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Stamp auction - 29 November 2012 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 29 November 2012. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 143 - Germany
Lot Thumbnail   Description of lot Estimate Realised
  • Germany - States
607   Used (on letter or envelope)
19th Century postal stationery envelopes, 17 unused embossed items from Braunschweig, Hamburg, Heligoland, Luebeck, Prussia, Mecklenburg-Schwerin etc, all quite good condition, odd crease & age marks - should clean up. Range of postal documents of The Early German Republic incl. 5 telegraph forms. Good lot, worth further research. (45) £85 to 100 N/S
608   Used (on letter or envelope)
BAVARIA 1874-1920 collection of 68 M & postally used postal stationery items with cards incl. private illustrated, envelopes, letter & reply cards & money order examples. A good section of postally used with pmk. interest incl. Postage Dues & some of the private p.s. cards commemorate Jubilee events. Worth inspection. (68) £65 to 75 £76.00
609    M
BAVARIA Railway Officials 1908-14 useful range on stock cards & a display leaf, 1908 Shields opt 'E' Mi.1/5 FU, 1911 3p-50pf Mi.6-11 & 1914 3pf-20pf - all FU. Total Cat. 186€ + similar ranges in quantity on cards. Also postally used card & cover with railway stamps. (129 + 1 cover, 1 card) £35 to 40 £56.00
HAMBURG 1864-65 7s orange FU with barred cancel, from SG.34/5. (1) Cat. £160 £30 to 35 £30.00
HANOVER 1863 3pf yellow green good to large margins M, very fresh, SG. 34. £50 to 65 £50.00
  • Germany
Ex Dealers Remaindered Stock housed in nine albums or Stockbooks, M & U ranges of complete & part sets, singles etc. incl. better West Germany & Berlin. £300 to 400 £240.00
613    M
SHOE BOX containing selection on black stock cards incl. States to Third Reich, high catalogue but varied condition, also Danzig & a few Occupation issues, requires careful inspection. £200 to 250 £200.00
614    Used
1872-1931 Useful nearly all FU collection in Lindner One Country album, from 1872 large & small shields - good range with vals to 18k mostly good examples, more 19thC issues with shades noted, strong ranges of Germania with high vals, different printings, Peace, Wartime types, shades, most later issues with defins, commems e.g. 1924 Welfare Fund (MI 351/4) Airs, Inflation, some Charity issues, 1930-31 Zeppelin 1, 2, 4rm vals. Further Zeppelin vals - all repro, good range of Officials. Catalogue value will add up, though scarcer shades would require checking. As with used items, more verification is needed. Useful lot with potential. (642) £350 to 450 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1900 5pf Centenary private postal stationery card MI.PP 19E/10 depicting Prince Heinrich of Prussia against a Naval Fleet Backdrop, card sent from Kiel to Dresden (with arrival c.d.s), rarely seen card. (1) £60 to 75 N/S
1902 1m P.13¾ M (minor stain at top), SG. 77b. £100 to 120 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1903 3pf 'Dfutsches Reich' spelling variety Mi.69I, FU on a neat clean cover posted Rheydt. Scarce on cover. (1) £60 to 75 £60.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1913 PPC of Grebenstein sent to Beckenham, England, bearing an aquadent label se-tenant pair Mi.R12b, tied with appropriate pmk, one of the earliest se-tenant combinations, particularly hard to find on cover. (1) £130 to 175 £170.00
619    UM
Used (on letter or envelope)
1914-18 (circa) German infantry generals a group of 8 P.P.C featuring individuals on horseback, all in colour produced in Berlin; possibly a set. £30 to 40 £32.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1914-18 Group of 12 mainly unused Aviation cards inscr. 'Deutscher Lufflotten-Verein, one card being an East Prussian feld post edition, fascinating designs, some in colour featuring battle scenes. (12) £45 to 60 £52.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1914-18 Range of WWI cards featuring The Infantry in Action, the reverse of the cards show a diverse range of promoters incl. invalid associations & the German Red Cross + more, many notable scenes. (20) £75 to 90 £96.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1914-18 WWI Military postcards showing Cavalry in Action, a wide range of producers incl. Veterans Associations, some cards postally used with feld post & unit frankings, notable battle scenes. (20) £65 to 80 £80.00
623   Used (on letter or envelope)
1916-19 German Military Mission in Turkey. A fine group of feldpost & PPC's sent from the area, many interesting scenes & personnel with views of Constantinople, Mount Carmel, rural scenes etc, Deutsche feldpost, marine schiffspost cancels, SMS Breslau Maritime card + many more scarce items. (29) £100 to 140 £100.00
624   Used (on letter or envelope)
1919-25 Small group of internal flight covers with interesting postal & flight cachets from 1919 Weimar National Assembly flight to Berlin - Eilbote Express cover with centre fold (not affecting stamps), more interesting items with acceptance cachets from Berlin, Stettin, Danzig postal stationery card with oval Luftpost cancel + more. Well worth researching. (7) £60 to 80 N/S
625   Used (on letter or envelope)
1921 40pf Germania tri-fold private advertising, showing a most interesting range of product adverts from the Nurnberg area. An unused item showing minor signs of wear not detracting. Rarely seen. (1) £30 to 50 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1923 Illustrated Flight card Leipzig - Charlottenburg, the card celebrating the Leipzig Fair is franked with the 'Rhein & Ruhr' Relief Fund set Mi.258/60 + 5, 10m Airmails, all tied with Leipzig c.d.s's, green Luftpost label with red Charlottenburg - Berlin acceptance cachet. (1) £70 to 95 £130.00
627    M
1924-30 Fine M selection of better items from 1924 Welfare Fund set, SG.365/8, 1927 Welfare Fund set, SG.417/20, 1927 Labour Office set, SG.421/3, 1928 1m Zeppelin, SG.443, 1930 IPOSTA set, SG.461/4. (16) Cat. £266. £40 to 50 £40.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1930 International Philatelic Exhibition M/Sheet 'IPOSTA' Mi Block 1 FU on illustrated Concordia Friendship cover, registered at the Berlin Exhibition, complete with Exhibition cancels, some wrinkles & slightly soiled but still very scarce on cover. (1) £400 to 500 N/S
1930 IPOSTA M/Sheet good M (gum very patchy), SG.MS464a. (1) Cat. £550 £80 to 120 £80.00
Used on piece or front
1930 South America flight 4m Zeppelin VFU, SG. 456. £100 to 120 N/S
631   Used (on letter or envelope)
Circa 1930-40 German Sculpture - lovely range of photo culture cards featuring the works of Arno Breker, Hans Haffenrichter, Richard Scheibe, Robert Stieler, Hans Anker etc, emphasis on nudes. Provided by an interesting range of printers in Berlin, all in fine condition. (40) £120 to 150 N/S
Used on piece or front
1933 Chicago 1m Zeppelin U Berlin c.d.s. on small piece (one weak corner), SG. 510. £75 to 100 N/S
1933 Chicago 1m Zeppelin U Murnau c.d.s. 1 Sep 24, SG. 510. £100 to 120 N/S
 Block of four
1933 Chicago 4m Zeppelin in a superb fresh UM block of four, SG.512, Cat. £1100++ £200 to 250 £200.00
635   Used (on letter or envelope)
1933-44 Comprehensive collection of 172 unused & postally used official postal stationery cards from a wide range of Hindenburg types incl. reply cards, printing variations. Illustrated items from the 1933 Opening of the Reichstag, many anniversary, promotional, lottery cards. Nuremburg Congress series with special cancels, 1939 Hitler's 50th Birthday set unused, Winter Street collections, Rohrpost + much more. (172) £200 to 250 £200.00
636   Used (on letter or envelope)
1934 'Deutsch Kulturbilder' complete set of 300 cards housed (stuck in) a special printed album. £30 to 40 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1934 Unused colour card issued to raise money for the Frankfurt Burgermeisters Relief Fund for the Poor & Elderly. A memorable design & rarely seen card. (1) £40 to 50 £40.00
 Air Mail
Used (on letter or envelope)
1935 'Absolvia' card produced by Jos Niedermayre, Staubing, featuring Hitler Youth & SS sign, reverse has stamp removed, card rarely seen. (1) £30 to 40 N/S
Block larger than four or stamp booklet
1935 Nothilfe Charity booklet complete, VF, Mi.MH41. (1) Cat. Mi. 200€ £65 to 75 £65.00
1935 OSTROPA M/Sheet, hinge remnants on obverse & some faults, still collectable & presentable example. (1) Cat. £1200 £100 to 150 N/S
641   Used (on letter or envelope)
1936 7th Jan 'Day of The Postage Stamp' private 3pf postal stationery card, Mi PP 122 C/06 examples unused (1), postally used with special cancel (2) + later usage June 36 with scarce S A Gruppe Nordsee in Bremen double slogan cancel. (4) £35 to 45 £40.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1936 Official postcard commemorating 10th Anniversary of the Nazi Party Rallies which were held in Thuringen, postally used from Weimar with special cancel, small crease top LH corner - quite hard to detect, 1936 Official Party Rally Card publisher: Verlag Franz Eher, Munchen postally used Nurnberg 9.9.36 with attractive slogan cancel. (2) £60 to 75 £62.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1936 Rheinland Philatelic Exhibition, Düsseldorf 6pf private postal stationery card MI. PP 127c 19 postally used with added vals tied with exhibition pmk, 1936 Olympic Postal Exhibition official card + German Family Olympic Postal Exhibition card franked with 6pf val from the Hitler Culture Fund M/Sheet with 1937 fancy Hamburg cancel. (3) £55 to 65 £55.00
644    Literature
1936 Summer Olympics, Berlin - a commemorative hard back cigarette book printed by Poeschel & Trepte, Leipzig Volumel ll, virtually complete with 197 photo cards out of 200. The book shows a little sign of wear with odd corner card creases, but still a fascinating insight to the games. (1 book) £30 to 45 N/S
645   Used (on letter or envelope)
1936-37 Pair of interesting cards with 1936 propaganda card commemorating the Olympic Postal Exhibition, Dresden, card features various third Reich stamp issues, postally used with exhibition cancel, 1937 card produced by the KA-BE stamp album company, commemorating the 'Day of the Stamp' postally used with special cancels, rarely seen. (2) £40 to 50 £40.00
646    UM
1936-37 selection of M/Sheets all UM, 1936 Brown Ribbon of Germany SG. MS618, 1937 Culture Fund perf/imperf SG. MS635/6, Culture Fund SG. MS637, Brown Ribbon of Germany SG. MS637A. Cat. £884 (5) £200 to 250 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1936-41 range of eight cards comprising 1936 Berlin Olympics propaganda cards (3) - lot showing runner with Olympic Torch with three different cancels on reverse incl. Kiel sailing event, 2nd showing stadium, 3rd shows Olympic Bell by Hinsch of Leipzig, also four sepia cards of German Generals - Field Marshall Von Runstedt, Halder, Frhr Von Weichs, Ritter Von Schobert produced by Ernst Steiniger of Berlin - All fine unused also 1941 3pf postal stationery card commemorating the 2nd Stamp Exhibition. Bromberg (Bender Vol.1 Page 96). Useful lot. (8) £80 to 100 £80.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1937 6pf private propaganda p.s. card commemorating the 1st German Government Officials Day in Munich, Mi PP 122D5 with corresponding cancel. 1938 9th Nov 6pf private p.s. card commemorating the 15th Anniversary of the 1923 Munich Putsch, with special cancel. Two attractive cards. £50 to 75 £60.00
649   Used (on letter or envelope)
1937-38 Hitler propaganda Exhibition 'Give Me Four Years Time' photo card Publ. C. Kofer Berlin, postally used with exhibition cancel, 1937 40 Years of Stamp Collecting by Workers at the Bitterfield Coke Plant, card used with Bahonstadt cancel, 1938 three cards promoting the International Handicrafts Exhibition, Berlin Publ. C.Kofer, Berlin - each postally used with exhibition cancel, rarely seen. (5) £50 to 60 £50.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1937-39 Three attractive cards commemorating 'The Day of German Art, 37' issue by Hoffmann, Munich, franked with Hitler 6pf with inscription from m/sheet Mi block 7, tied with special Munich cancel, 1938 Richard Klein card with the Breslau sports set tied with special Munich hand cancel, 1939 card publ: Munchen Grossveranstaltungen with special hand cancel 16.7.39. (3) £60 to 75 £60.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1937-42 Group of Third Reich event & propaganda cards incl. postal stationery items from 1937 1st Postal Collections Club Show in Berlin 5pf Luftpost Private postal stationery card with event pmk & many interesting promotional cards + two Anti-British 'Not Worth a Penny' cards featuring Chamberlain with Berlin & Krakau cto pmks, some scarce Hitler cards with Czechoslovakia Occupation pmks + more. Good lot with potential. (21) £120 to 170 £160.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1938 Day of The Postage Stamp 3pf p.s. card with Berlin special cancel. Stamp Exhibition Kassel 6pf p.s. card & 1939 used 3pf p.s. card commemorating The Leipzig City Festival with special pmk. Mi PP122D5. (3) £30 to 40 £62.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1938 Pair of cards commemorating the German Gymnastic & Sports Festival Breslau, both postally used with special hand cancel 31.7.38, one is written on picture side. (2) £40 to 50 £40.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1938 Propaganda 6pf private postal stationery card commemorating 1st Anniversary of the attempted Putsch of 1923 in Munich, postally used with anniversary pmk, 1939 card commemorating Hitler's 50th birthday, designed for this special occasion, relief issue with special hand cancel. (2) £40 to 50 £56.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1938 three propaganda cards commemorating Soldier's Day in Munich. Designs - SMG Troops, Telecommunications Unit & No 6 boat, all cancelled with matching special pmk. (3) £50 to 65 £56.00
656   Used (on letter or envelope)
1938-39 Three cards with similar designs by Richard Klein, one commemorating the upcoming Plebiscite in Austria with special Vienna hand stamp, 1938 Reichparteitage postcard publ: Verlag Franz Eher, Munchen, Party Day slogan cancel on reverse, 1939 NSDAP sponsored card postal stationary issue for the Party Rally which never took place due to the outbreak of the war - unused condition. (3) £40 to 50 £56.00
657    Used
1939 Stuttgart Horticultural Exhibition & Hitler's Culture Fund, SG.680/1, each used separately and as a pair on three colourful official cards by Carl Werner, Reichenbach, each stamp tied with the Exhibition cancel. (3) £40 to 50 £48.00
658   Used (on letter or envelope)
1940 cards featuring sculptures in the Vienna Art House - similar to The Munich Gallery, published by Karl Kuhne Wien. 16 most attractive cards in pristine condition. £80 to 100 N/S
659   Used (on letter or envelope)
1940-43 group of POW Mail from French prisoner, Leopold Delmere in Stalag I B Hohenstein, East Prussia to his wife in Pont Remy, France. Official camp cards & letter sheets with different formats, camp censor cachets from No's as low as 3 to 158, varying over the years. (100) £100 to 150 N/S
WWII Anti-German Propaganda. The 'Spitler' sheetlet of four stamps showing a girl spitting into Hitler's face, based on the IIIrd Reich issue of 1940 commemorating Hitler's 51st Birthday, UM, vertically imperf between stamps & stated only two copies known as such, slight horiz perf separation + light crease in one margin not affecting stamps. Very scarce. £125 to 165 £270.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1941 23rd March propaganda card commemorating 'Day of The Armed Forces' produced by the Army & Air Signals School Halle/Saale, where it was posted (slogan pmk), boxed Feldpost & unit cachets. Scarce card. (1) £50 to 65 £62.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1941 coloured Anti-British Feldpost propaganda card postally used with Feldpost c.d.s. & unit cancel, original design F Schuster published by Bruckmann, Munchen. Scarce card. (1) £100 to 120 £120.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1944 Military propaganda cards, nine sepia cards from a series featuring military paintings, sculptures from a 'Rad' Art Show in Prague published by Dr Franz Vogtmann, Berlin. Excellent condition. (9) £45 to 60 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1945-48 Displaced Persons Camps, a small but very interesting group of covers & camp produced stamps. A 1945 censored cover from the Freiman Camp for Ex. P.O.W's in Bavaria bearing stamps produced by the Polish committee. 1947 - a letter sheet from Bergen, Belsen with contents from a Jewish inmate concerning any living relatives - very interesting, covers from Augsburg Hochfeld Baltic DP Camp & Regensburg Camp for Ukranians, each bearing the local issues. 1945 cover with Day of Freedom cancel from Dachau Camp, 1945 Dachau - Allach - a range of camp produced Red Cross M/Sheets + stamps incl. part sheet of twenty 10pf stamps with marginal inscriptions without gum as printed. All produced for Polish Prisoners Relief. A Schongau - Bavaria Baltic DP sheetlet + stamp + two 'Camp Post Hanau' values. Overall an interesting area worth further research. (5 covers, 11 m/s, 28 stamps) £125 to 170 £190.00
665    Used
Used (on letter or envelope)
WEST & EAST GERMANY quite comprehensive FU collection of each country in two well filled stock books. West Germany from 1949-96 with strength in the scarce early issues from 1949 Opening of Parliament (SG.1033/4), Stamp Centenary 20, 30pf values, UPU (2), Refugees Relief Fund (SG.1039/42), Bach Centenary (PR) Posthornes, 1951 St Marys Church (PR), 1951 Philatelic Exhib (PR) Relief Fund set (SG.1069/72), these early issues Cat. £1100+ with many more items. East Germany similar range with some M + 90 covers incl. illustrated 1st Day. (2600 + 36 M/S, 91 covers) £200 to 250 N/S
  • Germany - Occupations during WWII
666   Used (on letter or envelope)
BOHEMIA & MORAVIA 1939-44 group of packet-receipt cards from a wide area, franked with many different values with good combinations, cards posted from Altbunzlau, Gang, Pilsen, Neuhaus, Kladno 1, Alt-Traubendorf, to name a few, as well as postal markings there are labels, Military & Custom cachets, three cards, one from Theresienstadt, have SS cachets. Good lot, worth researching. (60) £90 to 110 £100.00
667    UM
GENERAL GOVERNMENT POLAND. An excellent, virtually all UM collection on stock cards from 1939 1st issue Hindenburg Head values opt. marginal set Mi 1/13, Polish stamps opt. (odd value mounted), 1940 Views in depth incl. marginal pairs with inscriptions & extras incl. blocks. Various commemorative sets, 1941 Hitler Head issues with many marginal imperf. varieties & similar 1942 issues, 1942 Hitler's 53rd Birthday set (3) in bottom of the sheet blocks with inscriptions, 1944 5th Anniversary of General Government Mi 125 plus imperf. large marginal from sheetlet, Official issues plus a selection of UM Bohemia & Moravia. Basis for a good collection. (300-400 approx) £125 to 175 £210.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
MEMEL 1939 Occupation of Memel, three propaganda cards produced by H.Hoffmann, Berlin, each franked with Lithuanian stamps opt. Wir Sind Frie + swastika, tied with large special pmk inscribed 'Day of Liberation' Unusual. (3) £70 to 90 £125.00
669    UM
PERNAU (ESTONIA) 1941 Provisional issue, definitives of the Soviet Union opt. 'Pernau 8 111 1941' 1k - 50k set of ten, Mi 1/10 UM (3k being Mi 3B imperf), plus all values except 3k in marginal blocks & strips UM showing some marginal inscriptions & a variety. (69) £80 to 100 £125.00
670    UM
SERBIA 1941 Provisional Airmails 0.50 din - 50 din, MI 16/25 UM set. (10) £50 to 65 £52.00
SERBIA 1941 Relief Fund M/Sheets perf/imperf. Mi Block 1 & 2 both UM plus FU with 'Beograd' 1st Day of issue pmks. Also perf. set on illustrated un-addressed cover with 2nd Day cancel, 1941 Charity issue 'For The Poor' Mi 82/85 set in sheetlet of 16 UM, 1943 Invalid Charity M/Sheets Block 3 & 4 UM, 1943 100 Years of Serbian Post Mi 94/98 in sheetlet of 20 stamps plus four labels UM. ST Cat. 4400€ (8 M/S Blocks & 1 cover) £800 to 1000 N/S
  • Germany - West
672    M
1946-90 Well stocked M & FU collection with much UM housed in Davo One Country Hingeless album, starting with a section of Allied Zones from 1946 Numeral & Workers issues, Leipzig Fairs in pairs, odd Currency Reform items, buildings types, worth checking W. Germany - substantial collection with good early issues onwards with very few items missing up to 1990. Some very attractive issues incl. some booklets & M/Sheets. Catalogue val should add up, good collection with potential. (approx 1400, 34 M/S + 4 panes) £250 to 300 N/S
673   Used (on letter or envelope)
1949 1st Provisional Aerogramme 'Taxe Percue 60pf' Mi.LF5 sent to USA - very clean copy + 1952 1st flight cover Bremen - New York, franked 80pf defin, 5pf Mona Lisa (PR) with flight cancel, 1978 'Naposta' Frankfurt 1st Flights - six different destinations on private postal stationery covers. (8) £25 to 30 N/S
674    M
1949-2000 mainly VFU collection neatly laid out in two stock books, comprises 1845 stamps & 13 M/Sheets. Cat. 2755€ £100 to 120 N/S
675    M
1949-67 Collection appears to be complete either M or FU & is impressive having scarce early issues e.g. 1949 Opening of Parliament pair FU, Stamp Centenary M, Refugees Relief Fund, 1951 St Mary's Church Anniv + much more. Cat quite a few years ago at 6300dm & should have increased since then. (463) £200 to 275 N/S
676    UM
1949-81 Tidy UM collection on Lighthouse One Country album leaves (binder faulty), many of the early scarce issues are present from 1949 Opening of Parliamtent - pair, Stamp Centenary, UPU, Refugees Relief Fund, total Cat. MI 480€. More issues through 1950's-60's with Cat. val overall to early 60's over 2000€. Many more attractive items to 1981 incl. M/Sheets, about 6 stamps are MM. Total catalogue value should add up. (721 + 18M/S) £175 to 250 N/S
677    UM
1949-88 M or UM (mixed) collection housed in clear mounts in a Lighthouse printed album from 1949 Opening of Parliament pair, all the good commem issues incl. UPU Anniv UM, Bach Centenary pair UM, Posthorn - various values incl. 30pf UM, later issues to 1988, apart from a few defins not much needed to complete this collection. (1177 + 20 m/s) £200 to 250 £220.00
678    Used
WEST GERMANY 1949-1979 & BERLIN 1949-1980s VFU Collections each housed in a Lighthouse printed album both incl. better catalogued sets W.Germany appear virtually complete, Berlin with some spaces but still include many better incl. 1949 Buildings set, 1949 Goethe, 1949 Surch set, 1951 both Bell Sets, 1953 Bell set, 1953 Uprising set etc. A useful runthrough collection which will catalogue up well. (100's) £300 to 400 N/S
679    UM
1960 Pres Heuss defins 1, 5, 10, 20, 8pf se-tenant values in full sheet of 200 (40 strips) UM, Mi. MHB5y, Cat. 2200€, folded into three, rarely seen. £350 to 400 N/S
  • Germany - Berlin
Used (on letter or envelope)
1952 West Berlin 60pf Aerogrammes Mi.LF5, LF6 both sent from Berlin & Hamburg to the USA, the latter bearing a 'Via Pan American World Airways' label, two scarce early post-war airmail items. (2) £35 to 45 £54.00
  • Germany - East
681    M
East Germany - extensive, mainly M collection housed in two Davo One Country albums. Issues from 1963 being UM/M. All these early issues from 2949 Anniv. of U.P.U are there either M of F.U incl. 1950 Bach Centenary Set F.U 1951, Friendship with China 12, 24pf M. 50pc F.U. & much more. A Substantial range of M/s's incl. 1950 DEBRIA SG M5E29A - Unused. 1964 15th Anniv. of DDR. M/S SG M5E794A both M and FU Cat. £185-. Not a great deal of spaces to fill. (2470 + 3 m/sheets) £200 to 300 £240.00
1950 DEBRIA M/Sheet VFU SG. MSE29a Cat. £130, 1953 Karl Marx M/Sheet set Perf. (2) & Imperf. (2) M SG. MSE11a (two of the sheets - slight thins) Cat. £600. Total Cat. £730 (5) £70 to 90 £76.00
  • Germany - Colonies
COLONIES & PO's ABROAD 19th/20th Century FU collection well written up, both highly catalogued + extra value in the range of postmarks, German New Guinea from German forerunners used in Matupi, Empire Types opt, 1901 Yacht types to 3m, a section showing the Friedrich Wilhelmshafen cancel of 1914-15 - used after the Australian Occupation, Caroline Islands, Empire & Yacht types to 2mk, Mariana & Marshall Islands with scarce Empire opt values/Yacht types, Samoa - similar with mainly Apia pmks, PO's in Turkey with forerunners & various issues to 1908. (117) £400 to 500 £420.00
Used on piece or front
COLONIES & P.O's ABROAD fine range of 19th/20th Century issues all FU with much pmk interest, German SW Africa from 1896 with forerunners bearing Windhoek, Otjimbingue & Swakopmund cancels, followed by opt & Yacht types with values to 3mk, similar ranges from German E. Africa P.O's in Morocco, Cameroun & Togo. Good forerunners noted & other higher catalogue items. (126) ST.Cat. £3500+ £500 to 600 £800.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
CAMEROON Postal History incl. cards (2) with 'CEF/1d' (or ½d) opts - latter is reply card, GEA cards (2) with 5p or 7½h stamps, GSWA 5pf pair on PPC (corner fault) cancelled Keetmanshoof, 1901 German 10pf reply card optd for New Guinea etc. (7) £50 to 60 £50.00
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