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Stamp auction - 11 November 2010 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 11 November 2010. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 137 - Austria
Lot Thumbnail   Description of lot Estimate Realised
641    Used
1850 - Circa 1960 mainly U collection in Safe album. Useful range of pre 1925 issues incl. Newspaper stamps, postage dues etc. rather fragmented & in need of sorting. 1925-45 period a bit sparse then 1945 stamps of Germany opt 'Ostereich' & 1945 New National Arms issue, large part complete. Good coverage of 2nd Republic issues incl. some useful commem sets, postage dues etc. Reasonable base for development, inspection recommended. (870 +M/S + 3 covers & 2 cards) £100.00 £90.00
642    M
1850-1938 M&U collection neatly set out in four s/books & a display album, good range of 19thC vals with many issues covered. A nice range of Mercury newspaper stamps (appear to be reprints with 1933 'WIPA' Exhib. Repro, most issues onwards with defins, postage dues, newspaper express commems with better items of the 1920/30's. Interesting album of perfins covering a wide area, Budweis local opts- in depth range, much material with pmk interest, some in strips, on piece. A selection of Czechoslovakia - opts on Austrian stamps + much more material. Would impress if written up. (approx 4500+) ST.Cat. Netto 18,500€ £800.00 £840.00
643    M
1850-1980's M&U collectors duplicates of 3500+ stamps neatly laid out in an old s/book incl. useful early to middle period which could have pmk interest, at the back some KUK issues. £60.00 N/S
(Lombardy & Venetia) 1858-62 Type II 2s yellow P.15, fresh colour M, expertised on reverse, SG. 16b. £75.00 £46.00
(Newspaper) 1858-59 imperf. 1k 05 blue Type I, good to large margins FU, SG. N28. £150.00 N/S
646    M
1879-1918 Bosnia & Herzegovina/Austro-Hungarian military post, a tidy M/U collection impressively presented on leaves, useful representation of the Arms type FU with different printings. Good range of forgeries & reprints all noted some commems FU, Austro-Hungarian military post - a good FU section with general issues 1915 1h to 2k (excl. 72h), 1915 SG.22/48 set of 27, SG.49/68 set, 1916 newspaper issue (4) some good example on piece with noted Polish pmks, 1918 issues for Italy first opt set (19), 1918 Newspaper Express pair with 'e' in Cent opt variety, Postage Dues SG.D20/26 set 7 - FU, various issues for Rumania & Serbia with 1916 2nd opt set 1h - 10k SG.22/42 FU on piece with K.U.K Feldpost cancel. Attractive collection worth further development. (235) £100.00 £75.00
1908 60th Anniversary of Accession set to 10k fresh fine M (20h - corner rounded), SG. 189/206. £60.00 £50.00
1908-13 Defin set FU, SG.189/206. (18) Cat. £110 £25.00 £26.00
649    Air Mail
Used (on letter or envelope)
1926 June 14 1st Flight to Moscow - intermediate leg to Konigsberg 8g airmail postal stationery card uprated 10g airmail, posted Wien endorsed mit Flugpost - 1 postflug, boxed Konigsberg acceptance cachet, scarce cover Ex Rszymanski collection (1) £40.00 N/S
Used on piece or front
1931 Rotary set superb U on individual pieces with Convention special c.d.s. of 24.Vi 31, SG. 666/71. (6) £120.00 N/S
651    M
1932 Painters & 1933 Relief of Vienna complete sets fine M very fresh, SG. 693/8 & 706/11. (12) £60.00 N/S
652    M
1933 Ski Fund fresh fine M, SG. 699/702. (4) £40.00 £46.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1933 WIPA granite paper 50g U on special illustrated registered card at the Exhibition on 2 July 1933 (minor aging around adhesive), very scarce, SG. 704. £200.00 N/S
654    M
1933 WIPA ordinary paper fresh fine M, SG. 703. £35.00 £38.00
(Hall Tirol) 1945 Hitler Head series, complete set of 18, 1pf to 5m fresh M, odd trivial blemish but a rare set. (18) £120.00 £140.00
1945 Osterreich opt. the scarce unissued 3pf brown in marginal block of four, two UM (minor tone spot on one), Mi IV. £75.00 £70.00
657    UM
Used (on letter or envelope)
1945-94 Most impressive mainly UM + cover/folders collection presented in five Lindner Deluxe One Country album with slip cases + three display albums of stamps M/Sheets, presentation folders, special covers + much more. Commencing 1945 Allied Occupation, Russian Zone, a scarce & valuable range of German IIIrd Reich issues opt. better variations noted incl. Graz opts both types on 1-5rm. 1945 second Republic onwards in depth with defins, commems, postage dues, varieties, shades, imperfs, some black prints, items noticed 1946 Renner - 4 vals imperf marginals, many M/Sheets, presentation sheets, sheetlets to 1994. The five Lindner albums have further spaces for issues to 2004 but this area is sparse & is open to further expansion. The three display albums contain a wealth of material with special covers, folders, exhibition sheetlets, Philatelic Bureau items, stamp varieties, vignettes. An interesting range of reg. labels + much more. ST.Cat. Netto 18000€ + various un-cat items. Approx 4380 stamps/labels, 81 M/Sheets, 140 covers/folders. Super collection well worth inspection. £1200.00 £1150.00
658    UM
1949 Child Welfare Fund in corner blocks of four, stamps UM very fresh, SG. 1162/5. (16) £65.00 N/S
1950 Birds Air set each being marginal examples, the 60g has tiny tone spot o/w superb fresh set, SG.1215/1221. Cat. £475 £150.00 £110.00
660    UM
1950 Carinthian Plebiscite in fresh M corner block of four, stamps UM, SG. 1212/4. (12) £100.00 N/S
661    UM
1950-53 Birds Air 1s, 3s, 5s & 10s, all corner singles superb UM, SG. 1216, 1218/9 & 1220. (4) £70.00 N/S
662    M
1950-53 Birds Air set very fresh M, SG. 1215/21. (7) £85.00 N/S
663    Used
 Block of four
1951 Reconstruction Fund in superb U corner blocks of four, SG. 1225/8. (16) £65.00 N/S
 Block of four
1951 Reconstruction Fund UM corner blocks of four, very fresh & fine, SG. 1125/8 (hinged in margins). (16) £60.00 N/S
665    UM
 Block of four
1952 Olympics & 1952 Stamp Day, each in corner block of four, the stamps fresh UM, SG. 1233 & 1236. (8) £40.00 N/S
666    UM
 Block of four
1955 Republic set in corner blocks of four, stamps fresh UM, SG. 1269/1273. £60.00 N/S
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