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Stamp auction - 11 March 2010 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 11 March 2010. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 135 - France
Lot Thumbnail   Description of lot Estimate Realised
643    M
1849 to modern chiefly U collection housed in two black page stock books, some duplication but possible postmark interest on earlies. (2500) £70.00 £76.00
644    M
1849-1976 M & U collection in KA-BE One Country album, bit patchy to 1930 though some useful 'Sowers' & 'Merson' defins noted. Coverage improves from 1935 & incl. useful commems, Air stamps etc. mostly U, large part complete from 1945 incl. a few useful m/sheets. Also a fair range of defins, p/dues & range of 1958-75 Council of Europe & UNESCO issues. Inspection recommended. (100's) ST.Cat. £2300+ £325.00 N/S
645    M
1849-1992 M & U collection in Davo one country album. A few early items in mixed condition but good coverage to 1945 & large part complete thereafter, though lacking some of the top values & a few scarcer Air stamps. Good selection of pre 1917 Postage Dues plus ranges of Council of Europe & UNESCO issues. Too much to describe in detail & therefore inspection is recommended. (many 100's) £400.00 N/S
1849-52 15c green, good to large margins, U barred grid, Yv2 SG. 4. Cat. £650 £150.00 £120.00
1849-52 40c orange (pale shade) large margins & nicely U, SG. 14. Cat. £375 £120.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1861 cover to GB bearing UNOFFICIALLY ROULETTED 40c two singles U with 'pontille fin' cancellations, Paris 15 Nov 61 c.d.s. below & b/stamped Canterbury. Very rare cover. £200.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
(Egypt) 1865 cover to Lyon bearing 10c & 40c of 1862 issue, cancelled very fine '5080' numeral with Alexandria at right, also FAC & boxed PD in black. £200.00 £180.00
1869 5f lilac grey/greyish, FU Paris Star No 1, SG. 131. £250.00 N/S
651    M
1870-1992 substantial M collection in four assorted albums. A bit patchy to 1929 but many useful & key items noted, amongst which a range of Peace & Commerce, Blanc, Mouchon & Sower issues plus 1918 Red Cross (SG. 375), 1917-18 War Orphans to 50c, 1923 Pasteur set (excl. 1.25f), 1925 20f (SG. 432), 1926 War Orphans (excl. 1f) & 1930 Sinking Fund (SG. 480) complete booklet pane of four. Large part complete from 1933 with most key items incl. 1936 50f Air, 1937 PEXIP M/Sheet amongst many others, together with booklets, booklet panes & M/Sheets. Impossible to describe in detail so viewing is strongly recommended. A fine collection for extension & in pristine condition. ST Cat. £10,000+ (100's) £1800.00 £1400.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
(China) 1873 superb fresh entire to Lyon bearing 10c pair & 80c, cancelled very fine '5140' with Shanghai c.d.s. 25 Dec 73. Lovely cover. £200.00 £160.00
653    M
1876-1980's accumulation of M & U crammed into a large stock book. Includes definitives, commemoratives, surcharges, Red Cross, Air stamps, War Orphans, Unemployed Intellectuals & much more. Some duplication but all stamps are in pristine condition & most UM. An impressive lot with many better individual stamps & sets. Should be viewed to appreciate range of material on offer. (100's) £450.00 £350.00
 Block of four
1876-85 Peace & Commerce 4c green Type I, Imperforate marginal block of four unused without gum (lower pair creased). Very scarce. £150.00 £125.00
655    Used
1877-1951 good to VFU collection housed in a Safe album, highlights incl. 1918 15c + 5c Red Cross Fund, 1928 Olympic Games set, 1925 Paris Exhibition 5f, 1927 Sinking Fund set, 1937 Pexip mini sheet (cancelled at Exhibition in margin) small marginal thin, 1937 National Museums set, 1949 Air 1000f etc. ST.Cat. £1340 £150.00 £160.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
(PO in China) 1901 cover to Switzerland bearing small dragon 10c, cancelled at Tientsin & French PO in China 25c to pay overseas postage from Shanghai, very scarce. £150.00 N/S
1917 War Orphans Fund complete set fresh fine M (25c value pulled corner perf), SG. 370/77. Cat. £2000 £600.00 £600.00
 Block of four
1920-33 10f Type I top right corner block of four, superb fresh UM with 23.3.29 date, SG. 474. Cat. £440++ £160.00 £55.00
659    M
FRANCE & COLONIES M & U collection in a Merton album. France 1920's-1970's, plus ranges from approx 25 colonies plus Andorra & Monaco. (100's) £120.00 N/S
661    M
1922 War Orphans set M (3 lower values with marks on gum) SG.388/95, 1928 Sinking Fund 1f.50 + 8f.50 M SG.463, 1938 50f Ader M SG.612a. (10) Cat. £390 £90.00 N/S
662    UM
1925 - Circa 1998 predominantly UM accumulation crammed into large Schaubek stock book. Each item & set identified by SG number & priced, though prices are substantially out of date. Also covers Council of Europe & Unesco issues. Not guaranteed to be a complete run but useful material & with high catalogue value. Duplication throughout so inspection is advised. An interesting lot in fine condition. (many 100's) £500.00 £480.00
 Block of four
1925 5f carmine Paris Exhibition UM block of four (ex m/s) with cut down margins, SG.412. £100.00 £96.00
664    UM
 Block of four
1929-33 5f three corner date blocks 3.3.32, 9.3.31 & 18.12.30, 2f two corner date blocks 13.3.31 & 5.12.30 & 90c two blocks 10.10.35 & 19.1.37 all fresh UM, odd minor gum offsets which hardly detract, SG. 470a, 471 & 473/73a. £200.00 N/S
Used on piece or front
1930 International Air Exhibition Paris 1f 50c blue two singles, perforated Eipa 30 (reversed), FU on piece with Paris 10c & 50c definitives cancelled in 1933, one airmail has shortish perfs. at right, Ceres 6c. £180.00 N/S
666    UM
1930-76 Collection of M stamps (UM from 1965 onwards) housed in black page stock book, mainly commems, attractive lot. (100's) ST.Cat. £678 £90.00 N/S
667    Used
1937-1970 good to VFU collection on printed leaves. Attractive lots, many sets complete, Semi Postals, Airs & Dues. (100's) £100.00 £110.00
668    UM
1938-42 M collection on highlighted leaves. (171) ST.Cat. £350 £40.00 £36.00
669    UM
1950-1996 collection of M chiefly UM Red Cross issues in SG Senator album. Except for 1950 & 1951 (singles of each value only) a page is devoted to each year & comprise a complete booklet, singles of each value (incl. perf. variations as listed in SG) & an UM booklet pane. Fine condition throughout. ST Cat. £1427 (104 stamps, 45 booklets & 45 booklet panes) £250.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
FRENCH TRAINING SCHOOL 1954-55 three items being single cover + two fronts, each bearing various 'SANS VALEUR' training stamps (2 with registered labels), cancelled with Senegal, Algiers & Clermont - Ferrand circular date stamps. Unusual. (3) £80.00 N/S
671    UM
1956-1979 collection of mainly M in Davo one country album. Appears to be virtually complete UM with comprehensive study of the 1977 'Sabine' definitive issues incl. coil stamps etc. Also noted, 1953 15f surcharge SG. 1193, a few 1953-55 National Industries set & 1954-58 Views set. Clean & attractive lot in pristine collection. (1222) £300.00 N/S
672    UM
1960-84 UM collection in two black page stock books incl. attractive French Art series. (100's) ST.Cat. £498 £70.00 £90.00
1994 Channel Tunnel (2) plus 1996 Marianne (4) epreuve deluxe in black. (7) £50.00 N/S
674    M
EX DEALERS selection of mainly earlier material priced on display sheets with several Imperfs. M or unused, Perforated Ceres, Postage Due Imperfs. Newspaper stamps, Peace & Commerce to 2f, Mouchon blocks M etc. (104) £250.00 £260.00
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