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Stamp auction - 29 November 2012 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 29 November 2012. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 143 - Poland
Lot Thumbnail   Description of lot Estimate Realised
1860-2009 An exceptionally comprehensive M/U cover collection housed in five ring binders, two of which are bursting with issues. The very basic presentation does not do justice to the range and quality of material, which incl. many noted varieties & there is a two volume specialised collection of the 1950's 'Groszy' hand stamps, from 1860 The Russian Province SG.1 10k four examples FU incl. SG.1c with double oval frame, various postal markings incl. multi circled 'DP' on piece. Two examples, one M expertised L. Schmutz, other unused, regional issues in depth with varieties. Austrian stamps opt for W. Galicia, various M/U to 4k with many signed, 1919 Gniezno provisional issue, SG.66/67 M & FU + forgeries incl. Inverted opts, Tarnow local issues FU on piece. All further issues of the 1920's-30's with both M & FU with scarce items, with Airs, commems, regular issues, postage dues, officials etc. Varieties noted, all M/Sheets from 1928 Warsaw Philatelic Exhibition (SG.M/S270) both M & Fu with Exhibition cancel - Total Cat. £975, 1937 Visit of King of Rumania M/Sheets (3) UM + each on reg. covers, 1938 5th Philatelic M/Sheets perf/imperf M?U, similar Stratosphere, Independence & Polish Legions M/Sheets, 1938 2.20zl booklet complete, 1941-44 Polish Exiled Govt in London issues incl. covers, 1944 Republic issues from National Heroes set (3), FU & without gum as issued - signed. All the scarce issues of this period with many varieties incl. mis perf, imperf, inverted opts, scarce items noted, SG.536, 1.50z on 25g brown red UM & FU - both with BPA Certs, Cat. £1225 (PR), 1946 Education M/Sheet M, 1948 Polish Culture M/Sheet - UM + FU, 1948 Roosevelt M/Sheet - UM + FU on cover, 1948 Anti-Tuberculosis Fund, SG.642/5 set M with all the label combinations. The collection continues in the same vein to 2009, also of note is a memorable collection of the 1950 'Groszy' hand stamps with over 1550 stamps + officials in another volume, 98 covers + two Roosevelt M/Sheets (unofficial) with different h/stamps + an incomplete 1947 Culture M/Sheet. Every stamp is listed naming the type & town of issue, overall this is an amazing collection, probably the best that we have handled even taking into account any items of doubt & not counted in the overall value. This lot will prove rewarding to a collector or for resale individually. Over 10,000 + stamps, 417 M/Sheets/sheetlets, 152 covers + various booklets. Viewing essential. £3500 to 4500 £3500.00
918    M
1918-2008 Ex-dealers stock of M & U housed in six display albums plus a stock book, duplicated ranges of singles & sets, mainly tagged, identified & priced, mainly lower to medium priced material incl. some Central Lithuanian, Polish Levant & early Turkey. (1000's) £120 to 150 £120.00
919    M
1918-50 useful M & U Collection on leaves from 1918 Warsaw issue and German Stamps opt - various values other regional issues incl. North and the whole of Poland, various Pre-War with Defins, Commems, P.Dues, Currency changes, Airs, Strong in the 1920's/50's period. Incl. 1939 25th Anniv. of Battles of the Polish Legions M/S - M. 1939/45 General Government well represented from Hindenburg opts - full set. stamps of Poland opt full set M & most other issues - M. Early post war to 1951 - FU. (600 + 1 M/sheet) £50 to 75 £50.00
 Air Mail
Used (on letter or envelope)
1923-25 Pre War flight covers (4), from 1923 charity flight over Warsaw promoted by Express & Courier Newspapers 3.4.23 cachets incl. Air Ice, Postcard flown Warsaw/Lwow 9.4.25 bears LOPP Aerial Defence League 10gr green 1st issue (Oct 1924) Air Stamp, cachet on reverse, similar card bears 10gr Red 2nd issue airstamp Samolotem cachet internal use, 5gr LOPP Card flown Warsaw/Krakow bears 10gr & 5gr 1st issue LOPP airstamps. (4) £70 to 85 £92.00
 Air Mail
Used (on letter or envelope)
1926-27 Special Flight covers from 1926 Warsaw/Krakow 19.8.26 Franked Various Polish Issues & 50g LOPP Airstamp, Warsaw/Krakow 19.8.26 with attractive franking incl. larger 10gr brown LOPP Airstamp various cachets, Aero Lot 1st flight Warsaw/Lodz 1.10.26 with cachets (150 flown), 1st Flight Lodz/Lwow 1.9.27 cover with cachet, 1st flight Lwow/Lodz 2.9.27 franked 30g Airmail with cachet. 5 Scarce covers. £110 to 135 £110.00
 Air Mail
Used (on letter or envelope)
1928-29 Flight Covers Warsaw/Lwow 25.2.28 with blue Lopp. Airstamp (1928 issue) & B.Stamp, 1st Flight Warsaw/Rotterdam 18.9.28 with cachet (only 18 flown) Warsaw/Prague, Katowice/Warsaw, Katowice/Krakow, Katowice/Brno 8.1.29 Flights, Attractive items which are getting harder to find. (6) £125 to 150 £120.00
 Air Mail
Used (on letter or envelope)
1929 Special Flight covers. All flown during this year from 8.1.29 Warsaw/Katowice 1st Flight with cachet experimental flight Katowice/Poznan 27.5.29 with cachet. (Only 50 Items Flown) Further 1st Flight items with Byogoszcz/Goansk, Another to Poznan, Goansk/Byogoszcz, Katowice/Goansk, Lwow/Venice, Warsaw/Lwow. All showing interesting Postal markings and cachets. Nice lot. (8 covers) £150 to 180 £195.00
 Air Mail
Used (on letter or envelope)
1930-35 Flight covers. 1st Flight Warsaw/Breslau 21.7.30 P.P.Card showing an early flight meeting. Franked various airmail values with Warsaw cds's, Karlsruhre red boxed acceptance cachet. 1934 Warsaw/Berlin 1st flight cover with cachets, 1934 Promotional card franked Katowice Philatelic Exhibition. 20Gr Value tied with special cancel, 1934 1st Flight Rocket Post Warsaw/Zakopane, 1935 1st Flight Gydina/Goansk & Gydina/Warsaw, similar item. Nice lot, worth more research. (6) £110 to 135 £155.00
 Air Mail
Used (on letter or envelope)
1936-39 Special Flight Covers - an attractive group covering flights to a wide area. From 27.10.36 Trial flight Warsaw/Tel Aviv showing an impressive franking, 1937 Wilno/Helsinki, 1938 Warsaw Philatelic Exhibition. Special Pmk on cover flown to Lwow, 1938 Lwow Air Exhibition cover flown to Warsaw, other flights Warsaw/Budapest (Trial), Warsaw/Kavnas & more to 1939. A Nice range, worth inspection. (11) £110 to 135 £110.00
926    UM
1945 Local Liberation overprints on Hitler Head stamps of the General Government. An excellent UM selection of Rudnik N.Sanem the three types of overprint Type 1 (7 values) incl. 10gr, 1zl Type II (7 values) incl. 8gr, 1zl Type III (12 values) from 2gr to L60zl excl. 6,20gr, 1zl. Also some odd values from Zlebice, Serpien, Gotowka. All housed in an attractive Polish folder. (28) £50 to 75 £86.00
1945 Local Liberation issue - Krakow, Hitler Head stamps of the General Government optd 50gr on 6gr - 50gr on 1.20zl, 13 top marginal values UM, signed S. Mikstein. (13) £65 to 100 £110.00
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