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Stamp auction - 14 March 2013 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 14 March 2013. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 144 - Canada
Lot Thumbnail   Description of lot Estimate Realised
400   Used (on letter or envelope)
20th Century collection displayed in album, many very attractive KGV-KGVI illustrated advertising & WWII patriotic covers, some Naval interest, censors, 1930's cacheted airmail covers incl. Cherry Red Airlines, 1939 varied types Royal Visit illustrated covers with special cancels, overall areas good postmarks, noted small maritime provinces villages on KEVII 1c postcards, KEVII & KGV postal stationery cards, early giant postcards of Quebec City in colour with others in packet. (143) £180 to 200 N/S
401    M
1852-2000 M & U collection housed in 2x SG Printed One Country albums from 1852 3d beaver U four margins - tiny corner crease, 1859 10c, 12½c both faults, 17c FU, 1864 2c rose red U, mixed selection of small Queens U or unused, 1893 20c, 50c U, 1897 Jubilee 2c M, 3c M, 10c U, 15c U, 50c U, 1908 Tercentenary 7c & 10c M, mixture of M or U KGV defins, 1927 Confederation set M, 1928 defin values to 20c M, others U, 1930-31 defins values to 20c M, KGV various coil stamps, 1930-32 Airs M, 1935 Jubilee set M, 1935 defin values to 20c M, KGVI incl. 1937-38 to 13c M others FU, various coil stamps, 1942 War Effort $1 M, 1946 Peace set (excl. 20c) M, balance in black mounts up to 2000 mainly UM (with high face value) incl. M/Sheet etc. also range of Special Delivery stamps M, Dues incl. 1935 set (7), 1967 set (7), 1977 set (9), useful Officials incl. 1949 OHMS set (excl. 50c) M, 1950 'G' most to 50c M, $1 Fisherman 'G' M etc. (100's) £200 to 250 £260.00
1852-57 3d beaver, VFU (small fault at right), SG.8, 1859 1c to 17c basic U set (5 values) between SG.29/43a, 1864 2 U, SG.44. (7) Cat. £720 £70 to 95 £72.00
1852-57 3d red on soft wove ribbed paper, good to large margins, 3 sides just touched at top right on fourth, cancelled barred diamond with Toronto c.d.s. below, very scarce, SG.22. £80 to 100 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1852-57 6d greenish grey on medium wove, used on cover to New York, adhesive good to large margins, cancelled diamond of bars with Toronto Sep 7 d/s below. Clear 2002 BPA Cert, SG. 10. Rare cover. £600 to 750 £500.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1855 (Jan) envelope to Baltimore bearing 6d slate violet on medium wove paper, good to very large margins from the left side of the sheet & well tied by light target cancellation. Montreal c.d.s. at right, fresh & fine with clear RPS Cert (1936). Ex Boucher, SG. 9. £750 to 1000 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1858 (Feb 9) printed notice from Notary Public advising addressee that payment had been refused on bill of exchange, used locally in Cobourg, franked 1857 ½d deep rose on hard wove, good to large margins, tied by light Cobourg c.d.s. Filing creases well away from adhesive & some cover repairs, an attractive & rare usage. BPA Cert 1994, SG. 10. (1) £275 to 325 N/S
1858-59 3d red unused re-gummed example, SG.26. (1) £100 to 150 £185.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1863 printed market report ex Montreal to Peterbro with 1c deep rose indistinctly cancelled; also 1861 registered E (glue stains) ex London to Goderich, franked with 1c deep rose pair & 5c deep red (perf. faults to 2 stamps). Scarce pair. (2) £70 to 80 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1870-88 6c yellowish brown bisected & used locally on cover to Prince Edward Island, Auberton & Charlottetown c.d.s, slight imperfections to cover as normal, BPA Cert. 1965 as SG.60a, very scarce, Cat. £1200 £400 to 500 N/S
1888-90 15c slate purple & slate violet, M examples (at least three different shades), variable gum, SG.70, Cat. £420 - cheapest. (6) £60 to 75 £92.00
1897 Jubilee $3 bistre, superb used, SG.138. Cat. £750 £220 to 275 £320.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
(Boer War) 1900 cover to Winnipeg bearing GB 1d lilac tied by ORC c.d.s. endorsed Reg. No. 17 of LS Corps/Active Service with fine strike of the oval h/s Canadian Contingent & South Africa Dec 19 1900 b/s Winnipeg arrival. Lord Strathcona's Horse Cavalry was active in the Central & Southern Free States during Oct 1900 & early 1901 in the hunt for the Boer General De Wet. Rare item. £250 to 300 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1903-59 (circa) incl. KEVII 1c & 2c frankings, 1c CPRC pictorial card to UK, KGV frankings incl. uncommon 4c on PC, WWII censored items (2), 1959 fire-damaged cover etc. (17) £50 to 60 £50.00
1932 Ottawa Conference 13c marginal UM block of four SG.317, 1932 13c bright violet UM block of four SG.325, 1934 10c Empire Loyalists UM block of four, gum disturbance on two SG.333, 1946 7c Air corner marginal UM block 10 SG.407, Special Delivery 1938 10c corner marginal UM block of four SG.59. Cat.£520. (26) £100 to 120 N/S
415   Used (on letter or envelope)
KGVI covers incl. a few FDC's, mainly airmail items incl. FFC's & commercial mail, also WWII RCAF pair & a few (4) early QEII covers. (25) £50 to 60 N/S
Block larger than four or stamp booklet
OFFICIALS 1949 7c Air optd 'G' 10c Special Delivery optd 'OHMS' & 'G' all UM blocks of four, SG.0190, 0520/1. (12) Cat. £268 £50 to 65 £58.00
 Block of four
OFFICIALS 1950 7c Air SG. 0190, 10c Special Delivery SG. 0S21 & 1949 7c Air SG. 0171 all are UM blocks of four (SG. 0171 is corner marginal). Cat.£296 (12) £50 to 60 N/S
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