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Stamp auction - 11 March 2010 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 11 March 2010. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 135 - Germany
Lot Thumbnail   Description of lot Estimate Realised
  • Germany - States
BADEN (Sperati Reproductions) 1862-65 18kr green, a fine Die Proof in green plus two U examples of the issued stamp P.10, each has Sperati Reproduction h/stamp on reverse. (3) £120.00 £110.00
685    M
BADEN 1851-1868 M & U collection on two hagner leaves, from 1851-68 various values from 1k - 9k + 2nd issue to 6k - all FU clean range, some close cut. Further perf. issues to 1868 1k to 7k with shades & various postmarks, 1862 Rural Post all values M except 12k - unused. Nice lot, would write up well. (6) £100.00 N/S
686    M
BAVARIA 1865 return letter stamp (5) with various district Arms + 1869 issue of (4) - three different odd faults. (9) £25.00 N/S
MECKLENBURG-SCHWERIN 1856 5s blue used Oldenburg, 1861 ¼sgr orange Type B unused, ½gr reddish brown Type B used, 2gr red Type A used, Saxony 1850 3pf brown red Type A used & 1851 3pf green used. Lovely group beautifully executed as usual & each with Sperati Reproduction h/stamp on reverse. (6) £160.00 £175.00
OLDENBURG 1859 1g Die Proof Sperati forgery in black on thin white card, signed. (1) £55.00 £50.00
Used on piece or front
PRUSSIA 1861 issue 6pf brown orange Mi 15b, strip of four FU on piece with boxed 'Erfurt Bahnhof 7.2.67 8-9v' postal markings. Cat. Mi 1200€ for FU. Quite nice example. (1) £50.00 £56.00
690    M
WURTTEMBERG 1851-1923 duplicated M & U stock in stock book, could have pmk interest. (1800+) £120.00 N/S
691    M
WURTTEMBURG 1857-1923 M & U collection on printed leaves. (167) £45.00 N/S
  • Germany
692   Used (on letter or envelope)
1940-44 P.O.W official mail, collection well displayed & documented, many camps represented, some not so well known, some also being connected or close to labour (concentration camps). There are items from Stalag VIG, Bonn Am Rhein, Stalag xIB Fallingbostel, Oflag 11d Gross Born, Stalag GG Bohn Duisdorf (not the usual use of large Swastica cachet), Stalag IVG Oschats + many more. Many different cachets, formats, censor marks, map & further information included. (52) £135.00 N/S
693    UM
Collection of M & U in two stock books incl. few States, lots of Inflation period, Allied Occ, few M/Sheets, also modern issues. (100's) £70.00 N/S
694    M
1860's-1950's Collection of M & U in large spring back album covering wide area of issues from 19thC states to early post war. Range from a few early states incl. N.German Confederation Prussia etc. some on piece with attractive pmks. Useful empire issues through Germania with high vals - FU, mid period with inflation, defin sets, some charity vals to 1930's. Various related areas with Saar to post war, allies zones with soviet zone well represented, some items being in Lighthouse leaves, items incl. 1946 Thuringen National Theatre m/sheets, brown & white paper both with Weimar cancellations, other issues for W.Saxony etc. some early post war W.Germany/Berlin with better items noticed. Good lot, worth careful inspection. (1500 approx, 3 panes + 2 m/s) £150.00 N/S
695    M
1861-1966 balance of a consignment mainly FU on album leaves from a small range of 19th century with some states incl. Prussia, Baden, North German Confederation, larger range of Bavaria to 1920. Germany from Empire various Germania issues mid period, inflation some IIIrd Reich. Early post war with zones W.Germany DDR etc. (738) £50.00 £52.00
696    Used
1872-1931 useful almost all FU collection in Lindner one country album. 1872 large & small shields - good range with values to 18k (mostly good examples), more 19th Century issues with shades noted. Strong ranges of Germania with high values, different printings, peace & wartime types & shades. Most further issues with definitives & commemoratives e.g. 1924 Welfare Fund Mi 351/4, Airs, Inflation, some Charity issues, 1930-31 Zeppelin 1, 2 & 4rm values & further Zeppelin values - all repro plus good range of Officials. Catalogue value will add up though scarcer shades would require checking, as with used items more verification is needed. Useful lot with potential. (642) £500.00 N/S
697    Used
1872-1949 extensive FU collection in Davo hingeless album with slip case. 1872 range of small/large shields - generally good examples, 1875-99 strong range incl. 'Pfennig with/without E' with a study of shades, Germania to high values with different printings/types, noted 1916-17 3m Type A11(26.17) Cat Mi 650€. Mid period through Inflation, some high Cat items (as is) to 1930's definitives & Charities. IIIrd Reich fairly complete incl. M/Sheets, back of the book, extensive range of all periods Airs (some Zeppelins), Officials & WWII Feldpost. A well put together collection with possibility of high Cat. Good potential. (1241, 8 M/S, 2 covers) £650.00 £720.00
698    M
1872-1963 Nice foundation collection of M & U in two Schaubek one country albums. From 1872 large & small shields with various values to 9kr - mixed condition but worth checking for postmark interest. Further Empire issues with useful FU ranges, Germania through to Inflation, mid range with 1924-27 high values FU, various Airs, definitives, odd charities, IIIrd Reich - quite good range & extensive all periods Officials. Album II with early Post War Occupation Zones & West Germany with some useful early issues FU. East Germany with some better values noticed & good runs of definitives FU with mixed U & c.t.o. postmarks - needs more research. A useful overall German collection, worth adding to. (approx. 2100) £350.00 £360.00
Used on piece or front
1879 Front only franked with 'Frei Laut Entschadigungs Conto' (tax free) label, which is tied with an Efurt c.d.s. MI.1 Cat on cover 1200€. As the label has a l/h bottom corner missing & on a front the estimate is adjusted accordingly, still a scarce item & a good display piece. (1) £50.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1880-90's Private post used/unused postal stationary covers & cards. Strength in Berlin with Packetfahrt, Hansa, New Berliner Omnibus, Lloyd Berlin Private Post, varied printings, card colours, some items with Ungultig (withdrawn) opts, send/return, double business cards. A few other cards with Hannover Mercury, Dessau courier, Hier Hansa, Stadtbrief Frankfurt Private Post, Dresden Hansa. Nice lot worth further imvestigation. (46) £120.00 £130.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
19th Century Town private posts circa 1880-90's. An eye catching M/U + cover collection in a Senator standard album + old string folder with pages containing stamps waiting to be developed, over fifty towns represented with strong ranges from Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg + many lesser known town issues. There are blocks, complete sheetlets & a range of designs & opts/surcharges which must be seen to be appreciated. Stated to be 2600+ stamps & 36 postal covers/cards. This lot 'cries out' for further development! £700.00 £720.00
702    M
1900-45 Collection of M & U neatly housed in black mounts in Lighthouse album with slip case lacking the more valuable items but useful general ranges throughout incl. 1937 Winter Relief Fund set VFU, 1943 Heroes Day set VFU, 1943 Hitler's 54th Birthday set UM & VFU, 1944 Heroes Day set UM, further ranges of Allied Occupation, Danzig, Saar, WWII Occupations incl. Bohemia & Moravia, General Govt, Luxembourg etc. Nice lot, viewing recommended. (100's) £100.00 £75.00
703    M
EARLIES to 1960's chiefly U ranges in a black page stock book, strength in German States. (1000) £40.00 £54.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1917 complete packetcard from Durev to Constantinople franked 2mk 20pf Mi 95AI, 87 IIb perfined GH & CIE with Stamboul 18.11.17 on the reverse, 'Zollamtlich/Gepruft in black. Expertised. (1) £30.00 N/S
705    M
1919-1955 Airs, 1903-1942 Officials & 1945-1949 Allied Occupation issues M & U collection on printed leaves. ST Cat. £800 (336) £75.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1921 Cover bearing single 70pf official MI.42 EF Cat. 1000€ expertised 'Duntsch' below bottom r/h side of stamp, on reverse the boxed proof mark of the Infla Berlin group - stating that the cover was 10pf over-franked as there was not a 70pf letter rate at this time. Cover is immaculate. (1) 1000€ £150.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1921 Pair of 30pf official stamps Mi D27I on cover, the variety is the missing cross-hatching in the 'o' of the value + part of 'star' missing (bottom l/h side of 2nd stamp) very unusual to have a pair of MI.D27I on cover. Clean item part of top l/h corner of envelope missing. (1) £60.00 £50.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1923 PPC franked four inflation vals incl. 8t on 30pf with inverted '8' variety Mi 278I, the unaddressed PPC has the four stamps tied with Munchen 24.9.23 c.d.s's though a 'by favour' philatelic card, the used variety is still a desirable item. (1) Cat. MI 450€ (for FU) £125.00 £100.00
 Air Mail
Used (on letter or envelope)
1924 Berlin-Angora First Flight cover bearing special WM semi-official air with Erster-Flug cachet 5.7.24, also bears Air 10pf & 50pf. rare on cover, Mi 12. Only 250 used on covers. £300.00 N/S
Block larger than four or stamp booklet
1925 (Oct) 2m 'Eagle' booklet with two panes of 5pf, one has end pair re-enforced with tiny piece of hinge horizontally, 10pf top right stamp vertical perfs. severed & very faint offset of printing on the gum. Very rare booklet, SG. SB16. Cat. £1600 £250.00 N/S
1930 IPOSTA Stamp Exhibition M/Sheet Mi Block 1 M (tiny closed tear lower right, stamps are UM). Cat. 500€ (1) £100.00 £96.00
712    Forgery
1930-33 Zeppelin sets forged in complete sheets of 50 comprising 1930 S.American Flight SG.456/7, 1931 Polar Flight SG.469/71 & 1933 Chicago Flight SG.510/12 (Total 8 complete sheets = 400 stamps) £80.00 N/S
713   Used (on letter or envelope)
1930-40's ephemera, cards & covers. An interesting lot with five copies of 'Wochenpost' (topical illustrated magazine) 1935-38, includes many photos/articles re Nazi Hierarchy, three photo album leaves with mainly military personnel - photos well stuck down. A few Hitler cigarette cards & death cards - varied condition. Group of commercial cards from dentist, well known stamp dealer, Feldpost covers & other interest. Some items have file holes incl. 1942 payment card into a bank with cachet of 1937 SS Freiwillingen Kavallerie Division Lutzow. Interesting lot in need of sorting & developing. (52) £70.00 £82.00
1931 Polar Zeppelin set, 2m good U, rest FU, SG. 469/71. Cat. £1145 £300.00 £310.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1933 Bautzen - 1000th Anniversary card used 1937 with Marienberg NSKK local brigade propaganda postmark. 1938 RDS Members propaganda card unused & 1939 Theo Konig, Berlin, greater Germany map & Hitler card, souvenir usage with Wien slogan cancel. Three very collectable items. £60.00 £56.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1933 Card published by Hoffman, Munchen, No.50 for the Nazi Party Rally Nurnberg postally used with the 6pf event stamp, tied with the Rally slogan cancel. Hard item to find. (1) £60.00 £56.00
1933 Chicago 1m Zeppelin, fresh M, SG.510, Cat. £900. £200.00 N/S
 Block of four
1933 Chicago 4m sepia in a superb fresh UM block of four, SG.512, Cat. £1100++ £250.00 N/S
1933 Chicago Flight set M (1m value has faults), 2m & 4m Cat. £180, SG.510/12. (3) £60.00 £68.00
1933 'NOTHILFE' Welfare Fund M/Sheet (Mi Block 2) minor imperfections - small tone spot in margin at top, indentations at corners where the sheet was held by corner mounts otherwise UM. Scarce. Cat. 7000€ (1) £500.00 £490.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1933 Nurnberg NSDAP Party Rally card No 410 publ: Photo - Hoffman, Munchen, postally used with the Rally slogan cancel on reverse, very scarce card. (1) £95.00 £125.00
722    M
1933-44 Balance of a M & FU collection in Schwaneberger spring back album, various issues, some in pairs, strips or blocks of four. From 1933 Opening of Reichstag set (3) FU various others incl. Winter Relief sets other commems, 1936 Olympics incl. set FU on piece with Stadium pmks, other issues on piece. Some Hitler m/sheets with commem pmks + more items to 1944. There are gaps to be filled but an excellent basis for a fine collection. Some UM items enhance this lot, there is a small range of Bohemia & Moravia + general Govt - 'nothing special' to finish off. (877 + 4 m/s) £160.00 £165.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1934 Nurnberg NSDAP Rally card issued by Verlag Wilhelm Serz, Nurnberg postally used with the party rally slogan cancel, scarcer early rally card. (1) £50.00 £42.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1934 Unused colour card issued to raise money for the Frankfurt Burgermeisters Relief Fund for the Poor & Elderly. A memorable design & rarely seen card. (1) £60.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1934-45 group of PPC's, propaganda & postal stationery items from 1934 official Winter - Hilfswerk greetings card, 1934 colourful Nuremberg rally card - possible repro, hard to tell & not included in overall value. Hoffmann Hitler cards - better designs, Nazi photo cards with important buildings, Willrich 'Rommel' card postally used, IIIrd Reich stamps on postcards with special cancels plus more. Worth inspection. (34) £140.00 £140.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1935 Nazi Rally card no 448 by Hoffmann, Munchen, postally used with Rally slogan cancel. 1936 unusual 'Beautiful Saxony' map & swastika wheel design - we have not seen this card before. 1937 commemorative P.C's for 'The Working People' National Exhibition, Dusseldorf Schlageter Stadt, locally published. 1937 card commemorating four years of productivity & progress published in Bavaria, four cards with memorable designs. (4) £140.00 £160.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1935 official postcard commemorating the 125th Anniversary of the Munich 'Oktoberfest' publ. Kunstverag Andelfinger, Munich, postally used with violet festival cachet. Very light crease on reverse, not visible from front. (1) £30.00 £22.00
1935 OSTROPA International Philatelic Exhibition Konigsberg M/Sheet unused, Mi Block 3 Cat. 1000€. Couple tiny tone spots in margin & small cut bottom RH corner hardly noticeable. Sheet has fresh appearance. £100.00 £110.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1935 two cards commemorating the peoples vote to return the Saar to Germany, two variations on a similar design PUBL: Verlag Otto Enke Cottbus both unused, odd mark here & there, not detracting. (2) £55.00 £55.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1935-36 Propaganda & promotional postcards, noted item commemorating the peoples vote to return the Saar to Germany PUBL: F.Maas & Sohn, Saarbucken, postally used with slogan cancel. 1936 official postcard for the Summer Olympics combined with 'Das Braun Band Von Deutschland' The Thoroughbred Horse Race. Nice lot would make a good addition to any IIIrd Reich collection. (3) £85.00 £85.00
731   Used (on letter or envelope)
1936 National Craftsmen Day official coloured card franked 5pf & tied with Berlin - Charlottenburg c.d.s. 1936 official Reichparty Day Nurnberg card by Franz Eher franked with Congress pair of stamps with special cancel. Two well designed cards in good condition. £50.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1936 Official postcard commemorating 10th Anniversary of the Nazi Party Rallies which were held in Thuringen, postally used from Weimar with special cancel, small crease top LH corner - quite hard to detect, 1936 Official Party Rally Card publisher: Verlag Franz Eher, Munchen postally used Nurnberg 9.9.36 with attractive slogan cancel. (2) £90.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1936 pair of cards commemorating the Olympic Postal exhibition in Dresden. One showing German stamps, on reverse two fancy cancellations + red exhibition slogan cancel, the other 'Music Theme' card franked with Olympic Games stamps & tied with Olympic Village postmarks + slogan cancel. Designs are the same as the postal stationery issue but harder to find. (2) £40.00 £40.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1936 Publicity postcard for 1936 Olympic Games sponsored by Austrian Olympic Foundation with stadium cancellation on reverse, fund raising card No.6 for the Olympic Games publ: Reichssportuerlag Berlin used from Dresden 31.7.36. (2) £65.00 £64.00
735    M
1936 Summer Olympics pair of m/sheets MI block 5/6 M, 1937 brown ribbon m/s MI block 10 M. (3) MI 2008 150€ £40.00 £44.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1936-37 Pair of interesting cards with 1936 propaganda card commemorating the Olympic Postal Exhibition, Dresden, card features various third Reich stamp issues, postally used with exhibition cancel, 1937 card produced by the KA-BE stamp album company, commemorating the 'Day of the Stamp' postally used with special cancels, rarely seen. (2) £60.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1937 Three propaganda/advertising cards 'Day for the National Workers' publ: Wend & Co. Berlin with Berchtesgaden - Hitler's birthday cancel, colourful advertising card for the paint company 'Conrad Wm Schmidt' postally used from Cuxhaven, also official card commemorating 700th Year Anniversary of the City of Berlin, special hand stamp on reverse. (3) £60.00 £50.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1937-38 A pair of cards from the series commemorating the National Competition of the SA at the Berlin Olympic Stadium both posted, one Berlin, the other Bremen, slight foxing on one, not detracting. Very Germanic designs. (2) £45.00 £42.00
739   Used (on letter or envelope)
1937-39 Three attractive cards commemorating 'The Day of German Art, 37' issue by Hoffmann, Munich, franked with Hitler 6pf with inscription from m/sheet MI block 7, tied with special Munich cancel, 1938 Richard Klein card with the Breslau sports set tied with special Munich hand cancel, 1939 card publ: Munchen Grossveranstaltungen with special hand cancel 16.7.39. (3) £90.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1937-42 Group of attractive propaganda & publicity cards, 1937 commemorating Mussolini's state visit to Germany - an impressive double portrait type postally used with special pmk, 1939 International Automobile & motor-cycle exhibition Berlin, postally used with special cancel, 1942 Day of the German Police SS sponsored card used from Konstance with feldpost cancel + c.d.s, 1942 card commemorating the George Rilter von Schoner Exhibition in Vienna, he was a noted anti-semitic, whose thought influenced Hitler, matching hand stamp on reverse. (4) £110.00 £96.00
741   Used (on letter or envelope)
1938 An attractive multi coloured card entitled 'The Famous Little Boys Band of Dinklsbuhl, unused + 1938 6pf Hindenburg private postal stationary card issued for the Zeppelin post - Stamp Exhibition used with Konstanz Exhibition cancel, front shows impressive portrait of Count Zeppelin. (2) £40.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1938 card commemorating the 6th Convention of Ethnic Germans living abroad held in Stuttgart. Distinctive card with 6pf Hindenburg stamp tied with convention postmark. (1) £50.00 £45.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1938 July, a pair of cards commemorating the German Gymnastic & Sports Festival, Breslau. One showing the athletes, the other peasant dancers from Silesia, franked with set of four stamps commemorating the event, tied with special cancels. (2) £45.00 £50.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1938 lesser known propaganda card commemorating the peoples vote to return Austria to Germany , 1939 Munich summer festival item postally used, soldiers march card depicting rank insignia as soldiers receive promotions from Private to Field Marshall, unused. (3) £90.00 N/S
745   Used (on letter or envelope)
1938 Pair of cards commemorating the German Gymnastic & Sports Festival Breslau, both postally used with special hand cancel 31.7.38, one is written on picture side. (2) £60.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1938 Propaganda 6pf private postal stationary card commemorating 1st Anniversary of the attempted Putsch of 1923 in Munich, postally used with anniversary pmk, 1939 card commemorating Hitler's 50th birthday, designed for this special occasion, relief issue with special hand cancel. (2) £60.00 N/S
747   Used (on letter or envelope)
1938 Stuttgart card commemorating the 6th Convention of Ethnic Germans Living Abroad, design by Lehner, franked 3pf Civil Defence issue, tied with cancel to match card. Light toning on reverse otherwise a fine card. (1) £25.00 £20.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1938 two portrait cards, one of Hitler, the other Hans V Tschammer U Osten - National Sports Leader, produced in 1936 to raise funds for the Olympic Games, Berlin. Each card has a stamp tied with a special postmark for the championship football match between Schalke & Hannover dated 26.6.38. (2) £40.00 £30.00
749   Used (on letter or envelope)
1938-39 Three cards with similar designs by Richard Klein, one commemorating the upcoming Plebiscite in Austria with special Vienna hand stamp, 1938 Reichparteitage postcard publ: Verlag Franz Eher, Munchen, Party Day slogan cancel on reverse, 1939 NSDAP sponsored card postal stationary issue for the Party Rally which never took place due to the outbreak of the war - unused condition. (3) £70.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1938-40 group of cards with mainly Nazi Party connections. 1938 S.A. sponsored coloured card showing S.A. Members at a camp, digging near huts, 1938 attractive card by Emil Kohn, Munich depicting the famous Little Boys Band of Dinklesbuhl. Two cards by Priess & Co Munchen, exactly the same scene of the Burgerbraukeller, Munich, Nazi Party meeting place but with a different name (photographer ?) in the bottom corner. Both cards postally used & showing the beer keller cachet, also a 1942 Hoffman coloured card showing the 'Brown House' - Nazi Party HQ. Good lot. (5) £100.00 N/S
(Laibach) 1939-45 the unissued set in imperf vertical strips of six in blue & in green, fresh UM, Michel 1b-V1b. £120.00 £96.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1939 Austria commemorating 'May Day' publ. Verlag Oemler Berlin, postally used Berlin with Austrian Plebiscite issue, tied with German Flying Association slogan cancel. (1) £30.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1939 Fund Raising card for the Winterhilfswerk (WHW) commemorating the first Christmas of the Austrian People after being returned to the Reich, stamp on reverse tied with the Wien commemorative postmark. Card in good condition except for N.E. corner crease. (1) £45.00 £34.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1939 Munich Summer Festival card by Gottried Klein, Munchen used with Mi 700 700th Day of German Art, tied with special cancel. (1) £50.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1939 Propaganda cards issued for various events, a dramatic design card commemorating Hitler's achievements during his six years in power, postally used with two types of Berlin cancels. Sudetenland commemoratives May Day, franked SG.682 with special cancel. 2nd German Governments official day - Frankfurt (main) with matching cancellation, traditional shooting matches sponsored by the Tyrolian Static Defence Association, four cards worth collecting. (4) £130.00 N/S
756    UM
1939-45 Collection of IIIrd Reich, Bohemia & Moravia & general govt displayed with a style & individual touch in large format Safe album. IIIrd Reich from 1941-45, various issues M & U - some UM with duplication in some areas, few spares to be filled. Bohemia & Moravia - small section, general govt good range from 1939 with officials to 5zl, 1941 10zl in sheetlet of eight M, 1943 Kopernikus sheetlet UM, some oddments outside the IIIrd Reich, nothing of note. Attractive lot. (800 approx, 2 cards + 2 m/s) £125.00 £180.00
757    Literature
1939-45 IIIrd Reich occupation areas, highly specialised group of handbooks 'The Dr Hermann Schultz German Official Post 1939-1945' volumes 2-7, postmarks, hand stamps, cachets, reg. labels, all profusely illustrated covering areas from Bohemia & Moravia, General Govt, Ostland with Baltic regions, Ukraine, Luxembourg, Elsasse, Netherlands etc. (written in German) Rarely offered, condition very clean. (6) £40.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1940 'We Contractors use protective gear to prevent accidents' What do you use? colourful propaganda card with Mi 750 Heligoland issue with first day cancel. (1) £28.00 N/S
759   Used (on letter or envelope)
1940-42 POW Mail - a substantial group of official camp mail from a French prisoner in Stalag VIIA Moosburg, official camp cards & letter sheets with different formats & censor numbers, similar to an earlier lot. (87) £150.00 N/S
760   Used (on letter or envelope)
1940-43 group of POW Mail from a French prisoner, Leopold Delmere in Stalag I B Hohenstein, East Prussia to his wife in Pont Remy, France. Official camp cards & letter sheets with different formats, camp censor cachets from Nos as low as No 3 to 158, varying over the years. (100) £200.00 N/S
1941 Belgian/Flemish SS Legion promotional issue Mi I/V, each value in sheetlets of four UM, marginal mark affecting one sheet. (4) £140.00 £140.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1941 Two commemorative cards, 1st Anniversary card for the day of the NSDAP in the General Government (Poland) Publ: Zkw-Druck, Krakau, matching special cancels on reverse. Hoffmann card No A01 for the Exhibition of German Industrial Strength in the upper Rhine area. Attractive card with special hand cancel from Strassburg. (2) £40.00 £35.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1941-42 Pair of cards commemorating 'Police Day in Wien' Promoted by the SS Security Police, 1942 Paris Exhibition of European opposition to Bolshevism. Eye catching card with the event pmk on French stamp N.S.F.K 'Learn to Fly' card - unused. Interesting group of cards. (4) £120.00 £120.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1942 Famous Hoffmann colour postcard No 428 of Hitler as an armoured knight carrying a flag, unused with slight foxing mainly on reverse but not detracting. Very scarce card. (1) £70.00 £76.00
(Rhodes) 1944-45 Scarce Luftfield post stamp in blue ovpt Inselpost diagonally, M has 1963 Cert. from Dr Giovani Chiavrello, Michel see footnote page 629 describes this stamp as an essay. £250.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
SCHUTZSTAFFEL (SS) Selection of signed cards (2) postcard photos etc. by various SS Officers incl. Otto Kumm, Theodor Wisch, Leon Degrelle, Gustav Krukenberg, Walter Reder (FDC) & Karl Wolff etc. All the signatures are post war examples. (8) £150.00 N/S
768    M
British & American Zones 1948-49, from 1948 Currency Reform Workers set with single band opt. SG. A36/69 plus various numeral issues & Workers multi band opt. plus various numeral type. 1948 Buildings 2pf - 5m set SG. A108/135 M + some printing variations & 1949 Hannover Fair M/Sheet UM. Attractive range. ST Cat. £700 (SG. 2007) (96 + 1 M/S) £70.00 £82.00
769    M
Soviet Zone 1948-49 general issues mainly M collection on Scott leaves. 1948 Workers, numeral & Russian Berlin issues opt. SG. R1/R30 & further issues incl. 1949 Goethe Festival M/Sheet. ST Cat. £350 (63 + 1 M/S) £35.00 £42.00
770    UM
Balance of a collection, a useful lot in four Senator Standard albums. One contains Allied Zones from 1949 M & U, strong French Zones with scarcer issues numeral perf/imperf. M/Sheet M (one UM), Buildings with printing variations, back of the book WWI Occupations e.g. Belgium, Eastern Front, Rumania & some early Colonies PO's Abroad. Two albums of East Germany 1949-90 FU, strength in 1950's-60's, West Berlin good FU collection circa 1949-90 with good degree of completion. Good potential. (few 1000, 10 M/S) £400.00 N/S
771    M
1872-1932 A heavily duplicated M & U collection in a large stock book. Ranges from 1872 large/small shields, various to 1874 2½g all FU, more 19th Century issues in quantity incl. types with & without 'E', 1889-1900 issues to 50pf with many worth checking for shades & postal markings. Germania large section with all printings covers incl. high values in depth, definitives & Airs through to Inflation, also further issues incl. definitives & Officials through to a few Hindenburg values. Useful lot for a collector or for re-sale. (approx. 5000) £100.00 £125.00
  • Germany - Occupations during WWII
Used (on letter or envelope)
BELGIUM 1941 Waffen SS Flemish Legion set MI I-IV used on cover with Feldpost/b/31.12.41 c.d.s's. (1) £90.00 £155.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
BELGIUM 1942 Walloon SS Legion charity issue set of four Mi I-IV with marginal inscriptions. Taken from sheetlet FO on cover with Feldpost cancels. Very attractive. (1) £120.00 £220.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
FRANCE 1944 French Volunteer Legion charity issue MI VI-X set of five with adjoining labels with date (500% premium), all FU on Feldpost cover to SS Sturmf, tied with SS Feldpost cancel. Opened & re-sealed with tape & red censor cachet. Scarce usage. (1) £125.00 £220.00
  • Germany - West
775    UM
 Block of four
MODERN assortment of UM blocks of four, clean lot with high cat value, face approx £220, good thematics. £50.00 £44.00
776    M
West Germany & Allied Zones 1946-90 well stocked M/FU collection with much UM, housed in a Davo One Country hingeless album - starts with section of Allied Zones from 1946 numeral & workers issues, Leipzig Fairs in pairs odd currency reform items. Buildings types worth checking W.Germany - substantial collection with good early issues onwards with very few items missing up to 1990. Some very attractive issues incl. booklets & m/sheets. Cat. value should add up, good collection with potential. (1400 + 34 m/s & 4 panes) £350.00 N/S
777    M
1949-1960 attractive M range on Scott leaves from 1949 Opening of Parliament pair SG. 1033/4, Stamp Anniversary 20 & 30pf value, 1949 UPU, Rontgen, Telephone, 1953 Transport Exhibition set of four (30pf - fault), 1954-57 definitives, 1959 Beethoven M/Sheet & many more. Nice clean lot. ST Cat. £1900 (SG. 2007) (227 + 2 M/S) £190.00 £160.00
778    UM
1949-1981 tidy UM collection on Lighthouse one country album leaves (binder faulty). Many of the early scarce issues are there from 1949 Opening of Parliament (pair), Stamps Centenary, UPU & Refugees Relief Fund - Total Cat. Mi 480€. More issues through 1950's - 60's with catalogue value overall to early 1960's over 2000+€. Many more attractive items to 1981 incl. M/Sheets. About six stamps are M. Total Cat. value should add up. (721 + 18 M/S) £250.00 N/S
779    Used
1949-2002 virtually complete FU collection well documented in four Senator Standard albums. Album 1 from 1949-76 has all the scarce early issues from The Opening of Parliament pair Mi 111/2 through 1949 Stamp Centenary, UPU, Famous Germans & other commemoratives. 1951 Posthorn set plus all the other popular issues. This album Cat. Mi 2500€ approx. The other albums with stamps & M/Sheets to 2002, some se-tenants noted. Fine lot with many attractive issues & much potential. (2383, 54 M/S & 2 special folders) £300.00 N/S
780    Used
Used (on letter or envelope)
1949-69 West Germany useful FU collection with many good items noticed, from 1949 Opening of Parliament pair SG. 1033/4, UPU, Posthorn set + extras - most issues to 1969 incl. defins. + coils. Basis for a good collection. ST Cat. £1130+ (495, 3 M/S, 6 covers) £150.00 N/S
781    M
West Germany 1949-67 this appears to be a complete collection with either M or FU & is impressive having the scarce early issues e.g. 1949 Opening of Parliament pair FU, Stamp Centenary M, Refugees Relief Fund, 1951 St Mary's Church Anniversary + much more. Cat. quite a few years ago at 6300dm & should have increased since then. (463) Cat. 6300dm (pre 2003) £300.00 N/S
782    Used
1950's good to VFU range incl. 1951 National Philatelic Exhibition set, Humanitarian Relief Fund set, Rontjen 30pf, 1952 Lutheran 10pf, Otto Guo 30pf, National Museum, 10pf + 5pf, Heligoland 20pf, Youth Hostel 20pf + 3pf, Humanitarian Relief Fund 10pf, 20pf & 30pf, 1953 Liebig 30pf, odd imperfection generally fine. (22) Cat. £610 £40.00 £38.00
783    M
1952 20pf Schurz, Youth Hostels set, Charity set, 10pf Stamp Centenary, 30pf Telephone, 1953 20pf Safety, 10pf + 5pf Science Museum, 10pf Henry Dunant, 10pf POW, 30pf Libeg, all M. Cat. £298 (14) £40.00 N/S
784    UM
 Block of four
1953 Transport 4pf & 10pf, 1953 Relief Fund 4 + 2pf Francke, 10 + 5pf Kneipp - all being marginal UM blocks of four, 1955 Stamp Exhibition set in UM block of four. Cat. £204+ (24) £40.00 N/S
Used on piece or front
1954 Humanitarian Relief Fund 20pf red strip of four + single SG. 1128, plus 40pf blue strip of five, three (one with fault) + pair, together on piece tied by Bremen c.d.s/wavy lines cancels. Stamps Cat. £470 £70.00 N/S
786   Block larger than four or stamp booklet
WEST GERMANY/BERLIN 1955-2001 stamp booklets, a substantial range in Vario display album. West Germany ranges from 1955 2.50m booklet Mi 2D through many more to 2001 No 45. West Berlin range from 1965 booklets No 4 (A), 5A, 5B through to 15MZ. All well documented. ST Cat. 1849€ (83) £200.00 N/S
  • Germany - Berlin
787    M
1948-1990 comprehensive M & U collection housed in a stock book, from 1948 various black/red 'Berlin' opts. with values to 1m, all FU. Plenty of the scarcer early issues well represented incl. 1949 Buildings with 1-5m FU, many commemoratives, definitives & M/Sheets, some both UM & FU through to 1990. A good selection of se-tenants & the odd booklet pane. Excellent basis for expansion. ST Cat. 3300+€ (1033 + booklets, se-tenants & 7 M/S) £150.00 N/S
1949-1954 M range incl. 1949 UPU set, 1949 Goethe set, 1949 Berlin relief Fund set, 1950 European Recovery 20pf, 1951 Lortzing 20pf, 1950 Berlin Philharmonic set, 1951, 1951-52 & 1953 Bell sets, 1951 Stamp Day set, 1952-53 Famous Berliners set, 1953 Memorial Church set & 1953 Uprising set etc. Cat. £4100 (74) £320.00 £330.00
  • Germany - East
1949-1980's extensive M collection with some UM & a few FU. High level of completion in the early issues with better items noted e.g. 1949 UPU, 1950 Scientists, 1951 Friendship with China, good M/Sheets incl. Debria, Karl Marx Engels & 1957 Memorial Fund items, plus many more issues plus M/Sheets & sheetlets to 1980's. ST Cat. £3500+ (600 + 41 M/S) £350.00 N/S
790    UM
An impressive mainly UM collection in four assorted Lindner (3) & one Lighthouse hingeless one country albums. Album 12 1949-62 appears more or less complete from 1949 UPU with all the scarcer issues e.g. Friendship with China M, 1950 Scientists FU set + much more to 1953 Cat. 1500€. M/Sheets incl. 1950 Debria, 1953 Karl Marx perf. pair, 1955 Engels - all UM plus other issues to 1962. There is a gap from 1963-67 then three albums covering 1968-1990 when DDR came under Germany. Masses of material, worth viewing. (2700 + 140 M/S) £500.00 N/S
791    Used
DDR 1949-1979 extensive FU collection in two Lighthouse one country albums plus a mid section on leaves without binder. Early issues are very well represented from 1949 UPU, Stamp Day, Leipzig fair, 1950 Sports (pair), Bach centenary & Scientists set Cat. SG. £80. Others noted incl. Visit of Polish President (pair), Friendship with China - scarce issue + much more to 1979. Only section missing is 1967 otherwise a very comprehensive collection, worth building on. Catalogue value will mount up. (1900 + 1 sheetlet) £180.00 £150.00
792    M
1950 DEBRIA M/Sheet VFU SG. MSE29a Cat. £130, 1953 Karl Marx M/Sheet set Perf. (2) & Imperf. (2) M SG. MSE11a (two of the sheets have slight thins) Cat. £600. Total Cat. £730 (5) £90.00 N/S
793    Used
1951 Visit of Polish President, SG.E41/2, 1951 Students Festival, SG.E46/9, 1951 German Soviet Friendship, SG.E53/4 & 1952 Winter Sports Meeting (1x 12pf pulled corner perf), SG.E55/6 each set in superb VFU block of four (40), Cat. £334++ £45.00 N/S
 Block of four
1952-53 Wmk 30 the full set to 84pf in CTO U blocks of four, SG.E82/96 very scarce, Cat. £1800. (60) £150.00 £160.00
795    M
1953 Karl Marx M/Sheet set perf. & imperf. (total 4 sheets) fine M, SG. MSE11a. Cat. £450 (4) £50.00 £52.00
796    UM
1963-73 UM collection in three black page stock books, colourful lot incl. attractive thematics. (809 + 25 m/s) ST.Cat. £565 £75.00 N/S
  • Germany - Post Offices in China
1900-01 Tientsin Provisionals 5pf green, U on piece of 5pf postcard 1901 c.d.s, SG.16, scarce, Cat. £425. £150.00 £150.00
1901-04 5m Type I, fresh M, SG.35. £150.00 N/S
1905-19 2½d on 5m corner single, fresh UM showing 'Star on Point' variety, Michel 47 A 1ba. £150.00 £145.00
1905-19 set, FU odd short perf/generally fine, SG.46/55, Cat. £425. (10) £100.00 N/S
801   Used (on letter or envelope)
1901 China Boxer Rebellion Feldpost cover with K.D.I. Feldpost Exped Des Ostasiatischen Expeditionscorps 2/7 cancel. (1) £35.00 £26.00
  • Germany - Post Offices in Turkey
802    M
1884-1906 small M selection of 12 stamps on printed leaves incl. 1889 10pa to 2½pi surcharges & 1884 10pa on 5pf. Cat. £370 £60.00 £64.00
  • Germany - Colonies
1898-1914 approx. Useful range of M & U in a stock book from PO's in China various values (9) incl. 1½d on 3m two types M. Sections of PO's in Morocco, Turkish Empire, East & South West Africa. A fine range of German New Guinea incl. scarce Australian Occupation with various 1914 'GRI' opts. from 1d on 5pf to 5d on 50pf M, Officials SG. O1/2. Total overall ST Cat. £1750 approx. Cameroun - good M range with CEF opts. on 1.25m - three values ST Cat. £610. Other areas noted Samoa 'GRI' opts. various FU on piece with high catalogue. Togo - nice range. Good overall collection with some items UM which could enhance the catalogue value. ST Cat. £4480+ approx. (145) £750.00 £720.00
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