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Stamp auction - 27 November 2014 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 27 November 2014. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 149 - French Colonies
Lot Thumbnail   Description of lot Estimate Realised
EXTENSIVE ACCUMULATION in a large well filled stock book, mainly pre independence from early to middle periods with some later material, wide range of Colonies, some duplication not heavy, huge cat value (many 1000's) £200 to 300 £440.00
 Air Mail
Used (on letter or envelope)
AIRMAILS OF AFRICA collection of airmail covers 1919-45 incl. 1925 Feb Survey flight (Paris - Dakar), 1925 Dec 29th experimental flight by rail, air & car between Dakar (Senegal) & Zinder (Niger Coast), 1930 France - Morocco - France (Vicennes Aviation Meeting) round trip cover franking incl. the 1f50 Air used on 8th June (the first day), also 5c Blank & 30 Pasteur + Aviation vignette (all tied) with reg labels for BOURSET/AVIATION, 1937 March 1st Dakar (Senegal) to Cotonou (Dahomey) with cachet, 1937 March 4th return Service Cotonou (Dahomey) to Paris cacheted cover, 1937 March 6th Abidjan - Ivory Coast cacheted cover, 1937 May 17th Niamey - Pointe Noire via Cotonou cacheted cover, 1937 Oct Survey flight Kays - Dakar stage cacheted cover, 1937 Trial flight on Nov 15th Tambalounda - Bamako cacheted cover, 1938 Feb Bamako - Marseilles via Gao cacheted cover, 1936 Madagascar round island survey flight 28th Oct, 1938 July Madagascar Trial flight to Reunion cacheted cover, plus more to view. Attractive lot. (48) £300 to 400 £300.00
  • Benin
Used (on letter or envelope)
BENIN 1897 postal stationery letter card 15c blue upgraded with 1c black/rose (Yv 20) x2 and 4c lilac/brown (Yv 22) x2, tied by Ouidah Dahomey d/stamp routed via Cotonou with octagonal French paquebot 'Loango a Marseille L.M. No 1' d/stamp sent on the steamer 'Taygate' addressed to Berlin with arrival on reverse. Very fine item of commercial mail. £65 to 75 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
BENIN 1903 PPC of the 'Market de Zagnanado' written from Dahomey addressed to France bearing Benin 5c green (Yv 23), cancelled by 'Paquebot' h/stamp, underpaid with 'T/aff' h/stamp and bearing French General Colonies 10c brown imperf (Yv 19), tied by 'Paquebot' h/stamp with Erquy arrival. Very fine item of maritime mail. £80 to 100 N/S
FRENCH SOUTHERN & ANTARCTIC TERR 1955-circa 2010 mainly UM collection housed in a stock book (damaged spine), virtually complete to 2005 then to 2010 with a few gaps. Condition throughout is fine and appears to incl. all the highly catalogued issues from 1955-74. Later issues are mostly complete & accompanied by appropriate M/Sheets & sheetlets. Also included 2 unused 5f70 aerogrammes plus another pre-cancelled & endorsed 'Piste Endommage-Inauguration Annulee' together with covers and 4 franked with various Adelie Land booklet stamps from set SG.454/54 and cancelled 20.10.2001. Viewing recommended to appreciate the quality of this lot. (553 + 10 m/s & 10 sheetlets) ST.Cat. £5400 £700 to 900 £650.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
FRENCH SOUTHERN & ANTARCTIC TERR 1980-2003 FDC collection housed in two albums, an attractive run through incl. lots of useful birds thematics etc. (200) £150 to 200 £170.00
  • French Islands
FRENCH ISLANDS fine M collection incl. Comoro Is, Mayotta, New Hebrides, French Polynesia neatly presented on leaves. Clean lot. ST.Cat. Dallay €1789. (100's) £200 to 250 £180.00
  • French North Africa
 Air Mail
Used (on letter or envelope)
FRENCH NORTH AFRICA 1923-66 first flight covers (23) incl. ALGERIA (6) incl. 1930 May 10th CGA 1st flight direct Algiers-Casablanca Philatelic Exposition card and etiquette with cachet, 1937 April 16 RAA Algiers-Tunis with cachet, MOROCCO (12) incl. 1923 May 3rd CGEA trial flight Casablanca-Dakar with cachet, 1925 June 1st CGEA Casablanca-Dakar registered cover, TUNISIA (5) incl. 1939 Feb 9th Air France Tunis-Damascus with cachet, useful & attractive lot. £150 to 180 £150.00
  • French Southern & Antarctic Territories
FRENCH SOUTHERN & ANTARCTIC TERRITORY 1956-94 fine M collection on leaves incl. 1955 15f Madagascar optd, 1956 vals to 200f, 1957 Geophysical Year set, then a run through to 1990's incl. good Thematics - birds, sea life etc. (100's) Cat. £1327 £175 to 250 N/S
  • Guadeloupe
Used (on letter or envelope)
GUADELOUPE 1899 registered envelope to Germany bearing 1c black/azure (Yv 27), 4c lilac/brown (Yv 29), 5c green (Yv 30), 15c blue (Yv 32) and 75c violet/yellow (Yv38), tied by Basse-Terre Guadeloupe double ring with boxed 'R' sent on the French paquebot 'Canada' with octagonal 'Ligne D Paq.Fr.No 1' d/stamp routed via Paris with Baden-Baden arrival. £60 to 70 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
GUADELOUPE 1904 registered envelope to France bearing 1f on 75c violet/yellow (Yv 49) x3, and 1f on 75c violet/yellow (Yv 49a) x3, tied by Basse-Terre Guadeloupe double ring with boxed 'R' sent to the French paquebot 'Labrador' with octagonal 'Colon a Bordeaux L.D. No 3' d/stamp, routed via Paris with Metz arrival. Nice franking. £60 to 75 N/S
  • Madagascar
Used (on letter or envelope)
MADAGASCAR 1905 PPC of 'Bara, Female Warriors' written from Benenitra dated '5th May 1906' sent from 'French 3rd Senegalais, Majunga' addressed to Belgium with Bruxelles arrival '25/6' and boxed 'Rebut' with hand struck instructional 'Retour a l'Envoyeur' and endorsed 'Retour a Benenitra, Madagascar' routed via Egypt with Port Said/Egypte '19/8' French Post Office transit and Tulear/Madagascar double ring arrival '8/10.' Interesting item. £40 to 55 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
MADAGASCAR 1946 envelope to DIEGO SUAREZ franked 3f (3) 'Marianne', insufficient postage & taxed. On reverse '2f' on 1f mauve & '3f' on 1f blue postage dues (2) overprinted 'FRANCE LIBRE'. Scarce. £40 to 50 N/S
  • Morocco
Used (on letter or envelope)
MOROCCO 1910-50's postal history collection many mounted up on leaves incl. Censored/War Time, Operation Torch, Airmails incl. first flights, registered mail, cacheted, a good variety of single, multiple or mixed frankings plus a few other Colonies and a small range of British PO's. A super lot, well worth inspection. (240+) £500 to 650 £500.00
  • St Pierre Miquelon
ST. PIERRE ET MIQUELON 1885-1996 fairly comprehensive chiefly M collection neatly presented on leaves from earlies with optd & Surcharged issues, good Tablet defins, Pictorial defin sets incl. 1909 set of 17, 1922 set of 15, 1924-27 Surcharge set of 11, 1932 set to 3f, 1938 Long set of 33 & later ranges to 1990's plus 1892 Postage Dues, Optd Type 15 10c, 20c, 40c & 60c, Parcel Post 10c black, 10c rose red etc. Nice lot. (100's) ST.Cat. £3870 £500 to 600 £500.00
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