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Stamp auction - 12 November 2009 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 12 November 2009. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 134 - United States Of America
Lot Thumbnail   Description of lot Estimate Realised
1271   Used (on letter or envelope)
1836 - later group of covers with 1836 E.L showing Williamsport MD cancel completed with m/s date, 1856 3c envelope with contents & Charleston S.C. 3 paid c.d.s, 3c green SPECIMEN p.s envelope unused, 1886 5c cover to Germany with Nor & Rome R.P.O cancel, another 5c Pan-Pac cover to Germany with Berkeley World Expo. cancel, range advertising covers (4), 1950 FF New York Cologne cover with N.Y.P.O notice damaged by water during storm on S.S. Liberte. (10) £70.00 £54.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1844 Hale & Co (6c) light blue 'Local' issue Scott 75L5, pre cancelled by ink cross on corner to Philadelphia. Cover bears oval 'Forwarded/by Hale & Co/from Boston' in red & PP Pd manuscript. £50.00 £66.00
1273   Used (on letter or envelope)
19th-20th Century group of commercial advertising covers for many products & services, some illustrated back or front overall. Notable cigars, shoes, gloves, watches, flour & Singer sewing machines, some covers with contents (11), matching letters & billheads. Few small faults but an attractive lot. (44) £80.00 £60.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1851 Attractive ladies envelope franked 3c dull red (Scott II) clear to large margins, bearing central strike of bold geometric fancy cork cancel, Dixfield ME. Ap 11 c.d.s. boldly struck alongside, small fault at base of envelope, 1851-53 orange buff cover to Middleton, MA, franked 3c brownish carmine (Scott II), three clear margins, just shaved at right, cancelled central strike of geometric fancy cork, alongside a lightly struck but clear red 'Amherst MS Sept 10' c.d.s. Two attractive covers. (2) £80.00 N/S
1275    M
1851-1910 U range incl. 1851 1c blue Type II & IV (poor U), 12c black (2) Av U, 1857-61 12c Scott 36 U, 1890 90c deep orange FU Scott 229, 1894 $1 Scott 261 U - centered very high, 1901 Pan American 1c (2), 2c (2), 4c & 5c M or unused, good appearance 1c & 2c (faults), 1917-20 3c booklet pane of six M etc. (29) £150.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1851-52 group EL's written New York to France at several rates, marks incl. NEW YORK BR. PKT, ETATS-UNIS PAQ. BRIT, with vessels named Asia, Niagara, Canada, Pacific etc. (7) £65.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1852 group EL's written Boston or New York with marks of New York BR.PKT or N.Y c.d.s. ETATS-UNIS PAQ. BRIT, s/l 'PAID' in red, vessels named Asia & Canada. (10) £85.00 N/S
1278   Used (on letter or envelope)
Circa 1860 - later collection of covers, postal stationery & postcards with maritime section, 1st voyage cachets, ship & Paquebot marks, examples of Barry, International, Pneumatic & Leavitt machine cancels. Early covers 3c Washington & Loco rates, 1866 2c Black Jack cover hand drawn portrait covers with relevant postmarks, pair Santa Clause (2), Yucca wood postcards (2) & early cork or fancy cancels (12) on album leaves or hagners. £75.00 £56.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1861 Unlisted Cavalry patriotic Congressional free frank Washington DC 28th Nov to Union Soldier with 23rd NY Regiment. £70.00 N/S
1861-93 Av-good U collection on hagner leaves from 1861 1c, 3c, 10c, 12c, 24c, 30c & 90c, 1869 Pictorial set to 15c, 1870-71 1c to 90c set, 1887-88 Colours Changed 1c to 90c set, 1893 Columbian 2c to 30c, condition a little mixed, highly catalogued lot, inspection recommended. (42) £200.00 £210.00
1281    Used
1862 5c deep brown U SG.72, 1895 $1 Type I & $2 U SG.279 & 281. (3) Cat. £300+ £50.00 £56.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
CONFEDERATE STATES cover from Richmond, VA to Tappahannock, VA franked 10c (greenish blue) large margins - showing small portion of adjoining stamp at right, tied Richmond c.d.s. (1) £60.00 £50.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1864 letter from Union soldier from Washington Dc to Johnsons Creek NY (18th June 1864) in line of battle near Bottoms Bridge - 1st Sgt. commanding Co K, NYS Volunteers confirming that a soldier had been taken prisoner. With original printed envelope franked 3c tied target to Washington c.d.s. (1) £60.00 £66.00
1869 24c deep purple & green with grill, U example centred slightly to left, SG.122. (1) Cat. £550 £125.00 £150.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1878 Advertising envelope for the Wilcox & Gibbs Sewing Machine to Columbia, South Carolina, franked 3c Washington (grille), cancelled New York, re-directed to Steeles Tavern, Virginia when further 3c applied over the original 3c & cancelled again, attractive cover. £70.00 £72.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1880's unused advertising illustrated 1c postal stationary card for 'The Ideal Triple Gear Grinder and Horse Power' Moline Plow Co, Kansas City, attractive. £50.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1882 registered advertising cover with 6c strip of three Sc. 186 & 1c single Sc. 206, cancelled fancy Star circles & Graham Texas c.d.s. (slightly cut down at left & small faults). (1) £100.00 N/S
1893 $5 Columbian M - large part o.g. centred high to right, SG.250. (1) Cat. £2750 £350.00 £310.00

1893 Columbian Exposition set of plate proofs on card, some minor soiling present but generally fine & attractive set. (16) £500.00 £430.00
1893 Columbian set to $3 Av U, SG.235/248. (14) Cat. £1800 £250.00 £200.00
1895 Wmk. USPS $5 deep green, fresh colour M, SG. 282. Cat. £1900 £400.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1895-1952 group of covers, all with 10c Special Delivery value issued between these dates, many with 2c added. Viewing recommended. (27) £90.00 £68.00
1293   Used (on letter or envelope)
1904-1952 Ditto as above, a similar lot. (18) £60.00 £45.00
1294   Used (on letter or envelope)
1906-1949 a further range, similar to above. (17) £60.00 £45.00
1898 Trans Mississippi 1c, 4c & 8c fine M, SG. 291, 293 & 295. Cat. £304 (3) £50.00 £56.00
1901 Pan American Exposition set FU, SG.300/5, 1918 & 1923 Air sets U SG.A546/9, A614/6. (12) Cat. £227 £50.00 £38.00

1901 Pan American set of six proofs on India, marginal thin 5c, marginal crease 10c, generally fine set. (6) £1000.00 N/S
1298    M
1902-08 set to 10c + 15c M or part o.g, mixed condition, from SG.306/315. (9) Cat. £370 £40.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1903 Registered cover to Leipzig, Kingdom of Saxony, Germany, franked 1901 Pan American Exhibition, Buffalo 2c, 4c & 8c tied by Philadelphia oval date stamps, reverse bears registration etiquette & transit date stamps. £120.00 N/S
1300   Used (on letter or envelope)
1907 - later, many different old Railroad forms, also engine postcards, booklets, labels, tickets & cheques, stock certificates (5) & bills of lading with tax stamps. 1938 illustrated Florida EC Railway cover, Railway express 1c postal cards to different RR Co's - Railroads represented Southern Pacific, NY Central, , Penn Central, Boston & Maine, Pittsburgh & Lake Erie, Western Maryland, Rock Island Line & a few British with Grand Central 2009 timetables (19) not counted. (62+) £60.00 £45.00
1301   Used (on letter or envelope)
20th Century collection of WWI & WWII items. Postcards of early battleships to WWII Aircraft Carriers, illustrated patriotic covers, good photographs with captured Japanese barge, battle plan at Iwo Jima, WWI printed citation of Marshall Petain 1917 to 4th American Brigade (US Marines), coastguard officers WWII discharge papers, signed James Forrestal, secretary to the Navy, large photo of carrier named after him. 1930 printed articles of the navy - used WWII, WWII naval comic PPC's, many ship postmarks on covers/PPC's & 1916 pmk. 'Guard Ship at Guantanamo' PPC. Must be seen. (804) £120.00 £430.00
1302   Used (on letter or envelope)
1917-46 Collection WWI/WW2 patriotic covers & postcards showing allied flags, YMCA covers, V-Mail with quantity photostat letters, good cachets; 1943-44 pair rare postcards to New Hampshire of US Soviet Persian Gulf Service Command - the US Army Supply Line to Russia, letters to Colonel (later General) H.H. Vreelands, one from 1945 Chinese Combat Command APO 627, 1917 Nurses Corps cover & illustrated card, comic & aircraft PPC's, booklets fro forces in UK, an Esso war map etc. (92) £90.00 £260.00
POSTAL AGENCY OF SHANGHAI 1919 $2 on $1 purple black M, light gum crease, SG.16. (1) Cat. £350 £70.00 £68.00
1304    M
1923 Air set M, 8c slight adhesion reverse. (3) Cat. £192 £40.00 N/S
1305   Used (on letter or envelope)
COVERS - box containing 1940's-1950's FDC's (200+) many with blocks of four stamps, also 1950's Comic cards (72), a few other covers incl. the odd Advertising, 1927 Airmails (3) with 8c Propeller (SG. A614) frankings etc. (Total 300+) £80.00 £65.00
1954 WAR SAVINGS STAMPS 10c & 25c Minute Man, each UM booklet pane of ten with Electric Eye marks at left. Cat. $990 £120.00 N/S
1307    UM
Block larger than four or stamp booklet
1997 $3.20 Bugs Bunny complete self adhesive booklet, the M/Sheet being imperforate, SG. MS3301a. Cat. £180 (1) £40.00 N/S
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