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Coin, medal and banknote auction - 23 October 2014 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 23 October 2014. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 37 - Modern Groups
Lot Thumbnail Description of lot Estimate Realised
Red Cross Long & Efficient Service Medal to Miss Jane L. Collier, GVF. £30 to 45 N/S
Edward VII Metropolitan Police 1902 Coronation Medal in bronze to PC T. Snell, 3rd Divn. Also Geo V Metropolitan Police Coronation Medal in silver to PC J. O'Brien, NEF. £40 to 50 £40.00
Eliz II Special Constabulary Medals (2) to Harold P. Woodhall, boxed S.C125 Tynemouth & george A. Scott, EF. £20 to 30 £34.00
Group of four - O.S.M Eliz II Afghanistan with clasp. Afghanistan to Q1050872 Pte. J. L. Breakingbury R.A.M.C mounted court style with UN Althea clasp Medal (document). Also loose in the lot Nato non article ISAF Medal & Danish Afghanistan Medal (scarce). An end of OPS report makes it clear that this recipient is 'female' & served in an ambulance crash team. Attached Danish Battle Group, ERF MINT. £450 to 65 £460.00
Group of four - WWII War & Defence Medals, General Service Medal Eliz II clasp Malaya to 22518182 Bdr. J. Carson R.A, Geo VI Territorial Efficiency 1453880 Sgt. J. Carson R.A, GVF to EF. £70 to 90 £86.00
Group of seven - 1939-45 Atlantic & Italy Stars plus War Medal. General Service Medal Geo VI, clasp Malaya R.A.F L.S.G.C named to W/O C. Farmer (S09739) R.A.F same as GSM, also incl. Eliz II 1953 Coronation Medal, GVF. £200 to 275 N/S
Group of three - Campaign Service Medal Eliz IIm clasp N. Ireland to 25012199 Pte. M. M. Clare, W.F.R (Worcester & Sherwood Foresters), Nato Medal, former Yugoslavia clasp & numeral 2 (2 tours) & the A.C.S.M (scarce) named to him in 9th/12th Royal Lancers. His original unit was he Para's in to which he joined up 08.11.91 to 01.11.92. He was injured doing a jump & had to transfer to the 9th/12th LCR's. He joined 'D' squadron & was trained to fire 'Swinfire' Antitank weapons. He deployed to N. Ireland doing 2 tours with the W.F.R. He served from Nov 1991 to 01.08.2001. Sold with copy documents & 2 group photographs & brass sleeve armoured card badge & large Airbourne Forces Golden Jubilee 1940-90 Medallion, EF. £600 to 750 N/S
Group of three - mounted as worn Eliz II Camp Service Medal Clasp South Arabia + 19054362 Wo 2 - F.T. Green R. Eng's, Eliz II Regular Army L.S.G.C to the same recipient & UN Korea, GVF. £120 to 170 £110.00
Group of three - mounted as worn. Gulf Medal (Granby) clasp 16 Jan to 28 Feb 1991 issued to 24865564 Signalman B. J. Battey, R. Sigs with UN Bosnia & Unproforce NATO with former Yugoslavia clasp, EF. £180 to 250 N/S
Group of three (all loose), G.S.M clasp Malaya to 22372871 Pte. L. Davidson R.A.O.C, also his Queens Korea & UN Korea - all EF. £150 to 250 £130.00
Group of three (all boxed) B.E.M (E2R) to Albert Logan, Eliz II Coronation Medal & a N.U.M (National Union of Miners) 50 Year's Service in Durham area gold plated fob. He worked as a face worker in the Durham Coal Fields, GEF. £240 to 300 N/S
Imperial Service Medal Eliz II, boxed to David Alexander Boyd, 2nd type plus Eliz II Civil Defence Long Service Medal & Civil Defence Corp badge named to H. Worthington. Not often seen named, EF. £20 to 30 £20.00
Imperial Service Medal Eliz II, boxed 2nd type to John Irwing Mark, plus Eiliz II Civil Defence Long Service Medal, boxed & C. D. lapel badge, EF. £20 to 30 £20.00
Imperial Service Medal Geo V, type C, boxed to Thomas Henry Lane, plus Woman's Voluntary Service Medal Eliz II, boxed with covering letter to Miss Harle, plus silver hallmarked poegry medalet & bronze medalet, dated 1942, GEF. £20 to 35 £20.00
Pair - Campaign Service Medal, N. Ireland, Sgt. J. R. Smith R.A.O.C with Eliz II Regular Army L.S.G.C Medal (W02 J. R. Smith) served with bomb disposal units and had a near miss with a decoy devise (bought from recipient), EF. £120 to 200 £100.00
Pair - Campaign Service Medal, N. Ireland, 24355362 Pte. J. Defty Green Howards with UN Cyprus mounted as worn. He had a narrow escape when targeted by a roof top sniper (returned fine), the snipers bullet finished up in leg of ham in the butchers shop window. Lot includes miniatures (bought from recipient), EF. £110 to 200 N/S
Pair - Campaign Service Medal, clasp Northern Ireland & RAF L.S.G.C to CH TECH. I. B. Scott 04252143 R.A.F, GEF. £110 to 150 £90.00
523   Pair - Eliz II Police Exemplary Service & Golden Jubilee Medals, both boxed, awarded to 1015 Constable J. Austin (Durham Constabulary). Lot includes helmet, belt, badges, buttons, ID disc & whistle. Nice complete set of items to a long serving Police Officer. EF. £60 to 120 £72.00
Pair - Eliz II Vietnam Medal (A25 MYB) Vietnam Star, 1960 clasp & Vietnam Cross of Gallantry Unit Citation 1970, plus Infantry Combat badge. Both medals are marked with a 'D' for duplicate and are name to A/Sgt. J. H. Whitworth 312711. He served with the 8th Royal Australian Rgt. 500 pages of research etc. A long history of AWOL - drunkenness, unsubordination & violence. Scarce item, GEF. £100 to 300 £100.00
Pair - Iraq (Telic) clasp 19 Mar to 28 Apr 2003, 24938517 Spr. P. R. Cockburn, R.E Service in the Volunteer Reserve Medal to same recipient with rosette, EF. £300 to 350 £360.00
Pair - mounted as worn, N.G.S Eliz II clasp NEAR EAST to P/ss 954887 M. Guthrie, ORD. R.N & Eliz II Royal Nava Auxiliary Service Medal to M. Guthrie. N.G.S has a small bend in the suspender, GVF. £150 to 200 £310.00
Pair - Queen's Korea & UN to 22541963 Trp. R. Williams R.A.C, small EK. VF. £220 to 300 N/S
Pair - Queen's Korea & UN Korea to 22306286 CFN R. L. Staniland R.E.M.E - not often seen tot the R.E.M.E, NEF. £130 to 180 N/S
Pair - Queen's Korea to 22307677 Gnr. R. C. Woods, R. Art with UN Korea, NEF. £100 to 120 £100.00
Pair - Special Constabulary Medal Eliz II (type C) to William Ray-R Dowson plus Geo VI Defence Medal. Also Geo VI Ind Imp Special Constabulary Medal to Joseph N. Johnson, boxed, Nr Mint, served 72 Tynemouth. VF to EF. £20 to 40 £20.00
531   Pair mounted as worn, C.S.M clasp N. Ireland & South Atlantic Medal with rosette to 24477114 C.F.N A. R. Allen R.E.M.E, GVF to EF. £650 to 1000 N/S
Queen's Korea & UN Korea mounted as worn to C/ SSX 854294 P. Reilly A.B.R.N, GVF. £100 to 150 N/S
Set of five - court style mounted Eliz II C.S.M clasps, Air Operating Iraq & N. Ireland with Queens Commendation for Valuable Service, 24706635 Sgt. P. D. Smith R.E (this medal is marked on reverse 'copy') & replaces the lost C.S.M, also UN Bosnia, NATO former Yugoslavia & Golden Jubilee (all un-named as issued). Group includes Eliz II Regular Army L.S.G.C (official issue named to same recipient), GVF. The group is supported by copy paper work incl. the Commendation for the Q.C.V.S which gives a full description of his service in South Armagh - dismantling watch towers etc. L.G. 23.04.04. He served 22 years. £150 to 300 £150.00
Special Constabulary Medal Geo V (robed bust) to Group Leader Lawrence Whittaker. Geo V 2nd pattern to Henry Bates. Also Special Constabulary Medal Geo VI Ind Imp to William Robson. GVF to EF. £25 to 40 £25.00
Special Constabulary Medal Geo V (2nd type) to William Heath, Imperial Service Medal Geo VI (1st type) to Lizzie Shingler Owen, Exemplary Police Service Medal to George W allace (Inspector), EF. £50 to 70 £74.00
The Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal x2, both boxed with original certificates, Mint. £40 to 70 £42.00
Three Special Constabulary Medals 1. Geo V (robed bust) to John T. Young. 2. Geo V (2nd type) to William A. Lockerbie (possibly a Newcastle man during the 1926 General Strike). 3. Geo VI In Imp to George F. Locke, GVF to EF. £25 to 40 £25.00
Three Special Constabulary Medals 1. Geo V (robed bust) to Alban Stocking with 'The Great War 1914-18' clasp. 2. Geo V (2nd type) to Lawrence T. Anderson. 3. Geo VI Ind Imp to Edwin S. Dobbins, VF to GVF. £25 to 40 £30.00
Victorian Metropolitan Police 1887 Jubilee Medal in bronze to P. Sgt. G. Gray 'G' Divn. Also Edward VII Metropolitan Police 1902 Coronation Medal in bronze to PC J. Lowery 'K' Divn. GVF. £40 to 60 £40.00
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