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Stamp auction - 11 November 2010 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 11 November 2010. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 137 - QEII
Lot Thumbnail   Description of lot Estimate Realised
2177    UM
1952 Tudor 6d marginal M strip of three showing Doctor Blade flaw (flaw being UM), Tudor 1/6d Cylinder block of six showing Dry Print area & 1955 Edward 10d M showing Doctor Blade flaw, SG. 523, 531 & 552. (10) £50.00 £40.00
2178    UM
1952-88 Chiefly UM collection housed in clear mounts in Lighthouse printed album incl. 1952 Tudor set UM, 1955 Waterloo Castles UM, 1955 Edward set M, also Tudor sideways UM, Edward sideways M & Inverted sets UM, 1958 Graphite set UM, 1958 Graphite set UM (less 2d), 1959 Phosphor Graphite set M, Phosphor commems appear complete, mixed wither M or UM & later issues to 1988. £300.00 N/S
2179    UM
Bulky lot of predominantly UM commemoratives & defins mainly decimal issues housed in six stock books & fine albums incl. many UM blocks etc. Very high face value, viewing recommended. £500.00 £560.00
2180    UM
1953-70 Commems accumulation in a s/book incl. many multiples etc. (100's) £50.00 £72.00
2181    UM
1959 2nd De La Rue Castle set UM (all marginals), SG.595/8 £70.00 £72.00
2182    UM
1959 Phosphor Graphite 2d error of wmk. fresh UM, SG. 605a. £60.00 £78.00
2183    UM
Block larger than four or stamp booklet
1960 Wildings Mult Crown Phosphor set (16 vals) in UM corner marginal Cylinder blocks of six, SG.610/618a. £35.00 £62.00
2184    M
DEVON ALBUM & folder containing either UM blocks or VFU (cto) multiples, face val of UM alone in excess of £750, period 1970's/1980's. £500.00 £480.00
1971 OCP/PVA 9p orange & black, lower left corner marginal vertical '3A 2B no dot' strip of four with extra vertical row of perforations running through margin & back of crown, spectacular piece, SG.U171 variety. £130.00 £115.00
1979 (Circa) Harrisons photogravure imperforate trial featuring the head of Thomas Richard Harrison, printed in bluish ultramarine on gummed paper. Ex Walker. (1) £50.00 N/S
1992 350th Anniversary of the Civil War 24p Pikeman left marginal imperforate pair, slight gum crease affecting left stamp, SG.1620a. (2) Cat. £550 £100.00 £110.00
1992 Christmas 18p completely imperforate horizontal pair, superb UM. Only 50 pairs known from a single sheet recently discovered supplied with photocopy of original sheet showing position of place. £300.00 N/S
2189    UM
2007 Abolition of the Slave Trade 1st horizontal pair, SG.2728/9 in a block of four showing major perforation shift - see photo. (4) £300.00 N/S
2190    UM
2007 Glorious England generic sheet with 'Isle of White' error of spelling, UM corner bend - mentioned for accuracy. £150.00 £160.00
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