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Coin, medal and banknote auction - 10 December 2015 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 10 December 2015. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 38 - Gallantry
Lot Thumbnail Description of lot Estimate Realised
Air Force Cross Medal Geo VI, 1939/45 Defence & War Medal with Eliz II Coronation Medal (A.F.C box included). A large amount of original documentation & photographs incl. Major General Smuts pre-seating the medal in South Africa to F/O A. E. Fletcher, A.F.C of No. 42 Air School. Port Elizabeth covering letter verifies award. He served in the band. Also three flying log books - a comprehensive record of the mans service. GVF to EF. £1800 to 2500 N/S
British Empire Medal (cased) Civilian Award Geo VI, impressed naming to Robert Hilton Percival (this is a re-named medal), EF. Included is a Lloyds Medal for Bravery at Sea named to Able Seaman R. H. Percival S.S Goodward 10th September 1939. died 08.03.1941 (S.S Togston). This is a flan only with EK's hence only near VF. £200 to 600 £260.00
Distinguished Conduct Medal Geo V to 200076 CSM W. Harvey Royal Warwickshire Rgt (from Little Coggeshall) L.G pg 12823 30th Oct 1918 'For conspicuous coolness & initiative when the enemy appeared on a ridge in front of the company sector. He organised C.H.Q and caused heavy casualties to the enemy. He also kept the company supplied with ammunition etc.' (copy documents), GVF. £650 to 800 N/S
Distinguished Conduct Medal to 3218 L. Sgt. A. Scott 14th Coy, 5th Imperial Yeo (Ex. DNW Sale 2012) - this has been re-clawed after restoration, it was damaged in a fire which has left it with pitting - most noticeable on the reverse L.G 27 Sept 1901, entitled to Queen's Medal with clasps 1901 plus three state clasps. Generally F or better. £600 to 800 N/S
Distinguished Flying Cross Geo VI in box of issue dated 1945 with Observers & Air Gunners Flying log book named to V. D. Purvis who qualified as a navigator. He died flying with 44 Squadron R.A.F V.R aged 22 on 7th July 1944. He was from Darlington, Co Durham. He had survived a crash landing in which a member of the crew had died on a training mission. The mission was an attack on a flying bomb storage site at St. Leu, the entrance to the tunnel was blocked, 32 Lancasters where lost on this mission. Much copy research is with the lot. The flying Cross is in EF condition in box of issue incl. photographs etc. £1800 to 2200 N/S
Distinguished Service Medal Geo VI to JX 126883 A. Moran Y.S H.M.S 'Express (small 'R' indicates replacement issue). Geo VI Naval General Service, clasp Palestine 1936-39 to him as a signaller R.N, Geo VI Naval LSGC to him on HMS Good Hope. His other medals are 1939-45 & Atlantic Stars, War & Defence Medals. Lot includes large photo album & recipients photograph & details of Court of Enquiry. HMS Express had the front section from Bows to Bridge blown off by a mine. The ship has to go in reverse to make it to safe port. This was also the only surviving ship from the flotilla sunk by the Japanese incl. 'King George V.' Extensive research included, GVF to EF. £600 to 800 £600.00
Geo V Military Cross Medal in case of issue, reverse engraved '1918, Lieut. J. W. Hughes, 2nd Battn, West Riding Rgt, France' John William Hughes L.G 22.06.1918 (page 7414), EF, good citation. £600 to 750 £600.00
Geo V MM (Military Medal) & BWM. MM named to 120630 DVR R. Symington 25/BY RFA & BWM same serving in RA. GVF. £250 to 350 £250.00
Geo V MM (Military Medal) - name erased, plus BWM & Victory to 3052 Pte. J. H. Barber, North'd Fus, MM not confirmed, fine or better. £50 to 90 £92.00
Geo V MM (Military Medal), BWM & Victory Medals pair to 112903, Cpl E. W. Davies 277/SGE, by RGA (altered rank on pair) o/w EF. £300 to 400 £360.00
Geo V MM (Military Medal) & BWM Victory to 36628 Pte. A. Lyons, 8th S. Lancs, WWII War Medal included. Further research needed. MM EF, toned pair GVF. £400 to 500 N/S
Geo VI set of five (court style mounted) - Geo VI Distinguished Flying Medal, 1939/45, Air Crew Europe Medal with France & Germany clasp, War & Defence Medal. D.F.M to 1800867 F/Sgt. G. Rust, RAF (served 622 Sqd, RAF), L.G date - 27.03.1945 for his sustained operational endeavour of 50 sorties, cannot be overstressed for its outstanding Gallantry. Strongly recommended for the D.F.M. Much copy documentation of sorties, details etc. GVF. £1500 to 2000 N/S
Geo VI British Empire Medal (Military) plus 1939/45 & Africa Stars with War & Defence Medals, plus Military Police cap badge & collars. B.E.M named to 7690971 L/Cpl James Simpson. Red service book shows him enlisting at Darlington 9th May 1941, it confirms the issue of the medals & dates the B.E.M L.G 14th June 1945 (150.PRO.COY.C.M.P.PT II O.51/45). He served Corp. Military Police mainly on Malta. 2x photos. GVF to EF. £200 to 350 £470.00
Geo VI MM (Military Medal) to 838664 Sjt. J. Gascoine RA, toned EF. £700 to 900 £820.00
Group of eight - mounted as worn Geo VI MM Military Medal 2587061 Cpl. A. Lord R. Signals 1939-45, Africa (8th Army Clasp) Italy & France & Germany Stars, War Medal, Eliz II GSM Clasp Malaya to Sgt. A. Lord Royal Signals & Geo VI Terr Efficiency to Cpl. A. Lord MM R. Signals. Citation for MM 23rd March near Appeldoorn. Repairing lines under fire etc. VF to GVF. £1200 to 1600 N/S
Group of five - Geo V Distinguished Conduct Medal, Military Medal & 1914/15 trio. DCM named to 273099 Pte. J. Gundry. MM 9th Durh L. Inf. Trio named to 3101 Pte. J. Gundry Durh L. Inf - he served in the pits as a face worker. A copy of a newspaper article states that he was wounded twice, both bullets remained in his body. The MM was awarded for carrying wounded from the field and the DCM for joining an outnumbered patrol fighting off the enemy. An excellent group becoming scarce on the market. Not fully researched. VF. £1500 to 2500 £1800.00
Group of five - mounted as worn 1939/45, A.C.E (verdigris on reverse) & Africa Stars, War & Defence with M.I.D emblem. Lot includes gold caterpillar badge named to Sgt. H. Dawson with named Caterpillar Club membership card. Also included is a collar or pin badge of the Goldfish Club Association. A wooden box containing a large amount of original documentaition is included. He was M.I.D 14th June 1945 (certificate included), he was 2nd pilot when his Wellington crashed after take off from Gibraltar (one man killed). He has two log books (one of which war time). He was experienced on many types of aircraft incl. Hurricanes & ??? dropped paratroopers. A very comprehensive record incl. photographs of one mans service, VF. £1000 to 1500 £1000.00
Group of five - OBE Order of the British Empire (Military) 2nd type, 1939-45 & Burma Stars with War & Defence & M.I.D emblem. Original M.I.D certificate to T/LT Colonel U. V. Smith, Royal Indian Army Service Corps, LG 19th Sept 1946 Mafeking set of miniatures plus odd Dunquerke miniature, box for OBE, Punjab drivers liscence & Army of India identity card, OBE LG 01.01.1959 retired 1960, original Thekinos Rgt (Liverpool) & R.A.S.C copy documents & further research inluded, Nr EF. £250 to 300 £250.00
Group of four - all loose un-mounted. 1914 Star Trio, plus French Medal 'Croix De Guerre' 1914-16 reverse plus 1 Star to 1667 Pte. J. Garner 2/Dragoon Gds, entered f + f 09. 10. 1914. Also served in the A.S.C, Nr EF. £220 to 350 N/S
Group of nine - Distinguished Conduct Medal Geo V to 35425 A.B.S Mjr. J. Cumming 105/Bty R.F.A, 1914 Star Trio (W.O CLS 2), Defence Medal, Geo V L.S.G.C (W.O CLS 2), 1935 Coronation Medal, Geo V Territorial Efficiency Medal B.Q.M Sjt, French Croix De Guerre with oak leaf (confirmed) from Berwick on Tweed, L.G 09-07-1917 Citation 'For Conspicuous Gallantry & Devotion to Duty' Splendid work under shell fire. Fine example to his men. Original discharge Cert. £1250 to 1800 £1300.00
Group of seven - Military Cross Geo V, Queen's South Africal Medal, clasps Cape Colony, Wittebergen & SA 1901, 1914/15 Star trio, India General Service Medal Geo V, clasps Wazirstan 1919-21 & 1921-24 with Defence Medal - all issued to Lieut. K. D. M. Henderson 2/R W. Kent Rgt & to Major K. D. M. Henderson, Punjab Rgt, M.C for East Africa, EK on I.G.S - mounted as worn, VF. Outline of service of Kenneth Douglas Murray Henderson (MC) born 29th March 1881, commissioned R. West Kent 20th Jan 1900, Lieut 17th Inf. 21 Aug 1902, Adjutant 8 Feb 1907, Captain 20 Jan 1909, Major 1 Sep 1918, Acting Lieut Colonel 14 Sep 1918, Lieut Colonel & O.Commanding 1 Feb 1925, retired 1 Feb 1929, served S.A 1900-01 & in East Africa 1915-18. (M.C L.G pg 5453 4 June 1917). £1200 to 1500 £1300.00
Group of six - Distinguished Conduct Medal Geo V to 11029 BMBR J. R. Handyside D. Bty, 71/BDE R.F.A, 1914/15 Star Trio, pair named to 11029 Sjt. J. H. Handyside R.A. Memorial plaque to John Robert Handyside with King's letter & illuminated scroll in tube of issue. Lot includes French Medaille Militaire (boxed in EF) & M.I.D Cert. dated 30th Nov 1915, French parchment scroll No 3096 dated 7th April 1917 named to him. Medal issue letters included. Citation for DCM reads 'For Conspicuous Gallantry' from Sept 26th to Oct 14th 1915, during which time his battery was in the open and constantly under very heavy fire. He frequently volunteered to mend telephone wires under very heavy fire, thereby success fully maintaining communications. He was previously brought to notice for coolness & bravery on Sept 25 near to Loos while suffering from gas fumes at the time. A very nice complete set first time offered on the market. A multiple Gallantry recipient from Byker, Newcastle. He died 19.05.1917 (Arras). Generally GEF. £1200 to 1500 £1750.00
Group of six - Geo VI MM (Military Medal) to 4265568 Sjt. R. W. Davis, RA plus 1939/45, Africa (clasp 1st Army), Italy Stars, War & Defence Medals awarded whilst serving with 58th Medium Rgt, R. A. for saving the life of a comrade from being burnt to death. Included is good quantity of related items - copy of recommendation (in London Gazette 23/9/1943), original Regular Army Cert. of Service, Cert. copy of Attestation, Army Cert, of Education (Sept 1933) at Ambala, named Buckingham Palace slip for the MM. Card box for WWII Medals named to the above at 3 Highfield Terrace, Walker, Newcastle on Tyne, (6 with accompanying slip), 12 photographs & ribbon bar. Note - Robert William Davis was born in Walker on 31/10/1910 & served in the 5th Bttn, Northumberland Fus. (TA) Feb 1927 - Nov 1928. He enlisted and was awarded the MM during WWII North Africa operations, EF. £1000 to 1500 N/S
Group of six - Geo V MM (Military Medal) & Bar with 1914-15 Star Trio, 1935 Jubilee Medal (engraved naming) with 1937 Coronation Medal MM to 240132 Cpl. H. Healey 2nd/6th W. Yorks Trio to 1398 Pte. (Star) Spl (pair) W. Yorks Rgt. Lot includes copy papers & Belgium Croix De Guerre (not attributed). He was from Bradford & served in the Leeds Rifles MM LG 13.03.1918 Bar LG 17.06.1919, GF to GVF. £800 to 1200 £920.00
Group of three - 1939-45 & Burma Stars with War Medals & M.I.D emblem - all un-named. Original M.I.D certificate L.G 19.09.1946 to Driver D. Okobi, East African Army Service Corps. The M.I.D was for 'Burma' M.I.D envelope is number NA61347, EF. £70 to 90 £82.00
Group of three - Geo V Meritorious Service Medal, BWM & Victory to WR 25622 Sjt. C. G. Morris RE. He was mentioned in dispatches (emblem fitted) and served with the 338th Construction Coy, M.S.M LG 18.01.19, No. 31132, GVF. £150 to 200 £150.00
Group of three - Military Medal plus BWM & Victory. MM named 266346 Sap. J. Hedley 22/L.P O. Coy, R. Eng. EF. £250 to 380 £250.00
Group of three (court style mounted by Spink). DCM 352483 L/Sjt C C Bowers 1/7 Lond Rgt, Decoration Militaire pour acte of bravoure, 2 Cl Sgt Bowers was one of only two men so decorated with this Belgian decoration from the London 4th Division, LG 2.2.1918. He was K.I.A 2nd December 1917. DCM 16th Aug 1917 'For Conspicuous Gallantry & devotion to duty, he led his platoon with great coolness & courage rallying men from the other companies who were badly shaken by machine gun fire. He assisted in the capture of the position, then dug & garrisoned a trench & held it for four days under heavy fire etc.' MM LG 25 May 1917, he was from Mortlake, GVF. £1350 to 1600 £1450.00
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