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Stamp auction - 4 February 2016 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 4 February 2016. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 152 - Postal History
Lot Thumbnail   Description of lot Estimate Realised
  • "Postal history collections & accumulations, miscellaneous etc."
Used (on letter or envelope)
1837-38 Metropolitan Life Assurance covers to Bath, Camberwell Green & Pentonville - all are turned covers each bears 'Post Paid/Metropolitan/Life/Assurance/Soc' company h/stamp, each with red 'PAID' d/stamps. 1841 cover to Hitchin bearing 'Moorgate St.1d PAID' mark & 'Argus Life Ass/Post Paid,' company stamp, 1888 Guardian Assurance Co envelope to Buckingham bearing London 'Paid' mark with contents of Guardian printed details & letter, 1821 Printed Proposal for formation of a new insurer sent to Llandovery, Carmarthenshire (scarce). Fine group. £70 to 85 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
AIRMAIL LETTERS/AEROGRAMMES - British Forces in Egypt (14 items) mounted & written up, two unused items from a similar period, 214 unused items of 5 different types from post-1945 period, Embargo notice from GPO reference 12.9.57 issue. Book - Aerogrammes by Peter Jennings. £40 to 50 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
EDWARDIAN COVERS approx. 100 with a good variety of postmarks, many are PPC's - marks incl. duplexes, squared circles, Postage Dues, Stations Sea P.O, E crown R, Rubber, skeletons, Newspaper Branch, Channel Islands, Northern & Southern Ireland, Scilly, France, British, camp pmks etc. (193) £100 to 150 £125.00
1688   Used on piece or front
FREE FRANK FRONTS - old album containing 768, some with additional markings, signatures for research. £600 to 700 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
KGV-QEII cover accumulation incl. KGV covers (105) incl. RSO's, Duplexes, Wembley Stationery, Rubbers, Dues, Channel Islands, Skeletons, Naval Censors, Slogans, A.P.O's, First Flight, KEVIII covers (53) incl. single, multiple & mixed frankings, overseas destinations, Air Mails, Poached Egg, First Days, Commercial, etc. KGVI (49) incl. Stationery, Patriotic, Censored, Postal Dues, F.P.O's, QEII (63) incl. several Postage Due covers, Maritime, Express etc. + 10 larger covers, a useful lot. £120 to 180 £240.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
PERFIN COVERS range of 150 QV-QEII incl. censored, late fee, book post, slogans, c.d.s's, overseas destinations, official, registered etc. All with a variety of PERFINS - largest proportion are QEII period. £50 to 70 £56.00
1691   Used (on letter or envelope)
POSTMAN/G.P.O selection incl. a G.P.O postman's hat & armbands, two bags & various buckles badges etc. plus a Pyrene G.P.O fire extinguisher. Unusual assortment. £60 to 80 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
PRE STAMP OR STAMPLESS VICTORIAN COVERS (27) incl. 1840 cover to Edgeware Rd, cancelled fine'Cornhill/1d PAID' plus fine 'Post Paid Metropolitan Assurance Co' h/stamp, 1838 Chalford/Py Post + Chalford u.c, 1838 BRISTOL/24 FE 1838/PY POST, 1837 NEWCASTLE/PENNY POST, 1840 PAID at LEEDS, 1848 Wadhurst u.c, 18839 G.P/PAID, 1837 turned cover. £100 to 130 £100.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
PRE STAMP OR STAMPLESS VICTORIAN COVERS (26) incl. 1839 BRISTOL/6 JA 1839/PY POST, 1837 PAID/AT/BIRMINHGAM, 1840 PAID at LEEDS, 1837 Chippenham/Penny Post (superb strike), 1839 Assurance Company turned cover etc. £100 to 130 £100.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
PRE STAMP OR STAMPLESS VICTORIAN COVERS (26) incl. 1840 Northampton 'PI' in red, 1841 oval PAID/at/LEEDS, 1839 ova; PAID at HUDDERSFILED, 1819 Crewkerne Mileage, 1840 HASTINGS/SHIP LETTER (part cover), 1829 CHESTER LE STREET s/line etc. £100 to 130 £100.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
PRE STAMP OR STAMPLESS VICTORIAN COVERS (26) incl. 1835 Halifax/Penny Post + PAID at HALIFAX, 1834 Colchester/Py Post, 1839 turned cover. £70 to 90 £70.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
PRE-STAMP to QEII selection of 366 items M & U, mainly stationery incl. advertising, registered, instructional marks etc. Mixed condition, many fine. £200 to 250 £200.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
SQUARED CIRCLE CANCELLATIONS collection of 370 on Edwardian PPC's + the odd QV cover, nothing later, a good variety of mainly better strikes. £100 to 150 £165.00
1698   Used (on letter or envelope)
TELEGRAMS - selection of 24 mainly used plus 5 brochures. Post Office & various companies, Western Union, Imperial, Marconi etc. with one from the Queen at Balmoral to Lady Southampton 1883. mainly fine. £80 to 100 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
VICTORIAN COVERS large lot of approx 390 covers incl. c.d.s's, duplexes, squared circles, hooded circles, perfins, Specimen, 1890 South Kensington, stationery incl. general 1d pinks, destinations & more to view. Generally fine. £150 to 200 £430.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1843-57 range of covers (19) bearing 'More to Pay' s/line or circular marks in red or black on stampless, 1841 1d or 1d Stars covers. £100 to 150 £100.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1851 registered letter receipt, cancelled by a blue Kington De. 18. 1851 c.d.s, early & scarce. (1) £45 to 60 N/S
1702   Used on piece or front
1894-1918 PARCEL POST LABELS selection of 18 from London bearing various stamps, some duplication, mainly fine. £100 to 120 N/S
1703   Used on piece or front
LONDON PARCEL POST LABELS selection of 72 white stampless all showing c.d.s's 1894-1916, a few duplicated, Mainly fine. £100 to 130 £100.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1902-19 postal history selection incl. stationery, Postage Dues, Newspaper Branch, document franked 1s Contract Note Revenues (3), registered, QV 1d + 10d S.T.O embossed envelope + ½d KEVII (3) addressed to Leipzig, 1919 cover franked ½d KGV + 1d orange embossed Revenue, 1902 Canadian Pacific Printed Map on envelope, reverse reg. from London to Smyrna, franked 3d & 4d Perfin C.P.R etc. Mixed condition. £60 to 80 £180.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
PERFINS 1904-57 selection of 40 covers or cards - all bearing identified perfins except 2, mainly fine. £80 to 100 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1905-37 POST OFFICE NOTICES (5) subjects incl. PO Closure, Brazil Mail (with pmk) & 1913 'Bad Money' etc. £60 to 90 £50.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1912-30's range of covers or postcards (131) incl. advertising, c.d.s's, squared circles, rubbers, skeleton, slogan, machine, meter, Newspaper Branch, Officials, Perfins, registered, instructional etc. (131) £120 to 150 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1925 Wembley Exhibition unused souvenir telegrams (2). The black form with additional ½d & 1d (2) KGV stamps added, fine. (2) £150 to 200 N/S
  • England
Used (on letter or envelope)
LONDON 1784-1867 range of 16 covers incl. 1784 Dockwra on reverse from London to St. Martins St, over Why Bridge, Hereford, 1817 to Brighton bearing boxed CRAWFORD STREET, 1835 'T.P/Fleet St. WO,' 1833 * 1839 free covers, 1836 turned cover bears 'Cornhill/2py P.P' also bears fine Metropolitan Life Assurance Post Paid private h/stamp, '1840 Cornhill/1d PAID,' 1842 circular 'SHIP LETTER/26 SP 26/1842 LONDON,' 1844 St. James St/1d PAID, 1857 'Chief-Office/2d PAID,' 1803 entire written from the House of Commons- bears hand struck '2' etc. £100 to 120 £100.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
LIVERPOOL 1798-1839 incl. EL to Hull, reverse bears large 'Liverpool/Oct.27.98' c.d.s, 1819 framed 'Liverpool/Ship Letter,' 1837 & 1838 framed 'PAID AT/LIVERPOOL,' 1839 unframed 'LIVERPOOL/SHIP LETTER' on reverse of an account of Schepmode Plantation sent from New York to London. (5) £50 to 60 £64.00
  • Scotland
Used (on letter or envelope)
1814 June 4th entire letter from Andrew Brown Captain R.N at Valleyfield Depot for Prisoners of War, Penicuik, addressed to the Bank of Scotland Edinburgh, faint Penicuik mileage marking. A scarce letter connected to the Peninsular War. 1846 Feb 18th entire letter reg to Linlithgow endorsed 'Registered Letter' and 'Pd' showing open top Hull despatch c.d.s. in blue with Edinburgh transit alongside & rated '1/1 in red ink. (2) £60 to 85 £68.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
PRE-STAMP or stampless entires used in or sent to Scotland, marks incl. 'Aberdeen/Paid/De 9/1850 A,' 'Dundee/Paid/Oc 20/1848,' 'Glasgow/Paid +/Nov 30/1847,' 1832 - framed 'PAID/at/GLASGOW,' 1838 Dundee local with 'To Pay/ONE PENNY, PAID at/EDINR/OCT 19/1815,' small oval PAID/AT/GLASGOW,' 1823 - framed 'CASTLE ST/P.P.O,' 1836 'HANOVER/STREET,' 1845 - fine Angus Life Private Insurance 'POST/Paid' mark, 1829 'Dunfermline/Penny Post' etc. (31) £100 to 120 N/S
  • Wales
Used (on letter or envelope)
1793-1935 range of covers or cards (35) incl. to London 1793 bearing double ring 'PAID' mark in red & 'PULHELY' s/line, another for 1793, 1816 & 1822 with smaller s/line 'PULHELY.' 1850 two covers to Pulhely franked 1841 1d reds (cut into), 1856-57 1d Stars covers (5) to Pulhely, 1877-1891 ½d postal stationery cards (13) with Port Madoc duplexes etc. Plus a range of stamps mainly on piece with Welsh pmks etc. (67 items) £50 to 70 £50.00
 Air Mail
Used (on letter or envelope)
1928-79 collection of 35 flown covers incl. 1928 first night flight London - Stockholm with cachets, another but the final flight. 1929 first Airmail Service London - Tunisia, bears 1929 N.E Coast Exhibition Poster Stamp, franked PUC ½d, 1d & 1½d (2) from Newcastle upon Tyne, 1930 Aero Transport London - Stockholm, franked 4d, tied Liverpool wavey line, 1930 GPO notice announcing the Special Blue Airmail boxes in London, 1930 flown cover Cornwall - Bangkok then by Imperial Airways to Karachi, then sea/train to Bangkok + press cutting. 1931 Imperial Airways first flight London - Kampala - attractive & unusual registered Calcutta Aerophilatelic Club Card on to Jinja. 1932 Imperial Airways first regular service London - Johannesburg springbok official cover with scarce Croydon Aerodrome pmk (only 24 flown). GPO special notice announcing commencement of England's India Airmail Service extension to Rangoon, various Macrobertson Air Race covers, 1935 Acceptance for Sabena first flight Brussels - Belgian Congo & return, Croydon - Leopoldville & then return first flight cachet & back stamps - scarce round trip cover from GB etc. 1942 President Roosevelt's leaflet dropped by RAF for the USA over France Jan - Feb. Interesting lot, viewing recommended. (35) £150 to 200 £300.00
  • Military
Used (on letter or envelope)
MILITARY CAMPS WWI mainly c.d.s postmarks on covers & PPC's examples with Strensall types, Ripon, Bulford, Army Camp Thetford, Sling, Lydd, Kinmel Park, Sutton Veny, Cloverfield Park - Whitchurch, Bovington, Park Hall, Bramshott, Rushmoor, Deepcut Sandling, West Down South and Perham Down. Trio view cards Backworth & Benton Camps (2) publ: R. Johnston - Gateshead. (26) £60 to 70 £62.00
1716   Used on piece or front
Used (on letter or envelope)
ROYAL NAVY 1914-15 WWI & later Fleet Mail Office, London, barred circle hand stamps, also circles segmented circles, crosses & other types on stamp pieces, other covers & PPC's marks of Maritime Mail & Admiralty White Hall cachet, received from HM Ships, Naval Camp Blandford c.d.s, 1939 oval PASSED BY NAVAL CENSOR 1937 2½d illustrated cover of HMS REPULSE and crown censored wreck cover with two line 'DAMAGED BY SEA WATER', also a pair of early PPC's (86 pieces & 10 covers) £60 to 70 £60.00
1717    Air Mail
Used (on letter or envelope)
RAF Official Mail, Sept-Oct 1939 remarkable group of OHMS covers with good variety of RAF unit cachets and various instructional marks incl. DRLS, AIR DESPATCH, ARMY COURIER SERVICE etc, most marked 'SECRET' (14) £180 to 200 N/S
  • Illustrated covers
Used (on letter or envelope)
1901 black & white proof of the 1901 Penny Postage envelope issued by the J.P.S. Very fine. £80 to 120 £80.00
  • Royalty
1719   Used (on letter or envelope)
EPHEMERA - two ornate embossed Buckingham Palace music evening programmes for 30th June 1886 & 28th June 1889. Royal Mausoleum Jan 22nd 1903 Form of Service booklet & Ceremonial of Her Late Majesty Queen Mary March 1953 (4 fine items). £80 to 100 £130.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
PRINCESS VICTORIA (QV daughter) portrait photo postcard of Princess Victoria with her dog signed 'Victoria 1910' also with hand written message on the reverse. Fine & scarce. £100 to 130 £110.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1855 letter written & signed Victoria (Duchess of Kent - QV mother) to her cousin count Alphouse de Mensdorff-Pouilly from Abergeldie Castle in her usual blue ink. Translation accompanies. Fine. (1) £80 to 100 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1865 envelope from Coblenz showing a red London Crown registered mark, addressed to Her Majesty, The Queen, Windsor Castle - stated to be written by Victoria (QV daughter), seal removed but replaced. £150 to 180 N/S
1723   Used (on letter or envelope)
CAMILLA PARKER-BOWLES printed reply letter from Ray Mill House, dated 1997, signed 'Camilla Parker Bowles.' £40 to 50 N/S
  • Mail to or from overseas destinations
Used (on letter or envelope)
GOLD COAST 1836 April 11th entire letter, dated & headed 'Cape Coast Castle,' addressed to the Naval, Military Gazette, Catherine Street, Strand, without postal markings & endorsed on flap 'within 20 shillings in silver and gold ring' vertical filing folds. Scarce. Provenance McCaig, Adrian Cadbury. £80 to 120 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1903 mourning envelope sent from Edinburgh to Shanghai franked GB 1902 ½d, 1d (pair) SG.216 & 219, tied by Edinburgh double ring c.d.s's with Shanghai arrival c.d.s. on reverse for Feb 26the then re-directed to the London Provincial Bank with the addition of the Hong Kong 2c green (2), cancelled by a single strike of the Shanghai c.d.s. for Mr.5.03 with another faint strike on both the 1d scarlet. Fabulous re-directed mail from a scarce destination. Extremely rare. £650 to 750 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
UNITED STATES 1903 cover to New York, franked KEVII ½d (2), 1d (2), 4d & 5d on a deleted Consular Service U.S.A envelope, cancelled by Nassau St. Dublin c.d.s's. (1) £45 to 65 £52.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
UNITED STATES 1905 reg cover from London to New York, franked KEVII 3d, 1s (pair), tied Lombard St. oval registered d/stamps, adhesives with 'LHB' Perfin 'Lombard Hanseatic Bank,' reverse bears New York receiver. (1) £70 to 90 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1930 registered envelope from the London Naval Conference Secretariate General, bearing KGV ½d (2), 1d, 1½d, 2d & 2½d adhesives to The Hague, Holland, all tied by very fine London naval Conference Ap.11.30 c.d.s's. Scarce. (1) £60 to 90 N/S
  • Postal Stationery
1729   Used on piece or front
Used (on letter or envelope)
ADVERTISING RINGS selection of 22 unused incl. 1d Parkins & Gotto envelope. 1d pink J.F. Parson & Co - cut square, 5x different W.H. Smith affixed to card & 15 Smith Elder - various values showing manuscript dates or numbers. Mainly fine. £80 to 120 £260.00
1730   Used on piece or front
ADVERTISING RINGS selection of 66 used mainly W. H. Smith, 1d pink (28), 1½d (4), 2d (21), 3d (9) + 6 others. Very mixed condition. £80 to 120 £155.00
1731   Used on piece or front
ADVERTISING RINGS selection of 12 cut square unused comprising W. H. Smith 1d, 2d, 3d, 4d & 6d, J.F. Pawson 1d, Parkins & Gotto 1d (green collar), 1d & 2d Smith Elder, 2d William Lincoln & 2d, 3d The Home News. Total Huggins Cat. £365, mainly fine/very fine. £100 to 130 £230.00
1732   Used (on letter or envelope)
AEROGRAMMES QEII DECIMAL duplicated lot of pristine unused as issued, some with original paper wrappers, mainly Christmas & Royal Wedding types, values are 5p, 14p, 20p, 24p, 26p & 30p (face value £700) plus a few LSD Types thrown in for good measure. Fills large carton. £100 to 200 N/S
1733   Used (on letter or envelope)
KGV unused envelope selection of 8 incl. 2 double compounds & 1 triple, Huggins 6d ES49 (£20), 9d ES50 (£60), 10d ES51 (£60), 9d green ES54 (£75), ½d + 1d ES742 (£40), ½d + 3d ESC743 (£40), 1d + 1d ESC747 (£50), 1d + 4d + ½d ESC794 (£75). Total Cat. £420. Fine-VF. £150 to 200 £150.00
1734   Used (on letter or envelope)
POSTAL STATIONERY WHOLESALE HOLDING OF QEII material heavily duplicated incl. Air Letters (1000's) used & unused, some unfolded with wrappers, SPECIMEN ovpts, letter cards, envelopes incl. registered, some useful S.T.O unused envelopes etc. Large lot fills 2 cartons, although heavily duplicated must have potential at this estimate. £100 to 200 £100.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
QV (6) & KEVII (1) selection of albino (missing colour) dies on envelopes, 1d pinks - two unused, two used 1849 & 1856, two ½d orange dies on damaged envelopes & 1d red Edward VII die. Mixed condition, still a scarce group. £100 to 120 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
QV ½d brown unused wrapper headed 'Overtime Report' H.M Inspector of Factories, Huggins LO74c (XXXX) - very few recorded. Fine & scarce. £50 to 70 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
QV ½d brown wrapper O.H.M.S Overtime Report, H.M Inspector of Factories, Huggins LO74c (XXXX), fine unused. £50 to 70 £52.00
1738    Used
Used (on letter or envelope)
QV 1d pink selection with 56 cut-outs unused & used incl. Sherbourne c.d.s, letter sheet optd SPECIMEN in red + 2 other SPECIMEN envelopes, unused envelopes - various types & used with various postmarks, compound & O.H.M.S envelopes, one with wrapper band. Mainly fine. (90 items) £150 to 180 £150.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
QV envelope bearing a set of undated Dies ½d to 1s, very fine. Scarce. (1) £250 to 300 £310.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
QV selection of 10 unused double compound die envelopes, Huggins ESC 19, 25, 27, 41, 62, 69, 74, 108, 131 & 186 (XXXX), very few known, mainly fine. £80 to 100 £80.00
QV selection of 16 unused postcards, envelopes, registered letter optd SPECIMEN plus 6 pieces. Mixed condition. £80 to 100 N/S
1742   Used on piece or front
Used (on letter or envelope)
QV selection of 3d rose dies (27), one optd SPECIMEN on May 1859 sample sheet, 10 used advertising rings. Unused compound envelope with 4d die and a similar used piece. 14 cut-outs - 9 Mint, various papers, mainly fine. £90 to 120 £90.00
1743   Used on piece or front
Used (on letter or envelope)
QV selection of 4 unused 2d undated die envelopes with silk threads, light blue, blue & dark blue - one overprinted SPECIMEN in red, also 4 unused cut-outs & 3 used, one with Maltese Cross (scarce). Mainly fine. £80 to 120 N/S
1744    Used
QV selection of used Admiralty Enrolment Forms cut-outs, various numbers between Huggins L070B-F & L071B-F. highly catalogued & scarce. £80 to 100 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
QV TELEGRAMS - three unused Al Post Office Telegrams 2x 10d brown, Huggins TP58 (50) & TP58b (75), 10d blue TP56 (150), Mainly fine. (3) £100 to 130 £140.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
QV two unused undated 1d pink dies on envelopes showing additional 1d pink dies - one an albino, some minor foxing. Quite unusual. £80 to 120 £80.00
1747   Used (on letter or envelope)
QV-QEII accumulation of Mint stationery incl. registered letters, postcards, reply cards, wrappers etc. incl. Huggins RPF3b (£60), RPF6 (£70), RP47H2 (£100), RP47K (£200), RP52H2 (£125), RP53H2 (£150), RP5SG (£60), RP66K (£75) etc. with some duplication. (900+ items) varied condition, good potential. £400 to 550 £520.00
1748   Used (on letter or envelope)
QV-QEII accumulation of 924 used stationery items incl. many registered envelopes, mixed condition, large re-sale value. £200 to 250 £330.00
1749   Used (on letter or envelope)
QV-QEII selection of 25 W. H .Smith & Son wrappers/wrapper fronts, 6 unused incl. QV/KEVII compound ESC730 (£60), used KGVI 4d compound ESC844 (XXXX) - very few known, mainly fine. £80 to 100 £130.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
QV-QEII selection of 50 items each with their relevant wrapper band, 16 singles, QV (2), KGV (1) & QEII (41) - complete packs, mainly fine. £100 to 120 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
QV-QEII selection of 37 unused envelopes, postcards or registered letters each with the relevant wrapper band, QV (9), KGV (4), KGVI (1), QEII (23), mixed condition. £70 to 90 N/S
Used on piece or front
1840 HOUSE OF COMMONS front to the Revd. E. Ward, Stowmarket, bears London PAID Crown h/stamp of 7 Fe 1840. Signature to be deciphered, affixed to paper. £120 to 150 £120.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
QV selection of four 1d QV Official Letter Sheets LO21 (50) & LO22 (XXXX) unused LO18 (50 U from Godalming in 1897, LO78 (75) U from St. Mawes in 1902, mainly fine & quite scarce. £65 to 90 £65.00
QV-KGVI CUT OUTS used & unused selection of 772, mixed condition, many 1d pinks etc. £50 to 65 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1843 & 1844 two 1d pink envelopes cancelled No. 2 & No. 8 in Maltese Cross, both decent upright strikes. (2) £80 to 120 £120.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1844-51 three 1d pink envelopes showing blue 1844 numeral postmarks - 382 of Howden, 93 of Borobridge & 749 of Stoney Stratford. £800 to 120 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1887-97 selection of 8 used double compound die envelopes incl. Huggins ESC 31, 32, 38, 121, 190, 192, 278 (not recorded) & 294, mainly fine. £100 to 130 £130.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1897 two QV ½d + 2d compound envelopes from London to Grenada, West Indies, one uprated with 2½d Jubilee, the other with a 5d Jubilee. Huggins ESC187 (XXXX), very few known, very fine. (2) £70 to 100 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1905-38 selection of 24 envelope bearing stationery cut-outs comprising QV (6), KEVII (7), KGV (5), EVIII + KGV (5), KGV + KGVI (1), mainly fine. £80 to 100 N/S
1760   Used (on letter or envelope)
1906-13 KEVII used double compound envelope plus 4 cut-outs incl. ESC662 (£40), ESC682 (XXXX) - very few known, both used to Canada. Also ESC622 (£30), ESC626 (£40), ESC681 (£15) & ESC687 (£30). Mainly fine. (6 covers & 4 cut-outs) £80 to 100 N/S
1762   Used (on letter or envelope)
1924-25 WEMBLEY EXHIBITION selection of cards & envelopes etc. (8 different) £45 to 65 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1925 Wembley Exhibition P.O souvenir cards, 1st The Telephone in Business, 2nd The Famous China Clipper, cancelled Govt Pavillion slogan or double ring 31.Oct.1925 c.d.s. Both very fine. (2) £150 to 200 N/S
1764   Used (on letter or envelope)
1931 4½d KGV reg envelope from London to Berlin, bearing KGV 2d (2), cancelled by Indian Round Table Conference 23 Oct 31 c.d.s.'s with three additional strikes. Fine & unusual. £60 to 80 £80.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
AIR LETTERS KGVI/early QEII range of U or unused with commemoration types incl. 1948 Olympics, 1953 Coronation incl. some scarce curved corners, 1957 46th Parliamentary Conference etc, incl. FDC, paquebots etc. Robson Lowe Advert, early defin types etc. (77 items, some duplication) £70 to 100 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1957 Parliamentary Conference 6d Air Letter unused examples (25), another 3 postally used incl. first day with Parliamentary Conference postmark. Huggins APS3. (28) £40 to 50 N/S
1767     1966 Air Mail Letter Sheet 9d carmine unused & un-folded examples (100) in original McCorquodale yellow wrapper, Huggins AP13. £50 to 70 N/S
  • Railway Stamps & Covers
1768    Used
RAILWAY PARCEL/NEWSPAPER STAMPS selection of 154 used various companies & values, London & N. Western, Great Western, Great Eastern, North Eastern etc. Very mixed condition. £80 to 100 £105.00
1769    M
RAILWAY STAMPS selection of 72 unused/mint Railway letter stamps, 39 Great Eastern, 20 North British, 12 North Eastern & 1 Great Northern. Very mixed condition. £100 to 140 £100.00
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