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Stamp auction - 11 November 2010 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 11 November 2010. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 137 - Germany
Lot Thumbnail   Description of lot Estimate Realised
  • Germany - States
BADEN 1862-65 P.10 18k green VFU Heidelberg c.d.s. Expertised by Senf, SG. 36. £150.00 N/S
BAVARIA 1870-73 Mesh 14mm 9k brown FU Munchen c.d.s. SG. 59b. £100.00 £75.00
BRUNSWICK 1852 3sgr vermillion FU, good to large margins & blue c.d.s. SG. 3. £60.00 N/S
HANOVER 1855 1/10th black & orange good to large margins fresh o.g. SG. 10. £55.00 £54.00
HANOVER 1863 3pf yellow green good to large margins M, very fresh, SG. 34. £75.00 N/S
Used on piece or front
SCHLESWIG 1920 (26th Jan) Officials 2½pf, 5pf, 7pf & 20pf FU on small piece, SG. O15/17 & O20. (4) £70.00 N/S
Used on piece or front
SCHLESWIG 1920 Officials C.L.S. 2½pf, 5pf, 7½pf & 25pf FU on small piece, SG. O15/18 & O21, Mi 1/4 & 7. £140.00 N/S
WURTTEMBURG 1851-52 18k on slate-violet good to large margins FU, SG. 9. £120.00 £130.00
1032    M
WURTTEMBURG 1857-1923 M & U collection on printed leaves. (167) £45.00 N/S
1033    M
1850's - onwards, useful M/U selection on stock leaves with early issues from Baden Mecklenburg, Hamburg, Prussia, Saxony, Wurttemberg, 19thC Town Locals with good range of Scheerenbeck, possible reprints + more. Small selection of 1945 Russian zone Wurttemberg local issues, Hitler Heads opt 'v' overall a good range with usual mixed condition but should still prove rewarding. (271) £75.00 £98.00
  • Germany
1034    UM
Collection of M & U in two stock books incl. few States, lots of Inflation period, Allied Occ, few M/Sheets, also modern issues. (100's) £70.00 N/S
1035   Used (on letter or envelope)
1870 - early post WWII, a worthwhile accumulation of covers, cards, postal stationery items in a carton, lots of material from states & early empire era covers/cards incl. 1871 item with contents describing a military march of 15,000 soldiers in Berlin over 60 WWI feldpost covers (some with contents) illustrated military & naval cards - lots of unit cachets noticed. Scarce 1913 Jubilee private postal stationery card Mi PP27co44 unused x5, WWI occupation covers, P.O's in Levant/China items. Useful mid period with 1929 catapult flight cover IIIrd Reich with feldpost cards, P.O.W mail + more, a few early post-war allied zones items. Useful lot with an excellent choice for a collector or re-sale. (189) £250.00 £260.00
1036    M
1860-1950's Collection of M&U in a large spring back album covering a wide area of issues from 19thC states to early post-war, all housed in a large format Schwaneberger 'Luxus' spring back album, range from a few early states incl. N.German Confederation, Prussia etc. Some on piece with attractive pmks. useful Empire issues through Germania with high vals - FU mid period with inflation defin sets some Charity vals to 1930's, various related areas with Saar to post-war. Allied Zones with Soviet Zone well represented, some items being on Lighthouse leaves, items incl. 1946 Thuringen National Theatre M/Sheets, brown & white paper both with Weimar cancellations. Other issues for W.Saxony etc. some early post-war W.Germany/Berlin with better items noticed. Good lot worth careful inspection. (approx 1500, 3 panes, 2 m/s) £150.00 £115.00
Used on piece or front
1872 1 Groschen Mi 4VII, broken 'H' in Groschen variety FU on piece with Stettin c.d.s. (1) Cat. Mi 250€ £50.00 £38.00
1038    Used
1872-1931 Useful nearly all FU collection in Lindner One Country album, from 1872 large & small shields - good range with vals to 18k mostly good examples, more 19thC issues with shades noted, strong ranges of Germania with high vals, different printings, Peace, Wartime types, shades, most further issues with defins, commems e.g. 1924 Welfare Fund (MI 351/4) Airs, Inflation, some Charity issues, 1930-31 Zeppelin 1, 2, 4rm vals. Further Zeppelin vals - all repro, good range of Officials. Catalogue val will add up, though scarcer shades would require checking. As with used items, more verification is needed. Useful lot with potential. (642) £450.00 N/S
1039    M
1872-1963 useful foundation collection of M & U in two Schaubek one country albums. 1872 large & small shields with various to 9k U, mixed condition but worth checking for pmk. interest. Further Empire & Germania issues through Inflation, 1920-30's with better values noted & good range of IIIrd Reich with some Officials. Album II from early Post War Allied Zones incl. good range of Buildings - types, worth checking, numeral M/Sheets perf/imperf. unused (no gum). West Germany - some useful early West Berlin & DDR - wide range . A collection which should prove rewarding. (2100+) £200.00 £150.00
 Block of four
1872-73 Large Shield ½g yellow green in superb fresh UM block of four, fine colour, SG.17. £60.00 £82.00
 Block of four
1874 2½g chestnut in fresh UM block of four, lovely colour, SG. 29. (4) £50.00 £92.00
1042    M
1880-90's 19thC Local town posts - an attractive M/U collection of these stamp issues on album/display sheets, stock leaves & an old part-filled Behrens dedicated album. Many towns represented incl. Bochum, Essen, Mulheim, Koln, just to mention a few. There are some good blocks, strips, multiples + a few postal stationary items. Nice lot waiting for further development. Approx 700 stamps, 4 covers, an old Glasewald specialised catalogue is included, helpful for identification. £200.00 £340.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1900 5pf Centenary private postal stationary card MI.PP 19E/10 depicting Prince Heinrich of Prussia against a Naval Fleet Backdrop, card sent from Kiel to Dresden (with arrival c.d.s), rarely seen card. (1) £80.00 N/S
1902 1m P.13¾ M (minor stain at top), SG. 77b. £120.00 N/S
1902 No Wmk. 2m Type I (26 x 17) superb fresh UM SG.78a & 1m fine M SG. 77a. (2) £90.00 £140.00
1902 P.13¾ 2m Type II (Roman lettering) fresh M (light bends), SG. 78b. £170.00 £130.00
1047   Used (on letter or envelope)
1914-18 Ruhleben Camp unused cover, postcard (R & D) & 'card' on thinner paper, all one third penny in value, the cover has toning. (3) £40.00 N/S
WWI group of cards featuring the famous German U-boat commander Otto Weddigen (1882-1915) on Sept 22nd 1914 his U-boat torpedoed three British Cruisers Aboukir, Cressy & Hogue in the North Sea, after further successes he was killed in March 1915 when his U-boat was rammed by the Giant British battleship Dreadnought - 13 cards featuring him with his wife & his U-boat crew. (13) £50.00 £68.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
WWI Military, marine & related PPC's - super little group with some notable designs, portrait cards featuring military leaders e.g. General Von Kluck, Generoberst Von Mackenson - members of the Kaiserlichen marine, submarine at sea scenes, propaganda items, German Luftflotten - Verein cards featuring military & Zeppelin Balloons, more research on these cards will prove rewarding. (27) £85.00 £115.00
1050   Used (on letter or envelope)
WWI PPC's with a Red Cross theme running throughout - desirable collection of 63 cards housed in a Lighthouse display album, many memorable designs featuring battle, hospital scenes, Red Cross personnel, official propaganda cards, many postally used - some with Feldpost cancels & unit cachets, some cards were promoted by various departments of the military, some were issued for fund raising. A couple of items are WWII, super lot - worth inspection. (63) £150.00 £150.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
WWI Submarine mail - group of PPC's relating to the German Submarine 'Deutschland' scarce cards depicting the Deutschland crew, various cards showing the captain together with Count Graf Zeppelin + a fine publication booklet on the subject by Bernard A Hennig - issued through Germany Philatelic Society. (9) £60.00 £84.00
1052   Used (on letter or envelope)
German Occupation of Belgium circa 1915-17 - an attractive collection of censored covers (mainly commercial) + postal stationery cards & some nice propaganda/military items, all presented in a good quality SB album, not written up so there is potential for further display. Covers bear Germania opt vals with various pmks & censor cachets, other items incl. an attractive military propaganda card. Unusual feldpost letter card with Iron Cross design, a pair of unused Belgian postal stationery cards opt 'Eupen' included with the collection is a specialised book on the WWI Belgian Occupation issued by the Belgian study circle - lots of useful information. (46 covers, 1 book) £85.00 £78.00
1053   Used (on letter or envelope)
1917 complete packetcard from Durev to Constantinople franked 2mk 20pf Mi 95AI, 87 IIb perfined GH & CIE with Stamboul 18.11.17 on the reverse, 'Zollamtlich/Gepruft in black. Expertised. (1) £30.00 N/S
1054    M
1919-1955 Airs, 1903-1942 Officials & 1945-1949 Allied Occupation issues M & U collection on printed leaves. ST Cat. £800 (336) £75.00 N/S
1055   Used (on letter or envelope)
1922 75pf private postal stationary card commemorating a religious celebration in the Church of Wittenberg, Mi.PP 39C2/01 C.T.O with church slogan pmk, 1923 double val 20m, 100m private postal stationary card for the 13th German Tower Festival, Munich, Mi.PP 72 unused, rarely seen (2) £48.00 £36.00
1056   Used (on letter or envelope)
1922 Postal Exhibition Berlin private postal stationary cards with same design front inscr. 'Postwertzeichen - Ausstlelung zu Berlin 1922' 1.50m, 3m, 100m insets Mi.PP 54C1/01/2, 63C1/02 + card without inset val, two items unused, two C.T.O with exhibition cancel. (4) £48.00 £36.00
1057    UM
1923 Official 800t on 30pf MI 95 - without cross hatching within 'o' of 30 as Mi 27I strip of three UM with variety on each, bottom marginal strip of three with Han No. normal for comparison. (6) ST.Cat. Mi. 330€ £50.00 N/S
1058    Air Mail
Used (on letter or envelope)
1923 Private postal stationary card PP.73A2/09 Bremen-Hamburg internal flight, uprated 25m, all tied with Bremen Luftpost cancel - classed as C.T.O. Also same postal stationary card Munich-Leipzig flight Mi PP 73A2/017 tied with appropriate Munich cancel + Leipzig 2 acceptance cachet. (2) £40.00 £30.00
1059   Used (on letter or envelope)
1923-43 Small group of covers, cards of varied interest from 1923 cover from Kircheim, franked various vals incl. The Charity pair MI 233/4, 1933 propaganda card commemorating Hitler's Accession to Power featuring Friedrich the Great, Bismarck, Hindenburg & Hitler - a lesser known card by Bottger - Koln-Sulz, two SS items - status unchecked with a feldpost cover & contents dated 1941 with cachet of the SS Polizei-Berlin + a Himmler message flyer dated 1943 an added item, Illustrated 1923 Austrian glider flight event insc. 'Osterr Segeflug Woche Bei Stockerau 13-21 Oct 1923' postally used with special pmk, slight paper adherence at bottom. (5) £60.00 £56.00
 Air Mail
Used (on letter or envelope)
1924 Berlin-Angora First Flight cover bearing special WM semi-official air with Erster-Flug cachet 5.7.24, also bears Air 10pf & 50pf. rare on cover, Mi 12. Only 250 used on covers. £280.00 £250.00
Block larger than four or stamp booklet
1925 (Oct) 2m 'Eagle' booklet with two panes of 5pf, one has end pair re-enforced with tiny piece of hinge horizontally, 10pf top right stamp vertical perfs. severed & very faint offset of printing on the gum. Very rare booklet, SG. SB16. Cat. £1600 £250.00 £230.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1927 Private 5pf postal stationary card Mi.PP 88C1 originally issued for the Rhon - Segelflug 1925 Glider Flight, which is shown on the front of the card - postally used from Frankfurt (main) with Alteste Deutsche Messe cancel, scarce card - only 10,000 produced. (1) £40.00 £30.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1930 International Philatelic Exhibition Berlin 'IPOSTA' cover registered at the exhibition bearing the four se-tenant vals from the M/Sheet, Mi block 1 tied with exhibition cancel. (1) Cat. for FU 480€+ £85.00 £70.00
Used on piece or front
1930 South America flight 2m & 4m each used on piece, 4m defective but 2m superb, SG. 456/7. £125.00 £94.00
1930 South America Zeppelin flight 2m & 4m fine M, SG. 456/7. £140.00 £185.00
Used on piece or front
1930 Zeppelin South America flight 4m VFU, SG. 456. £120.00 N/S
1067    Forgery
1930-33 Zeppelin sets forged in complete sheets of 50 comprising 1930 S.American Flight SG.456/7, 1931 Polar Flight SG.469/71 & 1933 Chicago Flight SG.510/12 (Total 8 complete sheets = 400 stamps) £80.00 N/S
1931 Polar flight set complete FU, SG. 469/71. £300.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1933 Aschersleben Postage Stamp Exhibition promotional card franked 3pf Hindenburg val tied with exhibition cancel, 1933 card commemorating Bautzens 1000th Anniv CTO later with 1938 International Children's Safety Exhibition pmk. Two eye-catching design cards. £30.00 £24.00
1933 Chicago 1m carmine U Mumau c.d.s. 1 Sep 24, SG. 510. £120.00 N/S
1933 Chicago 1m Zeppelin, fresh M, SG.510, Cat. £900. £200.00 N/S
 Block of four
1933 Chicago 4m sepia in a superb fresh UM block of four, SG.512, Cat. £1100++ £250.00 N/S
1933 Chicago Flight Zeppelin issue 1, 2, 4rm Mi. 496/8 set FU with 'Obersdorf,' Oppeln & Leipzig pmks dated between 1934-36 - nice fresh examples, (3) Cat. Mi 1000€ £150.00 £115.00
1933 Chicago flight 1m Zeppelin fresh colour M, odd marks on gum hardly detract, SG. 510. £130.00 N/S
Used on piece or front
1933 Chicago Zeppelin 1m U Berlin c.d.s. on small piece (one weak corner), SG. 510. £100.00 N/S
1933 Chicago Zeppelin set, 1m VFU, 2m FU & 4m good U, SG. 510/12. £250.00 N/S
1077    UM
1933 New issue of the Hindenburg Head defins wmk mesh, 3pf - 100pf Mi 482/295 set UM + 8pf Mi 485 block of four with open 'D' variety Mi 485I UM. (18) Cat. 1300€ £250.00 £190.00
1078    Air Mail
Used (on letter or envelope)
1933 Rocket Mail 1st Experimental Flight - Hasselfelde, multi labelled & cached cover with private label/stamp, signed G. Zucker - Rocket Pioneer. (1) £35.00 N/S
1079    Used
1933 Zeppelin Chicago flight 2m U, SG.511. £45.00 N/S
1080    UM
 Block of four
1933-36 Hindenburg Medallion Head 8pfg defin block of four UM, with each having open 'D' variety Mi 485I. Cat. Mi 200€ £50.00 N/S
1081    UM
Used (on letter or envelope)
1933-38 Tete-beche, se-tenant combinations - an extensive M + cover collection well displayed in ring album, from 1933 Opening of the Reichstag with booklet Mi. MH32 complete (exploded) + all the combinations from Mi. W45 to K18, some also being on covers the 1st Hindenburg issues with booklet panes Mi HB 76, 77, 78 - all UM + combinations, 1933 Welfare Fund with items Mi W47-SK20 complete, some combinations on attractive airmail covers, each with red flight acceptance cachets, further Hindenburg combinations with booklet panes, complete booklet MH38, more covers to 1938 - an impressive lot & hard to find in such depth. ST.Cat. 3000€ approx (93 comb, 2 bklts, 41 covers) £600.00 £640.00
1082   Used (on letter or envelope)
1933-44 most interesting group of covers & cards all franked with se-tenant combinations, many with additional vals plus a fine range of postal markings & usage, from 1933-44 registered & airmail items franked with 'Wagner' Charity pairs, 1935 with Costumes strips (3) Mi 5220, various Hindenburg issues with scarcer items e.g. 1936 cover with large block incl. 8 vals as booklet pane Mi HB88, 1937 cover with Hitler vals from diff M/Sheets, tied with 'Hitler/Mussolini Meeting' pmks, more covers with extra interest incl. Nazi Party daily propaganda labels. Worth inspection. (32) £150.00 £130.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1934 Unused colour card issued to raise money for the Frankfurt Burgermeisters Relief Fund for the Poor & Elderly. A memorable design & rarely seen card. (1) £55.00 N/S
1084    M
Used (on letter or envelope)
1934-37 Se-tenant & tete-beche combinations - selection from an extensive M + cover collection in ring album. From 1934 Welfare Fund booklet panes Mi. HB 101/102 UM + all the combinations Mi WI00 to K24, various vals on cover e.g. Mi. S226 Cat. 140€+ An attractive 1935 Ostrapa postcard franked Mi. S227, 1935 Welfare Fund booklet Mi. MH41 exploded with staple & all combinations - also items on cover, other most attractive covers incl. Zeppelin flight, 1936 Olympics booklet + combinations & covers, some with eye-catching usage & Olympic cancels, 1936 Winter Relief booklet Mi. MH43 + combinations & covers. A super lot which would enhance a IIIrd Reich collection. (3 bklts, 2 panes, 55 comb, 43 covers) ST.Cat (stamps) 2200+€ (Mi 2003) £900.00 N/S
1085   Used (on letter or envelope)
1936 7th Jan 'Day of The Postage Stamp' private 3pf postal stationery card, Mi PP 122 C/06 examples unused (1), postally used with special cancel (2) + later usage June 36 with scarce S A Gruppe Nordsee in Bremen double slogan cancel. (4) £45.00 N/S
1086   Used (on letter or envelope)
1936 Leipzig, a group of 3pf private postal stationery cards commemorating the 25th Anniversary (1911-1936) of the Leipzig Association of Postage Stamp Dealers, Mi PP122 C 21/01, 02, 03 with unused (1). Others with the associated special cancellation. An attractive & pristine group. (5) £60.00 £45.00
1087   Used (on letter or envelope)
1936 National Craftsmen Day official coloured card franked 5pf & tied with Berlin - Charlottenburg c.d.s. 1936 official Reichparty Day Nurnberg card by Franz Eher franked with Congress pair of stamps with special cancel. Well designed cards in good condition. (2) £50.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1936 Official postcard commemorating 10th Anniversary of the Nazi Party Rallies which were held in Thuringen, postally used from Weimar with special cancel, small crease top LH corner - quite hard to detect, 1936 Official Party Rally Card publisher: Verlag Franz Eher, Munchen postally used Nurnberg 9.9.36 with attractive slogan cancel. (2) £80.00 N/S
1089   Used (on letter or envelope)
1936 Philatelic events private postal stationary cards (Hindenburg Medallion inset) all issues between Jan-Oct 1936 from Stamp Day, Aschaffenburg Stamp Exhibition, Düsseldorf 3.5pf cards C.T.O: 1st Berliner Luftpost Document Show, Werbeschau unused card (has centre crease + stain near val & valued appropriately) ditto card C.T.O Thuposta, Thuringen - unused Mi PP Nos in order - 122C19/03, 122C26, 122C12, 122C29 (2), 122C28/02. All attractive designs in sepia. (6) £130.00 £98.00
1090   Used (on letter or envelope)
1936 Rheinland Philatelic Exhibition, Düsseldorf 6pf private postal stationery card MI. PP 127c 19 postally used with added vals tied with exhibition pmk, 1936 Olympic Postal Exhibition official card +German Family Olympic Postal Exhibition card franked with 6pf val from the Hitler Culture Fund M/Sheet with 1937 fancy Hamburg cancel. (3) £70.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1936-37 Pair of interesting cards with 1936 propaganda card commemorating the Olympic Postal Exhibition, Dresden, card features various third Reich stamp issues, postally used with exhibition cancel, 1937 card produced by the KA-BE stamp album company, commemorating the 'Day of the Stamp' postally used with special cancels, rarely seen. (2) £55.00 N/S
1092   Used (on letter or envelope)
1937 3pf private postal stationery cards Mi PP 122 - 30/2 commemorating The Philatelic Congress in Luxembourg. One card unused, two with additional values postally used with Leipzig & Stuttgart special cancels. Last card from Frankfurt (Main) with 'Werbe - Ausstelung commemorative cancel, Mi PP 122C 31/02 (different script). (4) £50.00 £38.00
1093   Used (on letter or envelope)
1937 Assortment of Hindenburg Medallion type illustrated private postal stationary cards commemorating the 6th Silesian Stamp Exhibition, Breslau Mi PP 122C33 C.T.O, Day of the Stamp Aschaffenburg Mi PP 122C-37 postally used, Kassel Postage Stamp Exhibition Mi PP 122C11/01 + 11/2 both C.T.O, Landestchau Pommern Kraft Durch Freude N.S sponsored card of March C.T.O later with Hamburg Gardening Exhibition cancel. Very collectable items. (5) £100.00 £75.00
1094   Used (on letter or envelope)
1937 Chemnitz Colonial Postal Exhibition. Two private postal stationery cards, Bender PP 122, each postally used, one with additional stamp. Both items with fancy exhibition cancel + two promotional cards - same design as above in green. Both postally used with the Exhibition cancel. Attractive group. (4) £75.00 £56.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1937 Private postal stationery cards Halle/Saale 1st Postage Stamp Exhibition with 'KDF' Organisation CTO with fancy cancel Mi PP 125c2, 1st Stamp Exhibition & 700th Anniv of Stadt Gera Mi PP 127 c3z, CTO with 'Geposta' exhibition cancel. Stamp Exhibition in Erfurt 5pf Eagle Air card Mi PP 142 c902 CTO with corresponding cancel. Three attractive cards. £70.00 £52.00
1096   Used (on letter or envelope)
1937-38 Hitler propaganda Exhibition 'Give Me Four Years Time' photo card Publ. C. Kofer Berlin, postally used with exhibition cancel, 1937 40 Years of Stamp Collecting by Workers at the Bitterfield Coke Plant, card used with Bahonstadt cancel, 1938 three cards promoting the International Handicrafts Exhibition, Berlin Publ. C.Kofer, Berlin - each postally used with exhibition cancel, rarely seen. (5) £70.00 N/S
1097   Used (on letter or envelope)
1937-39 Three attractive cards commemorating 'The Day of German Art, 37' issue by Hoffmann, Munich, franked with Hitler 6pf with inscription from m/sheet Mi block 7, tied with special Munich cancel, 1938 Richard Klein card with the Breslau sports set tied with special Munich hand cancel, 1939 card publ: Munchen Grossveranstaltungen with special hand cancel 16.7.39. (3) £80.00 N/S
1098    M
Used (on letter or envelope)
1937-44 Se-tenant & tete-beche combinations - a further section from a fine definitive M + cover collection housed in 3 ring albums running from 1937 Hindenburg booklet MI.37 complete exploded with staple intact - as other booklets in this collection, all the matching combinations are there e.g. Mi W68-KZ2, 1937-38 Winter Relief booklets Mi MH 44, 45 + all combinations. All other issues incl. Hitler booklets Mi MH 48/49a + combinations. Also a superb range of covers with many different examples + scarce usage special pmks, many items are UM. (226 comb, 9 bklts, 126 covers) ST.Cat. 3000€ approx (excl. covers) with much added value. £1000.00 £750.00
1099   Used (on letter or envelope)
1938 44th German Philatelic Day/Marine Exhibition postal stationery card Mi PP 122/186/01 CTO with Bremen 'MS Oceana' fancy cancel + private postcard exhibition card Mi PP 122 c87/02 with special cancel, 1939 3pfg card commemorating the 'Karl May Plays' Mi PP 122c 88 with additional stamp & two different fancy cancels. Hard to find items. (3) £70.00 £52.00
1100   Used (on letter or envelope)
1938 60th Philatelic Anniv in Frankfurt private postal stationery card Mi PP 122 c95 - unused, 1st Postal Show by the Collectors Group, Ortsgruppe, Charlottenburg 5pf Luftpost card Mi PP 142 c24 - unused Erfurt commemorating the 5th Stamp Exhibition for the Winter Relief Mi PP 142 c25 with special cancel. (3) £70.00 £52.00
1101   Used (on letter or envelope)
1938 An attractive multi coloured card entitled 'The Famous Little Boys Band of Dinklsbuhl, unused + 1938 6pf Hindenburg private postal stationary card issued for the Zeppelin post - Stamp Exhibition used with Konstanz Exhibition cancel, front shows impressive portrait of Count Zeppelin. (2) £40.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1938 lesser known propaganda card commemorating the peoples vote to return Austria to Germany , 1939 Munich summer festival item postally used, soldiers march card depicting rank insignia as soldiers receive promotions from Private to Field Marshall, unused. (3) £90.00 £85.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1938 Pair of cards commemorating the German Gymnastic & Sports Festival Breslau, both postally used with special hand cancel 31.7.38, one is written on picture side. (2) £55.00 N/S
1104   Used (on letter or envelope)
1938 Pair of private postal stationery cards with Bad Tolz Postage Stamp Show Mi PP 122c 90/02.30 CTO with special pmk Suhl, Thuringen Postal Exhibition Mi PP 122c93 with 'Thuposta 2' exhibition cancel, rarely seen cards. (2) £55.00 £42.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1938 Postal stationery card commemorating the 15th Anniv of the 1923 Putsch in Munich Mi PP 122 c88 CTO with special pmk, 1939 'Karl May Plays' 3pfg card Mi PP 122 c88 with Rathen (Sachs Schweiz) fancy cancel. (2) £60.00 £45.00
1106   Used (on letter or envelope)
1938 Private postal stationery cards - pair green & brown commemorating 'The Postage Stamp Show Berlin Neukolin' Mi PP 122c74/01.02 each CTO with exhibition pmk. (2) £50.00 £38.00
1107   Used (on letter or envelope)
1938 Propaganda 6pf private postal stationary card commemorating 1st Anniversary of the attempted Putsch of 1923 in Munich, postally used with anniversary pmk, 1939 card commemorating Hitler's 50th birthday, designed for this special occasion, relief issue with special hand cancel. (2) £55.00 N/S
1108   Used (on letter or envelope)
1938-39 Three cards with similar designs by Richard Klein, one commemorating the upcoming Plebiscite in Austria with special Vienna hand stamp, 1938 Reichparteitage postcard publ: Verlag Franz Eher, Munchen, Party Day slogan cancel on reverse, 1939 NSDAP sponsored card postal stationary issue for the Party Rally which never took place due to the outbreak of the war - unused condition. (3) £65.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1938-40 group of cards with mainly Nazi Party connections. 1938 S.A. sponsored coloured card showing S.A. Members at a camp, digging near huts, 1938 attractive card by Emil Kohn, Munich depicting the famous Little Boys Band of Dinklesbuhl. Two cards by Priess & Co Munchen, exactly the same scene of the Burgerbraukeller, Munich, Nazi Party meeting place but with a different name (photographer ?) in bottom corner. Both cards postally used & showing the beer keller cachet, also 1942 Hoffman coloured card showing the 'Brown House' - Nazi Party HQ. Good lot. (5) £100.00 £98.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1939 Aschaffenburg private postal stationery card Mi PP 122 d2.02 commemorating the 1st Main - Franken Postal Show sponsored by the 'Strength Through Joy' unused. (1) £40.00 £30.00
1111   Used (on letter or envelope)
1939 Austria commemorating 'May Day' publ. Verlag Oemler Berlin, postally used Berlin with Austrian Plebiscite issue, tied with German Flying Association slogan cancel. (1) £30.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1939 Munich Summer Festival card by Gottried Klein, Munchen used with Mi 700 700th Day of German Art, tied with special cancel. (1) £50.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1939 Propaganda cards issued for various events, a dramatic design card commemorating Hitler's achievements during his six years in power, postally used with two types of Berlin cancels. Sudetenland commemoratives May Day, franked SG.682 with special cancel. 2nd German Governments official day - Frankfurt (Main) with matching cancellation, traditional shooting matches sponsored by the Tyrolian Static Defence Association, four cards worth collecting. (4) £130.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1940 Group of attractive private postal stationery cards, three cards being promoted by the 'KDF = strength through Joy' organisation with the Kassel 'Witnesses from a difficult time 'Exhibition Mi PP 122c 99 - unused, 1st Collectors Exhibition Berlin - Schoneberg Mi PP 122c 108 - unused, 300 Years of the Post in Hannoverland Mi PP 122c - 109 with matching fancy cancel, 4pf Hindenburg inset card for the 1st Stamp Exhibition Berlin - Schoneberg. Attractive card Mi PP 125c3 with special cancel. (4) £80.00 £60.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1940 'We Contractors use protective gear to prevent accidents' What do you use? colourful propaganda card with Mi 750 Heligoland issue with first day cancel. (1) £28.00 £30.00
1116   Used (on letter or envelope)
1940-42 POW Mail - substantial group of official camp mail from French prisoner in Stalag VIIA Moosburg, official camp cards & letter sheets with different formats & censor numbers, similar to an earlier lot. (87) £150.00 N/S
1117   Used (on letter or envelope)
1940-43 group of POW Mail from French prisoner, Leopold Delmere in Stalag I B Hohenstein, East Prussia to his wife in Pont Remy, France. Official camp cards & letter sheets with different formats, camp censor cachets from No's as low as 3 to 158, varying over the years. (100) £200.00 N/S
1118   Used (on letter or envelope)
WWII rare printed Anti Jewish propaganda leaflet which would have been dropped over the Eastern Front. Some age staining but no tears, see photo. (1) £50.00 N/S
1119   Block larger than four or stamp booklet
1941 Hitler 2rm booklet Mi MH49c with H. Blatt 117, 118, 119, 121, 122 'Kopierstift' advert unused, slight mark on cover - not detracting. (1) Cat. Mi 400€ £100.00 £130.00
1120   Used on piece or front
1943 Concentration Camp related items - the stub portion of a parcel card for a package sent to Westerbork Camp, an assembly point for Jews from Holland before their deportation to extermination camps in Poland, A part parcel slip from Sweden to Litzmanstadt Camp in Poland, with cachet, very scarce reminders of this sad period of history. (2) £50.00 £48.00
1121   Used (on letter or envelope)
1943 Double postal stationery card MI.P310 for use of Ukrainian Workers in Germany 6+6pf (violet) sent by a woman worker somewhere Nr Danzig to the Ukraine, return portion has message but not returned. A very scarce card. (1) £75.00 N/S
1945 (March) U Boat marginal single in blue, '7' in margin, unused (slight stain) with experts h/stamp Zaf/Katawice, Mi 13. £90.00 £130.00
1123   Used (on letter or envelope)
SCHUTZSTAFFEL (SS) Selection of signed cards (2) postcard photos etc. by various SS Officers incl. Otto Kumm, Theodor Wisch, Leon Degrelle, Gustav Krukenberg, Walter Reder (FDC) & Karl Wolff etc. All signatures are post war examples. (8) £150.00 £150.00
1124    UM
Balance of a collection, a useful lot in four Senator Standard albums. One contains Allied Zones from 1949 M & U, strong French Zones with scarcer issues numeral perf/imperf. M/Sheet M (one UM), Buildings with printing variations, back of the book WWI Occupations e.g. Belgium, Eastern Front, Rumania & some early Colonies PO's Abroad. Two albums of East Germany 1949-90 FU, strength in 1950's-60's, West Berlin good FU collection circa 1949-90 with good degree of completion. Good potential. (few 1000, 10 M/S) £370.00 N/S
  • Germany - Occupations during WWII
1125    UM
Used (on letter or envelope)
Latvia 1944 se-tenant pair & strip of three Mi. S1,S2 on two PPC's, tied with Plani? c.d.s + matching combinations Mi S1/4 UM (2 covers + 4 se-tenant items) £60.00 £50.00
Rhodes 1944-45 Scarce Luftfield post stamp in blue ovpt Inselpost diagonally, M has 1963 Cert. from Dr Giovani Chiavrello, Michel see footnote page 629 describes this stamp as an essay. £250.00 N/S
1127     NO LOT   N/S
  • Germany - West
1128    M
1946-90 Well stocked M/FU collection with much UM housed in Davo One Country Hingeless album, starts with a section of Allied Zones from 1946 Numeral & Workers issues, Leipzig Fairs in pairs, odd Currency Reform items, buildings types, worth checking W. Germany - substantial collection with good early issues onwards with very few items missing up to 1990. Some very attractive issues incl. some booklets & M/Sheets. Catalogue val should add up, good collection with potential. (approx 1400, 34 m/s + 4 panes) £350.00 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1949 Centenary set superb special red commemorative c.d.s. on pictorial FDC 30 Sept 1949. Rare. (1) £125.00 £130.00
1949 Posthorns set complete to 90pf fresh M, SG. 1045/1060. Cat. £1800 (16) £150.00 £160.00
1131    Used
1949-2002 virtually complete FU collection well documented in four Senator Standard albums. Album 1 from 1949-76 has all the scarce early issues from The Opening of Parliament pair Mi 111/2 through 1949 Stamp Centenary, UPU, Famous Germans & other commems. 1951 Posthorn set plus all the other popular issues. This album Cat. Mi 2500€ approx. The other albums with stamps & M/Sheets to 2002, some se-tenants noted. Fine lot with many attractive issues & much potential. (2383, 54 M/S & 2 special folders) £300.00 £280.00
1132    UM
1949-2006 Ex-dealers duplicated stock of M or UM (majority) neatly laid out in a stock book, several better incl. 1951 30pf Posthorn marginal UM, 1953 30pf Transport x 2 UM, 1955 Lufthansa set UM, 1951 Rontgen UM, 1970 Henemann defin set UM x 3 & many more defins & commems incl. many good Thematics. £150.00 £150.00
1133    M
1949-67 Collection appears to be complete with either M or FU & is impressive having scarce early issues e.g. 1949 Opening of Parliament pair FU, Stamp Centenary M, Refugees Relief Fund, 1951 St Mary's Church Anniv + much more. Cat quite a few years ago at 6300dm & should have increased since then. (463) £300.00 N/S
1134    Used
Used (on letter or envelope)
1949-69 West Germany useful FU collection with many good items noticed, from 1949 Opening of Parliament pair SG. 1033/4, UPU, Posthorn set + extras - most issues to 1969 incl. defins. + coils. Basis for a good collection. ST Cat. £1130+ (495, 3 M/S, 6 covers) £150.00 N/S
1135    UM
1949-81 Tidy UM collection on Lighthouse One Country album leaves (binder faulty), many of the early scarce issues are there from 1949 Opening of Parliamtent - pair, Stamp Centenary, W.P.U, Refugees Relief Fund, total Cat. MI 480€. More issues through 1950's-60's with Cat. val overall to early 60's over 2000€. Many more attractive items to 1981 incl. M/Sheets, about 6 stamps are MM. Total catalogue val should add up. (721 + 18m/s) £250.00 N/S
1950 Death Bicent of Bach, top marginal UM set, SG.1043/4. (2) Cat. £150 £60.00 £58.00
1137    Used
Used on piece or front
1951 St Mary's Church & 1951 Philatelic Exhibition FU, SG.1065/8. (4) £70.00 N/S
1138    Used
1951 St Marys Church set superb U, SG.1065/6. (2) £60.00 N/S
1139    UM
 Block of four
1953 Transport 4pf & 10pf, 1953 Relief Fund 4 + 2pf Francke, 10 + 5pf Kneipp - all being marginal UM blocks of four, 1955 Stamp Exhibition set in UM block of four. Cat. £204+ (24) £40.00 N/S
1140   Used on piece or front
1954 Humanitarian Relief Fund 20pf red strip of four + single SG. 1128, plus 40pf blue strip of five, three (one with fault) + pair, together on piece tied by Bremen c.d.s/wavy lines cancels. Stamps Cat. £470 £70.00 N/S
1141   Block larger than four or stamp booklet
WEST GERMANY/BERLIN 1955-2001 stamp booklets, a substantial range in Vario display album. West Germany ranges from 1955 2.50m booklet Mi 2D through many more to 2001 No 45. West Berlin range from 1965 booklets No 4 (A), 5A, 5B through to 15MZ. All well documented. ST Cat. 1849€ (83) £200.00 £150.00
  • Germany - Berlin
1142    M
1948-1990 comprehensive M&U collection housed in a s/book, from 1948 various black/red 'Berlin' opts. with vals to 1m, all FU. Plenty of the scarcer early issues well represented incl. 1949 Buildings with 1-5m FU, many commems, defins & M/Sheets, some both UM & FU through to 1990. Good selection of se-tenants & the odd booklet pane. Excellent basis for expansion. ST Cat. 3300+€ (1033 + booklets, se-tenants & 7 M/S) £150.00 N/S
1143    UM
1948-88 Ex-dealers stock of M or UM laid out in order, duplicated in s/book - noted better incl. 1949 UPU set UM, 1951-52 Bell 30pf UM & 40pf M, 1952-53 Famous Berliners 15pf UM x7, 30pf UM x4 etc. Very highly Cat. lot, with potential. £200.00 N/S
1949 Relief Fund superb fresh UM marginal, SG. B68/70. £120.00 £110.00
1949 UPU set fresh fine M, SG. 54/60. £100.00 N/S
1146    M
1949-54 Buildings set complete to 5dm fresh fine M, SG. B3/53. (21) £70.00 N/S
  • Germany - East
1147    M
1949-1980's extensive M collection with some UM & a few FU. High level of completion in the early issues with better items noted e.g. 1949 UPU, 1950 Scientists, 1951 Friendship with China, good M/Sheets incl. Debria, Karl Marx Engels & 1957 Memorial Fund items, plus many more issues plus M/Sheets & sheetlets to 1980's. ST Cat. £3500+ (600 + 41 M/S) £325.00 £280.00
1148    UM
1949-80 Chiefly UM duplicated stock neatly arranged in large s/book, 1000's stamps, singles/sets, defins & commems, good Thematics etc. another album of West Germany 1956-80 collection of UM in Lighthouse album, highly catalogued lot for viewing. £120.00 £105.00
1149    M
1950 DEBRIA M/Sheet VFU SG. MSE29a Cat. £130, 1953 Karl Marx M/Sheet set Perf. (2) & Imperf. (2) M SG. MSE11a (two of the sheets - slight thins) Cat. £600. Total Cat. £730 (5) £90.00 N/S
1150   Used (on letter or envelope)
East Germany 1950's/80's - bundle of covers/cards, some 1st Day, odd maximum card, nothing special but a chance to get hold of some genuine usage. (65) £40.00 N/S
1151    M
1953 Karl Marx M/Sheet Perf & Imperf (4 sheets), fine M, SG.MSEIIIa & MSEIIIc, odd minor wrinkle or bend, 1955 Engels M/Sheet M, SG.MSE233a - plus basic set UM. Cat. £534 £80.00 N/S
1152    UM
1953-70 UM collection housed in a Lindner hingeless album, appears complete. £70.00 £80.00
  • Germany - Post Offices in China
1901-04 5m Type I, fresh M, SG.35. £150.00 £125.00
1905-19 set, FU odd short perf/generally fine, SG.46/55, Cat. £425. (10) £100.00 £98.00
  • Germany - Post Offices in Turkey
1155    Used
1900 set to 10pi FU, SG.17-26. (10) £40.00 £30.00
1156    Used
1884 1¼pi on 25pf red-brown type A, FU & centred left, signed Richter, SG.4. £75.00 £96.00
  • Germany - Colonies
1157    M
RANGES of M & U stamps on hagner leaves incl. PO's in China, German East Africa & Cameroun with values to 3m etc. (70+) £70.00 £72.00
CAMEROUN 1900 1m to 5m very fresh M, SG. K16/19. (4) £60.00 £70.00
CAMEROUN 1900-11 No Wmk. 5m carmine & black good U, SG. K19. £140.00 £105.00
CAMEROUN 1900-11 No Wmk. 5m carmine & black good U, SG. K19. £140.00 £105.00
1161    Used
CAMEROUN 1905-19 Lozenges 20pf ultramarine FU, SG. K23. £35.00 N/S
1162   Block larger than four or stamp booklet
CAMEROUN 1913 complete 2m booklet exploded (covers, interleaves & panes), very fine, SG. SB2. (1) £60.00 £62.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
CAMEROUN 1915 (26 Oct) censored cover from Duala to Lome, Togo franked by 1915 1d on 10pf carmine, tied by bold Jubilee of Duala c.d.s, with three-line violet 'Passed by Censor/at/Lome (Togo)' below, fine arrival back stamp (12.11.15), cover slightly reduced at top left side. £100.00 £105.00
CAROLINE ISLANDS 1901-10 No Wmk. set to 5m fresh fine M, SG. 13/25. (13) £60.00 £90.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
EAST AFRICA excellent FU + cover collection showing a well documented study of the pmks of the region from 1896 German stamps Surcharged with examples of Mi1-5 showing pmks of 'Dar Es Salaam, Bagamoyo, Pangani, Tanga' 1896 issues - various to 2sp on 50pf, 1901-15 Yacht types with other pmks incl. Nukoba, Dodoma, Iranga, Kiwa, Kilossa, Kondoa, Lindi, Tabora, scarcer items incl. Mi 21 (2) with diff pmks, Mi 21 3r, other items with seepost & feldpost markings, shades also worth checking + 3 postcards incl. postal stationery item, well worth inspection. (59 + 3 cards) £250.00 £190.00
1166    M
EAST AFRICA 1901 3r blue black & red fresh fine M (usual gum wrinkles), SG. 25. (1) £30.00 £46.00
EAST AFRICA 1905-06 Lozenges 3r blue black & red FU Dar es Salaam, SG. 44. £70.00 £76.00
KIAOCHOW 1900 5pf on 10pf carmine 48o opt. type 1i surcharge, fresh M with usual line across design, SG. 2. £50.00 £38.00
KIAOCHOW 1901 German Cy 3m & 5m M, SG. 22/3. (2) £100.00 £105.00
MARIANA ISLANDS 1900 48o opt. 5pf green FU, SG. 2 with clear 1952 RPS Cert. £400.00 £300.00
MARSHALL ISLANDS 1897-1900 Type 1 with 'C' unissued 25pf & 50pf fresh M, Mi 5 II & 6 II. (2) £70.00 £72.00
MOROCCO 1903 Sloping Serifs 1p 25c on 1m carmine superb U, SG. 21. £70.00 £78.00
MOROCCO 1906-11 Lozenges 6p 25c on 5m fresh M, SG. 50. £50.00 £38.00
NEW GUINEA 1901 No Wmk. 5m M, SG.19. (1) £40.00 £56.00
SWA 1897-1900 unissued 25pf fresh M, see footnote after SG. 4. £130.00 £100.00
SWA 1897-1900 without hyphen Type 2, 25pf orange fresh fine M, SG. 9. £130.00 £140.00
1177   Used (on letter or envelope)
SWA 1898 the scarce 5pf + 5pf reply card, also 1887 issue, both fine unused, Mi P3 & P7. (2) £40.00 N/S
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