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Stamp auction - 25 July 2013 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 25 July 2013. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 145 - France
Lot Thumbnail   Description of lot Estimate Realised
687    M
1849-1975 M & U collection housed in two small stock books approx 2400 stamps mainly singles but the odd M block of four present, earlies are in mixed condition, middle period to 1975 well represented incl. defins, commems, Airs, French Art etc. nothing of great individual value but lots of mid range items, some duplication, useful lot. £180 to 220 N/S
1849-1990's superior M & U collection housed in eight small Cadet spring back albums (incl. couple containing Colonies) & five stock books. A comprehensive range from earlies loaded with pmks, shades etc. Later M or U (or both) with high proportion of the better key items, highlights incl. 1900 Mersons Imperf M 40c, 50c, 1f & 5f, 1917-19 War Orphans set M & U, 1923 Bordeaux Phil Congress 1f M, 1925 Paris Exhib 5f M, 1925-32 Merson 3f, 10f & 20f M, 1926-27 War Orphans set M, 1927 5f Air M + FU set, 1928 1f50 Sinking Fund M & U, 1930 Sinking Fund set M, 1931 Sinking Fund 1f50 M, 1934 Cartier set M, 1935 Normandie Maiden Voyage set M, 1936 Air set FU, 1936 50c Air FU, 1937 Paris Exhibition M/Sheet FU (folded), another M etc. A great collection that should be viewed to be fully appreciated. £1500 to 2000 N/S
Used on piece or front
1849-52 1f carmine large margined example, showing portions of three adjoining stamps, tied to piece by Grille Sans Fin cancel, Yv6, SG.19. £100 to 150 £140.00
690    Used
1853-2004 good to FU collection housed in two well filled Simplex albums, though missing high catalogue items, a useful run through incl. several National Relief Fund sets. (large quantity) £200 to 250 £240.00
1925 Paris International Philatelic Exhibition, large bottom r/hand corner piece of the M/Sheet containing 5f value Yv 216 UM, Cat. 280€ £45 to 65 £64.00
 Air Mail
Used (on letter or envelope)
1925-37 range of 7 flight covers incl. 7.5.25 Exhibition Aviation Day Le Bourget cover with special pmk flown to Copenhagen, another but registered from Zurich & re-addressed to London, ROBERTI Rocket P28 attempted flight Calais 13.9.35 with special vignettes & cachet signed Roberti, 1936 Air Service 1st flight Lyon Bron - Grenoble 28.8.36 with cachet, another but Grenoble - Lyon, AIR FRANCE/PAA/South Western Aviation Corp, (CHINA) round world flown folding card Paris/Natal/N.York/Hong Kong/Paris 16.10.37 franked stamps from 4 countries, Air France 1937 New Year greetings card unused, Code 352 C6 AF (faults) £60 to 75 £96.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
Circa 1926 album containing a collection of 95+ PPC's, franked with stamps on the obverse side of the card with mainly defins from that period, generally Sower, Blank or Pasteur types, we also note 1918 Red Cross Fund 15c franking etc, cards incl. several of Paris with prominent buildings & monuments £50 to 65 £105.00
1926-27 War Orphans 1f & 5f m - minor gum thins. SG.452/3. Cat.£195 (2) £35 to 45 £46.00
1936 Air set M, the 85c small thin the 50c is regummed. SG.534/40. Cat.£1,200 (6) £120 to 180 N/S
1936 South America Flight in marginal pairs M (gum disturbed), very fresh, SG.553/4, Cat. £948 £170 to 200 N/S
 Air Mail
Used (on letter or envelope)
1938-39 range of 8 1st flight covers incl. Air France all up Paris - Berlin with cachet, another but Paris - Geneva, another but Paris - London, Air Bleu 1st night flight Paris - Mont De Marsau 10.5.39, another but Paw - Bordeaux & pilot signed, another but Bordeaux - Paris & with Air Bleu etiquette, another but Mont De Moursin - Paris also with Air Bleu etiquette, another but Tarbes - Paris - all with cachets & appropriate b/stamps. £70 to 85 £74.00
 Air Mail
Used (on letter or envelope)
1939-46 range of 15 1st flight covers incl. PAA 25.5.39 Marseille - New York multi franked with red cachet, another but Marseille - Lisbon, another but with cachet in black (scarce), 1939 all up flight Paris - Warsaw with cachet, another but Paris - Helsinki, Air Bleu 29.7.39 Bologne - Paris, 1939 Acceptance for Imperial AW Southampton - New York, 1945 night postal 1st flight Bordeaux - Paris pilot signed, another but Toulouse - Paris etc. Nice lot, viewing recommended. £90 to 120 £90.00
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