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Coin, medal and banknote auction - 3 October 2013 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 3 October 2013. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 36 - WWII Groups
Lot Thumbnail Description of lot Estimate Realised
1939/45, France & Germany Stars, War & Defence Medals in box of issue to MR R. Foster of Newcastle-upon-Tyne from RASC. EF. £20 to 30 £24.00
Father & son groups - Peter Kitchen (Father) 1939/45, Atlantic Stars & War Medal. Died on 29/09/40 on BSM Vessel Bassa. Sunk by U-32. No survivors. Copy documents & original birth/marriage certificates photo etc. John Cyril James Kitchen, No 78289, wireless operator RAF 1939/45, Africa, France & Germany Stars, War Medal. Some original documents. VF. £50 to 70 £90.00
Geo VI IGS Medal clasp NW Frontier 1937-39. (may have had R for replacement removed). 1939/45, France & Germany Star, War & Defence Medal. (Stars are modern replacements) all court style mounted. GVF. £40 to 60 £68.00
Geo VI Territorial Efficiency Medal to 7892046, Cpl T Armstrong, IC with War & Defence mounted as worn. EF. £60 to 120 £27.00
Group of eight - mounted as worn. 1939/45, Africa & Italy Stars, War & Defence with Eliz II General Service Medal Clasp Cyprus, CSM Malaya Peninsula & Regular Army Long Service Good Conduct Medal to 22558656 Sgt/W02 J. A. Bennett, RAOC. VF to GEF. £250 to 350 N/S
Group of five - 1939/45, Africa, War & Defence Medals with Geo VI Terr Efficiency (IND-IMP) to 7343866, WO II H B Phillips, covering letter for TTEM shows he made Lieut. GVF. £70 to 100 N/S
Group of five - mounted as worn 1939-45, France & Germany Stars, War & Defence with St. Johns Ambulance Service Medal in silver to 29197 Pte R. Redden No. 6 Dis S.J.A.B 1944. Nr EF. £40 to 60 £40.00
Group of five mounted as worn. 1939/45, France & Germany Stars, War & Defence Medal with GSM clasp, Palestine 1945-48 to CPL R Murphy. (1086059) RAF. GVF to EF. £65 to 85 £66.00
Group of five mounted as worn 1939/45 Star, War & Defence Medals plus Geo VI Territorial Efficiency Medal IND IMP to 4453767 Gnr H Gray RA also Eliz II T & AVR Efficiency Medal with extra service clasp & 23964258, Sign H Gray, R Signals served 5th DLI WWII. GVF. £200 to 250 N/S
Group of five mounted as worn: 1939/45, Africa & Italy Stars, War & Defence Medal. (copy clasp Africa star). £25 to 35 £38.00
Group of four - 1939/45, Africa, Italy & War Medal in tin box. The lot includes issue slip (no name), fear naught badges (2), bronze collar badges (2), sweet hearts badge. collar pips (2) & scorpion on yellow background divisional badges (2) etc. EF. £40 to 80 £92.00
Group of four (boxed) 1939/45, Africa & Italy Stars with War Medal. Lot includes issue slip. Addressed to T W Elliot of Heaton. EF. £20 to 30 £26.00
Group of four boxed. 1939/45, Pacific Stars with War & Defence Medals, with condolence slip confirmation named to GNR R Bickerton. The box addressed to Mrs R Bickerton of Isabella Colliery, Blyth. EF. £50 to 80 £88.00
Group of four mounted as worn 1939-45 Star, War & Defence with RAF Geo VI L.S.G.C to 505697 w/o F. C. Creighton RAF, lot includes some research & RAF service book with photo, he served as part of the Advanced Air Strike Force 1939-40 in France (F/Sgt), VF-GVF. £80 to 120 £125.00
Group of six - 1939/45 & Atlantic Stars with War Medal, Geo VI Naval General Service Clasp Malaya, with Queens & UN Korea to D/JX, 712272 J McKendry, S165 RN. GVF. £250 to 350 £270.00
Group of six - 1939/45, Atlantic (France & Germany clasp), Burma Stars, War Medal. N G Service clasp Minesweeping 1945-51, to MX 94532, K E Pearson, RN & St Johns Ambulance. Non silver service medal with letter of entitlement. £200 to 300 £210.00
Group of six - 1939/45 & Africa Stars with War Medal, Queens Korea 22265131 SIGMN, LA Duerden R SIGS. 1953 Coronation Medal lot includes copy, or late replacement, UN Korea Medal. GVF. £150 to 250 £165.00
Group of six - Geo VI Terr Efficiency Medal to S81718 S. Sgt H. Wilkinson R.A.S.C, 1939/45 Africa, War & Defence with French Dunkerque 1940 Medal & scroll named to him, box of issue & issue slip addressed to him in London. Lot incl. ASC badges, 2x dog tags, silver TA button hole badge, named Y.M.C.A badge, 2x WVS badges & Defence Medal for WVS Service of Mrs Renee Wilkinson incl. certificate & training card etc. 3x photograph albums of service in Egypt etc. A comprehensive collection of a mans service record. GVF. £150 to 180 £160.00
Group of six mounted as worn Geo VI GSM Clasps Palestine & Malaya, 1939/45 & Africa Stars, War & Defence Medals with Eliz II Regular Army LSGC to 1875598 Dvr/Wo2 RH Burnside, R ENG. VF to GVF. £200 to 280 £200.00
Pair - Defence Medal plus St. Johns Service Medal, extra service clasp (plated version) 35571 Sgj J. H. Chambers, Durham & N S.J.A.B 1947, lot incl. 2x S.J.A.B Sports Fob in silver plus North'd Fus. Fob. VF. £40 to 60 £40.00
Pair - GSM Clasp Palestine 1945-48 & BWM to LAC FW Barber, 4697811 RAF mounted as worn. GVF. £60 to 80 £60.00
Pair, BWM & Victory to L.42012, BMBR R W Collinson, RA. Africa Star, War & Defence Medal mounted as worn with matching miniatures. Lot includes QEII 1953 Coronation Medal with certificate of issue to group Captain R W Collinson & letter of thanks from the Air Ministry on leaving the active list, 31st July 1952. VF. £100 to 150 £100.00
Set of five - 1939-45, Atlantic & Burma Stars plus War & Defence with ribbons & issue slip (boxed) from Navy Accounts to J. Scooler of Newcastle. GVF. £30 to 50 £40.00
Set of five - 1939-45 Italy & Africa Stars, War & Defence Medals in box of issue from Air Ministry with slip addressed to J. Craiggs of Newcastle. Pair - War & Defence with issue slip in box of issue from Air Ministry to H. R. Dixon of South Shields. GVF. £25 to 30 £38.00
Set of five in box of issue from the Navy with condolence slip for James Henry Barr of Hendon, Sunderland, slip states 5 medals. 1939/45, Atlantic & France & Germany Stars, War & Defence Medals. VF. £50 to 80 £60.00
Set of five mounted as worn, Geo VI GSM Clasp Palestine, War & Defence Medals, Geo VI Regular Army LSGC, Geo VI MSM Meritorious Service Medal. S./10132 Sgt G E Smalley, RASC on GSM & LSGC & WO CLSI on MSM. GVF to EF. £300 to 400 £300.00
Set of five mounted as worn 1939/45, Africa & Italy Stars with War Medal & QEII Terr Efficiency Medal to 840832, BMBR C J Commins. R ART, faded to worn ribbons. VF. £50 to 70 £50.00
Set of five with Life Saving Medal awarded to C. Lows Oct 1933, 1939-45, Italy, Atlantic, Burma, Stars plus War Medal with medal award letter & issue slip from the Admiralty. GVF. £40 to 60 N/S
Set of four - 1938-45 France & Germany Star, War & Defence Medals in box (no slip) from R.A.S.C etc. Set of five - 1939-45, Africa (1st Army Bar) & Italy Stars, War & Defence, medals in box of issue with slip from Infantry to Mr W. Gordon of Inverness-shire. Defence Medal in box of issue. VF-EF. £50 to 80 £50.00
Set of four - 1939-45 & War Medal plus 2x Country Life Shooting Medals in bronze & silver, named to him in 1938 & 1939, both are cased. They are from the Royal Grammar School, Guildford Cadet Force. L/Cpl. P. D. Baker - he served as Sgt. Pilot Peter Baker RAFVR in 18th Squadron, whilst on his 1st operation he attacked shipping & was shot down & K.I.A by 5x Me 110's on 23rd July 1941. Copy details, Nr EF. £30 to 60 £115.00
Set of four - France & Germany Star, War & Defence with box of issue to W. Patterson of Newcastle from Air Ministry. Lot includes Victory Medal 28380 Pte. W. Patterson. Set of three in box of issue from Air Ministry with slip to Mr Nelson, Burma Star & War & Defence. VF-EF. £30 to 45 £46.00
Set of six - 1939-45 Africa, Atlantic, Burma, Stars plus War Medal, also includes Geo VI Navy L.S.G.C to K66483 F. J. Fairless, Mech HMS Barham, damaged box addressed to him in Newcastle & issue slip. GVF-EF. £100 to 150 £160.00
Set of six - British Empire Medal (GRI) 1063109 Sgt. John S. Pringle plus 1939-45, Africa & Italy Stars, War & Defence in box of issue with slip from Air Ministry includes newspaper clipping & photograph. The B.E.M was for Africa. Nr EF-EF. £200 to 300 £260.00
Set of six - Terr Efficiency Medal Geo VI (IND IMP), 4273679, CPL R D Beavis, Recce rgt, Dunkirk Medal, 1939/45, France & Germany, War & Defence Medals, plus ISM, QEII boxed to Ronald David Beavis. GVF-EF. £120 to 180 £290.00
Set of three - 1939-45 Atlantic Stars & War Medal with condolence slip from Admiralty named to Godfrey J. Wheeler, he was a telegraphist on D/WRX 40 H.M Yacht Sappho, R.N.V (wireless reserve), he died aged 24 on 29th Sept 1940, he was from Bristol. VF. £60 to 80 £68.00
Set of three - Atlantic Star, War & Defence with slip in box of issue from Air Ministry addressed to S. R. Blake of Gateshead plus odds, War Medal 1939-45, France & Germany, Italy & Atlantic Stars. (7) VF-EF. £50 to 60 £62.00
Set of three - War & Defence with Geo VI Terr Medal (IND IMP) mounted as worn. 2061549. GNR J R Banfield, RA. GVF. £40 to 50 £40.00
Set of three boxed with Condolence slip named to Cecil Robert Alexander from the Navy Board, 1939-45, Atlantic & War Medal, includes illuminated scroll to Sick Berth attendant C. R. Alexander, Royal Navy & other Official documents. He died serving as P/MX 81266 on 3rd August 1944 on the 'Acorn' EF. £60 to 100 £72.00
Set of three in box of issue from RA with condolence slip for GNR R P Purcell, 1939/45 Star, Atlantic Star & War Medal, box addressed to Mrs M Purcell of West Kensington, London. he served in the maritime reg/RA & was KIA on the SS California Star. GVF. £60 to 90 £105.00
Set of three in box of issue with condolence slip for George William Render. 1939/45, Atlantic Stars & War Medal. Box from Admiralty to Mrs E Render of Beeston Notts. VF. £50 to 70 £74.00
Set of three, 1939/45, Africa Stars plus War Medal in box from Air Ministry, with 2 x dog tags for L A C Tarbox. 911505 6 x photographs mainly taken on Icelandic Service & blue RAF service book for B W Tarbox 911505. VF. £20 to 40 £42.00
St John 'Medal of serving brother.' with illuminated scroll dated 1951 service medal of the order with extra service bar(silver issue) to BE Baldwin, No.6 district 1940, with Defence Medal plus 2x silver cycling badges & other small items. GVF. £60 to 100 £72.00
Trio of medals mounted as worn, 1939-45 Star & War Medal with Geo VI RNR L.S.G.C Medal to 10917 B. S. Taylor, SMN, RNR. EF. £50 to 60 £52.00
Two groups to brothers. Group of three 1939/45 Star (replacement issue), War Medal, un-official International Prisoners of War Medal, all EF, with photograph of L/Cpl Dennis Allcorn D.L.I. He was a P.O.W, badge included. Group of six - I.G Service Medal Clasp N. W. Frontier 1936-37 to 3597695 Pte H. E. Allcorn, Border Rgt. with 1939/45, Burma, France & Germany Stars, War & Defence Medals with photograph & badge, GVF to EF. £100 to 150 £140.00
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