etc. Also 5oz silver cigarette box, inscribed plate from the officers with signatures, weight approx. 20oz. Also entitled to certificate of commendation not included, VF. £250.00 £300.00
548   Six - 1939-45, France & Germany Stars, Defence & War Medal, Queen's Silver Jubilee & QEII Police LSGC Medal 2nd type to Const John Ripken, fully mounted with matching set of mounted miniatures plus various related badges & medals etc. Original boxes for Jubilee & LS Medals, good VF. £180.00 £190.00
549   Terr Eff Medal Geo VI 1st type to 4261880 Sgt W R Cockburn RA, in box of issue with 1939-45 War Medal, good EF. (2) £45.00 N/S
550   Three - 1939-45 & Atlantic Stars plus War Medal with accompanying slip for Air Council granting them to Pilot Officer W Hollingsworth KIA, FDC. £80.00 £88.00
551   Three - 1939-45 Star, War Medal & LSGC Medal Geo VIR 1st type Regular Army to 758629 W O CL 2 L P Curtis REME as mounted, plus nicely enamelled silver Devon County FA prize medal 1938-39 to S/Sgt Curtis L, a bronze 38mm cricket medal engraved on rev. Hannover Capt Curtis 1956 & a Bristol Humane Soc 44mm WM award to Thomas Curtis dated 1905, good VF. (6) £60.00 £68.00
552   Three - 1939-45, Pacific Stars & War Medal in official OHMS dispatch box to Mrs M Bray 39 Herrick Road, Stoke, Coventry with certificate to her paying respects to her husband, the recipient Pte J Bray KIA. His full name was John Bray from Bensham, Gateshead, FDC. £60.00 £62.00
553   Two - BEM GRI cypher Civil Division to James W Murphy, plus WWII Defence Medal in box addressed to Mr J W Murphy, 13 Holly Avenue, Earsdon, Whitley Bay, North'd, with slip from Home Secretary. Informed 'Jimmy' Murphy was an Air Raids Officer in WWII in his locality & was awarded the BEM for his deeds whilst in this War Service, EF. £150.00 £170.00
554   War & Defence in box of issue to R W Hedley of Chester Le Street from the Air Ministry. £15.00 £15.00
555   War & Defence in box of issue addressed to A & G Shirley from Navy Accounts, ISM QEII boxed & named to Alfred David Shirley, EF. £20.00 £20.00
556   War & Defence pair boxed with flimsy slip to 1138547 LAC. Box addressed to J W Robson, Otterburn from RAF, GVF. £20.00 N/S
557   War & Defence plus France & Germany Stars in box of issue from Air Ministry, with slip, VF. £25.00 £25.00
558   War Medal in box with condolence slip, PO J E Robson. Robson, James Eric Pilot Offices (Nav) died 14/10/41 Service No 63823 from Lewes, Sussex, buried at Blyth, Northumberland, EF. £20.00 £58.00
559   WWII Defence Medal & 1935 Jubilee Medal. Also includes Church Lads Brigade Medalet in silver & Church Lads Brigade Royal Review 1927 Medal plus National Savings badges, GVF. (9 items) £20.00 £22.00
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