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Stamp auction - 11 March 2010 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 11 March 2010. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 135 - Switzerland
Lot Thumbnail   Description of lot Estimate Realised
1341    Used
COLLECTORS duplicated U accumulation of early to middle period defins. & Pictorials plus a few Dues. Noted imperf Helvetias 5rp (5), 10rp (3), perf. types to 30c, few Airs etc. Poor to fine. ST Cat. old Michel 1198+ DM (approx. 270) £60.00 N/S
1342    M
1850-1950 M & U collection on leaves with better items noted throughout incl. 1850 5rp U four margin example but minor closed tear, Sitting Helvetias to 1f, Standing Helvetias to 3f, Tell values, 1915-33 3f red M SG. 298 & 1937 Pro Juventute M/Sheet on cover. (few 100) £150.00 £115.00
1343    M
Used (on letter or envelope)
1850-1960 semi specialised M & U collection neatly displayed in two hagner albums. Commences with a few Imperf. Sitting Helvetias (23) in mixed condition, followed by extensive ranges of Perforated Standing & Sitting Helvetias + other definitives collected for shades, postmarks, minor or flyspeck flaws & including the odd item of Postal History, Crossbow & Tell definitives M & U incl. tete-beche pairs & the odd block of four. 1919 Peace set M & U, 1932 Disarmament set M & U, 1934 Landscapes M & U, 1939 National Exhibition series incl. multiples & covers etc. 1941 Pictorials M & U< 1945 PAX VFU (excludes 5f), Miniature Sheets incl. 1936 National Defence M, 1937 Pro Juventute M & U, 1938 National Philatelic Exhibition M & U, 1948 IMABA M, 1948 Lausanne UM, Air stamps range of M & U issues, Pro Juventute incl. 1913 5c & 1915 set in M blocks of four, plus FU run through of basic sets, ranges of Red Cross sets, Pro Patria sets, Postage Dues & International Organisations VFU are also represented & finally a few Swiss Soldier stamps. Overall a very attractive collection which would be ideal for expansion, viewing is recommended. (2747 + 8 M/S & 39 covers) £750.00 N/S
1344    Used
1850-1989 Good to VFU collection housed in a Davo printed album earlies incl. imperf sitting Helvetia's (43) in mixed condition. General range of later defins incl. odd tete beche pair, Charity sets are well represented with Pro Juventute sets from 1915to 1944 inclusive, 1945 PAX set, also Airs + general better mini sheets incl. 1934 NABA, 1936 National Defence Fund, 1937 Pro Juventute, 1938 National Philatelic Exhibition, 1941 Pro Juventute, 1942 National Fete, 1945 Lifeboat & 1951 Lunaba etc, later issues to 1980's. Highly catalogued collection, inspection recommended. (100's) £700.00 N/S
1345    M
1850-1992 M & U collection in well filled Davo album, few earlies in mixed condition but solid coverage from 1907 incl. projuventute issues (few top vals missing), strong range of Air stamps & some useful m/sheets incl. 1934 Zurich Philatelic Exhibition M & good p/due section. Also quantity of International Organisations stamps, W.H.O & United Nations etc. Good lot, worth inspection. (few 100) £500.00 N/S
1346    Used
1854-1950's good to VFU collection housed in a Safe album, highlights incl. 1854 imperfs 5r, 10r, 15r (2) & 40r - mixed condition, 1945 PAX set VFU, Charity issues incl. 1912 10c green VFU, 1915 10c, 1916 5c & 10c, 1917, 1918, 1919, 1920, 1922, 1923, 1925 & 1926 Pro Juventute sets etc. (435) £300.00 N/S
1347    M
1854-1960 M & U collection on printed leaves with a run of imperf. Sitting Helvetias (some better), then mainly U commemoratives & definitives to 1960; several Pro Juventute, useful Airs & Postage Dues etc. A rather untidy lot with loose stamps in between pages, inspection recommended. (100's) £200.00 N/S
1348    M
1854-1990's M & FU collection in large stock book, with much material from 1854 Sitting Helvetias. There is a pair of earlier 4.6r Cantonals (as is) not counted in overall value. Good ranges of 19th early 20th Century with defins & commems from 1900 UPU set FU, Airs, Postage Dues, Pro Juventute & Pro Patria onwards to 1990's. A section of International Organisations e.g. United Nations & World Health. Good lot with potential for a collector or re-sale. ST.Cat. 6657+€ (2893 + 3 M/S) £400.00 N/S
1349    M
Used (on letter or envelope)
1854-2006 M & U collection on leaves in a spring back binder incl. odd early imperf. General ranges throughout incl. Pro Patria sets & Pro Juventute etc. Accompanied by an album of (117) covers 1827 to modern incl. registered first flights, stationery & FDC's - noted Lufthansa flight cover to South Africa. (100's) £160.00 £165.00
1350    M
1860's-1990 Large Printed Scot Speciality album containing M & U (mainly U) collection from 1860's incl. Perforated Helvetias to 1f, standing Helvetias to 3f, then a good run from 1920's excl. expensive items. Many Pro Juventutes from 1920 set, useful airmail, 1943 Cantonal sheets etc. (100's) £100.00 £110.00
1351   Used (on letter or envelope)
1870's - 1960's original batch of covers in a carton with heavy areas of duplication in some parts. From 1870's group of postally used p.s. covers, 1900 large section of commercial mail (121) all franked with 25th Anniversary of UPU values - single or double usage with good variety of postal markings, 1924 UPU Anniversary on a fine range of covers, Pro Juventute issues 1919-1933 with many items incl. sets. Stamps alone Cat. £370+ as FU. More covers to 1960's incl. section of in going mail from Hungary & Germany etc. with Inflation period & attractive old PPC's. Nice lot which should prove rewarding. (approx. 360) £150.00 £160.00
1352    UM
1905-1996 range of ex dealers M & U stock on 12 hagner leaves. Not a complete run but some useful items noted such as 1905 3f SG. 206 U & 1f P.11½ x 12 SG. 212 FU, 1915 80c on 70c SG. 301 M, 1964-73 defins. SG. 698/713 M, 1948 Basel Philatelic Exhibition M/Sheet (2 - one with minor gum faults) SG. MS498a M. Also useful scattering of early Pro Juventute issues M & U. Useful pickings, well worth inspection. ST Cat. £821 (180 + 3 M/S) £130.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1909-45 Swiss Military postcards & covers from an early 1909 Military postcard with divisional cachet & d/stamp, feldpost & official cards all postally U, an unusual cover with Military Vignette/Soldier Stamp 'Occupation of the Frontier Armed Neutrality' A section of soldier stamps on cover, one item with sheetlet of four, all dated 1939. Attractive items , one territorial unit card dated 1945. (15) £80.00 £125.00
1919-20 Airs 30c, 50c both VFU with clear 1978 RPS Cert, SG.302/3, Cat. £995 £400.00 N/S
1355    M
1923-1957 attractive collection of M & U on leaves incl. many scarcer sets & singles noted throughout incl. 1923 Airs 15c, 20c M, 45c, 50c U, 1924 set M, 1928 10f green U (faults), 1929 Air set U, 1930 2f M, 1932 Airs U, 1935 Airs U, 1936 40c on 90c U, 1939 Exhibition set of 9 UM, 1941 Historical types to 2f M & U, then useful range of later Airs, Pictorials & Charities etc. ST Cat. old Michel 3049 DM (330+) £200.00 N/S
 Block of four
1945 PAX complete set in superb fresh UM marginal blocks of four, SG.447/459, Cat. £1500. (52) £600.00 N/S
1357    M
1958-1962 M & U collection on leaves. ST Cat. £270 (158) £25.00 N/S
1358   Used (on letter or envelope)
1972-1986 collection of 156 FDC's - all are illustrated with sets & M/Sheets etc. Colourful assortment. ST Cat. 800€ £50.00 £48.00
1359    Used
1984 2.50f cockerel on ordinary paper VFU (10), Mi 1057x. Cat. 360€ (10) £30.00 N/S
1360    M
Collection of M & U on printed leaves + odds in packet with useful Airs, Pro Juventute, Postage Dues etc. (227) £180.00 N/S
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