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Stamp auction - 27 November 2014 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 27 November 2014. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 149 - Austria
Lot Thumbnail   Description of lot Estimate Realised
Used (on letter or envelope)
1847-65 selection of EL's bearing variety of rates & cancels which include CATTARO (c.d.s & s/line), KRAKAU, CZERNOWITZ, LEMBERG & BUCHAREST. £100 to 120 £80.00
1850-1960's useful M & U (predominantly M) collection housed in FG Graduate album ranging from Austrian Empire issues with values to 1sk FU with added pmk interest, issues for Austria & Hungary incl. the 1867 Portrait Types FU to 15kr, 25kr, 50kr M (needs checking). Good general collection up to the 1960's incl. many of the better commemorative middle period issues. Items noticed incl. 1923/24 Artists Charity Funds M, 1925 Airs, SG.616/635 set M, 1931 Rotarian Congress - 3 values, Cat. £150, 1931 Austrian Writers, SG.672/677 set M, Cat. £110, 1932 Austrian Painters set M, Cat. £170, 1933 International Ski Championship Fund, SG.699/702 M, Cat. £275. These are the better items and the catalogue value of those noted is approx £3000 making the collection a good base for expansion. Clean lot. (1160+) £275 to 350 N/S
1850's-1991 substantial M & FU collection in a well filled Lighthouse stock book, ranging from early Arms vals to 9kr FU, extensive 19th vals with 1858-59 5k - 15l FU issues for Austria & Hungary and Austria only. Similar designs which need checking incl. 50k as SG.AH57 - looks like coarse printing - nice M copy. Much more with different printings and useful pmk interest; further issues incl. early 20thC through 1920-30's incl. 1922 Musicians set FU, 1922 Airs M, 1923 Artists, 1934 regular values. Good section M & FU + more to post war. Extensive to 1991 with many issues UM + FU. There are some decent 1945-60's issues. Catalogue value should add up. (2400 approx 8 m/s) £100 to 150 N/S
Circa 1850-1918 FU collection on leaves incl. Lombardy & Venetia 1850 Arms, rough handmade paper 15c, 30c (2), 45c, 1854-57 smooth machine made paper 30c (2), 45c, 1858 5s, 10s & 15s, Bosnia & Herzegovina 1904 P.12½ Defin set, 1904 Postage Due set, 1906 P.12½ Pictorial set, similar P.9½ set, selection of imperfs (10 diff), ANNEXED TO AUSTRIA 1910 Pictorial Defin set, 1912-14 Francis Joseph set to 5k, 1913 Newspaper set Imperf, 1916 Francis Joseph set, 1917 Emperor Charles set, AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN MILITARY POST 1915 Francis Joseph 22 vals to 5k (some tones), 1917-18 Charles I Defin set, issues for ITALY 1918 Postage Due set, Romania 1918 Francis Joseph Defin set, SERBIA 1916 Francis Joseph Defin set, OFFICES IN THE TURKISH EMPIRE - a scattering of vals. A clean & useful collection of many fine, mostly complete sets. (356) ST.Cat. £2000+ £175 to 225 £190.00
COLLECTION on leaves - all earlier issues mainly U, good range of imperfs with some scarce vals & useful postmarks & some varieties etc. 1858 incl. 3k green, various reprints, 1860 to 10k U plus reprints, 1863 to 15k plus Lombardy vals, 1863-64 Lombardy to 15s, 1867 issues, 1883 to 50k (perf 9½) U, also a few P.O's in Crete & Turkey. Very attractive lot, well worth detailed viewing. (approx 200) Cat. £1000+ £70 to 95 £70.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1870's 2kr postal stationery cards, all commercially used incl. Polish & Hungarian usages. (49) £60 to 75 N/S
 Air Mail
Used (on letter or envelope)
1930-69 first flight covers (19) incl. 1930 March 31st Olas/Cinda/Aeropart first flight Vienna-Zagreb with cachet, Aspen Airfield pmk, another but Vienna-Graz (288 flown) etc. £45 to 60 £45.00
1945-52 collection hinged onto black leaves. Clean lot of sets (121 stamps in total). Cat. SG. £350 £35 to 50 £48.00
 Air Mail
Used (on letter or envelope)
1947-65 range of 12 flight covers incl. KLM 1st flight Vienna - Amsterdam 27.11.48 with censor & flight cachets, 1950 special friendship cover Vienna - Philadelphia posted Salzburg with cachets & special cancels, 2.80s air letter for use in Europe flown Vienna - Moscow 1.7.54 with added 3s 'Birds' 1950 Air issue, SG.1218, also further LUFTHANSA, AVA & QANTAS first flights etc. £40 to 55 N/S
1949 Child Welfare Fund in corner blocks of four, stamps UM very fresh, SG. 1162/5. Cat. £320+ (16) £50 to 65 £50.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1949 local Klagenfurt cover with multiple franking of 1948 Creative Artists set SG.1145/51 & 1948 Silent Night 60g SG.1161, 1949 Child Welfare Fund set SG.1162/5, 1949 Esperanto 20g SG.1168. (stamp cat as basic U at £159) £50 to 60 N/S
 Block of four
1951 Reconstruction Fund in superb U corner blocks of four, SG.1225/8. Cat. £340 (16) £50 to 65 £50.00
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