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Coin, medal and banknote auction - 3 October 2013 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 3 October 2013. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 36 - Memorial Groups
Lot Thumbnail Description of lot Estimate Realised
Plaque & 1914/15 Star BWM & Victory, plaque to Richard Irving in box of issue, nice even colouring, trio (court style mounted) to 19846 Pte R. Irving, North'd Fus, some contact marks o/w GVF. £200 to 300 £200.00
Plaque & 1914/15 Trio to 6205, Pte E Cook, North'd Fus, with original ribbons & original photograph of wooden cross in the Gordon Dump cemetery. An official letter dated 26th July 1916 informs has mother/wife that he had been KIA on the 7th July. The lot includes BWM & Victory letters. Squashed boxes photograph 4x postcards. Plaque envelope 2 x Kings letters & hand written booklet dealing various trench mortar & other weapon maintenance instructions. EF. £200 to 300 £320.00
Plaque & 1914/15 Trio with scroll plaque to William Cockburn in cardboard sleeve. Trio to 17295 Pte W. Cockburn, York Rgt, he died on 02/05/17 serving with the 23Bttn Tyneside Scottish as no 40759, scroll to L/Cpl William Cockburn North'd Fus, he was from Felton, Northumberland. £260 to 360 £290.00
Plaque & 1914-15 Trio, plaque Arthur Frederick Kemp in cardboard sleeve. Trio to 22015 Pte. A. F. Kemp North'ton Rgt (with medal letters), he died 11th July 1916. Nr EF. £200 to 300 £200.00
Plaque & 1914-15 Trio plus scroll plaque named to Bertram Henry Tarbox. Trio to 16474 Pte. B. H. Tarbox, Suffolk Rgt, he died 21.04.15, illuminate scroll to Pte. Bertram Henry Tarbox, Suffolk Rgt. (small amount of foxing). Lot includes Studio Portrait, nice complete lot. GVF to EF. £220 to 300 £240.00
Plaque & Pair - BWM & Victory, plaque to Thomas Horan (nice even colour in box of issue), pair GVF with ribbons to 44216 Pte T. Horan K.O.Y.L.I. GVF. £150 to 200 N/S
Plaque & Pair, BWM & Victory, plaque to John Reading in cardboard case + King's Letter. Pair to 18069 Pte. J. Reading COLD GDS, he died 13.04.1918 and was from Wolverhampton, he served with the 3rd Bttn, GVF. £150 to 200 £150.00
Plaque & Pair, BWM & Victory, plaque to Edward Henry Lee, pair to 19223 Pte E. H. Lee Durh L Inf, he died 06.06.16 an early Somme casualty, he was from Leadgate, Co. Durham/ GVF-EF. £120 to 200 £120.00
Plaque & Pair, BWM & Victory, plaque named to Robert Ritson Dent, pair to 2172 Pte. R. R. Dent North Fus. He served with the 1st/4th Bttn & died 25th Sept 1915, the ribbons are original. The lot comes with a Geo VI Police Efficiency Medal to George E. Dent, he was from Hexham. GEF. £120 to 200 £150.00
Plaque & Pair, BWM & Victory, plaque to John William Coe (lightly cleaned), pair named 50215 Pte. J. W. Coe North Fus, died 09.04.1917, served with 25th Tyneside Irish, he was from North Shields. GVF. £180 to 250 N/S
Plaque & Pair, plaque to Frank Brookes, pair to 36020 Pte. F. Brooks, North'd Fus, died 22nd Oct 1917 serving with the 24th Tyneside Irish Bttn, he was from Nottingham. Plaque slightly miss-coloured o/w VF. £150 to 200 £150.00
Plaque & Pair, plaque to Percy Leonard Green, pair 18984 Pte. P. L. Green E.Surrey Rgt, died serving 64274 26th Bttn Royal Fus. 17th Oct 1917, he was from Kingston, Surrey. GF. £130 to 180 £130.00
Plaque & Trio 1914-15 BWM & Victory, plaque named to Clifford Charles Rendell, trio, BWM & Victory to 290716 Pte. C. C. Rendell - Glouc Rgt. He died 21st March 1918, serving with the 8th Bttn Gloucestershire Rgt. GVF. £180 to 300 £290.00
Plaque & Victory Medal to 9169 Pte W Leek, Royal Lancs. Plaque named to William Leek. A note received with the item states. KIA & came from Preston & had also served in Boar War of 1899-1902. GVF. £50 to 90 £92.00
Plaque to Edward Carr (NVF) 1914/1915 Star S.3855 E Carr, Sto, RNR, plus Victory to Lim. (VF) £70 to 120 £98.00
Plaque to Frederick Arthur Gordon, BWM & Victory to 027487, Pte F. A. Gordon, AOC, died 16.07.1919, GVF. £120 to 200 £150.00
Plaque to John Warby, BWM & Victory to 5/140/9 SGT J W Warby RIF, Brig. He died 21.08.1918. NEF. £120 to 200 £145.00
Plaque to William Reneham, BWM & Victory to 3-12752 Pte W A Reneham, W. RID. REG. Died 02.03.1916 serving with the 9th battn. GVF. £130 to 200 £130.00
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