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Coin, medal and banknote auction - 1 February 2017 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 1 February 2017. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 39 - British Historical Medals
Lot Thumbnail Description of lot Estimate Realised
1216 King John (1199-1216), Death & Memorial, struck 1731, by J. Dassier, crowned & robed bust left, reverse monument with depiction of his crowning; 1483 Edward V, Death & Memorial, struck 1731, draped bust left, reverse monument, 41mm (MI i, 4, 18; Eimer 7, 21). EF. (2) From Jean Dassier's series of Medals of the Kings & Queens of England. £60 to 80 £60.00
1547 Henry VIII (1509-1547), Death & Memorial, struck 1731, by J. Dassier, enrobed & facing bust wearing large soft cap, reverse fame at monument, 41mm (MI 52/54; Eimer 27). EF. From Jean Dassier's series of Medals of the Kings & Queens of England. £40 to 60 £40.00
1577-80 Sir Francis Drake, Circumnavigation of the World, a silver reproduction of the famous medal by Michael Mercator, made 1978 by the Danbury Mint, the Eastern & Western hemisphere to either side, a line showing the track of Drake's voyage, 69mm, London Hallmark. Mint state. £80 to 120 £80.00
1649 Charles I (1625-1649), Death & Memorial, struck 1731, by J. Dassier, laureate & armoured bust left, reverse Britannia on Sarcophagus reveals King's head, 41mm (MI 353/212; Eimer 164). EF. £40 to 60 £40.00
1727 George I, Death & Memorial, struck 1731, by J. Dassier, armoured bust right, reverse monument, 41mm (MI 475/94; Eimer 508). EF. From Jean Dassier's series of Medals of the Kings & Queens of England. £40 to 60 £40.00
1736 Jernegan's Lottery, silver medal, by J. S. Tanner, Minerva between military trophies and emblems of the Arts & Sciences, BOTH HANDS FILLED FOR BRITAIN - GEORGE REIGNING, reverse Queen Caroline watering palms, GROWING ARTS ADORN EMPIRE - CAROLINE PROTECTING, 39mm (MI 517/72; Eimer 537; Betts 169), in unrelated case. Nearly EF. It was because of the reference to EMPIRE in the legend, together with, CAROLINE PROTECTING, that 19thC cataloguers related the piece to North Carolina. In fact the medal was given to each purchaser of a lottery ticket, the prize being a massive silver cistern, a full-size replica of which is held by the Victoria & Albert Museum. £50 to 80 £70.00
1788 Cardinal Henry of York, The Death of Prince Charles Edward Stuart, copper medal, by Giovanni Hamerani, bust of the Cardinal right, reverse the figure of Religion standing in the foreground, holding a cross & bible, a lion, cardinal's hat & crown at her feet, view of St. Peter's, Rome, beyond, 53mm (BHM 282; Eimer 823; Woolf 73). Nearly EF. Prince Charles (III) Edward Stuart (1720-1788), Bonnie Prince Charlie, was born in Rome. His only brother, Prince Henry Benedict Maria Clement (1725-1807), Cardinal York, now represented the last direct male descendant of the Stuart Royal line. £100 to 150 £250.00
1795 George, Prince of Wales, Marriage to Princess Caroline of Brunswick (1768-1820), copper medal, 1795, by C H Küchler, conjoined busts of the Prince & Caroline right, reverse winged Hymen supporting the shields of Britain & Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, 48mm (BHM 392; Eimer 865), in modern case. Edge bruise to top o/w EF. Küchler dates the medal 1797 in error. £120 to 150 £195.00
1799 William Pitt, complimentary copper medal, by J.G. Hancock, bust left, reverse legend within wreath, 53mm (BHM 470; Eimer 912), in modern case. EF. The medal was adapted to commemorate Pitt's death in 1806. The present medal is considerably scarcer. £50 to 70 £70.00
1810 George III, Golden Jubilee, copper medal, published by N. Hyde, uniformed bust left in periwig, reverse Britannia with three infants holding heart, the cloud-like plinth inscribed FROGMORE, 48mm (BHM 686; Eimer 1007). Nearly EF. The reverse was designed by Princess Elizabeth, Landgravine of Hesse-Homburg (1770-1840) and third daughter of George III. £45 to 65 £68.00
c1810 The London Pitt Club, oval gilt-silver badge, Tassie cameo of William Pitt on black glass, set with border around & laurel wreath, reverse member's name engraved BEN HOWARD ESQ, 39mm x 47mm, suspension loop & ring, in case. VF, tip of nose chipped away & old test mark above name on reverse. £80 to 120 £80.00
1811 Masonic interest: Providence Lodge of Loyal Britons, No 1, copper medal, by T.W. Ingram, Britannia seated on rock beside British lion, reverse all-seeing eye above a man seated reading a book surrounded by flowers, WE HAVE BEEN PROSPEROUS, 54mm (BHM 721), modern case. EF & very rare. Brown (BHM) states, 'Probably another society connected with pledging support to the Royal Family for law, order & liberty.' £60 to 80 £60.00
1815 The Famous Waterloo Medal by B. Pistrucci, separate modern silver electrotype impressions of the obverse & reverse; conjoined, laureate & draped busts left of the Prince Regent, Francis II of Austria, Alexander I of Russia & Frederick William III of Prussia, mythological allegory around, reverse Victory guiding the equestrian figures of Wellington & Blucher, around them a border of battling giants, 132mm (cf Eimer, Wellington 57; BHM 870; Eimer 1067), Birmingham Hallmark, 1975. EF & toned. Made for the Waterloo Committee. £150 to 200 £160.00
1815 Benjamin West, American-born President of the Royal Academy, copper medal, by George Mills, on the purchase of his painting 'Christ in the Temple' by the Royal Institution, bust left, reverse names of donors in eight concentric listings, in centre, UNDER THE REGENCY, 41mm (BHM 862). EF. £65 to 80 N/S
1817 Princess Charlotte Augusta of Wales, Death, copper medal, by Thomas Webb, bust almost facing, roses in hair, reverse Britannia seated next to British Lion, weeping by funerary urn, 49mm (BHM 940; Eimer 1097), EF. £60 to 80 £64.00
1817 George III, The Dedication Medal for Mudie series of 40 medals of British Victories, copper, by T. Webb & (reverse) A. J. Depaulis, laureate bust right, reverse Religion stands before Faith, 41mm (BHM 933; Eimer 1102). Good EF. £40 to 60 £60.00
1817 William, Viscount Dudley & Ward, his munificence recognised, copper medal, unsigned (perhaps by T. Hancock), draped bust right, reverse legend in five lines within civic wreath, 53mm (BHM 952; Eimer 1100), in modern case. EF. William Dudley, 3rd Viscount Dudley & Ward (1750-1823), was renowned for his benevolence to public & private charities, particularly in Staffordshire. £40 to 60 £58.00
1819 James Watt (1736-1819), Death, silver medal, by G. Mills, bust right, reverse Watt's Steam Engine, 46mm (BHM 983; Eimer 1185), Better than VF but at one time cleaned, scarce. £100 to 150 £170.00
1819 The French 'Series Numismatica,' by Durand (editor), copper medals of English sitters, John Locke, by Caunois & William Congreve, by Caqué, each bust right, reverse legend, 41mm. EF. (2) £30 to 50 £30.00
1827 The Duke of Clarence, later William IV, appointed Lord High Admiral, copper medal, by John Henning, head right, reverse Britannia walks on the waves, ships beyond, HER MARCH IS O'ER THE MOUNTAIN WAVE ..., 65mm (BHM 1296; Eimer 1192), in modern case. EF. The reverse legend is from the third verse of 'Ye Mariners of England: A Naval Ode,' by Thomas Campbell (1776-1844), first published in 1800. £70 to 90 £90.00
1831 William IV, Opening of London Bridge, copper medal, by B. Wyon, for the City of London Series for the Corporation of London, bust right, reverse view of the bridge, 51mm (BHM 1544; Eimer 1245), in later Wyon fitted case. Virtually mint state. £70 to 90 £82.00
1833 The Rev. Rowland Hill, Death, copper medal, bust ¾ right, reverse legends, 49 YEARS MINISTER OF SURREY CHAPEL, 45mm (BHM 1650). EF. The Surrey Chapel in the Blackfriars Road, London, was destroyed by enemy action in 1941. £20 to 40 £50.00
1837 Princess Victoria, her Majority, copper medal, by J. Davis, bust turned ¾ right, her hair in chignon & ringlets, reverse female figures of the three Kingdoms present a scroll & wreath to the Princess, Fame flies above with scroll, ENGLAND'S HOPE, 50mm (BHM 1738). Almost EF. £45 to 65 £120.00
1837 Victoria, Visit to the Guildhall, silver medal, by William Wyon, for the City of London Series for the Corporation of London, diademed bust left, reverse facade of the Guildhall with large flag flying, 55mm (BHM 1775; Eimer 1304), in case for a Victorian 'Science & Art Dept' Medal. Nearly EF but has been cleaned at some time. This medal's obverse is the first appearance of the diademed portrait that was soon to be adapted for the penny black postage stamp. £120 to 160 £370.00
1837 Victoria, Visit to the City of London, copper medal, by J. Barber, large bust of Queen Victoria crowned to left, reverse the Queen, accompanied by Britannia, stands beneath a canopy and is greeted by the Lord Mayor of London, 61mm (BHM 1772; Eimer 1303), EF. £50 to 80 £92.00
1838 Victoria, Coronation, medal by J. Barber, crowned bust left, in robes & holding scepter, reverse the Queen in Procession below canopy, 61mm (BHM 1803; Eimer 1311), in modern case. EF. £50 to 80 £350.00
1838-39 The Royal Humane Society's Medals, a pair of bronze 'Successful' awards, by B. Pistrucci to William John Crapp, infant cherub guards the flame of life, reverse details engraved within wreath, WILLIAM JOANNI CRAPP, VIT. OB. SERV. D.D. SOC. REG. HVM. 1838 and GUL MO CRAPP... 1839, 50mm, in cases of issue. Good VF & a rare double award. (2) Crapp was a Coastguard & was awarded two medals in 1838, on 25th April 'Off Brighton' & 28th October 'Off Shoreham.' The 1838 RHS Annual Report lists seven medals on pg 50 under the heading 'The following Cases have occurred at Brighton.' Crapp is not listed for 1839, one must assume that the date on the second medal refers to its presentation. No further details are given. £150 to 250 £310.00
1842 Prince Albert, The Foundation of the new Royal Exchange, copper medal, by A. J. Stothard, head to right, reverse facade of the Exchange, SVB AVSPICIO PRINCIPIS, 45mm. (BHM 2077). Nearly EF. £30 to 50 £52.00
1844 Victoria & Albert, Opening of the new Royal Exchange, copper medal, by Allen & Moore, conjoined busts left within wide border, reverse facade of the building, 50mm (BHM 2173), EF. £35 to 50 £70.00
1844 Sir Thomas Gresham, The Opening of the new Royal Exchange, copper medal, 1844, by W. Wyon, large bust of Gresham left, reverse statue of Queen Victoria before the facade of the Royal Exchange, 74mm (BHM 2185; Eimer 1390), EF. £120 to 150 £145.00
1846 Lord John Russell, the Repeal of the Corn Laws, copper medal, by A. J. Stothard, head to right, reverse wreath, FREE TRADE - PER MARE PER TERRA, 45mm (BHM 2237), in fitted case of issue with Stothard's trade label in inside lid. EF. (2) £40 to 60 £56.00
1846 Francis Chantrey, The Art Union of London, copper medal by W. Wyon, head of Chantrey to right, reverse Chantrey's sculptured monument of James Watt seated on a plinth, 55mm (BHM 2227; Eimer 1381), plain edge, modern case. EF. The medal, which should have been issued two years earlier, is No. 1 in the Art Union of London series. Chantrey was from the North born at Jordanthorpe, Derbyshire. £60 to 80 £76.00
1848 Lord George Bentinck, Conservative Politician & racehorse owner, Death, copper medal by B. Wyon, bewhiskered bust left, reverse laudatory inscription in 10 lines, 51mm (BHM 2301). EF. £65 to 80 £110.00
1848 Education: Hawthorn Hall, Wilmslow (Cheshire), struck silver prize medal, a student stands reading, reverse engraved details, 'W. Cochrane June 1848,' 45mm, in case of issue. A pretty medal in mint state. Hawthorn Hall originated in the early 17thC. In 1835 Mr. Sutherland moved his school at nearby Green Hall into Hawthorn Hall. There he set up a boarding school 'for wealthy Wesleyan families.' In 1843, the school was acquired by Thomas Somerville and taught boys between the age of 7 & 18 yrs who mostly came from Cheshire & Lancashire. It is uncertain when it closed. Hawthorn Hall is now offices. £50 to 80 £50.00
1849 Richard Lambert Jones, copper medal, by W. Wyon, head right, reverse legend in seven lines within wreath, 64mm. (BHM.2349), in modern case. EF. Richard Lambert Jones (fl.c.1840, d.1863) Member of the Court of Common Council for Cripplegate Without 1819-51; Chairman of the Library Committee of the Corporation of the City of London & of other committees. £40 to 60 £40.00
1851 Prince Albert, The Great Exhibition, Exhibitor's Medal, by W. Wyon, bust left, reverse dove over globe, details on edge 'United Kingdom Class 9. No 252,' 44mm (BHM 2463; Eimer 1462), scratch-like flaw at bottom of reverse, VF. Class 9 was for 'Agricultural & Horticultural Machines & Implements,' No. 252 was C. Phillips & Co. of Bristol for a 'Patent turnip-cutter, with reversing motion.' £40 to 60 £60.00
1853 William Roscoe (Historian), The Centenary of his Birth, celebrated at Liverpool, copper medal, by Allen & Moore, bust left, reverse legend, 47mm (BHM 2515). Nearly EF. £20 to 30 £38.00
1853 Victoria, Department of Practical Art, South Kensington, Students Prize, copper award medal by W. Wyon, diademed bust left, reverse legend in & around wreath, named on edge 'M. A. Freed, S. 23,' 45mm (D & W 256/400). EF. £35 to 50 £35.00
1855 Richard Sainthill, Irish Antiquarian & Numismatist, copper tribute medal, by L. C. Wyon, bare head right, reverse the Genius of Numismatics welcomes a young girl, whilst revealing a sage-like figure of the classical world, seated behind a curtain, 58mm (BHM.2571; Eimer 1501), good EF. £40 to 60 £540.00
1856 The Royal Agricultural Society, Visit to Chelmsford, copper medal, by Pinches, bull to left, reverse facade of County Hall, 50mm (JT 56b). Nearly EF. £30 to 50 £54.00
1857-59 George Frederic Handel (1685-1759), a pair of copper medals named to 'T. Anderson. Performer,' 1857, the Handel Festival, Crystal Palace, small copper medal, by Pinches, bust left, reverse lyre, 41mm; 1859, for the Centenary Concert, Crystal Palace, larger copper medal, by W. J. Taylor, bust left, reverse legend in wreath, named on edge to 51mm (Eimer 1527), fitted case - this VF, first better. (2) £25 to 30 £66.00
1859 Victoria, Department of Science & Art, copper medal, by W. Wyon, diademed 'Penny Black' bust left, named on edge 'John Smith, Paisley. Stage 6A,' 55mm, in case of issue. Nearly EF. £40 to 60 £50.00
1860's Charles Carl Linneaus, silver Prize Medal, by W. J. Taylor, bust right, reverse wreath, 38mm (Ellenius 19), in case of issue. An un-issued specimen, virtually mint state. Carl Linnaeus (1707-78), also known as Carl von Linné, born in Southern Sweden, the 'Father of Taxonomy.' His system for naming, ranking, & classifying organisms is still widely used today. £40 to 60 £64.00
1863 Albert Edward, Prince of Wales & Princess Alexandra, Marriage, copper medal, by Leonard Charles Wyon, conjoined busts of the Royal couple, right, reverse their Armorial shields below the Prince's plumes, 63mm (BHM 2770; Eimer 1562). Good EF. £120 to 150 N/S
1863 Prince Albert, Founder of the International Exhibitions & Inauguration of the Memorial of the Great Exhibition, copper medal, by Charles Wiener, bust left, reverse legend within & without wreath, 68mm (Allen SK-D025; BHM 2790), nearly EF. £50 to 80 £130.00
1863 John Edward & Marie Emma Gray, Complimentary Medal in copper, by G. G. Adams, conjoined busts right, reverse within wreath, TRUST IN THE LORD AND DO GOOD, 57mm, in modern case. EF. John Edward Gray, zoologist & keeper of zoology at the British Museum before the advent of the Natural History Museum. He was assisted in his work by his wife an eminent artist. He also lays claim to being the first known stamp collector, buying penny blacks on the first day of issue & in 1862 he published a Hand Catalogue of Postage Stamps for the use of the Collector. £40 to 60 N/S
1865 Hugh John Temple, Viscount Palmerston, Death, copper medal, by W. Mack, bust ¾ left, reverse dates within wreath, 44mm (BHM 2834; Eimer 1579). VF. £25 to 50 £48.00
1870 Charles Robert Leslie, the Art Union of London, copper medal by A. B. Wyon, bust right, reverse 'The Sentry Box,' 54mm (BHM 2911; Eimer 1608), modern case. VF, reverse better but two edge cuts left & right. The reverse image is taken from Laurence Sterne's Novel 'Tristram Shandy' and depicts 'My Uncle Toby & Widow Wadman in the Sentry Box.' The two cuts the result of display mounting. £30 to 50 £48.00
1872 Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, recovery from Typhoid fever, copper medal, by J. S. & A. B. Wyon, for the City of London Series for the Corporation of London, figure of Londinia on the raised steps of St. Paul's Cathedral, Britannia at her side, welcoming Queen Victoria & the Prince of Wales, reverse detailed interior view of St. Paul's Cathedral, with figures standing before a large congregation, 77mm (BHM 2928; Eimer 1618), in case of issue. Virtually mint state & case likewise in choice condition. £200 to 250 £280.00
1872 William Etty, the Art Union of London, copper medal by G. G. Adams, bust left, reverse depiction of his painting of 'Cupid and Venus Descending,' 57mm (BHM 2938; Eimer 1621), good VF. £45 to 60 £64.00
1874 Blackburn, Art & General Exhibition and Free Library & Museum opened, copper medal, by Ottley, facade of building, reverse Armorial shield, JOHN PICKOP ESQ MAYOR, 44mm (BHM; JT 195a), EF. £20 to 35 £28.00
1879 William Gladstone, 70th Birthday, copper medal, by L. C. Wyon, bust right, reverse legend, date & wreath, LIVERPOOL, 44mm (BHM 3054; Eimer 1665). VF. £25 to 50 £58.00
1881 William Shakespeare - Eton College, the Earl of Strafford's Gold Medal, 'For the Encouragement of the Study of Shakespeare,' by Leonard Charles Wyon, bust of Shakespeare ¾ left, HOW NOBLE IN REASON!..., reverse legend in five lines & around, an un-named specimen, 44mm 45.41g, believed 23ct, in fitted case of issue by Wyon of '2 Langham Chambers, London W.' A superb medal, virtually mint state. The Eton College Collection contains the original 'Deed of Endowment from George Stevens Byng, Earl of Strafford to the Provost & College, of dies of a gold medal cast by Leonard Charles Wyon & £285 for an annual Shakespeare prize called the Shakespeare Medal.' £1200 to 1500 £1300.00
1881 Victoria, 21st Anniversary of the Volunteer Movement, copper medal, by Neil Macphail, crowned bust of Victoria almost facing, reverse St. Michael stands at the edge of an island, on which are armed knights & a female figure with two children, 64mm (BHM 3104; Eimer 1682), EF. £80 to 120 £80.00
1882 The Smithfield Club & Show, silver prize medal, by W. Wyon, busts right & left of the Duke of Richmond, President, and Earl Spencer, President 1825-45, named on edge 'As Breeder Best Beast in Class II. T. H. Risdon, Washford, Taunton, Somerset,' 49mm, in unrelated case by Pinches. EF. T. Edward Risdon, of Old Cleeve, Washford, is recorded as starting a herd of Devon cattle in 1887. £45 to 60 £130.00
1882 Victoria, The Dedication of Epping Forest, copper medal, by Charles Wiener, for the City of London Series for the Corporation of London, bust left wearing the small diamond crown, sash & orders, reverse Londinia faces the Queen within a forest setting, 76mm (BDM 3128; Eimer 1689), in original case of issue. Good EF. Only 400 specimens struck. £200 to 250 £300.00
1882 Victoria, The Dedication of Epping Forest, copper medal, by Charles Wiener, for the City of London Series for the Corporation of London, bust left, wearing the small diamond crown, sash & orders, reverse Londinia faces the Queen within a forest setting, 76mm (BDM 3128; Eimer 1689), in modern case. EF. Only 400 specimens struck. £150 to 200 £200.00
1882 The Prince & Princess of Wales, the City of London School's new buildings opened, copper medal, by J. S. & A. B. Wyon, for the City of London Series for the Corporation of London, conjoined busts of the Prince & Princess to right, reverse detailed facade of the school buildings, 77mm (BHM 3133; Eimer 1690), in fitted case of issue by Wyon. EF. Only 400 specimens struck. £140 to 180 £430.00
1882 The Prince & Princess of Wales, the City of London School's new buildings opened, copper medal, by J. S. & A. B. Wyon, for the City of London Series for the Corporation of London, conjoined busts of the Prince & Princess to right, reverse detailed facade of the school buildings, 77mm (BHM 3133; Eimer 1690), in modern case. EF. Only 400 specimens struck. £120 to 160 £120.00
1883 Sir Francis Drake, dedication of his statue at Tavistock, copper medal, by J. E. Boehm, the statue, reverse legend with details, 52mm (BHM 3149; Eimer 1697), in modern case. EF. The name of Boehm, who sculpted the statue, appears on a scroll on the medal's obverse, though whether he was also responsible for the medal is uncertain. A second copy of the statue stands at Plymouth. £20 to 30 £38.00
1883 The Numismatic Society of London, copper specimen of the Award Medal, by John Pinches, the 'Tres Moneta,' three standing female figures holding scales & cornucopiae, stacks of coins at their feet, TESTIS TEMPORVM: NVNCIA VETVSTATIS: VITA MEMORIAE, in exergue, MON.AVG, reverse legend in wreath, 56mm, in modern case. Mint state, rare. The dies for the medal, to be awarded in silver were given to the Society by Sir John Evans in 1883. The Numismatic Society of London received the title 'Royal Numismatic Society' from Edward VII by Royal Charter in 1904 and the medal's reverse legend was adapted. The symbols in the exergue are the pincers or pinches of Mr. Pinches, the engraver, and Evan's crest of the elephant's head couped. £60 to 80 £66.00
c1883 Coventry & Midland Photographic Society, copper prize medal, undated to F. W. Hardy for 'Lantern Slides,' Armorial device, reverse wreath & ornate border around camera, named in scroll below, 45mm, modern case. Almost EF. Langdon's list of early American photographers lists three F. W. Hardys, though none are likely to be the recipient of this medal. £25 to 35 £25.00
1884 Victoria, International Health Exhibition, London, copper medal, veiled bust of Victoria left, reverse figures of Health & Education stand by globe, 47mm (BHM 3175), in case of issue. Nearly EF. £30 to 40 £44.00
1886 Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, Colonial & Indian Exhibition, bronze award medal, by L.C. Wyon, un-named, bust left, reverse legend within wreath, 52mm (BHM 3209; Eimer 1725; Puddester 886.1.2), in modern case. Virtually mint state. £25 to 35 £46.00
1886 Victoria, The International Exhibition of Navigation, Travelling, Commerce and Manufactures, Liverpool, copper medal, by Elkington & Co, crowned head of Victoria left, reverse Britannia stands amidst maritime trophies, below, dolphins support shield of the Liver Bird, 51mm, EF. £25 to 35 £62.00
1886 The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, silver award medal, by A. Kirkwood & Son, Armorial design with unicorn supporters, reverse engraved legend in wreath, 'Presented to Charles Menmuir for the Best Essay on how could you in your daily life promote greater kindness to animals - Arbroath,' 51mm, in case of issue. EF & an attractive medal. The 1901 Census for Arbroath records a Charles Menmuir as an unemployed Master Mariner, with a wife & son. £50 to 80 £230.00
1886-87 William Hunter, Glasgow University copper prize medal by N. Macphail awarded to Robert Bell for Zoology, bust of Hunter left wearing soft cap, reverse legend in seven lines, named on edge, 70mm, EF. £40 to 60 £40.00
1887 Victoria, Golden Jubilee, official medal in silver, by L. C. Wyon after Sir J. E. Boehm & (reverse) Sir Frederick, crowned bust left, reverse enthroned figure of Empire surrounded by standing figures representing Science, Literature & the Arts, etc, Mercury & Time below, 77mm (BHM 3219; Eimer 1733b), in red leather case of issue. Virtually mint state. Sold with photocopy of explanatory details. £120 to 150 £270.00
1887 Victoria, Golden Jubilee, copper medal, by J. Carter, veiled bust left, reverse legend, ANNO JVBILAEI, 65mm (BHM 3232; Eimer 1736), almost EF. £45 to 60 £56.00
1887 Sir John Evans, The Numismatic Society of London, Golden Jubilee copper medal, by Pinches, bearded bust of Sir John Evans, right, reverse legend within & around laurel wreath, 58mm (BHM 3344; Eimer 1729), in modern case. EF. Sir John Evans (1823-1908), English archaeologist, geologist & numismatist, President of the Numismatic Society of London, later the Royal Numismatic Society & of the Society of Antiquaries. £40 to 60 £52.00
1887-88 Prize Medal, copper, unsigned, awarded to S. Nicklin for Pathology, crowned VR cypher, reverse oil poured into lamp, 46mm, in modern case. EF. The lamp on the medal's reverse is marked ALERE FLAMMAM, from Ovid 'To feed the flames.' Founded as the Birmingham Medical School in 1828, it became the Birmingham Royal School of Medicine in 1836, then the Queen's College in 1843. It is now part of the University of Birmingham. £20 to 30 £20.00
1889 Victoria, 70th Birthday, copper medal by L. C. Lauer, veiled bust ¾ left, reverse Britannia seated on lion, St. Paul's & ship beyond and emblems of trade, 65mm (BHM 3365; Eim 1747), EF. £65 to 80 £190.00
1890 Victoria, Philately, Penny Postage Jubilee, copper medal by Messrs L. C. Lauer, her bust left, above a Mulready envelope, reverse bust of Rowland Hill ¾ right, above envelope, 65mm (BHM 3407; Eimer 1756), in Elkington fitted case. Good VF. £70 to 90 £70.00
1891 Joseph Moore, Medallist & Medal Manufacturer, copper medal (unsigned) bust ¾ left, reverse legend in nine lines, 50mm (BHM 3417; Eimer 1770), in modern case. Good VF. Moore died the following year. £30 to 50 £88.00
1890-91 Glasgow, East End Exhibition, copper medal by Robert Scott, seated figure of Glasgow extends wreath to the exhibition building, reverse City Arms, 64mm (BHM - ) in case of issue with maker's label. Virtually mint state, rare. The MP for Govan, Mr John Wilson, went so far as to ask in Parliament 'as to whether the Lord Advocate is aware that excisable liquors are sold in the Exhibitor's Club, within the Glasgow East End Exhibition; whether he is aware that a licence was refused by the Magistrates when the Exhibition was opened; and whether the sale of liquor in such circumstances is illegal?' £60 to 80 £60.00
1893 Marriage of the Duke & Duchess of York, large copper medal by G.G. Adams, for the Corporation of the City of London, conjoined busts left, reverse the couple in a chariot greeted by Londinia, 76mm (BHM 3452; Eimer 1780), in case of issue. Mint state. £120 to 160 £230.00
1894 The Marquess of Dufferin & Ava, Lord Warden's prize medal for the Cinque Ports of Kent, in silver by Wyon, Arms of the Marquess, reverse coronet over display of orders & flags, without legend, 51mm, in Wyon case of issue. Virtually mint state, very rare. Frederick Temple Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood, 1st Marquess of Dufferin & Ava (1826-1902), diplomat, Governor General of Canada and Viceroy of India where, in both places, he issued award medals in his name. £120 to 150 £310.00
1894 The National Rifle Association, founded 1860, silver award medal by G. G. Adams, archer & rifleman stand beside each other, named on edge (Q.R.A 1894 won by Corp George Bradley, Q.V.R), 46mm, good VF. £20 to 30 £32.00
1894 Victoria, Opening of Tower Bridge, large copper medal by Frank Bowcher, for the Corporation of the City of London, conjoined busts of Queen Victoria with, to right and left, the Prince of Wales & Princess Alexandra, reverse view of Tower Bridge, raised, with shipping on the Thames, 76mm (BHM 3476; Eimer 1790), in case of issue (a little scuffed). EF. £200 to 250 £300.00
1896 Robert Burns, Centenary of his Death, Dumfries, copper medal by Messrs Pinches, bust ¾ left, reverse domed monument, 44mm (BHM 3495; Eimer 1803), VF. £20 to 30 £22.00
1897 Victoria, Diamond Jubilee, official silver medal by G. W. De Saulles after T. Brock & W. Wyon, veiled bust left, reverse young head left, on laurel, LONGITVDO DIERVM IN DEXTERAEIVS ET IN SINISTRA GLORIA 1837, 56mm, in red leather case of issue (BHM 3506; Eimer 1817). Matt surface, virtually mint state. £70 to 90 £125.00
1897 Victoria, Diamond Jubilee, silver medal by Allan Wyon, crowned bust left, reverse Arms, A REIGN NE'ER EQUALLED, 45mm (BHM 3575; W & E 3585). Virtually mint state, scarce. The obverse adapted from Wyon's medal for the Golden Jubilee (W & E 2451). £50 to 70 £96.00
1897 Victoria, Diamond Jubilee, copper medal by J. Carter, crowned bust left, reverse Fame with attributes of the Empire's wealth around, 45mm; another, by Brookes & Adams, laureate bust right, reverse Arms of the Kingdoms around Queen's young bust, 44mm (BHM 3535, 3580; W & E 3062, 3052). Both choice EF. £65 to 85 £65.00
1897 Victoria, Diamond Jubilee, copper medal by H. B. Sale, crowned bust almost fully left, reverse Britannia & medallic portraits, 45mm (BHM 3563; W & E 3410). Mint state. £40 to 60 £40.00
1898 Captain A. E. Haynes, School of Military Engineering, bronze medal by Frank Bowcher, bust of Haynes right, reverse bridged chasm in high relief, 'Field Fortification S.M.E,' named on edge 'No 231587 Sapper W. Smith. 324 Party,' 56mm. EF. Captain A. E. Haynes (1861-96) was killed during the Matabeleland Expedition. His family raised a subscription for a monument in Rochester Cathedral and the remaining funds went to these medals. £40 to 60 £40.00
1902 Edward VII & Queen Alexandra, official large silver Coronation medal by G. W. De Saulles, crowned bust right, reverse crowned bust of Queen Alexandra right, 55mm (BHM 3737; Eimer 1871), in red leather case of issue. Case & medal choice mint state. £80 to 120 £115.00
1902 Edward VII & Queen Alexandra, official large bronze Coronation medal by G. W. De Saulles, similar, 55mm; 1911 George V & Queen Mary, official large bronze Coronation medal by B. Mackennal, crowned bust of both, left, either side (BHM 3737, 4022; Eimer 1871, 1922), both in red leather cases of issue. EF. (2) £80 to 120 £92.00
1902 Peace Treaty for the Boer War, silver medal by Emil Fuchs, for Elkington, Peace sheaths her sword, troops pass by towards ships, reverse Angel at the side of a fallen soldier, TO THE MEMORY OF THOSE WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES FOR QUEEN AND COUNTRY, 52mm (BHM 3876; Eimer -; Fearon [1984] 352.4). Good VF, the design softly sculpted and struck with a matt surface. The Peace Treaty to end the Boer War was signed on 31 May 1902, and by 7 June this medal, struck at the Heaton Mint (H mm on reverse), was already being advertised for sale. A larger version, 70mm, was also struck. £80 to 120 £80.00
c1905 The University of Sheffield, The Mappin Medal, copper award medal by Waterlow & Sons, un-named specimen, allegorical figures with implements of industry & engineering, reverse legend in ornate quadrilobe, 66mm, in modern case. Mint state. In 1905 the benefactor of the Mappin Medal, Sir Frederick Mappin, had supported the formation of the University of Sheffield and a building is named after him. The University offers, by competition, eight medals to the Faculty of Engineering. £45 to 60 £45.00
1906 Edward VII, City & Guilds, Technological Examination, silver prize medal by Messrs J. Pinches, bust left, reverse legends, named on edge 'Bertie Halliwell Eastham, Boiler Maker's Work, 1st Prize,' 51mm. Nearly EF, at some time cleaned. £40 to 60 £40.00
1907 Sir Walter Scott, copper prize medal awarded by the Edinburgh Walter Scott Club, Essay Competition, by G. E. Oliver, bust ¾ right, within wreath, reverse 'Presented to George Watson's College - Frederick S. Young,' 54mm, in maker's case of issue. Good EF. £35 to 50 £35.00
1908 Universal Cookery & Food Exhibition, silver award medal by J. A. Restall, Hygeia rewards a young girl standing by a table, food all around, reverse HONORIS CAUSA LONDINI, 46mm, Birmingham Hallmark on edge. EF. £25 to 35 £64.00
1908-09 The Incorporated Edinburgh Dental Hospital & School, small struck silver medal, engraved details on reverse 'Dental Histology Best Notebook won by W. S. Durward,' 32mm, in Hamilton & Inches case of issue. About EF. £15 to 25 £20.00
1911 George V, Coronation Celebrations in Wandsworth, unsigned, conjoined crowned busts of George V & Queen Mary to left, reverse Arms of the Metropolitan Borough of Wandsworth, 64mm (BHM 4062), in modern case. Virtually mint state. £45 to 70 £45.00
1914 The Royal Humane Society's silver medal 'For Proficiency in swimming … saving life from drowning,' life-saving scene in river, reverse legend, named on edge (W. T. P. Watts - Sherborne School), 51mm, in fitted case by Elkington. Choice EF. £35 to 50 £35.00
1914 George V, Board of Education, bronze medal by Bertram Mackennal, crowned bust left, named on edge, 'Arthur Wild Design for Printed Silk,' 51mm, in case of issue. EF. The CWGC list no fewer than seven Arthur Wilds, all of whom were killed in France. £15 to 25 £22.00
1915 Homage to Edith Cavell (1865-1915) & Marie Depage (1872-1915), bronze medal by A. Bonnetain, conjoined busts left, reverse 1915 REMEMBER!, additional engraved legend 'A MR A. DE LEEUW LE COMITÉ LOCAL DE FOREST RECONNAISSANT,' 60mm (BHM 4115; Eimer 1943).VF. Struck in honour of the famous English nurse executed by the Germans in 1915 for helping stranded Allied soldiers and Marie Depage for whom she worked at the Ecole Belgian D'Infirmières Diplômées in Brussels, founded by Antoine Depage. Many of the captured Allied soldiers who were treated by Cavell subsequently succeeded in escaping, with her assistance, to Holland. Marie Depage was drowned on the Lusitania, returning from a fund-raising trip to the USA. £35 to 50 £130.00
1916 Battle of Jutland and the Sinking of the Mainz (1914) & Blucher (1915), white metal medal by Spink, in cartouches, the ships sinking, reverse legend in wreath, 45mm (BHM 4117/4124). VF. £20 to 30 £32.00
1916 Field Marshal Lord Kitchener Memorial, bronze medal by Jules Prosper Legastelois (1885-1931), bust ¾ left, reverse a resolute Britannia armed with sword, THOROUGH, 70mm (BHM 4120; Eimer 1952), EF. £45 to 60 £62.00
1919 Gorge V, Peace, bronze medal by F. Bowcher (reverse signed R.J.R), for Spink, crowned bust left, reverse standing angel, 64mm (BHM 4146), in fitted case by Elkington. EF. £45 to 60 £62.00
1916 Sir William Ramsay (1852-1916), Chemist & Winner in 1904 of the Nobel Prize, bronze memorial medal by the French medallist Louis-Alexandre Bottée, bust left, slightly turned, reverse figure of Science seated in a laboratory, 54mm (BHM 4122; Eimer 1957), in modern case. EF. The Nobel Prize for Chemistry awarded 'in recognition of his services in the discovery of the inert gaseous elements in air.' £40 to 60 N/S
1925 Wembley Torchlight Tatoo, bronze medal, 37mm; 1930 RAF Junior Tug-of-War runners up bronze medal, 45mm; 1931 Royal Tournament, RAF Tug-of-War bronze medal (A.C.I. Castledine, H), 31mm, in cases of issue; undated, R.E.C. Association Football League, Tournai, bronze medal, 44mm. VF. (4) £50 to 60 N/S
1928 Joseph Fry (1728-87), Bicentenary of his Birth, silver medal by H. Youngman, bust of Fry left, bewigged & wearing a Quakers' hat, reverse cocoa tree, 51mm (BHM 4221; Eimer 2013), in case & outer card box of issue. Mint state. Joseph Fry is remembered as a chocolate maker. He was however a medical doctor, scientist, a type-founder, soap boiler & more. £45 to 60 £62.00
1935 George V, Jubilee, official large silver medal by Percy Metcalf, conjoined busts left, reverse the Round Tower, Windsor Castle, 56mm, in red leather case of issue; and smaller silver issue, 32mm, in red card box of issue. Virtually mint state. (2) £70 to 90 £94.00
1937 George VI, aluminium adjustable calendar medal, for 1901-50, 45mm; 1945 World War II, the Advance of XXX Corps across Europe, Belgian bronze medal, by Messrs P. De Greef, 50mm, in card box of issue; 1956. Zoological Society of Glasgow & West of Scotland, silver medal (Herbert M. Ross), snarling Scottish wildcat, 32mm, in case of issue; Napoleon, modern French restrike medal, 41mm, in card box of issue. EF. (4) £45 to 65 £52.00
1947 Joseph Black, copper prize medal of Glasgow University by N. Macphail, awarded to William G. Jardine, in Geology Class (Prof T. Neville George), bust of Black left, hair en queue, reverse legend in seven lines, named on edge, 70mm, EF. £40 to 60 £52.00
1958 Royal Horticultural Society, The Flora Medal, silver by W. Wyon, awarded to the LCC Parks Dept., for an exhibit of hippeastrums, Flora stands in loose flowing dress carrying flowers, reverse engraved details within floral wreath, 53mm, in modern case. EF. The medal unchanged in design since originally awarded in the 1830's. £20 to 30 £36.00
1963 Cecil Harmsworth King (1901-87), the Daily Mirror, Diamond Jubilee, copper medal by Paul Vincze, bust right, reverse male & female workers before the Mirror headquarters, 57mm, in case of issue. Mint state, scarce. £40 to 60 £40.00
1965 Sir Winston Churchill, a set of four silver memorial medals, by D. Cornell for Messrs John Pinches, each with differing bust, reverses a tablet with quotation from famous speeches, numbered 116 on edge (from limited edition), in 'Special American Express Edition' case of issue, with certificate. Tarnishing spots o/w mint state. (4) £80 to 120 N/S
1969 Prince Charles, Investiture as Prince of Wales, official silver medal by M. Rizzello for the Royal Mint, bust right, reverse Welsh dragon, 45mm (Eimer 2116), in case of issue; another unofficial silver medal issued by Geoffrey Hearn, crowned bust left, reverse Caernarvon Castle, 38mm, numbered 525, in case of issue with certificate. Both mint state. The second, one of the better medals for the event. (2) £60 to 80 £64.00
1974 Sir Christopher Wren, heavy silver celebratory medal by Messrs John Pinches, his bewigged bust ¾ left with six iconic Wren buildings around, reverse MONUMENTUM REQUIRIS CIRCUMSPICE, within wreath, 63mm, in case of issue with certificate. Matt surface, mint state. £50 to 70 £50.00
1974 Sir Winston Churchill 'The Centenary Picture Medal,' bronze box medal, by R. Norris for Toye, Kenning & Spencer, facing bust, base Coat of Arms, containing coloured roundels with events of his life, 77mm, in case of issue (lacks tweezers for handling the roundels), 2000 issued. Mint state. Made in the style of the early 19thC box medals of Nelson & Wellington. £70 to 90 £70.00
1986 The Royal Mint, 1100 Years of Minting, heavy silver medal, an Alfred penny alongside a 1986 penny (by Raphael Maclouf), LONDONI monogram, reverse Arms of the Mint, 63mm, total weight 5oz, London hallmark. In case of issue with certificate. Mint state, scarce with issue of 1100 specimens struck. £70 to 90 £110.00
1987 The 'First Fleet' Bicentennial, silver medal by the Birmingham Mint, the stern of HMS Sirius, reverse Arms of Portsmouth, 50mm, Birmingham hallmark, numbered 205, in case of issue with certificate. Mint state. £40 to 60 £40.00
1989 City of London, 800 Years of Mayoralty, silver medal by The Royal Mint, City Arms with collar & badge of office, reverse Arms of the Royal Mint, 63mm, in case of issue with certificate. Mint state. 2500 specimens struck. £60 to 80 £110.00
1995 National Trust, Centenary, bronze medal by (reverse) Ron Dutton, grid of Trust devices; 1996 William Morris, Centenary, bronze medal by (reverse) Robert Elderton, cameo bust of Morris left, wide border of Willow Bough pattern; 1997 The Women's Institute, Centenary, bronze medal by (reverse) Mary Milner Dickens, a progression of women, each obverse Arms of Royal Mint, each 63mm, in cases of issue with certificates. Mint state. (3) £60 to 90 N/S
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