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Stamp auction - 11 November 2010 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 11 November 2010. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 137 - GB Mixed Lots & Accumulations
Lot Thumbnail   Description of lot Estimate Realised
Used (on letter or envelope)
1840-2002 good to VFU collection housed in a black page Nubian album incl. 1840 1d (5) mainly four margined, 2d (2) both four margined, another example from Pl.2 MJ with clear to large margins U with blue M.C - clear BPA Cert. (Cat £10,000), 1841 1d (9) incl. Norwich M.C, No.6 & 11 in M.C, 1841 2d (8) + strip of three incl. No.12 in M.C, also very rare strip of three with Inverted Wmk, good to large margins (Cat. £1650+). Selection of 1d & 2d Stars - ½d, 1d, 1½d & 2d Plates, 1847 6d Embossed, Surface Printed issues are well represented incl. several fine examples incl. 1867 Wmk M.C 5s Pl.1, 10s - oval reg. cancel & £1 brown - superb Liverpool c.d.s, 1883 2/6d (2), 5s (2) - 10s KEVII vals to 5s, KGV incl. 1913 to £1, 1915 to 10s, 1918 to 10s, 1929 £1 PUC, 1934 10s, KGVI incl. 1939 set, 1948 Wedding, QEII incl. Wildings, Castles - various printings & a few more modern. Finally a selection of covers incl. 2d Mulready unused, 1d black on cover item of stationery etc. Very useful lot, inspection recommended. £4000.00 £5250.00
2054    M
1840-1900 Collection housed in a large black page s/book, comprises chiefly U ranges with duplication incl. 1840 1d & 2d, 1841 1d (96) incl. set of numbers in Cross, 1841 2d (5), Perf Line Engraved with ranges of 1d Stars, few 2d Stars, Plate numbers incl. 2d (27), ½d (74), 1½d (5), Embossed 6d, 10d & 1s, Surface Printed issues are well represented with vals/plates + various grades incl. 8d, 9d, 10d vals, 1883 2/6d (7), 5s (6), 10s (3), 1891 £1 green U etc. ranges of Officials & Postage Dues also odd Postal Fiscal etc. Condition is very mixed throughout, viewing recommended. (1113) £1800.00 £2600.00
1840-1970 + few later, collection of M&U in a Windsor album incl. 1840 1d Pl.16 left SD fine four margin example, another left AD with faults, 1841 2d strip three cut into, 1841 1d Numbers in MC 5, 6, 7, 9 & 12 good strikes - cut into but mainly with margins, range Penny Plate numbers up to 224, 2d Plates (9), ½d Plates (15), 1847 Embossed 6d (2), 1s Surface Printed good to FU range incl. few c.d.s. examples, 1884 lilac & green set mainly good U, 1883 2/6d (2), 5s (2) & 10s U, 1891 £1 green U rounded corner, KEVII incl. 2/6d single + pair FU, 1d aniline pink U, £1 green U, KGV incl. 1913 Waterlow £1 FU, 1924 & 25 Wembley sets FU, 1929 £1 PUC FU, 1939 10s dark blue FU block of four, 1948 £1 Wedding U, 1951 Festival set M, QEII ranges incl. Graphites U, commems incl. several phosphor sets M or UM etc. (100's) £1800.00 £2200.00
1840-1900 Victoria M & U collection housed in the Oriel album. Highlights incl. 1840 1d - cut into lower left letter square, 2d four margin sound U, 1841 1d (7) incl. fine M example & Numbers 4, 5, 6 & 7 in MC, mainly fine four margin. 1841 2d singles (2), pair & No 12 in MC - all four margin, few Perf. L.E. 1847 6d Embossed, Surface Printed in mixed condition incl. 1867 10s Wmk. MC, 5s Pl. 4 Wmk. Anchor, 1883 2/6d on blued paper ? White paper 2/6d (2), 5s (3) & 10s good to FU, 1884 £1 brown lilac Wmk. Crowns FU & 1891 £1 green U etc. Selection of covers & stationery etc. incl. 6d Embossed telegraph form etc. Nice lot, inspection recommended. (222) £1500.00 £1800.00
1840-1989 M & U collection housed in a Davo hingeless album from 1840 1d (2) KI - just cut into at base & HL huge margins, fine red MC (crease), 1841 1d & 2d, 1847-54 6d & 1s Embossed, few Perf. L.E. incl. 1½d Pl. 1 M. Surface Printed range, highlights incl. 2s brown optd. SPECIMEN (fault), 1867 £1 brown Wmk. Maltese Cross optd. SPECIMEN (Cat. £5800), 1887 Jubilee 9d & 10d, 1900 1s M, few KEVII to 7d M, KGV incl. Downey Heads (9) M, 1912 Royal Cypher set (less 9d values) M, Seahorses incl. 5s & 10s M, 1924 to 10d M, 1925 Wembley set U & 1934 Photogravure set M. QEII well represented incl. 1952 Tudor set UM, 1955 Edward set UM, 1955 Waterlow Castles UM, 1959 2nd DLR set UM, 1958 Graphites et UM & QEII commemoratives appear complete, mainly UM etc. Useful lot. £1500.00 £2000.00
2058    UM
1870-2009 M or UM collection housed in set of four SG Printed One Country albums, highlights incl. 1887 Jubilee to 1s green M, KEVII M vals to 7d, Downey Heads (8), 1912 Royal Cypher vals to 1s M, 1924 Block Cypher vals to 9d M, 1929 £1 PUC M, 1934 Photogravure set M, KGVI appears complete incl. 1939 set M, 1948 Wedding UM, 1951 Festival set UM, QEII appears complete incl. 1952 Tudor M, 1955 Waterlow Castles M, 1955 Edward set M, 1958-59 Graphites M, commems are complete incl. phosphors, we note some sets being M, issues from late 1960's being UM, also incl. Postage Dues - complete M etc. very useful run through, worth viewing. £1500.00 £2600.00
2059    UM
1924-2002 fine UM collection neatly displayed in three s/books incl. 1924/5 Wembley's, 1929 £1 PUC, 1934 Photogravure set, 1934 Re-engraved Seahorse set, 1939 High Vals, 1948 Wedding, 1951 Festival high vals, 1955 Waterlow Castle set, commems incl. all phosphors etc. good run through lot to 2002. (Many 100's) £1500.00 £1250.00
1840-1970 M&U collection in mixed condition housed in Davo hingeless album incl. 1840 1d & 2d, 1841 1d & 2d (2), 1847-54 Embossed set, Surface Printed well represented with good range of vals to 2s + 5s Pl.1 & Pl.4 (perfin) + 10s SG.128, 1890 £1 green, KEVII basic U set to £1, KGV incl. Seahorses to 10s (3), £1 PUC (parcel cancel), 1948 Wedding FU, 1939 set U x2, QEII with ranges of defins incl. 1958 Graphite set U, 1959 Phosphor Graphite set UM, commems incl. phosphors mainly U, also useful ranges of Officials (no certs) plus Postage Dues U & Channel Islands Occupation issues. Well filled album for inspection. (100's) £1000.00 £1400.00
2061    Used
1840-2008 fairly complete U collection housed in set of four SG One Country albums incl. 1840 1d & 2d, 1841 1d & 2d - mixed condition, 1847 Embossed - cut to shape, Surface Printed incl. 1867 5s Pl.2 & 4, 1873 4d vermilion, 4d sage, 8d orange, 9d & 10d vals, 2s blue, 1883 to 10s, 1891 £1 green VFU, KEVII to 10s, KGV incl. 1913 Multiple Cypher set, Seahorses to 10s, 1929 PUC £1 FU, from then appears virtually complete run through to 2004 incl. defins & phosphors, Channel Islands Occupation, plus range of Regionals, Dues, Officials etc. Useful lot, inspection recommended. (100's) £1000.00 £1150.00
2062    M
1840-1958 Collection in a Utile album commencing with 1840 Penny Mulready env U to Brighton with red M.C, various QV postal stationery S.T.O envelopes unused, QV 6d embossed telegraph form - unused, 1840 1d (3) one being fine four margined others faults, 1841 1d (117), 1841 2d (32) plus pairs (3) & strip of three, noted No 1 in M.C - close to large margins, range perforated line engraved 1d, ½d plates etc. 1847 6d & 1s embossed, few QV surface printed KEVII to 2/6d (2) U + 10s damaged, KGV incl. 1913 Waterlow 10s U, 1924 Wembley set M&U, 1929 PUC ½d to 2½d in M blocks of 4, KGVI incl. 1939 high value set M, 1948 £1 Wedding, 1951 Festival sets M, few early QEII, odd British P.O's Abroad etc. (100's) £600.00 £800.00
2063    M
1840-1950 Collection of M&U in Windsor album, highlights incl. 1840 1d x3 (one on cover), 1847-54 Embossed 6d & 1s, ranges of 1d Plate numbers (many loose between pages), KEVII to 2/6d U, KGV incl. 1913 10s M, 1934 10s U, 1939 2/6d brown M, 10s dark blue M etc. £500.00 N/S
2064    Used
1840-1900 Accumulation on stock leaves, highlight 1840 1d blacks x13 (mixed grades), 1841 1d x107, 1841 2d (3), Perf Line Engraved incl. 2d x19, d, 1d & 1½d vals, small range Surface Printed issues, duplicated 1887 Jubilees U etc. (530) £450.00 £640.00
2065    M
1840-1980 M&U collection housed in a Windsor album, rather untidy lot incl. 1840 1d & 2d Mulready letter sheets unused, 1840 1d x2, 1841 1d x4, 1841 2d, Perf Line Engraved general range, 1847 Embossed 6d & 1s both decent examples, Surface Printed small range vals to 5s KGV/KGVI M & U ranges, QEII well represented majority appear UM - all stamps in black Hawid mounts. (100's) £300.00 £420.00
2066    M
1840-1970 M&U collection in Windsor album incl. 1840 1d (2) - faults, range Perf Line Engraved incl. 2d (7), ½d (14), Surface Printed incl. 1867 10d Inv Wmk pulled perf, 2s blue, 1867 5s Pl.1 & 2, 1883 2/6d, 5s & 10s, KEVII up to 10s U, KGVI incl. 1939 set M, general QEII range, finally a few British Levant + odd back of the book items. (100's) £250.00 £290.00
2067    M
1840-1976 Collection in a Senator album incl. 1840 2d - poor, 1841 1d x4 - mainly poor, 1840 2d - poor, 1841 2d x3, 1841 1d x39, range Perf Line Engraved incl. 1d Plates x10, small range Surface Printed issues vals to 5s, 1924 & 1925 Wembley sets UM, KGVI incl. some multiples, 1948 Wedding M, 1½d brown U on cover with 'Tristan Da Cunha' double ring cachet, QEII commems ranges up to 1971 etc. Few P.O's Abroad etc. & 1935 Silver Jubilee 2s booklet complete. (100's) £200.00 £210.00
2068     1840-1981 M & U collection housed in three hingeless albums incl. 1840 1d four margins red M.C, 1841 1d U + unused examples, 1841 2d, 1847 6d embossed - nice example, few Surface Printed, (no KEVII), KGV vals to 10s U x2, 1928 Wembley set M, 1937 set M, 1948 Wedding UM, 1939 2/6d x2, 10s ultra, £1 - UM (2/6d brown - crease), 1951 set UM (10s - crease), QEII UM ranges of commems, few defins to 1981 plus a few back of the book items. (100's) £200.00 £260.00
2069    UM
1936-70 Virtually all UM collection in Special GB Printed album incl. KGVI complete incl. 1937 Dark Cols set UM, 1939 High Value set fine M, 1948 Wedding UM, 1951 Festival high vals UM, also odd Cylinder block of six, QEII commems complete UM incl. phosphors etc. Also 1969 Cook Book & Channel Islands German Occupation sets (3) UM. (385) £200.00 £300.00
2070    UM
1887-2004 Ex-dealers duplicated M or UM stock laid out in order in 2x s/books incl. 1877 Jubilee 3d (3), 4d, 6d, 10d (3), KEVII 2d, 2½d (5), 4d (3), 7d (4), 1924 Wembley 1d (4), 1929 PUC 2½d (4), 1937 KGVI Dark Colours set (4), 1951 Festival 2/6d (6), 10s, range commems, decimal defins, regionals etc. Also Channel Islands incl. war time & modern defins & commems etc. (many 100's) £160.00 £220.00
2071    Used
Used on piece or front
Used (on letter or envelope)
1854-67 One Penny Stars collection of stamps & covers written up in an Oriel album incl. Dies, Perfs, Plates, Shades varieties etc. all identified (68 stamps + 11 covers), plus a selection of Edinburgh dotted circle duplex pmks on 1d Stars on piece (160+) also on covers (73) mainly identified by cuts/codes etc. (The Dotted Postmarks of Scotland by Douglas - accompanies) Finally QV-KGVI selection of stamps (190) on or off piece collected for pmk interest. Interesting lot, viewing recommended. £150.00 £490.00
2072    M
Used (on letter or envelope)
ACCUMULATION in carton incl. FDC's, Channel Islands, Presentation Packs, GB Collection on leaves incl. 1840 1d - faults, various in packets/ stock books etc. £150.00 £230.00
2073    M
QV-QEII M&U range on hagner leaves incl. 1840 1d four margins red M.C, KEVII to 2/6d U, KGV 10s re-engraved U, KGVI 1939 High Value set M (excl. 10s dark), 1948 Wedding set M, 1951 Festival set M, QEII Waterlow Castle set M etc. (213) £140.00 £140.00
2074    M
1765-QEII collection on hagner leaves in albums incl. 2x pre stamp covers - 1765 curved 'PERTH,' 1763 GLAS/GOW in circle, 1841 1d covers x2, 1841 2d cover, stamps incl. 1840 1d - faults, 1841 1d (4), 2d (4) later general ranges to QEII. £100.00 £105.00
2075   Used (on letter or envelope)
1844-1901 Miscellaneous range incl. 1841 1d covers (3), 1850 large folded EL from Hadfield to Adelaide franked 10d Embossed (damaged) & 1841 2d strip, various markings incl. 'RETURNED/for 6d/POSTAGE' in red, GPO Sent Australia in blue, various back stamps incl. Mottram & Hadfield undated circles 'Returned for Postage' etc. Several covers with Surface Printed frankings incl. mixed/multiple frankings destinations incl. USA & Europe, 1d lilac covers (24) etc. Interesting lot. (53) £100.00 £200.00
2076    Used
QV-KGV selection on double sided hagner incl. 1861 3d shaded spandrels optd SPECIMEN (horiz crease), range U Surface Printed in mixed condition with vals to £1 green (faults) etc. (145) £100.00 £160.00
2077    Used
QV-QEII U assortment in s/book, approx 900 stamps, in QV 1d reds, KEVII to 5s etc. (duplication) £100.00 £75.00
2078    M
1850-1969 M&U collection in a Rumney album incl. odd Perf Line Engraved item, few Surface Printed incl. ½d & 1d Control singles, KEVII to 5s U, General ranges KGV/KGVI, QEII incl. early Wildings M, commems incl. 1958 Games on illustrated FDC (Cardiff slogan), good early commems incl. odd multiple etc. (100's) £80.00 £60.00
2079    M
Miscellaneous assortment in a s/book QV-QEII incl. 1924 Wembley 1d M x3, 1½d M block of six, 1924 set U x2, 1925 1d U x3, general U ranges KGV defins etc. + album in odd items of Postal History, QEII defins etc. (100's) £80.00 £60.00
2080    UM
1880-1980's accumulation of M or UM in two s/books duplicated ranges of KGVI-QEII defins & commems, noted Castle high vals Bradbury No Wmk set in cylinder blocks, 2nd s/book contains modern decimal panes from prestige booklets etc. (100's) £75.00 £82.00
2081    Used
MISCELLANEOUS ACCUMULATION in a large s/book, many 100's incl. useful Surface Printed issues with vals to 10c, KEVII to 2/6d etc. Duplication in places, Channel Islands plus some none GB material at back. £70.00 £52.00
2082    M
1858 1d Pl.198 block of four M, 1887 Jubilee + Col change sets incl. extra 3d & 4d vals, 1924 Block Cypher ½d to 10d M, 1934 Photogravure set M, faults incl. heavy mounting etc. (43) £60.00 £45.00
2083    M
Used on piece or front
BLACK PAGE STOCK BOOK containing a range of QV or KEVII low value defins tied to piece by duplex cancels (66) plus 1858 1d rose red Pl.190 - M, block of four full o.g, minor tone patches & lower right stamp with rounded corner. £60.00 £45.00
2084    M
1841 1d collection neatly presented on leaves 20x Plated examples from Pl.12 to 45 with plate characteristics illustrated mixed condition, also a selection of 1881 1d lilacs with M&U, block of twelve M, Control Singles, double perf, PSNC opt in red etc. £50.00 £58.00
2085    M
Collection balance in album, on leaves or stock leaves incl. 1948 £1 Wedding VFU, ranges commems etc. £50.00 £52.00
2086    Used
Used (on letter or envelope)
MISCELLANEOUS range incl. 1911 Coronation Aerial postcard Birmingham to London franked ½d Downey with London Aerial post double ring c.d.s, 1940 27th Philatelic Congress of Great Britain souvenir 1s booklet, 1940 Centenary illustrated FDC, modern U commems on hagners etc. £40.00 £80.00
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