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Stamp auction - 25 July 2013 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 25 July 2013. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 145 - Perforated Line Engraved
Lot Thumbnail   Description of lot Estimate Realised
1599    Used
1854-55 1d red brown Die I, Alp II Wmk Small Crown P.16 collection of Plated examples in a Prinz album (Plated by vendor & not guaranteed), ranges from Pl. 155-204, most plates represented incl. the odd imperf, also Reserve Plates 1-6, mixed condition. (191) £100 to 120 £310.00
1854-58 Perf 2d blues U range written up on leaves from Small Crown P.16 Pl.4 (17) + single on cover, Small Crown P.14 Pl.4 (2), Small Crown P.16 Pl.5 (4), Large Crown P.16 Pl.5 (2), Large Crown P.14 (7) + pair on cover, Large Crown P.14 Pl.6 (2), Large Crown P.16 Pl.6 (2), generally good U - some faults. Note identification of plates etc. by vendor not guaranteed, from Spec. F1-F8. (36 + 2 covers) £200 to 300 £460.00
1601    Used
1855 1d red brown Die II, Alp II Wmk Small Crown P.14 & P.16 (Spec. C3 & C4), SG.21, 24/5, collection of Plated examples (Plated by vendor & not guaranteed) from Pl. 1-21, neatly housed in a Prinz album, mixed condition, viewing recommended. (379) £400 to 600 N/S
1602    Used
1856 1d red brown Die II, Alp III, Wmk Large Crown P.14 collection of plated examples (Plated by vendor, not guaranteed), various duplicated quantities from 6 up to 140 of each, total 984 stamps, mixed condition. Spec. C8, SG.29/33. £250 to 300 £460.00
1603    Used
1857 1d rose red (Spec. C10) Die II, Alp III, Wmk Large Crown P.14 collection of attempted re-construction by Plate (27-68) with varying quantities from 53 to 425 (Plating by vendor, not guaranteed) neatly presented on leaves in four Prinz albums, mixed condition although many fine examples. 7600 stamps - massive cat value. £700 to 1000 £700.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1857 Feb 4th envelope from London to Edinburgh - reverse with manuscript 'Torn when received at GPO Edin' and h/stamped 'RECEIVED OPEN/& RE-SEALED/AT THE POST OFFICE/EDINBURGH,' obverse franked 1d stars strip of eight QA/QH, tied by London district '3' numerals, also bears two different 'MORE TO PAY' h/stamps and manuscript '4' roughly opened at right & repaired, resulting in 1d star QB being damaged. A scarce postage due cover. (1) £100 to 150 £130.00
1605    Used
STOCK BOOK containing a quantity of 1841 1d (106), 1d Stars (1970), sorted by letterings. £200 to 300 £370.00
1857 1d rose red Large Crown P.16 Plate 62, attempted re-construction of 191 letterings + odd duplicate neatly mounted up on leaves, a further range 1d Stars (193) incl. selection with Irish cancels, also 2d Stars (22). £100 to 150 £100.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1855 July 12th (current price list) from London to Lyon, France, franked 2d blue pair TF/TG, tied London '22' numerals, SG.23 single Cat. £375 on cover. £80 to 100 N/S
1855 1d red brown CA/CB Die II L.C P.14 - a delightful used pair cancelled by bright green '212' Enniscorthy diamond numerals, CB odd blunted perf at top. (2) Cat. £900 £100 to 130 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1857 registered cover from Manchester to Blackpool, franked 1d stars, Spec C9, block of four & vertical strip of three cancelled by barred oval '498' numerals for 6d fee + 1d postage, obverse bears 'REGISTERED' straight line h/stamp in red (also tying the strip) and Manchester code 'G' d/stamp for Aug 21st 1857, reverse bears Preston c.d.s. £100 to 120 N/S
1857 1d rose red Die II, Alp III Large Crown P.16 Plate 37 lett BI, showing major re-entry VFU, with RPS Cert. 1985, SG.36, Spec. C11f. Cat. £200 £40 to 50 £92.00
1857-63 Die II, Alp III, LC.16 1d Plates 55 AJ, KC, RC, 59 CI & TF re-entries, mainly fair to fine, some imperfections, SG.36, Spec. C11. £40 to 50 N/S
1857 1d pale rose Pl. 38 IA/JA Die II, Alphabet III, cream toned paper, fine M vertical pair (lower stamp slight bend), Spec C9(4). RPS Cert (1995). Cat. £850+ (2) £125 to 150 £160.00
1613    Used
1861 1d rose red engraved corner letters Pl.50 & 51 Die II, Alphabet IV Wmk Large Crown collection of attempted reconstructions neatly displayed in a Prinz album, comprises Pl.50 (complete except for two letterings), Pl.51 (152 letterings), SG.42, also 1862 reserve Plates 15 (141 letterings), Pl.16 (168 letterings), Pl.17 (124 letterings), SG.C13. Also a basic set of 1864 1d Plates 71-225 (note plating is by vendor & not guaranteed). Viewing recommended. £300 to 400 £370.00
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