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Stamp auction - 11 November 2010 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 11 November 2010. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 137 - Sudan
Lot Thumbnail   Description of lot Estimate Realised
Used (on letter or envelope)
1878 small envelope with original letter written by Gordon at Suez (3.4.78) to Geigler in Khartoum. The original adhesive clipped off & some damage to cover. Suez c.d.s. on front & Khartoum (Egyptian) c.d.s. on reverse etc. The letter is very neat & makes reference to circulars that have been issued in Egypt. Very scarce. £175.00 £130.00
1886    UM
1897 10p mauve horizontal strip of five UM, SG. 9. Cat. £225 £40.00 £42.00
1887    M
Collection on leaves, 1897 values to 1p M & U, also 1m vertical strip of six (end stamp separate) of the setting, 1898 most to 10p incl. 5p U, 1902-21 to 10p U, also 1p centre misplaced U. 1903 5m surcharge U, 1921-23 to 20p U, 1m M block of 20 & 10m block of ten M. 195-7 Air values to 3½p U, 1955 to 2p & 10p U, 1940-41 both 4½p U, 1941 Airs to 10p U, 1948 10m to 50p U, 1950 Air to 6p U & 1951 to 50p U. Officials 1900 5m perf. SG. (reversed), 1901 1m perf. SG. U, 1903 to 5p U, 1913 to 2p blue plus 10p U. 1927 2p to 10p U, 1948 set FU, 1951 most to both 10p U (no 3m), Army 1906 incl. 5p (forgery) covers (4) & 1936-44 to GB. Useful lot. Cat. £420+ £55.00 £115.00
1888    M
Used (on letter or envelope)
Collection on leaves 1897 ovpts to 10p o.g and to 10p U, 1898 to 10p set o.g & set U, 1920-21 sets to 10p o.g & U, 1921-23 to 15m o.g & U, 1937-41 vals to 10p o.g plus set U, 1931 Air mail ovpts FU, 1931-37 Gordon Airs vals to 10p, 1935 Gordon to 10p M & to 10p FU, Surcharges M to 7½p, 1940-41 Surcharge M & FU, 1941 Air set o.g, 1945 to 50p FU, 1959 Air FU, 1951 set to 50p two sets FU + 15 vals to 50p o.g, Officials 1903-12 vals to 10p (2) U or o.g, 1913 perf SG set U (7 vals to 10p), 1936-46 to 20p fine o.g, 1948 12 vals to 50p M, 11 vals to 50p FU, 1950 Airs M, 1951-62 16 vals to 50p M, Army 1906-11 incl. 5p (A15) 10p (A13) both U but ovpts doubtful, 1913 few perf 'AS', dues useful range. Good lot, condition a little varied on some, also 1931 Halfa London first flight cover. (quantity) £500.00 N/S
1902 Official 1m error opt. inverted fine M, very fresh & signed by P Holcombe, SG. O3c. Cat. £300 £100.00 £125.00
1890    UM
1908-1968 M & U collection in a stock book incl. several UM blocks of four from 1960's period. (569) £150.00 N/S
1891   Used (on letter or envelope)
1913 - later covers, 4m & 8m franked PPC's with large & small Arab Postman vals, 1930's range commercial multiple frankings, some letter content, reg. cover & env. incl. Torit cancel on 10 value cover to UK, Sudan Air mail pmks of Juba, Wadi-Halfa, 1931 Imperial 1st Flight Khartoum-London cachet, WW2 censored O.A.S cancel A.P.0.2 on Equatorial Corps cover, 1922 to Erkowit with Khartoum-Port Sudan TPO No.1, also Shellal-Halfa TPO No.1, noted 1956 range of covers, village & agency cancels, some coloured (42) tying 5m Warrior value, difficult to repeat. (64 + 1 front) £90.00 £140.00
1892   Used (on letter or envelope)
1899-later covers & 1912-13 4m franked PPC's large & small Arab Postman vals, reg. 1925 cover with Gambela pmk to UK, 15m franked cover cancelled Barakat, 1938 cover with contents, Sudan Air mail pmks of Khartoum & Juba, 1931 Imperial F.F Halfa-London cachet to UK, various Port Sudan pmks etc. Also 1956 covers with village & agency cancels, different from previous lot (42) all tying 5m Warrior val - few small faults, again difficult to repeat. (65) £90.00 £125.00
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