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Stamp auction - 29 June 2016 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 29 June 2016. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 153 - French Colonies
Lot Thumbnail   Description of lot Estimate Realised
 Air Mail
Used (on letter or envelope)
1936-46 range of first flight covers (27) incl. ALGERIA 1936 June 1st Air France first flight in 12 hours Algiers - London with company cachet. CAMEROONS 1937 May 22nd Aero Maritime/Air France Douala - Paris with two cachets. DAHOMEY 1937 March 5th AM Cotonou - Dakar with two cachets. GUIANA 1931 Jan 8th P.A.A Cayenne - Miami reg cover on to France with cachet. SENEGAL 1938 April 2nd Air France, twice weekly flight Dakar - Paris with cachets etc. £150 to 180 £170.00
FRENCH AFRICA M range in a stock book incl. odd imperf, Dahomey Proofs etc. Also a range of U collected for pmk interest, mainly Belgian Congo etc. (277) £40 to 50 N/S
  • Algeria
Used (on letter or envelope)
ALGERIA 1908-67 collection of cards & covers written up on leaves, mostly airmails with variety of frankings & cancels incl. straight line 'Algr Gare Algerie' and 1938 censored to Czechoslovakia. Noted 1930 Philatelic Exhibition flown covers with exhibition labels & cachets. (59) £120 to 150 N/S
  • Fournier
FOURNIER FORGERIES collection of the French Colonial 'Peace & Commerce' types incl. Benin (5), Diego-Suarez (0), French India (11), Yunnan Fu (3), Madagascar (21), Nossi Be (7), New Caledonia (7), Ste. Maria de Madagascar (7), Senegambia & Niger (9) etc. (110) £40 to 50 £42.00
  • French Southern & Antarctic Territories
FRENCH SOUTHERN & ANTARCTIC TERRITORIES 1956-94 fine M collection on leaves incl. 1955 15f Madagascar optd, 1956 vals to 200f, 1957 Geophysical Year set, then a run through to 1990's incl. good Thematics - birds, sea-life etc. (100's) Cat. £1327 £175 to 250 £180.00
  • Guadeloupe
Used (on letter or envelope)
GUADELOUPE 1899 reg envelope to Germany bearing 1c black/azure (Yv 27), 4c lilac/brown (Yv 29), 5c green (Yv 30), 15c blue (Yv 32) and 75c violet/yellow (Yv38), tied by Basse-Terre Guadeloupe double ring with boxed 'R' sent on the French paquebot 'Canada' with octagonal 'Ligne D Paq.Fr.No 1' d/stamp routed via Paris with Baden-Baden arrival. £60 to 70 £60.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
GUADELOUPE 1904 reg envelope to France bearing 1f on 75c violet/yellow (Yv 49) x3, and 1f on 75c violet/yellow (Yv 49a) x3, tied by Basse-Terre Guadeloupe double ring with boxed 'R' sent to the French paquebot 'Labrador' with octagonal 'Colon a Bordeaux L.D. No 3' d/stamp, routed via Paris with Metz arrival. Nice franking. £60 to 75 N/S
  • Indo-China
Used (on letter or envelope)
INDO-CHINA 1901-50 collection of covers written up on leaves with a number of loose covers of mostly airmail items, whilst mainly directed to France, a few to USA, also scarcer internal & one to Chile. Lot includes registered & express & a good variety of frankings. (86) £200 to 250 £240.00
  • Madagascar
Used (on letter or envelope)
MADAGASCAR 1889-1970 selection of mainly airmail covers incl. 1934 reg. airmail franked 85c + 1f25 on 1f x 4, Transport 1938 mixed Belgian Congo franking, carried Sabena via Elisabethville where cancelled to France, 1943 censored x2 airmails to Durban, also 25c blanc (faults at right on 1889 envelope to Gray Corner, Maine, USA, routed via Reunion (ship c.d.s), Boston & Portland etc. (40) £80 to 120 £96.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
MADAGASCAR 1905 PPC of 'Bara, Female Warriors' written from Benenitra dated '5th May 1906' sent from 'French 3rd Senegalais, Majunga' addressed to Belgium with Bruxelles arrival '25/6' and boxed 'Rebut' with hand struck instructional 'Retour a l'Envoyeur' and endorsed 'Retour a Benenitra, Madagascar' routed via Egypt with Port Said/Egypte '19/8' French Post Office transit & Tulear/Madagascar double ring arrival '8/10.' Interesting item. £40 to 55 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
MADAGASCAR 1946 envelope to DIEGO SUAREZ, franked 3f (3) 'Marianne', insufficient postage & taxed. Reverse - '2f' on 1f mauve & '3f' on 1f blue Postage Dues (2) overprinted 'FRANCE LIBRE'. Scarce. £40 to 50 N/S
  • Morocco
Used (on letter or envelope)
MOROCCO 1922-54 written up collection of airmail covers with a few loose, bearing a variety of frankings & cancel incl. 1946-51 & 1955 Solidarity Fund sets, 1951 Le Clerc etc. (42) £100 to 120 N/S
  • Somali Coast
 Air Mail
Used (on letter or envelope)
SOMALI COAST 1929-37 first flight covers (3) incl. 1929 Dec 29th MAILLET flight Djibouti - Addis Abeba, franked airmail stamps with Djibouti hooded c.d.s's, 1930 Oct 31st Coronation flight Djibouti - Addis Abeba reg cover with cachet, 1938 Dec 3rd JAPY return flight Djibouti - Istres, France, cachet with date error on a PPC of Djibouti Railway Station. £50 to 65 £56.00
  • Tunisia
TUNISIA 1888-1988 collection of U on 30 album leaves, most issues are well represented with some complete sets. Better early material incl. 1888 to 75c, 1888 set (some duplication), 1899 Colour Changes to 2f, 1901 Postage Dues (excl. 2f), 1906 set, range of 1908-17 Surcharges, 1925 Surcharges, 1926 set & much more. Inspection recommended to appreciate the scope of this lot. (231) ST.Cat. £1627 £170 to 220 N/S
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