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Coin, medal and banknote auction - 23 October 2014 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 23 October 2014. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 37 - WWI Groups
Lot Thumbnail Description of lot Estimate Realised
Family group of three - Pair BWM & Victory 4-10467 Pte. P. Miller, Durham L. Inf, Mercantile Marine Medal in bronze to Thomas Miller. VF. £35 to 45 £60.00
Group of five - 1914/15 Star trio, BWM & Victory to P.O14740 Pte. F. R. Baker R.M.L.I with WWII War Medal & Geo V L.S.G.C, some copy documents, VF to GVF. £120 to 150 £120.00
Group of five - court style mounted trio 1914 with original clasp, BWM & Victory to 1519 TRP. T. A. Alborough RH Gds (Royal Horse Gds), Defence Medal & Police Exemplary Service Medal, Geo VI to Const. Thomas A. Alborough with copy documents & photograph of him as a PC. GVF to EF. £300 to 400 £270.00
Group of four - 1914/15 Star trio to 50545 2 Cpl. later A/Sgt R. Turner R.E plus Geo V Meritorious Service Medal. Lot incudes WWII Home Guard Cert. of Service for 25.06.40 to 31.12.44. Medal letters etc. from Paisley, EF to Mint. £160 to 250 £240.00
Group of four - 1914/15 Star trio BWM & Victory with Geov. L.S.G.C medal to 19657 Pte H. G. Melksham, Devon Rgt, Sgt on L.S.G.C (this is a renamed medal) copy docs show him serving in Egypt and the R.O.A.C/Labur Camp, GVF. £80 to 120 £110.00
Group of four - all loose. Pair - BWM & Victory to Lieut. S. M. Wilson Geo V Territorial Decoration named to Lt. Col. S. M. Wilson T.D 5 Kings 1937 Coronation Medal un-officially named to him as Lt. Col. S. M. Wilson T.D 5th Kings. Research needed, EF. £150 to 250 £210.00
Group of four - mounted as worn 1914/15 Star Trio and Royal Fleet Reserve L.S.G.C to 174050 also (CH.B.4045) A.B. G. Huggins, R.F.R & R. N, NEF to EF. £100 to 140 £130.00
Group of four - mounted as worn pair BWM & Victory to 40635, Pte Ambrose A. Crate South Staffs. Rgt. plus War & Defence, Warden Shoulder A. R. P. Button Badge title & whistle plus much research showing S. W. B. entitlement. £30 to 50 £46.00
Group of four - mounted as worn 1914/15 Star trio, with R.N.V.R, L.S.G.C to T5/160 AB. F Harper, he served with the Tyne Division A Nature of Elswick, copy papers included, GVF to EF. £100 to 150 £115.00
Group of four - Trio 1914/15 Star, BWM & Victory to L/Cpl act Sjt. T. Sutton RE with MSM Meritorious Service Medal Geo V, GVF. £200 to 250 N/S
Group of four - Trio 1914/15 Star, BWM & Victory M-17038 H. T. Gay A.E.R.A.4 RN with Naval L.S.G.C Medal Geo V named to him on HMS Renown with copy documents. GF to VF. £110 to 140 £100.00
Group of four - Trio 1914/15 Star, BWM & Victory to T2-14995 Sjt. W. J. Chandles A.S.C, Geo V Meritorious Service Medal mounted as worn with copy documents, VF to GVF. £200 to 250 £180.00
Group of four - Trio 1914/15 Star, BWM & Victory M-859, M. E. Dixon E.A.Z RN with L.S.G.C Geo V M.E. Dixon HMS Cambrian (he was a Newcastle man), copy documents. NVF to VF. £100 to 150 £105.00
Group of seven - Pair, BWM & Victory PNR 322054 E. H. Spindler RE (signals), Defence & War Medals, un-named. GSM Geo VI Malaya clasp (Major R. Sigs), 1937 Coronation un-named. Regular Army Geo V L.S.G.C (2nd type) WO2 Royal Signals. Served in ranks for 13 years - commissioned 1938, retired Lieut/Col 1951 Resident of York, court style mounted, copy papers etc. VF to NEF. £300 to 400 N/S
Group of six - card mounted 1914 Star & Bar trio to 10807 L/Cpl J. Kendrew Yorks. L. Inf. (W.O CLS2 on the pair) War & Defence Medals with Geo VI Cadet Forces Medal to Major K. Kendrew (official alteration to Rank), GVF to EF. £200 to 300 £220.00
Group of six - Pair BWM & Victory 49824 Pte. P Longhorn, W. Yorkshire Rgt, 1939 Star, War & Defence Medals, Geo VI Cadet Forces Medal, named A/Capt. P. Longhorn, GVF. £120 to 160 £120.00
Group of three - BWM, Indian General Service 1908 Geo V issue clasp Afghanistan, N.W.F 1919 & Geo V L.S.G.C to 8271 Pte. E. Mason, 1st Yorks Rgt. (no Victory due to service in India) hint of official correction to naming on Afghanistan Medal, not often seen with L.S.G.C, VF. £150 to 250 £190.00
Group of three - mounted as worn, Pair - BWM & Victory with G.S.M clasp Iraq to 19503 Pte J. H. Roberts Northld Fus. No 89893 on Iraq medal copy docs confirm issue, he also served in the R. W. Kewts, Lab Corp MGC, scarce as a group to Northld Fus, VF. £110 to 160 £100.00
Group of three - mounted as worn with documents. Pair - BWM & Victory to Major F. M. Beddington with 1911 Coronation Medal named in impressed capitals to Capt. F. M. Beddington. Research shows him as serving as a Capt/Major in the 4th Reserve Bttn Royal Irish Fus. in the 1916 list he is Major 2nd in Command of the 10th Bttn Royal Irish Fus. He previously served as Captain 3rd Bttn KOYLI 1902, NEF. £160 to 220 £250.00
Group of three - Pair BWM & Victory 376123 Cpl. M. R. Milburn RA with Geo V Territorial Force Efficiency Medal to 516 GNR M. Milburn, Tynemouth R.G.S plus football hallmarked silver fob. GVF to EF. £60 to 90 £86.00
Group of three- (oddments) K.S.A clasps S.Africa 1901/02 with 1914/15 Star & Victory medal with Imperial Service Badge & a large Freemasons Membership Certificate, copy docs show him entitled to QSA & BWM served as No. 5423 Pte L. Matthews, Northld Fus includes photography, VF. £80 to 120 £90.00
Pair - BWM & & Victory plus Eliz II 1953 Coronation Medal, pair to 161380 Pte G Nesbit, M. G. E., he served as chairman 1952/1953 Newbiggin By the Sea, U. D. C. Medal Rolls confirm awards, includes M. G. C. Badge, GVF. £60 to 70 £68.00
Pair - BWM & Victory plus Defence medal and Box of Issue to 15229 Pte J. Sowray, Northld Fus. enlisted 10.11.14 from Darlington, copy documents, GVF. £30 to 40 £36.00
Pair - BWM & Victory 21400 Pte. F. W. Simpson York Rgt plus Recruiting Medal Geo V, obverse 'For King & Country' reverse 'For Services Rendered' suspender has inscription 'Recruiting Staff' all original ribbons. Lot includes Newspaper clipping describing Gallant Tees-siders 12rg Yorks reviewed by the King. Covers the Raising & Training of the New 12th Bttn, GVF- EF. £90 to 140 £90.00
Pair - BWM & Victory plus India General Service Medal, 1905 clasp Afghanistan N.W.F 1919 to 201435 Pte. M.O. Leighton 2-4th Border Rgt, NEF to EF (un-researched) £120 to 180 £360.00
Pair - BWM & Victory plus Geo VI I. S. M. (IND IMP) to 4303 Pte. W. I. Howe Durham L. Inf. served 5/6/9th Battn, copy documents, GVF to EF. £35 to 45 £40.00
Pair - BWM & Victory plus French Croix-De Guerre with Palm (not confirmed) to 7591 Pte R. Nicholson Durham L. Inf. with much paperwork research, GVF. £40 to 50 £40.00
Pair - BWM & Victory to 2nd Lieut. G. C. Fennemore (died Basra), Geo VI Imp. Service Medal (Ind Imp) to James Robert Fennemore with WWII War & Defence Medal, lot incl. 2x silver hallmarked fobs inscribed to R. Fennemore 1st Prize 1904 & 1903 with S.F.G. These are boxing medals. EF. £100 to 200 £100.00
Royal Red Cross Decoration 2nd Class Geo V in original box with letter from Palace requiring attendance on 14.11.1917 for Sister Elizabeth Hatch. Lot includes mounted as worn St. John shoulder badge, France & Germany Star & War Medals with miniatures, also a miniature boxed Territorial Force Nursing Service badge, 5x portrait photos, I.S card, postcard of S.M.S Eber & Captain's invite card, EF. £250 to 350 £480.00
Trio - 1914/15 Star, BWM & Victory 9947 Pte. J. W. Dows, E. Yorkshire Rgt. wound badge No. 308485, E. Yorks badge & collar, 2x chocolate box Coronation Medals & Edward VIII aluminium medal & 1 Sunderland Ferry token, whistle & photograph - all contained in brass Mary Xmas tin with pencil bullet etc. GVF. £100 to 150 £210.00
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