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Stamp auction - 10 March 2011 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 10 March 2011. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 138 - World Postal History
Lot Thumbnail   Description of lot Estimate Realised
390   Used (on letter or envelope)
BOX containing approx 700 'all world' covers/cards, with much airmail interest, would suit fair dealer or E-Bay. £150 to 200 N/S
391   Used (on letter or envelope)
BOX containing approx 600 covers, early to modern with interest in Military, Greece, GB, Scandinavia, Maritime etc. £150 to 200 N/S
392   Used (on letter or envelope)
COMMEMORATIVE COIN COVERS accumulation of 230 of these colourful modern covers incorporating coins, high proportion are GB although Foreign are incl. with variety of coin denominations - noted vals up to £2 coins, some duplication. Good potential. £400 to 450 £430.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
WORLD POSTMARKS 20thC assembly of postcards with many pmks all types incl. Army Camps & PO's in Egypt, Rubbers, Duplex, Paquebots of Malta, Aden, New York, Southampton Ship Letter, BPO's in Levant, Austrian same, Sudan TPO's, underpaid marks & postage dues, New Zealand fine 1½d QV pictorial postcard NSW pmks, much to check, very useful material. (284) £250 to 300 £430.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
Transatlantic Mail: Mail from USA to Europe incl. 1837-43 Liverpool Ship Letter pair, one with New York FAC, 1854 Cuba item with NY FAC, 1870-78 trio incl. scarce use of 12c (hinged back in place) to Turkey via UK & two uprated 3c E's to France. Also Uruguay trio 1841-1905 incl. good Southampton Ship Letter c.d.s. (10) £140 to 180 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
WEST INDIES cover miscellany incl. 1857 stampless E (fault) to Barbados with fine Dominica c.d.s. 1910 registered OHMS cover to USA with Dominica 1d & 1s stamps, scarce Bermuda KGV size H registered E (unused), St Vincent 1927 4d franked registered cover, St Lucia 1912 registered OHMS cover to France with Paquebot d.s. & similar 1919 item plus mainly KGV-KGVI items ex Virgin Is; Montserrat & St Kitts etc. (23) £200 to 240 £200.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
BALKANS: covers incl. Serbia 1869 E with 20p rose cancelled by blue boxed mark, scarce 1901 Montenegro PPC (clergy procession) with 5n orange cancelled at Rieka plus 1914 5pa wrapper used at Cetindje. Bosnia-Herzegovina items incl. Austrian military post from Mostar, Sarajevo, Trebinje & Banjaluka incl. scarce telegram receipt (fault). (13) £100 to 120 £100.00
397   Used (on letter or envelope)
WORLD COVER ASSORTMENT incl. GB FDC's & Special Event pmks. Balance mainly more modern world covers. (approx. 2000) £100 to 150 £120.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
WORLD COVER ASSORTMENT in carton (many 100's), noted Austria flight covers in balloons, Germany, Greece, GB, thematics incl. Trains, Tour de France & more to view. (100's) £200 to 300 £200.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
Military - Boer War group of covers incl. very unusual 1901 parcel label on tag with QV 1s green & carmine strip of three cancelled by the two ring FIELD POST OFFICE/BRITISH ARMY S. AFRICA c.d.s. Also COGH 1d cover to Ceylon POW Camp with camp censor, large violet ARMY POST OFFICE/VOLKSRUST c.d.s. on 1d lilac cover to UK & Natal 1d E ex Eshowe to Durban with Press censor triangle. Good group. (4) £120 to 150 £210.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
BRITISH LEVANT WITH NEAR EAST 1905-later Levant PPC's & covers used Smyrna & Constantinople, also Bahrain 1936 Air cover to London with KGV 3p x2, 1s & 2a x3 with type 26 cancels, also 1948 BPA in Eastern Arabia Silver Wedding pair 'Muscat' c.d.s & reg. with other Kuwait KGVI, 10r x6 with 5r x3 & others on piece, 1959 to 10r, cancelled Ahmadi-Kuwait c.d.s, other illustrated & FDC's - Qatar & Bahrain, various Air letters, various Olympics, mint sets in printed folder. (35) £80 to 100 £270.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
GULF STATES 1907 cover to Bombay with India ½a stamp cancelled by very fine BAHRAIN c.d.s. 1960's-70's mainly commercial mail from Bahrain, Um al Qiwain, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Fujeira, Sharjah, Kuwait & Qatar. (24) £80 to 100 £180.00
402   Used (on letter or envelope)
Military mail miscellany incl. (1912) APO skeleton used on manoeuvres, 1950's-60's FPO covers incl. Japan & Malta, Maldives, Middle East etc. (18) £50 to 65 £50.00
403   Used (on letter or envelope)
WWI - Australian Forces mail incl. two types of large two line censor on PPC's, one with AIF BPO Cairo c.d.s, the other routed through Cape Town, 'honour' E with fine '4th AUST.INF/BGDE' c.d.s, boxed four line censor on E with circular H.M.TRANSPORT, British FPO's '1W' (registered E) & 'D.W.5'. Also fine & scarce NZ 'No 1 STATIONARY A.P.O' c.d.s. on Egypt PPC to NZ. (7) £60 to 75 £100.00
404   Used (on letter or envelope)
WWI - Belgian Forces mail incl. printed E (faults) with cachet of the Inspector General mailed through APO/A to UK, PPC with cachet of Rouen Anglo Belgian Hospital, three censored UK cards to Belgian interned in Holland plus POW mail from Wahn, Gottingen & Soltau Camps. (13) £40 to 50 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
WWI - British Army in Russia: 21 Feb 1919 cover to USA censored by Lt. E A Sexton with mainly fine strike of the very scarce APO 'PB2' used by the British force in Archangel - unusual destination for this mail. Also plain E with crisp test strike of the PASSED BY CENSOR (crown)/No 79R mark planned for use in Russia. (2) £40 to 50 £66.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
WWI - British Forces in Palestine: 1917 registered E uprated with IEF 2as stamp, cancelled by FPO/22Y skeleton & very good examples of the scarce skeletons APO SZ28, H20 & 179 on covers plus SZ57 on registered receipt, also Jerusalem FPO/5Y & scarce IFPO/No 328 used in Mullebis. Small faults but a fine group of scarce marks. (7) £80 to 100 £105.00
407   Used (on letter or envelope)
WWI - British Forces in Egypt & Salonica range of FPO d.s. incl. scarcer: FPO/NMY of Fayum, APO/R60 Salonica rail head noted. Also scarce blue boxed LUXOR CONVALESCENT DE[POT] on PPC. (14) £60 to 80 £92.00
408   Used (on letter or envelope)
WWI - Canadian Forces mail incl. fine strikes of FPO's, RP3, RP4 & T20 plus scarce framed cachets of Shorncliffe & Bramshott Camps. Also 1918 USAPO 793 cover with censor tape & S. African army card with boxed censor. (7) £40 to 50 £52.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
WWI - East Africa: group of scarce OAS mail incl. fine strikes of IFPO's No 343 (June 1917) & 350 (Jan 1919), boxed Dar-es-Salaam censor (2) & s/line IEF. 'B' FPO marks of 305 & 52. Small faults but very elusive items. (5) £80 to 100 N/S
410   Used (on letter or envelope)
WWI - German Forces mail: very unusual, fine card bundle tag for mail to 1. Bavarian Infantry (1916), also items of field post mail incl. 1917 E with French stamp obliterated by unit cachet & unusual Franco-Prussian War card sent between military units. (7) £30 to 40 £42.00
411   Used (on letter or envelope)
WWI - Indian Army FPO's used in France, Egypt & Iraq, the latter incl. FPO's 31 (2), 80 & scarce 323 of Basra. (8) £50 to 60 £78.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
WWI - military instructional marks incl. doubly censored covers (2) to Argentina with circular 'S' in red & grey - unusually, remaining unstamped; scarce large boxed IMPROPERLY/POSTED/DELAY on BAPO/Z card to UK, very scarce three line explanatory h.s. on unsigned 'honour' E opened for censorship etc. Also 1916 commercial E to UK from Russia PART OF A MAIL CAPTURED/BY GERMANS AND DELAYED. Interesting group. (7) £80 to 100 £82.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
WWI - miscellany of OAS mail etc. incl. scarce 'Mission Militaire Francaise' cachets on 'honour' E to Algeria, variety of censors incl. Naval example, parcel label, registered mail, FPO's, mail sent through French PO etc. Good variety. (26) £60 to 75 £74.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
WWI - POW's in Ceylon: 1915-16 Ahmednagar Camp printed E's (2) to Bombay or Germany from German POW's held at Camp B or the Parole Camp, also scarcer printed postcard used (1915) to Germany. (3) £50 to 60 £50.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
WWI - POW's in Germany: covers & cards from Allied POW's incl. British men in Doberitz (3), Chateau d'Oex (Switzerland), Crefeld, Ruhleben, Senne & Torgau & French POW's held at Munster, Konigsbruck, Frierichsfelde, Soltau & Celle. Also unusual card to a POW at Doberitz with censor's 'return' cachet etc. (20) £80 to 100 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
WWI - Red Cross etc. incl. part doubled strike of the very scarce boxed three line cachet 'OAS/Posted from Ambulance Train/Liverpool St. Station', also three E's with different Red Cross cachets, one with unusual boxed OFFICIAL, another (faults) with 2½d stamps ex Friends' Ambulance Unit. (4) £60 to 80 £60.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
AUSTRALASIA/PACIFIC miscellany incl. 1935 Jubilee values on Pitcairn Island registered cover, Australia incl. scarce unused QEII 2/5d provisional registered E, Tonga circa 1916 1d PPC used to UK, Fiji incl. scarce 1943 censored E (X/115 label), New Zealand items etc. (22) £100 to 120 £175.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
Post WWI boundaries: 1921 French OAS cover with FPO 184 of Upper Silesia used during the supervision of the Plebiscite; also Oct 1921 long OHMS cover (faults) with cachet BRITISH DELEGATION/SERBO-BULGARIAN BOUNDARY COMMISSION sent by diplomatic bag, with 2d stamps cancelled in London. (2) £80 to 100 £80.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
MIDDLE EAST: covers incl. Jordan 1923 registered E to UK ex Amman with Saudi 1p (3 - 2 with faults) plus 1940 E with three line censor; Yemen unissued (?) imperf. set of five (accession to UN membership circa 1960) on registered E ex Taiz, Syria circa 1923-33 incl. French OAS card plus Turkey (4) incl. WWI Austrian OAS card. (13) £100 to 120 £110.00
420   Used (on letter or envelope)
WWII - Airgraphs, many with envelopes incl. scarce N Zealand type, Christmas greetings pictorials for 1943 (2), 1944 (2 different types) plus special 8th Army & MEF (4) versions & unused original 1944 RAF/MEF 'camel' form etc. (13) £80 to 100 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
WWII - British Forces in Scandinavia: covers from Icelandic FPO's incl. scarce 304, 306 (3 incl. scarce registered E) & 308. Also 1945 covers from FPO 832 (Norway) & 867 (Denmark). (7) £100 to 120 £80.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
WWII - Covers addressed to servicemen, redirected or returned with instructional marks incl. unusual 'Addressee/Reported Missing/J.E.S', THIS ITEM COULD NOT BE/DELIVERED AT THE/ADDRESS STATED, BELIEVED RETURNED TO/UK, UNTRACEABLE etc. - mainly 'home made' h.s. (7) £60 to 70 £72.00
423   Used (on letter or envelope)
WWII - East African Forces mail with variety of boxed censors incl. mail from EAAPO 2 (6), 58, 60, 77 & 84 plus red two ring POSTAGE PAID/S30 on censored POW letter sheet to Italy. Good group. (11) £70 to 80 N/S
424   Used (on letter or envelope)
WWII - Indian Army 'reserve' PO's - covers to India (5) or UK with Indian stamps, with two ring 'dumb' numbered c.d.s. of the 'reserve' type, unrecorded in use by Proud incl. 171, 273, 286, 287 (2) plus 292. Attractive group. (6) £50 to 60 £66.00
425   Used (on letter or envelope)
WWII - Indian Army covers incl. fine 'honour' E ex Ethiopia (1941), mail from Ceylon & Singapore (2 incl. scarce Bidadri item), also two fine examples of the 1944 Christmas airgraph & envelopes used to RNVR officer on HMS 'Braganza' at Bombay. (6) £70 to 90 N/S
426   Used (on letter or envelope)
WWII - Indian Army FPO's: variety of covers incl. air letters, many with supplementary airmail frankings, with good strikes of IFPO Nos 82, 91, 113, 126, 135 & 159, BPO'C' machine, Urdu 'honour' E's, various censors etc. Interesting group. (17) £60 to 70 £72.00
427   Used (on letter or envelope)
WWII - Indian Army in the Middle East: bundle of covers with various IAPO c.d.s. incl. 13, 14, 17, 21,22, 23, 24, 41, 42, 43, 48, 53, 54, 55 & 102 plus 'C' BPO & SBO No 7 c.d.s. Interesting variety of censors, many franked as airmail. (30) £120 to 150 £160.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
WWII - RAF in the Middle East etc: covers with RAF censorship incl. rare RAF POST 301 E ex RAF base on Cocos Island, the enclosed letter clearly describing 'this coral island''. Also Ceylon (1943, unusual 'dumb' cancel), Sudan & Burma RAF POSTS 2, 8, 183 & 303 plus (1945) example from Aden. Uncommon material. (11) £100 to 120 £125.00
429   Used (on letter or envelope)
WWII Allied invasion of Madagascar - fine cover with S. African stamps cancelled by APO-U-MPK/51 routed through EAAPO 53 (21.9.42) - scarce item. Also 1940-41 four covers from E. African forces, each with different military frank & E.A.ARMY POSTAL SERVICES c.d.s. No 1 (2) or 2 or EAAPO/2. (5) £50 to 65 £68.00
430   Used (on letter or envelope)
WWII - 1940-41 South African Forces mail through APO 2 (2), 4 (2) or 11 (scarcer Gilgil) in East Africa. (5) £40 to 50 N/S
431   Used (on letter or envelope)
WWII - Civilian mail: interesting lot incl. censored mail to Ireland (2 incl. Express item), good variety of censors incl. green RETURNED TO SENDER.. label, Red Cross message E's (2), much travelled returned E's (2), ration book etc. (21) £60 to 80 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
WWII - Undercover mail: Dec 1940 Thomas Cook 'ambulance cover' ex Belgium addressed via P.O. Box 506, Lisbon, with German & British censorship. £60 to 75 £60.00
433   Used (on letter or envelope)
WWII military miscellany: bundle of covers incl. registered items, unusual type of 'honour' E noted, with various British FPO cancellations incl. items from Greece, Malta (2), Japan, Nigeria, Palestine, Libya, Polish Forces etc. (29) £80 to 100 £80.00
434   Used (on letter or envelope)
1942-44 Collection of letters & airmail letter cards - Airgraphs from trooper serving 3rd Dragon Guards, 3rd Caribiniers in Deccan India, later with Hussars Persia & Iraq Force, lengthy correspondence home to Bradford, some great insight on events with M.E.F at this time. (50) £40 to 50 £76.00
435   Used (on letter or envelope)
WWII - 1942-44 correspondence from a Canadian officer ex UK, Libya & Italy to his wife in Ontario with a variety of stationery (mainly air letters), cachets, FPO designations, censorship etc. Unusual group. (28) £60 to 75 N/S
436   Used (on letter or envelope)
WWII - RAF in Africa, covers incl. 1942 pair to UK with RHODESIAN/AIR TRAINING GROUP cachets (Bulawayo), 1942-43 FPO 549 (Sudan) pair plus other RAF items. (8) £50 to 60 N/S
437   Used (on letter or envelope)
WWII - 1943-44 correspondence from a German attached to the RASC based in Ireland to his wife in London, written in German & mainly contained in stamped 'honour' envelopes & mailed through the civilian post, one opened by censor. Unusual. (8) £40 to 50 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
WWII - British POW's in Japan: Dec 1944 pair of POW 3d airmail cards to British soldiers held at Fukoka or Tokyo, captured by British Forces & RETURNED TO SENDER with appropriate cachets. Also March 1945 printed card to UK from POW in Malaya (?). Slight faults. (3) £70 to 90 £110.00
439   Used (on letter or envelope)
WWII - Allied Forces mail incl. Australian BPO/1 (Egypt) & 453 (Japan), APO/SC2 (Canadian Air Force), Czech field post (3), USAPO's (5 incl. captured German postcard April 1945). (12) £50 to 60 N/S
440   Used (on letter or envelope)
WWII - POW mail incl. 1945 2½d POW air letter to Stalag Luft 3, returned with cachet explaining the failure of the posts; various cards from POW's held in German Stalags incl. unusual RECOVERED POW MAIL cachet & covers to France, USA & Serbia, 1941 pair of E's with '...THE ADDRESSEE IS REPORTED PRISONER...' cachets. Also post war mail from Italian & German POW's held in India, E Africa, S Africa & France. (23) £100 to 120 £120.00
441   Used (on letter or envelope)
WWII - Royal Navy mail incl. three unusual boxed censors, oval FLEET POST OFICE cancel on registered E, uncommon 1945 Naval Christmas air letter ex Ceylon, HMS 'Theseus' Christmas card with photo of the aircraft carrier stuck inside etc. (7) £40 to 50 £56.00
  • Maritime
Used (on letter or envelope)
EUROPE: 1906 Norway PPC to UK with superb Hull Paquebot c.d.s. & VIA HULL routing cachet, 1910 PPC (SS 'Kaiser') with scarce Hamburg - Heligoland 'seepost' d.s. & on board cachet of the 'Kaiser', 1935 Portugal PPC (toning) with fine cachet of the 'KDF' cruise ship 'St Louis' plus 1958 Mexico E with cachet of Holland - America's SS 'Rotterdam'. (4) £65 to 80 £65.00
443   Used (on letter or envelope)
Africa/Middle East: Mombassa Paquebot c.d.s. cancelling KGV India 1a 3p pair on E to Kenya (1933) or GB 1/3d on 1953 E to USA; scarce PAQUEBOT/LAGOS on 1930 GB ½d 'Smye' cover to Nigeria, Haifa large boxed PAQUEBOT on Cunard cover to UK (1935), 1934 PPC with NZ 1d stamp cancelled by RMS 'Maunganui' MPO c.d.s. & 1956 E to UK with Suez Naval censor. (6) £120 to 150 £160.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
FAR EAST (1933) Johore 4c pair on E to India cancelled by fine Singapore Paquebot c.d.s. 1938 Malaya 5c on cover with scarce Kuching Paquebot c.d.s. 1931 PPC's (2) to USA with GB 1½d cancelled at Kobe or Japan, 5s cancelled by boxed PAQUEBOT with Hong Kong c.d.s. alongside. (4) £100 to 120 £100.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
Accountancy Marks: 1857-58 pair of stampless E's ex Peru to France via Panama & UK, one with scarce PANAMA /(date)/TRANSIT, both with 'GB/2F875/10' boxed accountancy marks plus French '12' or '24' charge marks; also 1863 E ex Cuba to France with boxed 'GB/1F60c' mark. (3) £60 to 75 £60.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
Disaster Mail: WWII period cover ex South Africa to UK, badly charred & water damaged with two line violet DAMAGED AS A RESULT OF ENEMY ACTION. £50 to 60 £66.00
447   Used (on letter or envelope)
EUROPE 1912-42 a useful selection of covers & postcards mainly of German interest from a nice group of Russian-Polish PPC's with 1912 pmks. Odd IIIrd Reich cover with fancy cancel & some interesting WWII German Occupation of Bohemia & Moravia, General Government & Estonia items with interesting usage & 1941 POW mail letter sheet from Stalag XXA. Worth viewing. (20) £35 to 45 £72.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
Paquebot cancellations Circa 1907-30 incl. pair of Italian PPC's with KEVII 1d stamps, s/line 'Posted on Board S/Y 'Vectis'.....' & four different Paquebot marks of Boulogne, scarce Grimsby, Algiers, Hong Kong & Yokohama. Useful group. (7) £100 to 120 £175.00
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