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Stamp auction - 21 July 2011 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 21 July 2011. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 139 - Mixed Lots & Accumulations
Lot Thumbnail   Description of lot Estimate Realised
31    M
BRITISH EMPIRE & COMMONWEALTH 1850's-1951 Substantial A-Z M & U collection housed in four philatelic albums with good ranges from many territories. Although there are better earlies included the strength is in the KGVI issues mainly M with useful Ascension, Bermuda, BSA, Hong Kong, Malaya States, Rhodesia etc. Also noted Australia & States, Guiana, Cape triangulars, New Zealand, Papua, Sierra Leone, St. Helena, Turks etc. Also some extra leaves containing approx 48 x 1935 Silver Jubilee sets mainly M. Nice original lot offered intact, inspection advised to appreciate. (approx 6420) £3000 to 4000 N/S
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH 1937 - circa 1952 fine, mainly M (many UM) collection of KGVI issues in SG. Vol IV (S to Z) dedicated album. Not entirely complete but incl. most definitive sets & good range of shades, perf. variations, 'a' numbers, flaws etc. Particular strength in St Kitts, Seychelles, Singapore, South Africa, S.W Africa (incl. Officials), Straits Settlements, Sudan & British PO's in Africa. Vendors estimated values have been updated & original annotations should be ignored. Attractive & valuable lot, worth inspection. ST Cat. £10,700 (1508) £1750 to 2500 N/S
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Mainly KEVII-QEII jumbo accumulation of mainly M issues in two stock books covering 60 territories plus a range of UPU issues (8) & a few M & U GB KGVI 1939-48 high values. Many multiples noted throughout plus full sets, some with shade & perf. varieties. Particular strength in Ascension, Australia, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Falkland Islands & Dependencies & Newfoundland. Virtually nothing after 1953. Viewing advised to appreciate material on offer. ST Cat. £11,000+ (many 100's) £1800 to 2500 N/S
34    M
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH collection of M KGVI issues in three New Age albums, countries A-Z with most sets to 2/6d or equivalent; also Omnibus issues incl. UPU, BWI Fed etc. Collection incl. better early printings & also a few QEII issues for GB & Agencies. Fine lot, very clean & fresh. ST Cat. £18,000 (4087) £2000 to 2500 N/S
35    M
WORLD COLLECTION housed in 14 albums (13x Simplex medium + ring binder), useful pickings, check out Canada, Capes, Greece, Italy, Japan, Newfoundland, Norway, Portugal & colonies, Spain, Straits Settlements, Sweden & Turkey. Original lot offered completely intact, careful inspection recommended. £1000 to 2000 N/S
FOREIGN 1840-1936 A most useful M & U collection housed in two New Ideal albums; useful ranges throughout with stronger sections from various countries e.g. Afghanistan, Austria, Belgium, Danzig - fine range incl. 1920 opts SG.21/25, 32/40 M Cat. £600+, Fiume with 1918 FU set to 10kr, extensive France with many better items incl. 1918 Airs with both 50fr M, total Cat. £1572+, better items from Greece incl. 1900 Olympic Surcharges, 1932 Zeppelin set, more from Memeli, Mongolia, Poland with SG.48a on piece - signed (needs checking), strong Russia section with scarce Airs + useful N.W Army selection, good Sweden, Switzerland, Yemen SG.1/3 FU. Much material to inspect & enjoy & potentially high catalogue value, though some items will need careful inspection. An interesting collection with much potential. (12700 approx) £1200 to 1500 N/S
AUSTRIA/HUNGARY 1868-1937 Fine M or FU collection of Austria from the 1868 issues for Austria & Hungary, very comprehensive & showing defins with the many perf varieties, Imperial Journal, Newspaper issues, Postage Dues, printing variations, early commem issues, charities through the first republic period 1920-30-s with scarce commem sets, Airs to 1927 virtually complete, good ranges of PO's in Turkish Empire incl. French Currency, Bosnia & Herzegovina in depth with defins, commems, Postage Dues, newspaper issues. Strong Military Post from 1915-18 + issues for Italy, Montegro, Rumania & Serbia. The Hungary section also in depth from 1868 empire issues with defin issues in runs showing the various wmk perf printing variations, many scarce vals noticed, all further issues incl. Flood Relief, War Charity opts, Postage Dues, newspaper items to 1918. Interesting collection, careful study should prove rewarding. (1760 approx) £700 to 1000 N/S
38    M
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH 1937 - Circa 1952 mainly M from territories lettered J to Z plus Sudan. Not entirely complete & missing top value of 1948 Silver Wedding issues. Useful noted incl. Mauritius, Newfoundland, Singapore, Seychelles, South Africa, Sudan & Tristan da Cunha. A fine clean lot lightly mounted on plain album pages in two spring back albums. Inspection invited. ST Cat. £4600 (1432) £700 to 1000 N/S
BALTIC STATES Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania 1918-40 valuable M & U collection of this very collectable area, showing high degree of completion, neatly displayed in Lindner s/book. Incl. Estonia from 1918 1st issues onwards with defins, incl. shades, perf/imperf variations & pmk interest, plus other issues, Charities, Red Cross, Airs through to 1940 + 1938-39 M/Sheets. Latvia from 1918 Rising Sun issue with many variations, commems through 1920-30's many both perf/imperf, Airs all present apart from 1933 'Riga-Bathurst Flight' set, further issues to 1940 Socialist Republic - 1st set + 1938-39 M/Sheets, Lithuania from 1918 Vilnius & Kaunas issues FU. The various defin ranges incl. valuable section of the 1922 currency changes - worth checking. All other issues present with many interesting commem sets showing both perf/imperf printings, many of these issues are scarce incl. 1938 Olympic Fund, Scouts Camp Fund, 1939 European Basketball Championship set FU, 1939-40 M/Sheets, Lithuanian Occ. of Serbia - good range + various Serbia circa. 1867-1919 neither being incl. in the valuation but should be an added bonus. (1283 + 9 m/s) ST.Cat. £4800 approx. £750 to 950 N/S
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mainly KGV-QEII period accumulation of M in black stock book. Good range of complete sets incl. some with additional shades, perf. variations etc. Better noted incl. Canada, Cayman Islands, Cyprus, Bermuda, British Guiana, Grenada, Fiji & Trinidad & Tobago amongst others. A few modern Greece & Netherlands & quantity of non postal Malta (Knights of Malta etc). plus some Jersey & Guernsey - all excluded from catalogue value. Good pickings throughout & worth inspection. ST Cat. £4500+ (1215) £700 to 850 N/S
41    M
BRITISH EMPIRE COLLECTION housed in two Imperial albums (nice condition - leather bound in blue) covering the period 1840-1935, useful M & U ranges throughout, well worth viewing. (1000's) £500 to 700 N/S
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Stanley Gibbons New Age album for QEII issues (No 3366) - period 1952-54 with some supplements for 1955. Not all territories covered & some gaps but many better sets & part sets noted. Fine condition throughout. Potential bidders should inspect to appreciate the scope of this lot. ST Cat. £3642 (884) £500 to 650 N/S
43    M
WORLD COLLECTION housed in 20 standard size albums plus 7x smaller albums, s/book, leaves etc. General ranges of British Commonwealth & foreign countries, 1000's stamps, inspection a must, heavy lot - fills two large cartons. £500 to 600 N/S
BRITISH EMPIRE 1840-1936 collection housed in New Imperial Vol 1 covering GB & ANTIGUA to MALTA useful M & U ranges. GB incl. 1840 1d (7) mixed condition, 1840 2d, 1847 10d embossed, ranges of Perf. L.E & general range of Surface Printed. A - M of Empire incl. Cape Triangles, Hong Kong & Indian States etc. Mixed condition, viewing recommended. £450 to 550 N/S
45    M
CZECHOSLOVAKIA/POLAND 1918-45 most comprehensive M/FU collection neatly laid out in a Deluxe black page s/book. Czechoslovakia from 1918 Scout Post pair FU, full ranges of Hradcany Castle issue with various printings, shades & varieties worth checking, commems, Austrian vals opt. Newspaper, Postage Dues, charity issues. Better items incl. 1925 Olympics opts M, same 1926, 1920 Airs perf/imperf sets M, more to 1939 incl. some with labels, various M/Sheets, related areas with E. Silesia-Teschen Czech Army in Siberia, various Sudetenland local issues. Poland from 1918 with Warsaw Citizens set (4) FU, various Germania issues opt for General Govt. Warsaw, Austrian stamps opt incl. 1918 Welfare Fund Mi.17/19 M + set with inverted opt (3) FU. All other issues with defins for North/South Poland - colour trials, 1920-30's issues with better items e.g. 1925 National Welfare Fund Mi.213/23 M, 1934 Katowice Stamp Exhibition pair opt UM - signed. All M/Sheets from 1928 Mi. block 1 M to 1939 Battles Anniversary Govt. in exile issues + related areas e.g. upper Silesia, E. Silesia, Levant, Port Gdansk - full range, central Lithuania - extensive, worth inspection. (1270 + 14 m/s) Cat. €2400+ (Mi. 2005) £400 to 500 N/S
46    M
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH collection chiefly QV-KGV period housed in a Tower album. Useful M & U ranges incl. Australian States & Revenues, British PO's in China, Canada, Egypt, Lagos, Natal, Nova Scotia, North Borneo, Samoa, Sarawak, St Vincent, Transvaal, Zululand & more. Also album of Indian States, miscellaneous on leaves & in a couple of stock books plus album of Belgian Congo, Rwanda & Mozambique Company. Well worth inspection. £350 to 400 N/S
47    M
TWO NEW IDEALS for Foreign countries A-Z 1840-1936 useful M & U ranges throughout, well worth viewing. £300 to 400 N/S
48    M
WORLD ACCUMULATION in carton incl. several collections in old albums incl. Lincolns (2), Ideal & others. World collection housed in four well filled Nubian black page albums, useful lot, inspection recommended. £300 to 400 N/S
49    M
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH collection of M & U in Senator album with ranges from British Bechuanaland, Cape of Good Hope, Ceylon, Gibraltar & Hong Kong. (100's) £300 to 350 N/S
50    M
THREE NEW IDEAL ALBUMS 1840-1936 containing all world general M & U collection. £300 to 350 N/S
51    UM
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH UM collection housed in six Lighthouse hingeless albums covering 1960's-90's, ranges from Antigua, Gibraltar, St. Christopher, St. Lucia & St. Vincent. £250 to 300 N/S
52    M
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH ranges housed in seven albums or stock books incl. British Africa, general West Indies, Malaya, Malaysia, Norfolk Islands, Solomon Islands & Tristan da Cunha etc. £250 to 300 N/S
53    M
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH QV to circa 1948 M range in display book with issues from territories alphabetically between M & S. Better noted incl. Pitcairn 1940 set, Sierra Leone 1938 set, St Helena KEVII 1902 ½d & 1d, 1903 1s, 1908-11 2½d, 4d (4) & 6d (3), KGV 1912 4d & 6d, 1916 ditto, 1912 to 1s (excl. 8d) & 1922 to 5s. Also 1938 KGVI set plus some multiples to 1s. Somaliland 1904 KEVII to 12a & KGVI 1938 set amongst others. Lots of useful material which should be viewed to appreciate. ST Cat. £1917 (646) £200 to 300 N/S
54    M
WORLD A - D + United States collection of M & U housed in a heavy Supreme Global Stamp album, 1000's of either M or U stamps with notable ranges from Algeria, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Columbia, Cuba, Denmark & USA. (1000's) £200 to 300 N/S
55    UM
Used (on letter or envelope)
ACCUMULATION in carton incl. quantity of world stamps in sheet format, Disney stamps in packets, loose world stamps, Chinese FDC's, British Commonwealth on leaves, Thailand 1980's sets UM & more. £150 to 250 N/S
56    UM
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH chiefly M or UM collection housed on hagner leaves in a ring binder. Useful ranges of Australia, AAT, BAT FID, Gibraltar & others plus the odd cover. (100's) £200 to 250 N/S
57    M
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Overprints & Surcharges. QV to QEII M & U accumulation on 14 hagner display pages. Material from 15 different territories, mainly Levant, Middle East, Morocco Agencies, Tangier plus a few from other African countries, New Hebrides etc. (not all with opts). Noted: good M & U selection of 1917-18 Trinidad & Tobago War Tax stamps, strength in Morocco Agencies, Levant & Middle East states incl. useful high values, Many M multiples together with fine U on piece with interesting cancellations. A few complete sets & a scattering of printing flaws. No positive identification by vendor, or checked by us. Condition fine throughout & inspection advised to appreciate the scope of this lot. ST Cat. Circa £1300 (700+) £180 to 250 N/S
58    M
KGVI COMMONWEALTH M & U collection in the printed album, ranges of part sets, excellent basis for expansion. (100's) £200 to 250 N/S
59    M
WORLD ACCUMULATION with various ranges on large quantity of album leaves, collections in albums incl. GB, Australia, foreign countries etc, fills two cartons. £150 to 250 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH COVERS 1917-later, mainly KGVI housed & written up in Lindner album incl. 1917 reg. cover 10c pair Hong Kong o/p China, tied oval reg. Shanghai B.P.O 1931 cacheted SS Bremen, catapult mail cover, 1937 Aden Dhow set to 1r, reg. Aden Camp, Australia 1940 Imperial Forces set on illustrated FDC, Tonga - Tin Can mail cover, also Canada, USA, Kenya with WWII censors, others British Africa, Malta, Newfoundland, Fiji, Pitcairn & Leeward Islands, Mauritius & Papua. (65) £150 to 200 N/S
61   Used (on letter or envelope)
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH COVERS 1904-later, range of covers comprising Australia, Australian States incl. postcards, New Zealand & India, many attractive illustrated & FDC's, useful Australia KGV Heads, 1924 3d rated cover with Japanese naval officer photograph on battleship Yakumo, sent to Tasmania with Sydney - British Empire Exhibition machine cancel, many WWII censors, 1940 censored Gold Coast commercial cover, franked 6d & 2s vals, well presented in Lindner album. (67) £150 to 200 N/S
62    M
MISCELLANEOUS ACCUMULATION in carton noted Egypt, Sudan, Canada, GB & more housed on leaves in albums & stock books etc. £150 to 200 N/S
63    M
TWO CARTONS containing a world collection incl. approx 11 albums incl. old Strands (3), Improved, Swiftsure etc. Quantities of loose stamps in envelopes, packets, loose in box etc. £150 to 200 N/S
64    M
WORLD COLLECTIONS (6) housed in old Strands (3), Lincoln, Triumph albums, plus box loose stamps, careful checking would repay. £100 to 200 N/S
65    M
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH ranges on hagner leaves or in stock books comprising Australia 1913-2009 (590), British Levant 1867-1921 (39), Gambia QV-2011 (98), Gold Coast & Ghana QV-QEII (493), Ireland 1922 - modern (228), Newfoundland 1865-1943 (144) & The Rhodesias early to modern (297). £150 to 180 N/S
66    UM
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH various on stock cards incl. KGVI sets incl. Bahrain 1942 set UM, 1948 set UM, Eritrea 1950 set UM, Kuwait 1948 set UM (top val M), also incl. Australia 1950 £2 Arms marginal UM, Trinidad & Tobago 1935 Pictorial defin set incl. perf variations. Very useful lot. (66) Cat. £600 £140 to 170 N/S
67    M
FOREIGN ranges of small M & U country collections on leaves comprising Azores, Belgian Congo, Brazil, Cape Verde, Chile, Dominican Republic, Liberia, Mozambique, New Caledonia, Nicaragua, Nyassa, Panama, Persia, Peru, St. Thomas & Prince Islands, Serbia, Togo & Venezuela. (100's) ST.Cat. £1800 (Stamps of the World 2008) £120 to 170 N/S
68    M
ALL WORLD collection in Maury album (Circa 1905 album in fine condition), good range of GB with useful Surface Printed KEVII vals to 5s, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Italy plus useful smattering of other areas mainly U. Close inspection will repay. £120 to 160 N/S
69   Used (on letter or envelope)
ACCUMULATION in carton incl. bundle of Chinese FDC's, China 2006 Year book, world collections in two Cardinal albums, GB QEII commemoratives & FDC's plus bag of loose foreign etc. £100 to 150 N/S
70    UM
ANTARCTICA M or UM collection housed in KA/BE hingeless album comprising A.A.T 1957-85 incl. 1966 defin set UM, 1973 defin set UM, attractive range UM commems, B.A.T 1963-87 incl. 1963 defin set M, 1971 defin set UM, 1973, 75 & 84 defin sets UM, range commems etc. CHRISTMAS ISLANDS 1958-87 incl. 1958 defin set UM $1 (toned), 1963 defin set UM, 1972 defin set UM, 1978 defin set UM, later ranges of commems, defins, M/Sheets etc. (446 + 10 m/s) Cat. £890 £100 to 150 N/S
71    M
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH large assortment housed in numerous stock books, ring binders & on leaves. Many 1000's. £100 to 150 N/S
72    M
CARTON containing eight stock books & three albums, chiefly Europe. £100 to 150 N/S
73    M
MISCELLANEOUS ACCUMULATION in large carton incl. quantity of GB FDC's, used PHQ cards, large s/book containing GB, Channel Islands, s/book of Germany with Third Reich sets, world in old Lincoln album, stamps in packets, USA & GB on leaves, Netherlands, Antilles, s/book of Russia, loose stamps in shoe box etc. £100 to 150 N/S
74    M
MISCELLANEOUS ACCUMULATION in carton incl. stamps in packets, on leaves, several stock books containing Germany, world collections in Buydon, Triumph & Cardinal albums, History of WWII cover collection in album etc. £100 to 150 N/S
75    M
Used (on letter or envelope)
MISCELLANEOUS ACCUMULATION in carton incl. GB P.O's Abroad, World collection in Cardinal album, box containing quantity of loose stamps, GB FDC's & stamps - various in albums & stock books etc. £100 to 150 N/S
76    M
WORLD A - Z Collection housed in fifteen ring binders. £100 to 150 N/S
77    M
WORLD COLLECTION in carton, approx. 12 old albums. Mainly juvenile collections, on leaves & loose in tin etc. £100 to 150 N/S
78    M
ACCUMULATION in large carton, mainly GB ranges in albums & stock books etc. Also world stamps & Omnibus issues etc. £100 to 120 N/S
79    M
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH accumulation, useful ranges on leaves or in stock books. (many 1000's) £100 to 120 N/S
80    UM
FIJI & B.I.O.T Collection housed in KA/BE hingeless album, Fiji 1938-87 M or UM incl. 1854 defin set UM, 1959 defin set M, 1962 set to 10s M. 1968 defin set UM, 1969 defin set M, ranges of commems UM, B.I.O.T 1968-90 incl. 1968 defin set UM, 1968 defin set M, 1975 Birds defin set UM etc. (584 + 18 M/S) Cat. £908 £100 to 120 N/S
81    UM
A.A.T & COCOS KEELING ISLANDS 1957-1991 chiefly UM collection housed in hingeless Safe & Lindner albums - odd stamp hinged. Better noted incl. A.A.T 1959 set, 1966 set, 1973 set & 1979 set, COCOS KEELING 1963 set, 1969 set, 1976 set, 1979 set & 1982 Butterflies etc. £80 to 100 N/S
82    M
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Aden to Zimbabwe M & U collection of chiefly KGVI/QEIII issues, plus a few earlies. £80 to 100 N/S
83    M
WORLD ASSORTMENT in a black page stock book, many 100's of M or U stamps. £80 to 100 N/S
84    M
WORLD COLLECTION housed in old Lincoln album, interesting assortment for checking. (100's) £50 to 100 N/S
85    M
WORLD COLLECTION housed in old printed Schaubek album, many 100's incl. GB & USA. £50 to 100 N/S
86    UM
WORLD MINIATURE SHEETS UM collection (odd VFU included) housed in 5 albums, good thematic content. (219) £80 to 100 N/S
87    M
AUSTRIA & SPAIN predominantly U collections in peg fit album, few M included earlies to 1970's period. (many 100's) £70 to 90 N/S
88    M
1900-1917 M & U selection on single album page, comprising 1900 German 'Yacht' 20pf FU & 25pf to 80pf M, 1905 ditto 3pf, 5pf, 10pf (2) & 20pf M. FRENCH CAMEROUNS 1915 5c, 10c, 35c & 45c U, 1916 opt. on stamps of Middle Congo 30c, 40c, 50c (3 - 1 thinned & not included) & 75c U, plus stamps of French Congo - 30c & 40c U. Some faults throughout. ST Cat. £550 (26) £50 to 80 N/S
89    M
BRITISH AFRICA M & U ranges on stock leaves from Nyasaland, Rhodesia & Nyasaland, Rhodesia, S. Rhodesia & N. Rhodesia, highlights incl. Rhod & Nyasa 1954 defin set M, N. Rhod 1948 Silver Wedding set FU, S. Rhod 1937 set U etc. Condition mixed in places. (272 + 2 covers) ST.Cat. £600 £65 to 80 N/S
90    M
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH M & U ranges of part sets or odds in large stock book mainly KGVI/QEII period, plus a few earlies, some duplication, covers Cayman Islands to Zanzibar. (many 100's) £60 to 80 N/S
91    Used
EUROPE chiefly FU collection of Finland, Greece, useful Liechtenstein ST.Cat. £500+ (incl. M), plus selection of Switzerland on hagners. (100's) £65 to 80 N/S
92    M
EUROPE two black page stock books containing collections of Belgium & colonies (1000), Italy & colonies (1000), earlies to modern, some duplication. £50 to 80 N/S
93    M
MISCELLANEOUS ACCUMULATION in carton incl. 100's in packets, stock cards & album pages, all periods. KGV - later study of N Rhodesia postmarks, other British Africa incl. S Rhodesia cancels on Double Heads. World covers with colourful multiple frankings (100+), North Africa photographs, GB & New Zealand modern stamps in stock books, Japan collection & old album of useful philatelic literature, to sort. £50 to 80 N/S
WATERLOW (Specimens) Circa 1930's 8 imperf singles Colomba, Mozambique (3), Brazil, Spain, Peru & Salvador ovpt Waterlow & Sons Ltd/Specimen in black or Specimen in red (Brazil), scarce group each on piece cut from sample book (8) £45 to 65 N/S
95    UM
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH fine UM range in s/book, Omnibus 1965 ITU 92 vals, 1966 Royal Visit 26 vals, few Churchill Malayan Orchid sets (13), India, Malaysia, NZ, Gilberts, Malawi, Nigeria, Abu Dhabi, Malta, Australia, Grenada etc. mainly QEII. £50 to 60 N/S
96    M
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH on large stock cards & loose in envelopes, with Australia M & U range - face approx. $60, remainder mainly U. More Australia, GB incl. 1948 Silver Wedding £1 M, Hong Kong 1935 Silver Jubilee set U, modern Commonwealth air mail - aircraft on stamps M, UM sets as new issues, also New Zealand & Canada etc. Very useful lot. £50 to 60 N/S
97    M
ACCUMULATION in box incl. Afghanistan collection in album, British Africa in stock book, Israel on stock leaves, British Levant on hagners. £40 to 50 N/S
98    Used
EUROPE good to FU collections on printed leaves comprising Albania 1913-22 (32), Bulgaria 1884-1941 (49), Czechoslovakia 1925-39 (132), Hungary 1871-1938 (110), Poland 1919-34 (86), Yugoslavia & Serbia (13) ST.Cat. £350+ (Stamps of the World 2008) £35 to 50 N/S
99     THE WARWICK ALBUM for Crests & Arms containing a collection of approx 2500 stuck in, attractive Embossed Coats of Arms in Colour or Colourless Relief incl. Shipping, Gentry, Schools, Railway, Anti Slavery Soc, Insurance, City Arms, attractive & unusual lot. £30 to 50 N/S
100    M
WORLD COLLECTION housed in a well filled Liberty album. (1000's) £30 to 50 N/S
101    M
ALBUM containing small range of mainly U earlier USA in mixed condition, few Kuwait, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt M etc. £20 to 25 N/S
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