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Stamp auction - 12 November 2009 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 12 November 2009. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 134 - 1840 Twopence Blue
Lot Thumbnail   Description of lot Estimate Realised
Pl. 1 AG/CG vertical STRIP OF THREE each with black MC, good margins all round. Scarce multiple. (3) £900.00 £800.00
Pl. 1 EB-ED horizontal STRIP OF THREE in deep blue, good to large margins all round. Each cancelled by the distinctive black PLYMOUTH Maltese Cross. Very rare. BPA Cert. Cat. £10,500+ (3) £3500.00 N/S
Pl. 1 horizontal pair FB/FC good to large margins, FU black Maltese Crosses. £360.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
Pl.1 FE bright blue shade, four good to large margins on part cover to Leeds, tied VF red M.C, cover with some creasing, well away from adhesive. (1) Cat. £2000 £500.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1841 July 30 cover to Alnwick franked 2d Pl. 1 IF & NE, both being cut into on one side, tied black MC's. £300.00 N/S
Pl. 1 IK fine with good margins & neat black Maltese Cross on 1842 (Jan. 4th) local Edinburgh cover, pressed filing folds well clear of adhesive. SG. Spec. DS5, Cat. £1,700. £400.00 N/S
Pl. 1 IK four margined example, cancelled by fine strike of the distinctive KELSO Maltese Cross, vertical crease hardly detracts, Spec D55vb, BPA Cert (2006). Cat. £3000 (1) £550.00 N/S
Used on piece or front
Pl.1 JA steel blue, good to large margined example, tied by VF black M.C to piece with Amlwch Penny Post in red below. (1) £150.00 £210.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
Pl. 1 JD-JG horizontal strip of four with good to large margins all round, tied to entire dated 7 Aug 1841 addressed to Berlin by crisp black Maltese Cross cancellations with 'MACDUFF/PENNY POST' & Hamburg transit date stamp of 14 Aug on the front. On reverse boxed Banff date stamp of 9 Aug, 'HULL/SHIP LETTER' & Hamburg date stamp (struck partly over removed seal area). An important cover & of marvellous appearance. BPA Cert (2008) stating '.....adhesives have been lifted, partly remargined & repainted'. £2200.00 N/S
Pl. 1 JL in bright blue shade, part sheet margin at right incl. traces of marginal inscription, other margins complete to good, also shows double letter 'J' Spec DS 6aj. £300.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
Pl. 1 LB very fine used with ample to large margins & clear neat black Maltese Cross on 1843 (Aug. 7th) cover from Cupar Angus to Blairgowrie, minor cover imperfections well clear of adhesive. SG. Spec. DS5. £450.00 N/S
 Block of four
Pl. 1 MG-NH BLOCK OF FOUR in pale blue shade, small to large margins & light strikes of the black Maltese Cross (creased & with surface scraping). An extremely rare multiple. Cat. £24,000 (4) £1600.00 N/S
Pl. 1 ML with good margins except very close at foot of 'M' square, cancelled by a fine large part strike of number '12' in Maltese Cross, very scarce. Brandon Certificate (2006). SG. 5f, Spec. DS5wl, Cat. £9,500. £1300.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1843 Mar.13 'STAMP REVENUE' wrapper from Enniskillen to Dublin, printed address with letters 'd' & 'b' transposed 'Irelanb' & 'Dudlin', franked four margined Pl. 1 OK, tied black MC's (light crease through). Attractive Irish use. (1) £250.00 £220.00
Pl. 1 QB exceptionally fine used with good to large margins & light neat black Maltese Cross. RPS Certificate (2006). SG. Spec. DS5. £300.00 N/S
Block larger than four or stamp booklet
Pl. 1 RJ-SL BLOCK OF SIX in a deep shade, small to good margins all round & smudged oily strikes of red Maltese Cross (pressed horizontal crease through 'S' row). Scarce multiple. Cat. £24,000++ £4000.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
Pl. 1 SA-TB block of four in an attractive mid-blue shade, margins nearly all round (TA-TB just clipped at foot), on entire from Bridport to London dated 8th October 1844, tied by superb strikes of the black '127' obliterator of Bridport. Extremely rare. £4000.00 N/S
Pl. 1 TA/TB horizontal pair with good to very large margins, cancelled by distinctive LEEDS Maltese Crosses. Very handsome pair, Spec DS1vd. Brandon Cert (2005) Cat. £4500++ £1000.00 £900.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1841 Entire letter from London to Glasgow franked 1840 2d blue Pl. 2 BB/BC pair & 1841 1d red brown Pl. 17 LK, cancelled by black Maltese Crosses, back stamps Lombard St 15th Dec & Glasgow 17th Dec. 1d cut into at top, 2d small fault upper right star of BC & 1d cut into at top, cover very fine & uncreased. Rare franking. BPA Cert (2003) (1) £1250.00 N/S
Pl. 2 CL good to large margined example, superb used with part strike of the Dorchester town date stamp in black. Cat. £4500 (1) £1000.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
Pl. 2 EB good to large margined example, tied to part cover by fine red MC. Brandon Cert (2001) (1) £900.00 £720.00
Pl. 2 EH clear to good margins, VFU with superb 1844 type numeral '494' of Maldon, Spec DS8xc. RPS Cert (2004) Cat. £1700 (1) £750.00 N/S
Pl. 2 EK superb good to large margined example, cancelled with red & black pmks. Very attractive & scarce. (1) £700.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
Pl.2 FD, clear to good margins, FU with black M.C. on stamp revenue printed entire to Dublin, filing creases away from adhesive. (1) £300.00 N/S
Pl. 2 GC/GD/HD irregular STRIP OF THREE, good to large margins & each cancelled black MC. (3) £950.00 £800.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
Pl. 2 MH-MI pair fine used with full margins & black Maltese Crosses on 1841 (Dec. 27th) entire letter from Market Harborough to Olney with fair 'NEWPORT PAGNELL/DE 28/1841' c.d.s. on front, filing fold well clear of adhesive. SG. Spec. DS8. £650.00 N/S
Pl. 2 NA/OA vertical pair, ample margins all round, cancelled fine black Maltese Crosses - superb pair. RPS Cert (2006) (2) £650.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1845 Au. 25 cover from Preston to Blackburn (both c.d.s's on reverse) franked Pl. 2 OH close cut or cut into on three sides, clear margin at base, tied by 1844 barred numeral cancel. (1) £180.00 N/S
Pl. 2 QJ-QL STRIP OF THREE cancelled with red Maltese Crosses, good to large margins - portion of adjoining stamp showing at left. Red Cross scarce on Pl. 2 & very rare on a strip, Spec DS8f. Cat. £3600+ (3) £1200.00 N/S
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