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Coin, medal and banknote auction - 14 June 2012 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 14 June 2012. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 34 - Ancient Greek
Lot Thumbnail Description of lot Estimate Realised
Black Sea Area, Istros 400-350BC silver ? stater, obv. two male heads facing, one inverted, rev. sea eagle attacking dolphin with beak, S1670, Fine. £35 to 45 N/S
Caria, Halikarnassos, 2nd-1st Century BC, silver obol, obv. head of Rhodian Helios, rev. bust of Athera r in crested helmet. Rare. near VF. £50 to 70 N/S
Euboia, Histaia, 340-330BC silver diabol, obv. head of nymph Histaia, rev. Histaia stg. r on galley, Fine. £15 to 20 £15.00
Ionia, Miletos, late 6th Century BC silver twelfth, obv. forepart of lion to left, rev. star ornament within incuse square, S3533, about VF. £40 to 50 N/S
Mysia, Parion, Circa 480BC silver hemidrachm, obv. Gorgoneion, rev. incuse square with cruciform pattern & pellet at centre, S3918. A scarcer archaic issue, F/VF. £40 to 60 N/S
Phoenicia, Sidon 4th Century BC silver one eighth shekel, obv. war galley, rev. bearded deity about to slay lion, Sim S5940, VF. £40 to 60 £40.00
Seleukid Kingdom, Antiochus I 280-261BC silver drachm, obv. Diad head of Antiochus r, rev. Apollo seated 1, Sim S6872 & rare, about F. £40 to 60 N/S
Thrace, Cherronesos 400-350BC silver hemidrachm, obv. forepart of lion right, looking backwards, rev. quadripartite square with symbol & grapes, Sim S1603, F-VF. £30 to 40 N/S
Thrace, Thasos 510-490BC silver obol, obv. two dolphins swimming in opposite directions with three pellets, rev. incuse quad square, S1359, near VF. £50 to 70 £62.00
Thrace, Thasos 411-350BC silver trihemiobol, obv. Satyr kneeling left, rev. Amphora, legend either side, S1755, about VF. £30 to 40 N/S
Parthia, Gotarzes I (C 95-90BC) drachma of Rhagae, VF/GVF. Includes an old ticket, S7394. £25 to 50 £42.00
Parthia, Mithradates II (C 123-88BC) drachm, VF/EF. Includes an old ticket, S7373, £25 to 50 £25.00
Indo-Greek, Menander (C 160-145BC) drachm, VF & quite bright, attractive scarce coin. Includes an old ticket, S7603. £60 to 100 £60.00
Indo-Greek, Eukratides (171-135BC) half obol of Balkh, AVF/fine. Includes old ticket. £20 to 40 £20.00
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