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Stamp auction - 25 July 2013 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 25 July 2013. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 145 - Australia
Lot Thumbnail   Description of lot Estimate Realised
  • Australian States
EARLY to end of QV assortment on old leaves in mixed condition. (60) £40 to 50 £46.00
1860's - circa 1900 accumulation of mainly U from New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria & Western Australia. Some better items noted incl. a few high values. Inspection advised. (237) ST.Cat. £800+ £70 to 90 £100.00
  • New South Wales
1850 Re-engraved with clouds 1d vermillion on Laid paper, horizontal pair from positions 11/12 on sheet, superb U, left stamp with close or just touching margins, right stamp large margins, incredible rich colour, SG.14, Cat. £1000+ £250 to 300 £210.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1851 Plate 1 blue to greyish paper, 2d ultramarine worn Plate, a good to huge margined copy U on cover with numeral 62 of Morpeth to Clarence Town. The stamp which is of superb colour shows doubling of the whole design, unusual item, SG.52. £200 to 250 N/S
399     WATERMARKED PAPER 1886-87 'NSW' five full and one part impression plus New South in margin, also part sheet of 90 impressions of the NSW/R wmk on thick paper taken from the original dandy roll. Has been folded. (2) £60 to 75 N/S
1902-47 trio covers & postcard with 1902 2½d cover, 1912 1d PPC & Aust 1947 2d cover, all with 'LORD HOWE ISLAND NSW' postmarks & written up. (3) £40 to 60 £290.00
  • South Australia
1902-04 Thin Postage set to 10s, fine M, Cat. £425 plus £1 value, unused, Cat. £425, SG.268/79. £170 to 200 £260.00
1904-11 Set, fine M, SG.284/92 (£1 - P12) Cat. £630. (8) £250 to 300 £330.00
  • Tasmania
1853-54 Plate 1 second state 4d pale orange block of six, good to large margins at foot and at right, others just cut into or touched, used numeral '58' of Waterloo Point, come slight creasing but an extremely rare multiple. (6) £1400 to 1750 N/S
1880-91 Perf 12 4d chrome yellow, error - printed both sides, unique top right corner M example, shows plate no. 3 in the margin of the gummed side, SG.166ab, rare. (1) Cat. £1200 £500 to 650 £500.00
  • Western Australia
1857-59 2d brown black/red variety printed both sides FU, SG. 15a with clear 1990 BPA Cert. Cat. £800 £250 to 300 £215.00
  • Australia
1913 - circa 1930 untidy ranges of KGV Heads & some Roos on 8 album pages. Good spread of issues, some with interesting pmks & in wide variety of shades. KGV Heads with values to 1/4d, mixed M & U and badly in need of sorting. Some nice mint values and a few varieties. Inspection recommended to appreciate the potential of this lot. (179) ST.Cat. £900+ £100 to 130 £130.00
407    M
1913-2000 chiefly U collection housed in a ring binder, highlights incl. range of Roos U to 10s (crayon mark), KGV Heads - various with values to 1/4d, better early commems noted incl. 1932 Sydney Bridge set M (5s tiny edge thin), another set FU. (100's) £300 to 400 £300.00
408    Used
1913-32 interesting U collection of O.S (Official) perfins on 15 pages in Graduate peg album. Impressive coverage of most issues incl. 1913 Roos (large O.S) to 1s (excl. 2½d), 1913 Roos (small O.S) to 2s (excl. Die 1), 1915-28 2d, 6d & 5s Roo's, 1914-21 KGV Head ½d, 1d & 4d (5 shades) + 4d (red-brown), 1915-28 Roos to 10s rounded corner (excl. 2d Die 2 & 5s), 1916-18 1d (2) & 5d, 1918-20 ½d & 1½d (2 shades), 1918-23 to 1/4d (excl. 1d), 1923-24 Roos 6d & 2s, 1924 to 4½d, 1924 1d SG.086 (no wmk), 1926-30 1d, 1½d & 3d, 1926-30 1d, 1½d & 3d, 1926-30 P13½ x 12½ to 1/4d (excl. 4½d), then virtually compete to 1s SG.0136. Also a few stamps perfin O.S.N.S.W (not incl. in valuation) and useful range of commems & air stamps with O.S perfins. Inspection recommended to appreciate the scope of this lot. (115 stamps + 1 cover), ST. Cat. £1945 £300 to 400 £460.00
409    M
1913-90 M & U collection housed in a Davo printed album, highlights in Roos selection with values to 5s U, 1913 6d Kookaburra U, KGV Heads to 1/4d (2) U, general range of middle period either M or U, from mid 1970's to 1990 appear M or UM (mounted on margins) with a high face value, also incl. Officials, AAT etc. (100's) £150 to 200 £160.00
410    UM
1913-93 chiefly M (many UM) collection housed in three Lindner albums, commencing with a range of KGV Heads with values to 5d (few U Roo's to 10s - faults), some better middle period commems incl. 1932 Bridge set (5s has couple tiny tone spots), 1935 Jubilee set etc. Later issues to 1990's are chiefly UM. (100's) £200 to 300 £230.00
 Block of four
1915 9d violet lower right corner marginal M BLOCK OF FOUR (3 x UM) SG. 27 Cat.£760 (4) £200 to 250 £1200.00
 Block of four
1953 Postage Due Set in UM marginal blocks of four SG. D129/31. Cat.£128+ (12) £40 to 50 N/S
413    M
MODERN LOT of UM stamps, packs & FDC's in a carton incl. 1984, 85 & 86 year books, few earlies, odd booklet etc. £100 to 120 N/S
414    Used
Used on piece or front
POSTMARKS useful collection of postmarks on piece mainly tying lower denominations of KGV heads, good variety laid out alphabetically in five stockbooks, another containing ranges of registered labels. Mainly good strikes throughout covering 1920's-1930's period. Excellent lot well worth viewing. £200 to 250 £240.00
415    Used
Used (on letter or envelope)
MISCELLANEOUS ACCUMULATION in box incl. an assortment of covers incl. 1930's Airmails with attractive frankings, Official mail, better items of KGV stationery, NSW 1885 cover to Costamundra franked 2d pair tied 'TPO/ No.1 South, Gang A', 1899 pair covers bearing Broken Hill & Broken Hill Rail Town pmks, selection of Queensland Railway Stamps vals to 5s, packets of envelopes containing quantities of Australian States duplicated, etc. £150 to 200 £320.00
416    Literature
LITERATURE useful group incl: Queensland Post Offices by Frew; The Postal History of the Northern Territory by Williams; Queensland Cancellations by Campbell; Victoria Barred Numerals by Purves; The Post Offices & Hand-Held datestamps of Victoria Vol. 1 & 2 by Watson, Webster & Wood; Victoria TPO's by Purves; NW Pacific Is by Purves; NSW Numerals by Purves; Slogan Cancels by Tapp, Australian Airmail Catalogue 6th Edition etc. (16) £50 to 100 £96.00
417   Used on piece or front
Slogan Postmarks 1920's-1930's Collection in a Devon album neatly written up on leaves mainly KGV lower denomination adhesives tied to piece with complete slogan postmarks, odd covers included plus a further range in packets for mounting up, some supporting literature accompanies. £80 to 100 N/S
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