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Stamp auction - 6 September 2012 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 6 September 2012. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 142 - Germany
Lot Thumbnail   Description of lot Estimate Realised
  • Germany - States
BAVARIA 1849-1920 specialised M & U collection expertly written up on leaves in protectors, starting from 1849 the first issue with shades & printing information well identified, then continuing in much detail with shades, variety & pmk interest, Arms types in depth through to 1920 the new definitive set, various issues incl. marginals, varieties, extensive Officials & Postage Dues. The earlies as usual are in varied condition. ST.Cat. in the region of 14,000€ £700 to 1000 N/S
577    M
1850's useful M & U collection in Lighthouse dedicated album, from Baden, 1851 3k, 9k, 1953-58 3k, 6k issues - mixed condition, SG.16, 17 & 20 FU, Cat. £110. Further issues - items from Bergedorf, Brunswick, Hamburg - good range Hannover - similar, Heligoland - possible reprints, N German Confederation values to 5gr & 18k, Oldenburg interesting reprints, Prussia clean range, oddments from other states, larger ranges from Bavaria & Wurttemberg, as with states the condition & status is varied + 2nd Schaubek album, sparsely dotted with States issues + oddments from Danzig, German PO's in China, Levant etc. Careful study should prove rewarding. (550 approx) £100 to 140 £165.00
Schleswig-Holstein 1850-66 desirable M & U collection easily identified on two stock sheets, from 1850 1s deep blue, 1s Prussian blue (fault), 2s (SG.4) all three copies unused. 1864-65 Joint administration by Austria & Russia, various values with M & U copies, further different administration issues, an extensive range with extra values. As with German States the condition varies but the general condition is clean & should prove rewarding. (77) ST.Cat. £6600+ £300 to 400 £500.00
Saxony 1851-57 good mainly FU election on Hagner card from 1851 3pf SG.4 (2), SG.7 (2) clean FU copies, 1851 Friedrich August II issues ½, 1, 2, 3ngr SG.10/14 each x2 FU, 2ngr SG.15 FU - close cut, 1855-63 King Johann 1 1ngr-10ngr with extra copies worth checking for shades - all FU. 1863-67 Embossed Arms Type - all values with extra with M & FU. Good clean lot with usual variations of quality. (73) ST.Cat. £5400+ £300 to 400 £330.00
Oldenburg 1852-67 M & U range on Hagner page from 1st issues with 1/30th SG.2,3,4 each type FU, 115th nice clean copy FU on piece, 1/10th close cut at bottom o/w nice. 1859-61 issues from ¼g-3g with extras - varied condition. 1862-67 Embossed issues both M or FU, varied examples with added pmk interest. (38) ST.Cat. £6400+ (SG) £300 to 400 £300.00
  • Germany
581    M
Accumulation (all periods) of M & U stamps on album leaves & large s/book with duplicated sections of East Germany. A second s/book with mainly West Germany, Anglo Zones - some better early post-war noticed, other areas from Empire IIIrd Reich etc. Mixed section on album leaves with useful Bavaria, Wurttemberg ranges, needs sorting to prove rewarding. (several 1000's) £100 to 130 £130.00
582    M
Used (on letter or envelope)
CARTON containing various collections/ranges housed in six albums & a stock book incl. useful Third Reich, Allied Occupancy, plus a few covers/cards & miscellaneous items to view. £250 to 300 £250.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
19th century covers incl. (1820) Magdeburg EL to France, stationery incl. scarce uprated Saxony 2gr E, 1860s COD cover with Baden 1gr etc. Also Heligoland stationery cards (4) incl. one used (1886). (16) £60 to 70 N/S
1872-1932 M & U collection in Lighthouse One Country album from 1872 small shield, all values except 2kr FU varied condition though ½gr, 5gr-600d, Cat. £190 (SG), 10g-30g (SG.14 & 15) unused, high catalogue, 172 large shields - a similar range to 18kr. Further Empire issues to 1900 with useful range of SG.38 showing different shades, without & with 'E' issue in depth with shades - all FU. Various Germania printings with some high values, 1920's with inflation, Airs, with 1924 set FU (SG.358/64), Cat. £350, 1926 set FU (SG.392/99), Cat. £170, Charity sets incl. 1924 set (SG.365/6), Cat. £100, 1927 Labour Office opts set FU (SG.421/23), Cat. £250. Full defin sets 1930, 1931, 1932, Charity sets FU total Cat. £390 - Good range of Officials (back of the book), a scattering of Colonies & PO's Abroad (worth checking) Basis for a good collection with many better items noticed. (724) £300 to 400 £470.00
585    M
1872-44 Germany related areas & occupations, a useful M & U collection in Schaubek & Lighthouse albums. Album 1 from 1872 with a range of small & large shields - worth checking, further 19thCent issues, Germania Reichpost to 1m FU, more issues through 1920-30's. A few Third Reich incl. Brown Ribbon M/Sheet, two Hitler M/Sheets, both with faults, various pre-war Officials + a section of WWII Bohemia & Moravia. The Lighthouse album contains sections of Danzig, Memel, better Saar incl. 1921 5pf-25m set M SG.53/68, Cat. £80 + same issue, a page of varieties with tete-beche pairs, 3m, 5m with inverted centre, 3m with black centre, some WWI Occupation of Belgium, Poland, Romania, Upper Silesia plus others, interesting lot. (1000+ 3 m/s) £170 to 200 £200.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1880's-90's 19th Century Locals - selection of mainly Packetfahrt, Berlin, local post used, unused, postal stationery envelopes & postcards, showing a variety of formats, variations & commercial usage. The odd local stamp usage noticed + a Hannover Mercury post 3pf postal stationery letter card with additional stamps added, ready for use. A popular area to collect. (22 covers/cards) £75 to 120 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1880's-90's 19th Century Local Posts - an interesting group of mainly Berlin local post postal stationery cards & covers, showing a wide range of formats, postal markings & cachets with commercial usage, worth researching. Items include a 3pf packetfahrt envelope opt 'Ungultig' Munchen courier cards, Magdeburg-Buckau courier 2½pf local stamp FU on postcard, worth further study. (25 covers/cards) £90 to 135 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
Stadtpost stationery / PPCs, all used incl. Berlin chromo PPC with 2pf stamp, scarce 2pf journal wrapper & card, Hannover stamped PPC & 2½pf card, Munich 1½pf stamp on PPC plus (1907) use of Crefeld card with 3pf Germania stamp. (7) £50 to 60 N/S
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1900-33 (circa) incl. various 'Germania' frankings incl. 3pf single (3) one with scarce Hamburg machine cancel, express, censored, stationery, incl. better, 1929 airmail etc. (23) £80 to 100 N/S
1902 Germania 20pf violet/ultramarine Mi.72a bottom marginal UM Pair. Cat.Mi 320€ (2) £60 to 80 £50.00
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1914-48 selection of IIIrd Reich covers, cards, a couple of earlier items & a few stamps, mainly General Government from 1914 5pf Bavarian p.s. card posted Memmingen. 1926 Frankfurt (Main) Flugplatz item with New York Philatelic Exhibition label, IIIrd Reich incl. some interesting items with 1935 scarce Mozart Anniversary card with slogan cancel (odd fault). 1937 Berlin Anniversary card, 1936 Olympic cards incl. p.s. items, one Austrian usage (damaged), Hitler cards incl. difficult to find Austrian Plebiscite item & other covers incl. 1914 censored Feldpost. A few stamps incl. 1948 West Berlin 1m opt. Berlin FU, SG. B17 Cat. £190 still on dealers card. Overall a useful lot with potential. (19 covers + 27 stamps) £100 to 130 £110.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
Red Cross theme PPC's, strong in the 1914-18 WWI area. A fine range in album, official, illustrated & photographic items with Hospital Military scenes, German Military Personalities, Cartoon Types, some postally used with Feldpost markings, colourful promotional cards from various producers/printers. There are a couple of Third Reich cards & a few post war items. A nice lot, well worth inspection. (73 cards/covers) £150 to 200 £160.00
593    UM
Block larger than four or stamp booklet
1919 'War Damage Assistance' 10 + 5pf opt. on 10pf Germania Mi 105A, full sheet of 100 UM with Han No. 2458/19, expertised Infla-Berlin. Good fresh sheet, odd small tear RHS margin, hardly detracts. ST Cat. 1875€ (100) £120 to 150 N/S
594    UM
Block larger than four or stamp booklet
1921 Germania/Numeral issue se-tenant/tete-beche values in full or part sheets UM, values Mi MHB 1/9, with MHB 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9, all third or full sheet MHB 2. Full sheet split in two MHB 4 half + third sheet. Nicely displayed showing margins with Han Nos printers markings. Lovely specialist lot. Cat. approx. 1460€ (750) £250 to 300 N/S
 Block of four
1922 4m Higher Value Posthorn Imperf marginal M block of four (2x UM), some minor wrinkles, Mi.193u, Cat. (UM) 1200€ £200 to 250 N/S
596    UM
Block larger than four or stamp booklet
1922-23 Airmail issues 25pf - 3m Mi 210/217B values UM in complete sheets of 100 + 1923 5m - 200m Mi 263/7 UM in complete sheets of 100 + extra 100m sheet, larger design folded. Total Cat. as stamps 1610€ + premium for Han Nos & advertising etc. £150 to 200 N/S
1924 Airmails 'Wooden Dove' design set UM, Mi 344X/350. Cat. €1500 (Mi 2008) (7) £250 to 300 N/S
598    UM
1925 German Traffic Exhibition, Munich 5, 10pf values, both wmk types MI.370/1x, 370/1y UM + 10pf striking paper fold variety on bottom L. Marginal single UM, 1925 stamps commemorating Rheinland's 1000 yrs with Germany, 5pf/20pf MI 372/4. Two sets UM + in marginal blocks of four showing side/bottom markings - all UM, all nicely displayed on leaves from an impressive collection. (23) ST.Cat. €650. £120 to 165 N/S
 Air Mail
Used (on letter or envelope)
1930 Catapult Flight cover from steamship 'Bremen' to New York, franked various airmail stamps with slogan & flight cancellations, red catapult cachets & a most attractive Lloyd line vignette. (1) £30 to 40 £30.00
600    Forgery
1930-33 Zeppelin sets, forgeries in complete sheets of 50 comprising 1930 South American flight, SG.456/7, 1931 Polar flight, SG.469/71 & 1933 Chicago flights SG.510/11 (total of 7 complete sheets = 350 stamps) £60 to 75 N/S
601    Used
1933-45 Third Reich - an excellent chiefly FU collection in Lighthouse One Country album, many better items noticed from 1933 Opening of the Reichstag set, 6pf is M, Hindenburg defins mesh wmk set, Wagner Welfare Fund SG.513/21, Cat. £350, 1933 Chicago Flight set, SG. 510/11, Cat. £1000, 1934 Welfare Fund, SG.551/59, other charity sets, 1936 summer Olympics pair of M/Sheets M, 1937 Brown Ribbon of Germany, SG.MS673a, various Hitler M/Sheets, 1939 Nurburgring ranges (3) + all issues to 1945 SS Troupers pair (as is), scarce Officials. A section of WWII Occupations with Bohemia & Moravia, Gen Govt, Elsace, Lothringen, Luxemburg, Ostland, Ukraine. Collection with FU now getting difficult to find. (850 + 8 m/s) £450 to 550 £560.00
1936 Brown Ribbon m/s M SG. MS618 1937 Hitlers Culture fund m/s UM SG. 637 (2 sheets Cat. £360 in SG). Few other items. stamps on piece with special packs incl. Gen Govt 50g on P.C. tied Hitlers Birthday Commemoration Krakow cancel etc. (10) £50 to 70 £45.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
Third Reich covers etc. incl. Hindenburg 5pf, 6pf & 12pf reply postcards, Francotype meter proof, COD parcel cards (2), 1938 anschluss card, censored mail (4), 1942 insured cover, fieldpost incl. luftfeldpost etc.(21) £60 to 70 £66.00
1939-45 WWII Propaganda forgeries KGVI ½d-3d unused values marginal, Mi.3-8, 2½d value has full selvedge + KGVI 3d value opt framed 'Liquidation of Empire - Hong Kong' used with forged London c.d.s, Mi.IV-14. (6) Cat. 450€ £80 to 100 £92.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1940's V.D.A Ethnic Germans association portrait cards. A colourful mainly unused collection, featuring local and ethnic Germans in their costumes, produced from paintings by various artists, included are a group of Willrich cards featuring personnel from the Military, Luftwaffe and U.Boats. There are two landscape scenes of Eupen and Malmedy by the artist Holler & the odd item with extra postal interest. Lovely lot worth inspection. (42) £200 to 250 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
Civilian Internment Mail 1941-42 pair of covers sent from France to Mr Alexander, No 792 British Internee Civilian Ilag VIII Tost, Germany. The covers each have a different style camp censor cachet. (2) £40 to 50 £52.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1945-60s (circa) cover with useful Occupation items incl. fu scarce 1950 Berlin Opera card, unused stationery items, 1961 rocket-post cover, DDR 1950s air cards etc. (18) £50 to 60 £70.00
  • Germany - Occupations during WWII
608     SERBIA - YUGOSLAVIA 1943 Fiscal stamps on a group of documents 12"" x 8"". An interesting lot showing various fiscal values, cachets & signatures. Worth researching. (25) £30 to 40 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
BOHEMIA & MORAVIA 1939-42 fine range of covers & postcards showing extensive postal usage with many different stamps & post offices noted. Covers from Bojkovice, Laun-1 Kladno, Morkowitz, Lanzhot, Rokitzan, Ungarisch - Hradisch + more with registered, censored Postage Due, Official, commemorative cards incl. Hitler + illustrated items. Would look impressive if written up. (37 items) £100 to 150 £100.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
GENERAL GOVERNMENT - Poland 1940 stamps of Poland opt 2g on 5g to 3z on 3z SG.272/391, set of 26 on two covers registered 'Krakau 1' Hamburg receivers on reverse, odd spot on one cover & slightly shorter where opened o/w two eye catching items. (2) £50 to 85 £62.00
  • Germany - Allied Zones
611    M
SOVIET ZONE/ EAST GERMANY/ ALLIED ZONES M & U collections in Lighthouse & Schaubek One Country albums. Album 1 has a sprinkling of issues from the Soviet Zones with Berlin-Brandenburg E & W Saxony, Soviet Zone opts, various commems incl. Leipzig Fairs. Decent M & U E/Germany with better early issues incl. 1959 Scientists FU, SG.E20/29, Cat. £100 + more. Album 2 with Russian, Anglo American Zones, note Building to 5dm with printing variations, commems incl. Goethe Anniv (3) Cat. £43, French Zone with 1945 First issue 1pf-5m set FU, SG.F1/13, Cat. £250. More issues from Baden, Rheinland-Pfalz & Wurttemberg, Russian Zone incl. Thuringen 1946 Goethe M/Sheet FU. Comprehensive Saar circa 1947-59 - all M. Attractive collection with potential. (1770 + 13 m/s) £350 to 450 £460.00
  • Germany - West
1949-55 fine UM range of sets from 1949 Stamp Cent set UM, 1949 UPU set UM, 1949 Refugees set UM, 1951 Charity set UM (minor gum bends), 1951 Philatelic Exhibition set, 1951 Humanitarian Relief Fund set UM, 1951 Rontgen UM (gum bends), 1952 Otto Gas Engine UM, 1952 Youth Hostels set UM, 1952 Humanitarian Relief Fund set UM, 1952 Telephone Service UM, 1953 Science Museum UM, 1953 Liebig UM, 1953 Transport set UM, 1953 Philatelic Exhibition set UM, 1953 Humanitarian Relief Fund set UM - faults, 1954 & 55 Humanitarian sets UM. Clean lot of better items. (45) Cat. £1650 £150 to 200 £200.00
613    Used
Used (on letter or envelope)
1949-69 West Germany useful FU collection with many good items noticed, from 1949 Opening of Parliament pair SG. 1033/4, UPU, Posthorn set + extras - most issues to 1969 incl. defins. + coils. Basis for a good collection. ST Cat. £1130+ (495, 3 m/s, 6 covers) £120 to 150 £100.00
614    Used
1949-90 Excellent FU collection in 4 ring One Country album, good range of completion particularly from 1949-70's with all the scarce early issues included from 1949 Opening of Parliament (pair) SG.1033/4, Anniv of German Stamps, UPU, Refugees Relief Fund. To 1933 we came to nearly £2000 Cat. with much more to go. With a few later additions this will make a fine collection. (1130 + 17 M/S) £200 to 250 £200.00
615    Used
1949-97 FU collection in three Lighthouse or Schaubek One Country albums. Album 1 is virtually complete to 1979 with all the scarce early issues from 1947 Opening of Parliament pair. The other two albums do not have much in early issues but help to enlarge the collection to 1997. (1740 + 30 m/s) £325 to 375 N/S
1950 Bach Bicentenary corner marginal M set, 1951 St. Marys Church set M, top marginals, SG.1043/4, 1067/8. (4) Cat. £285 £30 to 40 N/S
  • Germany - Berlin
617    Used
1948-73 decent FU collection in quality Lighthouse One Country album + a selection in a Schaubek album + a few issues from post-war Saar. Album 1 from 1948 Black Berlin opts to 80pf - same red opts (need checking) Better early issues noticed are the 1949 Building set to 5dm, 1949 Goethe Centenary set, SG.61/3, Cat. £225, Freedom Bells, SG.75/99, 82/86, 101/5 - 3 sets, Cat. £360. There's more to 1973 + a few later to 1987. Good lot to develop. (569 + 4 m/s) £200 to 250 N/S
618    M
1948-90 chiefly U ranges in a large stock book, several better incl. 1949 opts in red to 2m U, 1949 UPU set U, 1949 Goethe set U, 1949 Surcharge set U, 1959 Philharmonic set U, 1959 European Recovery 20pf U, 1951 Stamp Day set M, 1952 Olympic Games set M & U, several of the 'Bell' issues, Famous Berliners etc. Duplication is present, but better items will catalogue up well. (100's) £120 to 150 £150.00
619    M
1948-90 comprehensive M&U collection housed in a s/book, from 1948 various black/red 'Berlin' opts. with vals to 1m, all FU. Plenty of scarcer early issues well represented incl. 1949 Buildings with 1-5m FU, many commems, defins & M/Sheets, some both UM & FU through to 1990. Good selection of se-tenants & the odd booklet pane. Excellent basis for expansion. ST Cat. 3300+€ (1033 + booklets, se-tenants & 7 M/S) £130 to 150 £140.00
1949 Berlin Relief Fund set, VFU, SG.B68/70. Cat. £725 £100 to 140 £100.00
1949 UPU set M (heavy hinge marks), SG. 354/60. Cat. £750 (7) £60 to 80 N/S
  • Germany - East
622    Used
1949-71 Extensive mainly FU collection housed in two quality Lighthouse One Country albums, appears complete stamp-wise in all the scarcer early issues from 1949 UPU with better items noted incl. 1950 Scientists set, Cat. £100, Visit of the Polish President (PR) Friendship with China set, Cat. £95, 1964 15th Anniv of G.D.R large M/Sheet, Cat. £110 + much more. (1300 + 21 m/s) £160 to 200 £160.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1950 Leipzig Spring Fair set SG.E7/8, 1950 Peace Propaganda set, SG.E33/6, 1951 Spring Fair SG.E39/40 & 1951 Polish President set SG.E41/2 each set used on an envelope to England, tied by Borne Leipzig c.d.s, scarce sets on cover. (4) £30 to 35 N/S
  • Germany - Post Offices in Turkey
1884 2½pi on 50pf grey green Type A & 2½pi on 50pf olive green Type A, both FU, SG.6, 7. (2) Cat. £385 £70 to 90 £92.00
1889 Original printings set of five FU, SG.9, 11, 13-15, Mi.6-10. Cat. £225 £40 to 50 N/S
1905 set to 10pi FU, SG.35-44, the 5pi the scarcer 26 x 17 perf holes, Cat. £343 £80 to 100 £88.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1915-18 German Military Mission to Turkey. A fascinating group of PPC's + four covers all showing a variety of postal markings incl. Marine Schiffspost, Feldpost, Konstantinopel (Mil Miss) Cachets, censor franks, Military Unit markings + the added interest of the postcards subject matter - scarce views + a Turkish embossed coin card. Worth inspection. (30 items) £100 to 125 £105.00
  • Germany - Colonies
SOUTH WEST AFRICA 1897 50pf un-issued with Type 1 ovpt, fresh M, see footnote in SG. Cat. £300. £90 to 120 N/S
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