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Stamp auction - 14 March 2013 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 14 March 2013. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 144 - Mixed Lots & Accumulations
Lot Thumbnail   Description of lot Estimate Realised
NEW IMPERIALS Vol. 1 & 2 BRITISH EMPIRE 1840-1935 A-Z Mint collection 1000's stamps, with good general ranges from most countries, condition a little mixed in places but generally good appearance and an excellent original lot for continuation. Cat. in excess of £65,000 (vendors list of countries & Cat. values accompanies) £10000 to 12000 £12000.00
NEW IMPERIALS Vol. 1 & 2 BRITISH EMPIRE 1840-1935 A-Z collection of M & U, 1000's stamps, good general ranges from most countries incl. GB £1 PUC U, Australia 5s Bridge U, Falklands 1933 Centenary set to 10s, good India & States etc. slightly remaindered in places, viewing recommended. £2500 to 3000 N/S
31    M
IDEAL ALBUMS (3) with slip cases. FOREIGN COUNTRIES A-Z collection of M & U 1840-1936 ranges of 1000's stamps from around the globe. Super original lot offered intact and ideal for continuation. £1000 to 2000 £2500.00
32    M
 Block of four
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH collection of mainly UM blocks of four, middle to modern period. A large lot housed on hagner leaves in eleven albums, strength in QEII commems & some earlier material is included, well worth inspection, has good re-sale potential. £800 to 1200 £1500.00
33    M
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH A-Z collection of M & U housed on hagner leaves in five albums, rather untidy presentation but incl. some better small ranges plus the odd individual item, highlights incl. Australia 1932 5s Sydney Harbour Bridge FU, Nigeria 1936 Pictorial Defin set M, Rhodesia 1937 Set M etc. (1000's) £800 to 1000 N/S
34    M
EUROPE excl. France & Germany M & U collection housed in nine hagner albums, although untidy presentation & mixed condition there are good general ranges incl. classics, odd better items or ranges incl. some better Swiss M/Sheets etc. Viewing recommended. £800 to 1000 £1100.00
FOREIGN valuable collection in Imperial album (1898 Edition) some damage. Most issues are U to approx. 1900, the stronger countries being Austria & Austrian Italy, Hungary, Belgium & Congo, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile & China which incls. 1878-83 Large Dragons 1c & 5c, 1885 to 5c, 1897 surcharges ½c (2), 1c (2), 2c (2), 4c, 5c (2), 1897 Revenues surcharge 1c & 2c (both types) & 1897 values to $1. Denmark good imperfs, 1870 most to 8sk U, 1875 most to 100 ore, Iceland, France strong imperfs. 1869 5f (2) one with 'Ancre' cancel, Peace & Commerce & Dues etc. French Colonies good range, Germany States fine range with many imperfs. Germany proper with scarce values, Colonies opts. with useful sets or values, Greece, Guatemala, Hawaii, Haiti, Netherlands & Colonies good ranges. Italian States, good Sicily & Tuscany etc. Italy, Japan (incl. scarcer M), Luxembourg, Sweden & Norway, strong sections of Persia, Peru, Portugal & Colonies, Rumania, Russia & Finland, strong Serbia, Shanghai, Thailand, Spain & Colonies & Switzerland etc. Fine lot, condition varied but well above average for this type of lot. Must be viewed. (several 1000) £850 to 1000 £4200.00
36    M
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH collection housed in eleven multi ring albums containing M & U ranges from all periods, nothing of great individual value but incls. the odd modern defin set & some useful small country selections; also a few foreign, but principally a British Commonwealth lot. (1000's) £500 to 800 £600.00
37    M
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH collection of M & U housed on A4 sheets in protectors in 22 folders, generally part or short sets/odds etc. all periods with strength in KGVI/QEII. £500 to 750 N/S
38    UM
 Block of four
FOREIGN collection of mainly UM blocks of four, attractive mostly middle to modern period, few earlies incl. useful Europe & Colonies, Scandinavia, non European incls. Indonesia, Vietnam, Kuwait, Japan, Venezuela, Jordan, Paraguay & many more. £500 to 700 £500.00
39    M
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH KGVI M collection in the Printed Album, useful ranges of full or part sets, odds etc. incl. Ascension 10s, Bahamas 1948 set, British Solomon Islands 1939 set, Ceylon 1938 set, GB 1939 set, 1948 Wedding & 1951 set, Hong Kong to $5, Jamaica 1938 to £1, Leewards 1938 to £1, Malaya B.M.A, 1945 set, Malta 1938 set, Montserrat 1938 & 1951 sets, New Zealand 1940 set, North Borneo 1947 to $5, St. Kitts 1952 set, St. Lucia 1938 to £1, Singapore 1948 Wedding set, Somaliland 1948 Wedding set, South Africa 1941 War Effort set. (many 100's) ST.Cat. £3900 £400 to 600 £760.00
40    M
WORLD ACCUMULATION housed in seven spring back albums M & U ranges from many countries incl. useful Burma, China, Eritrea, Ethiopia, GB, India, Japan & others for checking. £300 to 500 £400.00
41    M
ACCUMULATION in carton housed in ten albums incl. Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, GB includes modern M face value material, albums of world/foreign stamps, USA etc. £300 to 400 £300.00
42    M
ACCUMULATION in carton comprising world stamps in six albums (incl. British Commonwealth, Germany in album & stock book, separate albums of Albania, Bulgaria, Norway, USA, also Poland - General Government & 1946 Work for Education set fine M, Greece, Iceland, Japan, Norway etc. Total of 12 albums & extra material on leaves etc. £250 to 350 £300.00
KGVI fine used selection of approx 310 stamps on stock sheets, noted several Wedding sets, India - Gandhi etc. Cat.£2435 £300 to 350 £460.00
44    M
ACCUMULATION in carton incl. world collections in three albums, South & Central America filling a stock book, GB in Windsor album etc. £200 to 300 £200.00
45    M
ACCUMULATION in carton incl. five stock books of miscellanous ranges; noted India 1948 10r Gandhi - U crease, Sweden 1936 Tercentenary set UM some gum creasing/bends, world collection on oblong shaped well filled album incl. 1840 1d on & off cover, 49x modern Chinese FDC's. £200 to 300 £200.00
46    Used
AUSTRALIA, CANADA & NEW ZEALAND 1873-1980's housed in three spring back albums, good to FU general ranges incl. Canada 1859 1c (3), 5c (4), 12½c (4), range Small Queens, good run through of defins incl. coils, odd cover, New Zealand noted useful defins, Healths incl. Smiling Boys set, Officials etc. £250 to 300 £270.00
47    M
COMMONWEALTH MAINLY BRITISH AFRICA in album with Transvaal from a few imperf/roulette Arms, QV Head opts, KEVII to £1 U & 1907 Dues. Natal useful KEVII, Mauritius with scarce QV values, KEVII to 2r 50, KGV to 1r, Morocco Agencies opt. values to 2p, Zululand, Sudan 1897 to 10p, 1898 to 10p, 1902 to 10p, 1927 to 10p, 'O.S.G.S' to 10p, Army values & Dues 1897 to 1927. BEA, COGH triangulars, South Africa Dues M & a few Officials, SWA fine range 1923 incl. pairs to 5s, Officials & Dues. Kenya, Egypt, good range of Gambia CEF 1915 to 8a, Somaliland 1903 to 1r, KEVII values to 12a, KGV to 2r, Levant KEVII 12pi & 24pi, KGV high values, Gold Coast, Griqualand useful opts. Palestine with good Dues, OFS range of values to 5s, many surcharges, KEVII to 5s, Papua useful Lakatois, Samoa, Sarawak very good range. Condition varied but a useful lot. £250 to 300 £840.00
KGVI Mint selection on stock cards incl. Cyprus to 45pi, Ascension 5s SG.46a, Fiji to 5s, S. Africa, Seychelles, Trans Jordan, India 5r, South Africa pairs, Kuwait, Newfoundland, Bechuanaland Wedding Set UM. ST.Cat.£2,100. £250 to 300 £260.00
49    UM
MISCELLANEOUS ACCUMULATION in carton with various in albums, packets, envelopes etc. noted St. Lucia QV-KGV duplicated range, Isle of Man covers, Portugal & Azores UM in album, Faroe Is, GB & British Commonwealth modern material, Numismatic (coin) covers, World in Swiftsure album, Maldives etc. £200 to 300 £340.00
50    M
NEW IDEALS foreign countries A-Z inclusive two volumes M & U ranges from many countries. (100's) £200 to 300 £300.00
51    M
SOUTH EAST ASIA stock book containing mainly M or UM and some FU comprising Philippines - untidy range of 1899 stamps of USA optd 'Philippines' with values to 15c & 1911-38 portrait series - various printings, perfs etc, mixed M & U. Also range of Commonwealth incl. various 1935-39 overprints & some Air Mail issues. Later material incl. Japanese Occupation, Victory opts & later to circa 1973. Cambodia: 1951- circa 1995 mainly M collection, appears to be large part complete & incl. good range of M/Sheets etc. Inspection recommended. (few 100's) ST.Cat. £2200 (approx) £250 to 300 N/S
52    Used
ADEN & STATES, BRITISH SOMALILAND & ZANZIBAR Aden (270) collection of good to FU on leaves to 1964 incl. 1937 set (excl. 1r); 1939 set (incl. ½a SG. 16a); 1951 surcharge set & range of 1953 QEII with values to 20s incl. some shades. Also good coverage of Protectorate States to circa 1967. British Somaliland (90) comprising 1903 QV stamps of India optd. to 12a (excl. 2Ťa) + 1903 6a (SG. 19). Ditto KEVII to 8a (excl. 2½a); 1904 ½a, 1a & 2aq, then scattering of later KEVII & KGV incl. 1r (SG. 8). KGVI incl. 1938 to 12a plus later issues to QEII 1953 set. Zanzibar (156) good range of issues to 1963 FFH & incl. 1895 QV stamps of India optd. with values to 8a (excl. 6a). A useful lot. £200 to 250 £200.00
53    M
MISCELLANEOUS ACCUMULATION in large carton incl. 2x boxes containing ex. dealers lot of British Commonwealth QEII mid 1960's-70's UM in packets mainly commems & few defins with strength in BWI (useful for Thematics), album of M KGVI material with full & part sets, world in Strand album, other material in club books etc. £200 to 250 £480.00
54    M
MISCELLANEOUS ACCUMULATION in carton incl. stamps in packets & envelopes, club books, juvenile album, Falkland Is, space thematics, collection in album incl. 1840 1d black etc. £200 to 250 £300.00
55    M
ACCUMULATION in carton incl. world collection in a Centurion album, Canada on leaves, Australia, collection in album, other Commonwealth & Belgium/France in Olympic album. £150 to 200 £250.00
56    M
BRITISH EMPIRE collection housed in eighth edition old Imperial album Volume 1. Rather sparse & remaindered except for the following: Hong Kong, Indian Feudatory States, Malayan States & a few Australian States. (390) £100 to 200 £330.00
57    Used
EUROPE three albums containing chiefly U ranges for Austria, Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain & Switzerland, all periods incl. earlies. Inspection recommended. (1000's) £150 to 200 £150.00
58    Used
FIJI & GILBERT & ELLICE good to VFU collection on leaves from FIJI (404) 1878-1980's incl. small range QV period, amongst which 1878 2d (SG. 40 + 40a), 4d (SG.42a), 1881 1s (SG. 64a, 66, 67) amongst others. Also 1903 KEVII 1d to 1s, 1904 ½d & 1d, 1906 to 6d, good range KGV with 1912 to 1s (incl. shades) & 1922 to 1s, KGVI & QEII issues are well represented incl. 1938 10s & £1 VFU on pieces. GILBERT & ELLICE (231) 1911-1970's incl. useful, though incomplete KGV, KGVI & QEII issues same better stamps, inspection recommended. £150 to 200 £150.00
59    M
KGVI BRITISH COMMONWEALTH chiefly good to FU collection of 1870 stamps in the Printed Album, mainly part sets. £150 to 200 £210.00
60    M
MISCELLANEOUS ACCUMULATION in carton incl. various in packets, envelopes etc. few new issues in packets, GB incl. 1840 1d, 1948 Silver Wedding £1, some modern GB booklets, lots to sort. £150 to 200 £300.00
61    M
MISCELLANEOUS ACCUMULATION in carton incl. loose stamps in box, on old album leaves, collection in Centurion album & Monogram album, ranges of USA & Latin America in hagner albums. £100 to 200 £210.00
62    M
Used (on letter or envelope)
MISCELLANEOUS ACCUMULATION in carton incl. stamps in packets with some new issues, GB, albums of world stamps, etc. £150 to 200 £230.00
63    Used
ST CHRISTOPHER, ST KITTS NEVIS & ST LUCIA Circa 1870-1983 collection of U on leaves with main strength in St Lucia. Better items noted incl. St Christopher 1870 6d P.12½ (SG.5) & P.14 4d & 6d (SG.8 & 9). St Kitts Nevis 1921 KGV with values to 1s & 1923 Tercentenary to 1s. Also range of 1938 KGVI defins. with values to 2/6d incl. varieties. St Lucia incl. 1864 1d P.12 (SG.11) & 6d P.14 (SG.17a). Useful later QV, KEVII, KGV & KGVI issues plus good but not complete coverage of later to circa 1983. Some good material & worth inspection. (833) £150 to 200 £180.00
64    M
WORLD COLLECTION housed in Strand & The Modern (1925) edition albums, another album of Canada, another containing 1937 Coronation issues. £150 to 200 £150.00
65   Used (on letter or envelope)
WWI/WWII MILITARIA COLLECTION 1914-45 assembly of PPC's, covers, documents, ephemera, all areas of military involvement, GB, USA, Europe, range of subjects incl. Patriotic, Naval, US Army Life & Military Aircraft, nude pin-ups, many coloured, The Holts PPC book - 'I'll be Seeing You' with Rome occupation humour PPC's (6) Sunburst signed - illust. page 143, documents ex. Russia, Tripolitania, Palestine, Red Cross, booklets of Royal Armoured Corps & Red Devils, RP's, insignia, dress medals, rare US-Chinese translation booklet for crashed aviators, poss. Flying Tigers or Doolittle Raid on Japan. (Q) £150 to 200 £300.00
66    M
ASIA ring binder containing a collection on leaves incl. ranges from Afghanistan, Bhutan, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Nepal, Philippine Is, Thailand, Vietnam etc. (100's) £100 to 150 £100.00
67    M
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH M & U collection housed in a well filled black page spring back album, strength in KGVI short sets, GB incl. 1840 1d (pair) etc. £100 to 150 £160.00
68    M
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH ranges in 20 circulated club books. £100 to 150 £110.00
69    M
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH in old album. Gibraltar 1889 to 5p M or U, KEVII values to 1s, KGV values to 2s (2), Gilberts values to 5s, Heligoland, Ceylon few pence values to 1s, useful KEVII & KGV, also 1903 set complete M etc. Service opts. Maldives, Cook Is useful early M, also 1894 cover with 10d, 5d & 2½d U to India, Canada range of QV to KGV & Special Deliveries, Solomons 1907 to 2½d, 1908 to 6d & KGV to 1s (2). Condition varied but well worth careful sorting. (few 100) £125 to 150 £320.00
70    M
KGVI BRITISH COMMONWEALTH M & FU collection of 997 stamps in The Printed Album, general ranges of mainly part sets. £100 to 150 £150.00
71    M
MISCELLANEOUS ACCUMULATION in carton, various housed in 13 albums or stock books, world collection in Strand albums, useful ranges Australia, France, modern GB FU ranges, Ceylon with KGVI defins etc. £100 to 150 £160.00
72    M
BRITISH WEST INDIES in album, QV to KGV M & U. Good early Dominica incl. surcharges, views to 1s, KGV to 1s. Caymans KEVII values to 1s, KGV to 2s & 5s & 1935 to 1s. British Honduras useful QV, few KEVII, KGV to 50c. Grenada QV Chalon 1d (2), 6d (5) & ½d surcharges (2). British Guiana useful range, St Lucia, Turks Is, Trinidad & Tobago incl. Britannia values to 5s etc. Also few Tonga & Lagos etc. Condition mixed but many scarcer values. (several 100) £100 to 125 £240.00
73    M
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH collection in ring binder mainly Canada incl. 1893 20c & 50c U, 1908 Tercentenary set unused, 1927 Confederation set M, 1928 Defin set to 20c M, 1928, 1930 & 1932 Airs M, 1931 Ottawa Conference air M. Newfoundland 1860 3d part o.g, 1937 Along Coronation set, Ceylon 1935 set M (less 15c), good range KGVI defins, India 1929 air set M, etc. £100 to 120 £145.00
KGVI Mint selection of approx 340 stamps housed on four stock cards, incl. full & part sets, STCat.£850. £100 to 120 £100.00
75    Used
AUSTRALIA (approx 550), Australian States (approx 650), India (approx 1000), U ranges housed in 3 stock books incl. some duplication. £80 to 100 £110.00
76    M
MISCELLANEOUS ACCUMULATION in box incl. interesting Japan, GB 1840 2d (faults), few GB modern presentation packs, various on stock cards etc. £80 to 100 £94.00
77    M
Used (on letter or envelope)
SHOE BOX containing a quantity of miscellaneous stamps & covers. £50 to 100 £70.00
78    M
WORLD ACCUMULATION in carton, miscellaneous ranges in albums, stock book in envelopes on leaves etc. £80 to 100 £110.00
79    M
WORLD ACCUMULATION in carton, miscellaneous ranges in packets or envelopes ready sorting. £80 to 100 £125.00
80    M
WORLD ACCUMULATION in medium size carton with ranges housed in 6 stock books incl. France & Germany, GB, British Commonwealth etc. many 1000's plus a few covers. £80 to 100 £98.00
81    Used
NORFOLK & PITCAIRN ISLANDS 1947 (Norfolk Is) & 1940 (Pitcairn Is) to circa 1980's U collections on leaves & two hagner leaves. Norfolk Islands 1947, 1953, 1960 & 1966 Pictorial defin. sets & fair coverage of commemorative issues. Pitcairn Islands incl. 1940, 1957, 1964 & 1967 defin. sets & is large part complete to circa 1989. Useful pickings or scope for development. Inspection recommended. (Pitcairns 305, Norfolk Is. 430 & 1 M/S) £70 to 90 £70.00
82   Used (on letter or envelope)
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH small M & U collection on leaves incl. Leeward Islands, St Vincent, St Lucia KGVI to £1 FU, Turks & Caicos, South Georgia, F.I.D, Gilbert & Ellice QEII to 10c M, Samoa, Seychelles 1962 Defin set M, Nauru, British Levant, Morocco Agencies etc. (579) £60 to 75 £90.00
83    Used
Used (on letter or envelope)
BOX OF PHILATELIC ITEMS 19th/20th Century with interesting all world covers, postcards, stamps on stock cards, album leaves, in packets, sets & singles incl. Aden, India, China, Egypt with sets, postmarks noted, old banknotes, stamped receipts, some stamp Literature - hard back 'Stamps of Egypt' by L. Balian, stock book of GB, albums etc. (Q) £50 to 70 £185.00
84     KGVI BRITISH COMMONWEALTH The Printed Album with slip case, virtually as new, contains a few stamps. £50 to 70 £96.00
KGVI Fine used range of approx 320 stamps on stock page incl. full & part sets etc. ST.Cat.£440 £50 to 65 £92.00
BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Burma 1937 set to 12a M, SG.1/12, KUT 1935 10s FU, SG.122, Northern Rhodesia 1925 10s M rounded corner perf, SG.16 & S.W.A 1935 Jubilee 3d single VFU, SG.90. Cat. £261 £40 to 50 £40.00
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