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Stamp auction - 29 November 2012 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 29 November 2012. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 143 - Mixed Lots & Accumulations
Lot Thumbnail   Description of lot Estimate Realised
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH KGVI M Collection housed in four Britannia printed albums in slip cases; containing range of mainly complete sets, Royal Weddings etc. A total of 3884 stamps from 4600 spaces approx 84% filled. A very useful lot, see photo for a selection from the 1st three volumes. Cat.(2012 £32,000) £5000 to 6000 £6400.00
32    M
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH KGVI Ex dealers working stock of mint, housed in The Printed album & extra material on loose leaves or hagners. Throughout the album stamps are identified with SG number & catalogue price (in pencil) ready for sale by the dealer, the album is well filled - all are mounted mint (some heavyish), includes full & part sets, Omnibus issues etc. We note some slight duplication where extra stamps are hinged underneath. A useful lot with potential. ST.Cat. £31,000 £2000 to 3000 £4200.00
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH KGVI A - Z fine M collection of chiefly defin complete sets, neatly laid out in two hagner albums, incl. earlier issues from Sudan and a few FU; otherwise a nice run through. Cat. £14,700 (100s) £2000 to 2500 £2600.00
34    M
OLD IDEAL 1914-28 quite well filled with M & U ranges notably from Armenia, Austria, K.U.K Feldpost, Austrian Occupations, Azerbaijan, Bavaria, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia Danzig, Estonia, Fiume, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Yugoslavia, Latvia, Liberia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, North Mongolia, Persia, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saar, Silesia, Turkey, Ukraine etc. Nice old time original lot offered intact. (7000+) £1000 to 1250 £1300.00
35    M
WORLD ACCUMULATION - a wealth of material with strength in GB & Commonwealth comprising 24 albums or stock books, ranges on leaves in packets/envelopes, tins, covers etc. Noted SG 'Minor' album incl. GB 2x four margined blocks, Queensland, red spring back album incl. Canada, KGVI Defins, old auction folders containing St. Lucia & St. Vincent etc. Large lot fills two cartons, needs careful checking. £1000 to 1250 £2400.00
36    UM
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH QEII A - Z Ex dealers stock of M & U housed in 14 stock books/or hagner albums useful ranges of full & part sets, odds & ends etc. mainly tagged with SG numbers & prices, viewing essential. £800 to 1200 £1000.00
37    M
WORLD collection A - Z housed in 16 Pragnell multi ring albums with slip cases. General ranges but with nothing of great value except GB 1840 1d & 2d, both fine four margin examples. Also noted Cyprus, Channel Islands & others with strength in 20th Century. Clean lot filling two cartons. £1000 to 1200 N/S
38    M
FOREIGN collection housed in two IDEAL albums both quite well filled. 1840-1956 A-Z with general M & U ranges of several 1000 stamps, each identified with SG Number & Price (in pencil) by the vendor/dealer, inspection recommended. £600 to 1000 £1250.00
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH M & U collection housed in two large stock books, all pre QEII with strength in KGVI issues, ranges of full, short & part sets, also Omnibus issues incl. 1948 Weddings & 1949 UPU issues, minor duplication. Well worth viewing. (1000s) £500 to 800 £1250.00
40    M
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH collection of mainly KGVI/QEII M (incl. UM) and some FU, housed in black mounts in 5 multi ring albums, strength in QEII sets with many being UM, attractive defin & commem sets/ part sets/ oddments & some material in packets. Nice original lot. Cat. £3900 £600 to 750 £780.00
41    UM
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH QEII Ex dealers stock housed in 18 stock books/hagner albums etc. Strength in Australia, Bermuda, Canada, New Zealand & South Africa & others. fills two cartons. £500 to 700 £500.00
42    M
BRITISH EMPIRE 1840-1936 M collection housed in two New Imperials all stamps are identified with SG Number & priced (in pencil) by vendor/dealer. Ranges of mainly part sets or odds but includes useful ranges throughout. Viewing recommended. £600 to 700 £1950.00
43    M
COLLECTION in 1863 Lallier album (faults) with range of Line Engraved incl. 1d black etc. Surface Printed values to 1s incl. 9d & 10d etc. France incl. 20c 'SUSSE' perf, U plus other earlies, Colonies 1st set to 80c, Austria, German States, Belgium, Greece, Italian States with useful Tuscany, Netherlands, Spain & Switzerland. The British Colonies incl. Ceylon 'Pence' issues, New Zealand Chalons, Australian States, Canada & Provinces & Hong Kong QV values etc. Condition of album pages is good but many are loose. All stamps are prior to about 1870 but condition is mixed as usual, with all stamps stuck down to leaves. Nevertheless an interesting early collection which needs careful examination. £350 to 450 £500.00
44    M
ACCUMULATION in carton incl. a quantity of stamps in small packets, British Commonwealth QV-KGV M ranges on printed leaves, British Commonwealth in album & on stock cards. Noted useful Newfoundland etc. Interesting assortment that needs checking. £400 to 600 £600.00
45    M
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH A - Z collection of M & U housed in 19 albums - all periods, bulky lot fills two cartons, viewing recommended. £400 to 600 £1150.00
46    M
FOREIGN countries B - E M/U some U/M collections neatly displayed in a large well filled stock book. A wide range of countries from Belgium, Bohemia & Moravia, Bolivia (Good Section), Bosnia & Herzegovina (Extensive), Brazil, Bulgaria & Others. Chile China - A larger range of pre-war, worth checking. More S. America Czechoslovakia - a good section. Denmark - a useful range with many better items noted with good earlier defins of King Christian IX values to 2K U & Christian X values to 5kM, 1925 Airs. SG.224/8 UM, 1926 Newspaper SG. 238/44 - M, 1929 Cancer Relief SG.252/4 UM, 1930 Defins SG. 255/64 - M, 1933 Caravel Defins SG.277/284b Set 17 UM plus much more. This particular country being worth further development. Other countries Incl. upper Silesia (Czech Provisionals) & Egypt. (4000approx) £400 to 550 £400.00
47    Used
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH KGVI good to FU collection housed in a rather battered printed album, quite well filled with good general ranges of mainly part sets, all identified with SG Number & Price by the vendor/dealer, high cat value. £400 to 500 £880.00
48    Used
BRITISH EMPIRE 1840-1936 good to FU collection housed in a rather battered Ideal album, reasonably well filled, all stamps identified & priced in pencil, mainly part sets or odds, still very useful ranges throughout. £400 to 500 £720.00
49    Used
KGV BRITISH COMMONWEALTH good to FU collection housed in the printed album with general ranges of mainly part sets or odd values, excellent starter collection. (1460) £450 to 500 £560.00
50    M
KGVI PRINTED ALBUM containing M & U collection, general ranges of full, part sets, odds etc. £400 to 500 £400.00
51    M
ACCUMULATION in carton incl. International Junior album 1840's to 1940's ranges incl. GB & Commonwealth (1000's), album of Egypt, various on album leaves & in packets, British Commonwealth on black stock cards etc. £300 to 450 £300.00
52    M
FOREIGN collection of M & U housed in five albums, chiefly early to middle period useful ranges from Europe in particular we note better Italy, Portugal & Scandinavia. £300 to 450 N/S
53    Used
SCANDINAVIA 1800's to 1950's mainly U Collections of Denmark, Finland, Greenland (1938 only), Iceland, Norway & Sweden. Mounted in Scott dedicated album & loose in 2 packets. Main strength in early issues of Denmark, Iceland, Norway & Sweden where some better items were noted. Mainly good clean condition throughout and ripe for development. Inspection advised. STCat.£3500 approx. (100's) £300 to 400 £340.00
54    UM
SCANDINAVIA Ex dealers stock housed in five albums & three Stockbooks M & U ranges from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway & Sweden, all are identified by SG. Number & priced. Useful lot. £300 to 400 £370.00
55    M
TWO NEW IDEALS for foreign countries 1840-1936 M & U ranges. (1000's) £300 to 400 £620.00
56    M
ACCUMULATION in carton, various in albums, stock books, on leaves etc. noted Ceylon, British Africa, Gibraltar, Canada, St. Helena, Burma, Omnibus etc. (1000's) £300 to 350 £620.00
57    UM
EUROPE Ex dealers stock housed in three stock books & five albums covering Austria, Italy, Liechtenstein, & Switzerland, M & U ranges of Sets, singles, part sets mainly tagged with SG. Numbers & price. £200 to 350 £240.00
58    Used
B.W.I. Postmarks 19th/20th Century assembly of postmarks from most areas, many village types, notable ranges of Antigua on QV values to later Arms, c.d.s. of St. Mary's, St. Pauls, also Falmouth, Parham, scarce OFFICIAL PAID Barbuda, early Barbados, with numeral obliterators and parish marks, mainly B. Honduras, incl. Airport, Allpines, Monkey River, The Cayo, extensive Grenada duplicated Parish codeletters, Petits Martinique cds etc. also Bermuda, Montserrat to check, early Br. Guiana with A.C. 3 & 4, E.C.B. Crown on SG. 127. also WCB on earlies. Dominica, - Dublans Pointe Michel, La Plaine, Marigot and Wesley with more. St. Lucia. St. Vincent with abbreviated village postmarks. K, BEQ (Bequia), CA (Calliaqua), cds Colonarie, Union & others with Cayman Is & Virgin Is. Some covers some better mint stamps included. Trinidad with Scarce 1894 Mail Steamer - Cedros Route x 2 & 1895 boxed AG. show P.O. on piece with QV 1d. £250 to 300 £500.00
59    UM
BENELUX Ex dealers stock housed in eight albums or Stockbooks with M & U ranges from Belgium, Luxembourg & Netherlands. Full & part sets, Singles etc. Mainly identified with SG numbers & priced. £250 to 300 £250.00
60    M
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH M & U ranges in four albums incl. chiefly UM QEII Collection of Commems & Defin Sets in black mounts in a Devon album (S.T.C £1184); Hong Kong collection with strength in QEII, Singapore, Miscellaneous ranges from several countries in a hagner album etc. £250 to 300 £300.00
61    M
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH QEII M & U collection housed in four New Age albums, general ranges throughout. £250 to 300 N/S
62    M
MISCELLANEOUS ACCUMILATION incl. small stock book KGVI British Commonwealth UM with some high values included, Pitcairn Sets (2), Malta Self - Govt Set, St. Helena to 10s, Few 48 Wedding Sets, Sierra Leone to £1, Omnibus issues on hagner leaves incl. 1935 Jubilee, 1937 Coronation etc. few foreign items incl. Austria, Portugal Col - St. Thomas & Prince 1s 1948 Fruits m/s M(C £225), Russia 1940 All union Agricultural fair set M, Stockbooks of Egypt & Thailand. £200 to 300 £280.00
63    M
NEW IDEALS (3) Foreign A-J & K-Z, British Empire 1840-1935 M & U ranges, foreign is fairly sparse, British Empire has better representation. £200 to 300 £310.00
64    M
FOREIGN collection of countries A to G. M/U all periods well set out in a large stockbook, from Afghanistan through to Germany with strong sections of Austria, 19th Century with good Pmk Interest to post WWII incl. many commemorative issues. Also P.Dues, Feldpost, P.O's Abroad. Belgium similar from 1st issues, Mid period worth checking, Railways Section, Germany useful Empire to IIIrd Reich with 1920s FU worth checking. More countries incl. Bulgaria, Danzig, Denmark, Egypt, Good range Finland & more. Closer inspection needed. (4.400 + 3 m/s) £225 to 275 £200.00
65    M
WORLD COLLECTIONS countries ""E to H"", Egypt to Honduras. An excellent M/U collection, Displayed in order in a well filled large stock book. Particular strength being in France and Colonies, Germany 1870's to early Post War II. Greece, a good all periods range & interesting items from smaller countries eg. El Salvador, Ethiopia, Estonia, Finland, Guatemala, Honduras & more. eg, Germany has plenty of decent items from 1872 shields. Empire and Germania (In Depth) Inflation, Airs, Good Defins with 1926, 1928 sets F.U. decent IIIrd Reich from 1933 opening of the Reichstag set (3) F.U. Good Charities Airs. Range all periods officials. Some WWII Occ. Early occupations zones, W.Berlin. Other countries need further study. (3800approx) £225 to 275 £240.00
66    M
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH carton containing South Africa, Malta & Gibraltar incl. Gib & S. Africa M & U in hingeless album, also Gib presentation packs from 1970 substantially complete to 2008 (these Cat. £1220), Malta collection in printed album incl. 1938 Defin set M, South Africa 1927 to 10s M etc. £220 to 260 £300.00
67   Used (on letter or envelope)
ACCUMULATION housed in carton comprising world collection in well filled Strand album, Old Imperial - fairly sparse, British Commonwealth in Merton album, Thematic's ice hockey collection of stamps, covers & cards in two albums etc. Various in old stock book. £200 to 250 £200.00
68    M
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH stock book filled with a miscellaneous assortment of singles & blocks either M or U, noted several KGVI high value pieces incl. key plates, odd variety, S.Rhodesia, Admirals, odd 1948 Wedding etc. (900) £200 to 250 £760.00
69    M
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH KGVI two collections in printed albums, mixed M or U, a little untidy in places. £200 to 250 £280.00
70    M
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH M & U collection in eight albums, ranges from Australia, Norfolk Is, Pitcairn Is, St. Kitts Nevis, Venda & Zimbabwe, extra material in pack, on stock cards etc, fills carton. £200 to 250 £380.00
COLLECTION of KGVI M issues on Hagner leaves incl. MEF/Cyrenaica 1943 & 1950 sets, 1942 P. Due set, Eritrea complete incl. Dues, Somalia all 3 sets complete, Tripolitania 1948 Set, 1948 Dues set, 1950 set, 1951 set, British P.A. in Eastern Arabia KGVI complete, British Levant 1902 2/6d & 5s, 1905 set to 1s etc. Nice lot of mainly complete sets. Cat.£1290 (194) £200 to 250 £420.00
72    M
PORTUGAL & SPAIN Ex dealers stock of M & U housed in stock books or on hagner leaves in display albums, stamps are tagged with SG numbers & prices. £200 to 250 £200.00
73    M
ALL WORLD wide range of M/U stamps. Countries 'H' Hungary to 'N' Nicaragua. Neatly set out in a large well filled stock book. Strength in Pre-War issues from 19th Century. Larger sections from Hungary, Persia, Italy & Colonies, Japan, Netherlands & more. Worth careful study for those lesser known items & much of pmk interest. (4000 Approx) £150 to 225 £190.00
74    M
KGVI BRITISH COMMONWEALTH remaindered M Collection, good starter. (550) £180 to 220 £240.00
75    M
MISCELLANEOUS WORLD ACCUMULATION housed in 17 albums or stock books - all periods, noted Old Imperial album incl. early Austria, France, Japan & USA, various in old Lincoln, Paragon album incl. GB 1902 to 10s U, further GB & foreign etc. for checking, fills two cartons. £150 to 200 £290.00
76   Used (on letter or envelope)
WORLD POSTAL HISTORY ACCUMULATION approx 600 items incl. GB Forces pmks, Scottish pmks, various GB on PPC's, Australia, New Zealand, useful Papua, Africa, Europe, West Indies, USA etc. Inspection recommended. £150 to 200 £380.00
77    M
FOREIGN countries G - Y M/U collection easy to identify in a well filled stockbook. Strong ranges of Greece - all periods, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland & many more. Nothing particularly stands out, but there should be harder values to find if inspected carefully. (4900 approx + 2 m/sheets) £150 to 175 £150.00
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH various chiefly M hagner leaves incl. Malaya Malacca (24), 1949 Defin set & 1949 UPU set M, Malaya - Japanese Occupation (21) mainly M, St. Vincent (74), 1885-1951 incl. 1938 Set M, 1948 Silver Wedding set M, 1949 Set M etc. Transjordan 1934-43 (48) incl. 1943 Set to £1 M, 1943 Postage Due set M etc. Trinidad & Tobago 1891-1951 (82) incl. 1938 Set + extras (virtually 2 sets), 1948 Wedding M etc. (249) Cat. £700+ £120 to 170 £135.00
79    M
FOREIGN countries P - Y M/U collection well displayed in large stock book. Good selections from many countries covering early to Post-War issues. From San-Marino to Yugoslavia with lesser known areas represented incl. Slesvig, Serbia incl. WWII German Occ. Tunisia - Good Section. Russian Ukraine, Upper Silesia. N & S America. Countries with Extensive Ranges incl. Persia with many scarcer items noted, Spain Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey and Others worth checking. (3800 Approx) £140 to 170 £170.00
80    M
CZECHOSLOVAKIA/UKRAINE collection Czech - Circa 1918-92 all periods M & U in two file binders. A firm basic collection from 1918 Hradcany Castle values perf/imperf through 20/30's, Post War to 1990's with various better Arts issues & sheetlets - many UM from the 1960/70's. Ukraine - a comprehensive, mainly UM FU collection from 1992 Republic to 2011, odd fault on a few M stamps o/w pretty complete with more potential if properly displayed. (approx 2690, 126 m/s, 14 cards/cover) £135 to 165 £135.00
81    M
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH ranges in 20 circulated club books. £140 to 160 N/S
82    M
ACCUMULATION in carton incl. collection of Austria in album, Commonwealth & foreign on pages, various in packets or on stock cards, Falklands & modern Commonwealth in stock book etc. £100 to 150 £150.00
83    Used
Used on piece or front
B.W.I POSTMARKS QV - later from several areas incl. Dominica Rosalie, Pointemichel cds, St. Kitts - Cayon and Sandy Point code-letters, Antigua - English Harbour - A18, Bermuda numerals 2,4,6,8,10,12,15 different Jamaica obliterators (12), St. Lucia codes, D-Dennery, L-Laborie, M-Micoud, S-Soufriere, VF - Vieux Fort, Turks Is - 1932/33 'Panton' Covers with St. Lucia P.Dues, or Cayman Is Centenary Values used as Postage Dues, KGVI 2/- 5/- 10/- Salt Cay cds. £120 to 150 £290.00
84    M
BRITISH AFRICA 1922-51 chiefly M collection on hagner leaves incl. S.W.A 1938 Voortrekker set, 1939 Huguenot set, 1941-43 War Effort set, 1951 Officials, S.Rhodesia 1937 set, Swaziland 1938 set + perf variations, 1948 Silver Wedding set, few Tanganyika etc. (231) ST.Cat. £875 £130 to 150 £130.00
85    M
BRITISH AFRICA QEII Ex Dealers stock of M & U housed on hagner leaves in a ring binder, singles, sets, oddments, mainly tagged & identified, some duplication (not heavy) incl. B.Bechuanaland, Lesotho, Ghana, Gambia, Botswana, KUT, Nigeria, N.Rhodesia, Nyasaland, Sierra Leone, Somaliland, Swaziland etc. £100 to 150 £160.00
86    M
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH M & U ranges housed in seven stockbooks incl. useful Cyprus - all periods, British Africa all periods, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. (1000s) £100 to 150 £150.00
87    M
CARTON containing Rapkin Movaleaf album of world stamps, stock book of Australia, stock book of French Colonies, GB on leaves, Germany on leaves, miscellaneous in packets. £100 to 150 £165.00
88    M
CARTON containing Swiss on stock cards from 1850's onwards, Germany in stock books to 1990's, foreign assortment in stock book, foreign on leaves etc. £100 to 150 £195.00
89    M
CLUB BOOK remainders virtually all foreign in 9 books M & U with much European interest, strength in France incl. Colonies. Overall priced to sell at £1100. £120 to 150 £120.00
90    M
WORLD ACCUMULATION in carton, miscellaneous ranges housed in approx 16 albums or stock books (4 are GB), others a mix of foreign & Commonwealth. £100 to 150 £130.00
91    M
WORLD A-Z collection of M & U housed in 5x spring back albums. £100 to 150 £120.00
92    M
BRITISH AFRICA good to FU Collection on leaves comprising, Basutoland (242) 1933-78 incl. 1938 Set, 1954 Set, Bechuanaland & Botswana (450) 1885-1994 incl. 1888 2/6d, Swaziland (177) 1933-1974 incl. 1933 to 1s, 1935 Jubilee Set, 1938 most perf variations to 2/6d x3, Uganda (234) 1899-1988 £100 to 130 £100.00
93    M
NAURU, N.GUINEA, NORFOLK IS & PAPUA fine M range incl. Nauru 1937-38 Set, N.Guinea 1939 Air set to 1s, Norfolk Is 1947 Set M plus M etc. Cat.£630 (78) £100 to 130 £100.00
94    M
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH M & U ranges on hagner leaves incl. Batum, Egypt, Iraq, Maldives, Muscat, New Hebrides, Palestine, Pitcairn & Tristan incl. KGVI Def. sets from Pitcairn incl. Silver Wedding. ST Cat. £950 £100 to 125 £130.00
95    M
BRITISH AFRICA 1863-1909 collection of M & U on hagner leaves incl. Cape Triangulars (4) space fillers, useful Natal incl. 1902-03 Postage & Revenue set M, 1902 Crown CC 5s M, 10s VFU, 1904-08 Set to 2/6d U, 1908-09 5s & 10s U, Orange Free State, Orange River Colony & Transvaal, worth a look. £100 to 120 £125.00
96    M
CLUB BOOKS bundle of 18 circulated club books, British Commonwealth (12), GB (4), Europe (1), priced to sell @ £560 £100 to 120 £125.00
97    M
BALKANS Ex Dealer Stock of M & U housed in three display albums & a stock book ranges of Greece, Romania & Yugoslavia. £80 to 100 £130.00
98    Used
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH good to FU collections on leaves from Nigeria 1914-1972 (300 stamps) Papua New Guinea 1952-1991 (548 stamps), St. Vincent 1871-1980 (459 stamps) & Trinidad & Tobago 1872-1992 (448 Stamps) £80 to 100 £105.00
99    M
WORLD COLLECTION housed in a well filled Movaleaf album. (4000+) £50 to 100 £50.00
100    M
BASUTOLAND & BECHUANALAND 1933-49 M collection on hagner leaves incl. Basutoland - 1938 Set + extras, 1948 Silver Wedding set. Bechuanaland - 1938 Set incl. extra shades, 1948 Silver Wedding set etc. (84) ST.Cat. £379 £60 to 75 £72.00
BRITISH AFRICA - QEII Def. sets comprising GOLD COAST 1952 set M SG. 153/164, KUT 1954 set M SG. 167/180, NYASALAND 1953 set M SG. 173/187 & SWAZILAND 1956 set UM SG. 53/64. Cat. £325 (53) £60 to 75 £70.00
102    M
SOUTH EAST ASIA mainly U accumulation in stock book incl. Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, Mongolia, few China, Japan & Indonesia. £40 to 60 £62.00
103    M
WORLD collection housed on black stock leaves in a large ring binder. 1950s-1980s incl. Barbuda Kings, Vatican, El Salvador, Switzerland, Greece, Germany, GB, Monaco and many more, noted several M/Sheets & good Thematics. (1000's) £50 to 60 £62.00
104    UM
ASCENSION, B.A.T mainly QEII ranges on hagner leaves, also a few St Helena & Tristan, either M or UM. ST Cat. £315 £40 to 55 £42.00
105    M
ACCUMULATION in carton incl. British Commonwealth ranges in 5 stock books, GB collection in Davo album, couple Old Ideals (fairly sparse) £150 to 200 £150.00
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