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Stamp auction - 27 May 2010 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 27 May 2010. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 136 - Mixed Lots & Accumulations
Lot Thumbnail   Description of lot Estimate Realised
BRITISH EMPIRE 1870's-1950's fine M & U collection neatly presented & largely mounted on black leaves in spring binder. Main strength in KGV & KGVI but useful QV & QEII material. Predominantly in complete sets M or VFU & in some cases both. Territories covered: Aden, Barbados, British Guiana, Cyprus, Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, Gold Coast, Grenada, Hong Kong, KUT, Malay & States (incl. BMA), Nigeria, North & South Rhodesia, Sarawak, Sierra Leone & Sudan. Useful lot, well worth inspection. ST Cat. £7653 (1144) £1200.00 £1550.00
26    M
ALL WORLD M & U COLLECTION housed in 16 spring back albums A-Z, coverage incl. British Empire & foreign countries, early to modern generally not in complete sets e.g. the defin sets are usually missing the top 2 or 3 vals - nevertheless a very useful lot with each page catalogued in pencil by vendor. Would be ideal for dealer to sell by the page or break into small 'one country' lots. Viewing recommended, ST.Cat. £16,000. £1000.00 £940.00
27    M
BRITISH EMPIRE 1850's-1930's Collection housed in an old Schaubek album, contains many M & U with useful ranges of part sets & odds, many useful incl. good British Africa accompanied by KGVI starter collection housed in the printed album, inspection recommended. £800.00 £1250.00
28    M
FOREIGN COUNTRIES Old time collection housed in two Ideal albums covering issues up to 1930, general M & U ranges from many countries highlights incl. Russia 1913 Tercentenary of Romanov Dynasty set of 17 M, USA with much useful incl. 1890 to 90c U, 1893 Columbian to 50c U, 1898 Omaha set U, 1902-08 vals to $5 U, 1904 Louisiana Purchase set U etc. Viewing recommended. (1000's) £800.00 N/S
29    M
WORLD COLLECTION housed in 9x Senator standard albums + M/Sheet album & two large stock books predominantly M, British Commonwealth with full, part & short sets noted useful GB, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, USA etc. predominantly KGVI/QEII issues & few earlier. Highlights incl. Aden 1939 set, Australia 1959-64 set, 1963 Navigators set, A.A.T 1966 set, Bahamas 1986 Fish set, Barbados 1979 Birds set, British Virgin Islands 1975 First Defin set, Cayman Islands 1938 set, Ceylon 1935 Pictorial Defin set, GB 1912 Royal Cypher set M (no 9d olive), 1934 Photogravure set, 1937 set, 1951 Festival set, Montserrat 1938 set, New Zealand 1953 set (less 6d), Nyasaland 1945 set, Pitcairn Islands 1940 set. Also incl. numerous commem sets with good Thematics etc. Ideal lot to re-sell as individual countries or pages. £750.00 £1050.00
30    Used
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH countries A-G better single items, all different - good to VFU range of KEVII-KGV period each tagged & identified with SG number & Cat val incl. Australia with 1913 6d kookaburra, several better 5s Roos, British New Guinea, British Guiana, British Levant, Canada, Ceylon, Cyprus & Gibraltar. Useful material, viewing recommended. (175) ST.Cat. £4500 £650.00 £740.00
31    Used
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH countries G-N better single items - all different good to VFU range of mostly KEVII-KGV period each tagged & identified with SG number & Cat value incl. Hong Kong with $2, $3 & $5 SG.130/2, India incl. 3r SG.141, 15r SG.146, 15r SG.190, 15r SG.218, 10r Service SG.126, Gwalior 2r & 5r SG.61b & 63b, Iraq 5r SG.13a & 10r SG.14, Ireland, Jamaica 5s SG.102a & 102b, East Africa & Uganda 2r SG.54, Malta 10s SG.35, 10s SG.248, Mauritius 1r SG.153, Morocco Agencies 2p SG.30, New Zealand well represented 5d SG.253a, 4d SG.310, 2s SG.466. (187) ST.Cat. £4530 £600.00 £720.00
MIDDLE EAST useful chiefly UM collection in a stock book comprising Bahrain, Postal Agencies in Eastern Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar & Dubai with ranges of UM Wildings, Castles in blocks & others. (100's) Cat. £3000++ £600.00 £560.00
33    M
OLD LINCOLN ALBUM leather bound with gold tooling & brass fastener in excellent condition. Contains M & U all world collection, 1000's of stamps. Noted useful GB incl. Revenues & Mulready 1d & 2d covers, Falklands 1933 Centenary set to 2/6d, Nyasaland KEVII 4s M, Turks & Caicos KGV to 10s, Sierra Leone KGV 5s M, Mafeking 3d Baden Powell U (faults) & more to view. £500.00 £720.00
34    Used
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH countries N-Z better single items - all different good to VFU range of mostly KEVII-KGV period each tagged & identified with SG number & Cat val incl. North Borneo 18c SG.175, 4c on 10c SG.242a, 4c on $1 SG.249, Labuan 6c SG.93, North Rhodesia 10d SG.9, 2s & 2/6d SG.11/12, Nyasaland 2s, 2/6d, 4s & 5s SG.109/12, Rhodesia Admirals to 5s, Sierra Leone 2s SG.177, Natal 10s SG.140, South Africa - various, South Rhodesia incl. 2/6d SG.13, S.W.A £1 SG.27, Sudan, Trinidad, Zanzibar 2r SG.235a etc. Inspection recommended. (155) ST.Cat. £3400 £450.00 £380.00
35    UM
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH modern predominantly UM collection housed in ten ring binders, stamps in black mounts, colourful QEII sets, blocks & M/Sheets & sheetlets, good Thematics etc. Strength in 1990's period. £300.00 £360.00
36    M
FOREIGN M & U collection nicely displayed in black page album, strong in the 1930's period (nothing much later), with many attractive issues & many sets from Abyssinia to Venezuela to mention only a few - Belgium with anti-tuberculosis sets, Luxembourg incl. Child Welfare, Italy/Colonies with better sets, Liberia - worth checking, some decent S.America noted e.g. Ecuador 1908 Railway Opening set M, 1937 Airs SG.552/61 set M, Paraguay 1933 Graf Zeppelin set M, Venezuela 1896 80th Anniversary of Miranda SG.169/75 M + much more from countries such as Russia, Turkey, Syria. Attractive collection, worth inspection. (approx 900) £300.00 £230.00
37    UM
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH QEII M & U selection in large stock book predominantly complete commem sets, defins not so prominent but noted Montserrat 1976 Flowering Trees defin. set optd SPECIMEN & Samoa 1983-84 Fruit defin set UM. (many 100's) ST.Cat. £2800 £280.00 N/S
38    M
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH countries G-T mostly KGV period, all different mostly complete sets, predominantly VFU incl. Gold Coast & Hong Kong 1935 Jubilee sets, 1917 China opts on Hong Kong set to $2, India 1926-33 vals to 25r, 1931 Inauguration set, Iraq 1918-21 set SG.1/14, Jamaica 1921-29 Pictorial Defin set, 1935 Silver Jubilee set, Malta 1935 Silver Jubilee set, Palestine 1927 set SG.90/103, Postage Due set for 1923 SG.D1/D5, Papua 1911-15 set superb sock on nose cancels, Southern Rhodesia 191 KGV set etc, useful lot. (227) ST.Cat. £1500 £220.00 £310.00
39    M
ACCUMULATION in carton incl. covers, albums etc. Noted useful Australia, Ireland, QEII GB 1960's commems in large multiples, old Strand & Lincoln albums etc. £200.00 £280.00
40    M
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH various ranges in stock books or albums (6) useful noted from Bahamas, Ceylon, Hong Kong, Jamaica, Malaya, S.Rhodesia etc. Highlight being an album containing several complete KGVI defin sets - well worth inspection. £200.00 £330.00
41    Used
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH countries A-G mostly KGV period range all different complete sets incl. Australia 1931 Officials set FU SG.0123/4, British New Guinea 1911 Lakatoi set VFU SG.84/91, 1934 Declaration set VFU, Barbados 1905 & 1907 Nelson sets VFU SG.135/144, 158/162, British Bechuanaland 1913 set FU SG.73/82, British Guiana 1931 Centenary set VFU, Cyprus 1928 British Rule set to 45pi FU, 1934 pictorial defin. set FU, Gibraltar to 4s etc. Useful material, all items are tagged with SG numbers & Cat. vals. (132) ST.Cat. £1400 £200.00 £310.00
42    M
BRITISH EMPIRE 1935 Silver Jubilee sets on hagner leaves, complete except for Egypt British Forces & largely fine M, together with an additional nine sets plus Grenada set on registered cover dated 19 May 1935. ST Cat. £1092 (285 + cover) £200.00 £220.00
43    UM
FOREIGN UM ASSORTMENT in a stock book. Colourful lot incl. French Antarctic 1968 Human Rights, 1969 Treaty, Polar Expedition, Senegal 1963 Butterflies, St Pierre et Miquelon, 1972 Fish, 1973 Dogs, 1974 Arms, Wallis & Futuna imperfs. etc. ST Cat. SG £1009+ £200.00 £150.00
44    Forgery
FOREIGN, BOGUS, FACSIMILES & FAKES collection of 820 items written up in Viking album with interesting ranges from many counties incl. Belgium, Finland, China, Russian Area, British Guiana, Cape Triangulars, Egypt, GB Officials & Circular Delivery, Hong Kong , Mauritius, Pacific Steam Navigation Co, Serbia, Shanghai, Sicily, Sudan, Tuscany, Virgin Islands, Western Australia & more to view, a thoroughly enjoyable lot. £200.00 £410.00
45    M
OLD IMPERIAL VOL.1 British Empire chiefly M remaindered collection incl. useful GB, B.E.A, Canada, Ceylon, Cyprus, Heligoland, Morocco Agencies etc. (few 100) £200.00 £250.00
46    Used
OLD IMPERIAL VOL.1 British Empire U collection with general ranges in mixed condition, incl. some classics etc. (many 100's) £200.00 £980.00
47    M
ACCUMULATION in two cartons incl. British Commonwealth in several stock books incl. Australia, Ceylon, Netherland Indies, packets of GB in cigar boxes, GB decimal booklets & decimal stamps in UM multiples/part sheets. Inspection recommended. £150.00 £320.00
48    M
WORLD ACCUMULATION in carton with ranges in 4 albums incl. GB & Commonwealth plus very well filled ledger containing world collection of many 1000's etc. £150.00 £180.00
49    M
WORLD A-Z collection of M & U housed in 5x Senator standard albums plus off paper world mixture in box (many 1000's) £150.00 £140.00
50    M
WORLD COLLECTION in carton M & U ranges in 8+ albums incl. useful British Commonwealth. £150.00 £260.00
51    M
BOX containing 1000's loose stamps plus two stock books of various foreign material, multi-ring album incl. GB, Germany, British Africa, B.N.A, North Borneo etc. £120.00 £150.00
52    M
ACCUMULATION in carton incl. show box containing off paper all world mixture (1000's), well filled stock book containing 1000's British Commonwealth, various in Old Strand, GB on stock cards, Australia etc. £100.00 £135.00
53    M
ACCUMULATION in carton with British Commonwealth M & U ranges in six stock books + Worldex album (many 100's); noted Mauritius, few GB FDC's in album. £100.00 £70.00
54    M
ACCUMULATION in carton incl. four ring binder - foreign containing better items on cards, large stock book containing duplicated GB, Ireland, Switzerland, further 2x stock books of foreign, folder of M/Sheets, French Colonies Reunion on leaves. £100.00 £125.00
55    M
ACCUMULATION in carton incl. world off paper mixture + covers, stock cards with Commonwealth, World, GB, Estonia collection, UN etc. £100.00 £94.00
56    M
BRITISH AFRICA M & U ranges on leaves from Basutoland, Bechuanaland, Cape of Good Hope, Gambia, Gold Coast, Nigeria, O.F.S, Sierra Leone, South Africa, S.W.A, Sudan, Swaziland etc. (1000's) £100.00 £165.00
57    M
CLUB BOOKS circulated & remaindered 1000's stamps, mainly foreign; noted useful Scandinavia etc. £100.00 £490.00
58    M
EUROPE (mainly) M & U selection of 1123 stamps in stock book, all periods included, odd better items, viewing recommended. £100.00 £75.00
59    UM
MINIATURE SHEETS Lebanon 1949 UPU M/Sheet UM, SG.MS393a, Syria 1948 Re-election & Air UM, SG.MS467a, 1949 Election & Air - minor imperfections UM, SG.MS486a. (3) Cat. £485. £100.00 N/S
60    M
Used (on letter or envelope)
MISCELLANEOUS ACCUMULATION in carton - world mixture on stock cards & in packets, New Zealand kiloware, mixed covers, various on album leaves etc. interesting lot to view. £100.00 £120.00
61    M
WORLD MIXTURE OFF PAPER partly sorted into country lots in clear faced bags (many 1000's) £100.00 £100.00
62    UM
ACCUMULATION in carton incl. collection in Movaleaf album, miscellaneous ranges in large pile loose album leaves, foreign on stock cards etc. £90.00 £96.00
63    M
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH QV-KGV period M & U collection on three groups of printed leaves. Includes Iraq, Jamaica, KUT, Lagos, Trinidad & Tobago & Turks & Caicos. Coverage a bit patchy but some good pickings noted incl. Trinidad 1859 4d SG. 25 U (Cat. £325), amongst others. Catalogued by vendor in 2004 & not checked by us. Condition a little mixed but worth inspection. ST Cat. £1322 (SG. 2004) (466) £90.00 £195.00
64    M
BOX containing two albums of Germany plus three stock books of Malaya, Switzerland & various incl. Spain, Norway, Belgium, Tanzania etc. (1000's) £70.00 £76.00
65    M
WORLD ACCUMULATION in large show box incl. loose stamps in packets, kiloware, stamps on stock cards, small stock books etc. (1000's) £70.00 £76.00
66    M
MISCELLANEOUS ACCUMULATION in carton incl. album of Channel Islands & I.O.M, Regionals, British Africa in album, various on leaves incl. French Colonies, Australia etc. £60.00 £66.00
67    M
MIDDLE EAST - GB OVERPRINTS various on stock cards incl. Bahrain 1939 10s UM, 1951 5s + 1/6d Wilding VFU on piece, Kuwait 1951 10s strip of 3 UM piece, British P.A in Eastern Arabia 1951 2/6d block of four VFU on piece etc. (18) £50.00 £40.00
68    UM
OVERPRINTS ON GB range of Wildings Cyl Blocks for Bahrain, P.A in Eastern Arabia incl. 1957 Scouts in marginal blocks showing varieties. (23 blocks) £50.00 £130.00
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