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Stamp auction - 15 May 2018 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 15 May 2018. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 158 - Gold Coast
Lot Thumbnail   Description of lot Estimate Realised
1870's-90's small range of Elmina cancellations on loose adhesives with vals to 6d, comprising boxed d/stamp (12 items, three without date), single ring d/stamp (9 items, three in red & one in blue) & an intaglio seal, good to fine. (25) £60 to 85 £62.00
1889 20s green & red, U with barred oval 'B2 ?' cancel, offered 'as is'. £50 to 100 £155.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1890 (15 Aug) Winch Bros' envelope (small faults) reg to Colchester, bearing 1876-84 6d orange, cancelled '556' in blue with matching Cape Coast despatch c.d.s. alongside, '4d' and '2' in red crayon, 'R' in oval in blue, Liverpool transit d/stamp (9th Sep) with arrival d/stamp on reverse. Provenance: John Sacher, Nov 2009. £60 to 80 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1894 (6 Mar) ½d stationery card to Aburi, cancelled by superb 'AKROPONG/GOLD COAST' c.d.s. with another strike in opposite corner & with arrival c.d.s. (6th Mar) below stamp impression. Fine & attractive. Provenance: John Sacher, Nov 2009. £70 to 90 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1895 (16 Sept) 1d stationery card to London, cancelled by fine 'AKUSE' c.d.s, showing another strike in opposite corner with red 'PAID/LIVERPOOL/BR PACKET' c.d.s. (17th Oct) alongside, the message requesting a price list of Kodak photographic chemicals. Provenance: John Sacher, Nov 2009. £45 to 60 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1895 (8 Dec) 1d stationery card to Germany, neatly cancelled by 'ABOKOBI/GOLD COAST' c.d.s. in red with another strike in opposite corner, showing Accra (9th Dec) & red 'PAID/LIVERPOOL/BR PACKET' (4th Jan) transit d/stamps & Calw arrival d/stamp, some creases. Provenance: John Sacher, Nov 2009. £50 to 65 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1896 (19 Aug) env to London, bearing 1891 2½d, tied by 'ODUMASIE/GOLD COAST' c.d.s. & showing another strike in opposite corner partly overstruck by red 'PAID/LIVERPOOL/BR PACKET' c.d.s. (16th Sep), the adhesive with some stained perforations. Provenance: Adrian Cadbury, June 2005. £40 to 60 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1896 (2 May) 'Myerscough' quadruple rate envelope reg to London, bearing 1884-91 1d rose-carmine strip of five & single & 3d olive (2), all cancelled with legible 'AXIM/GOLD COAST' c.d.s. showing 'R' in oval, Liverpool registered oval d/stamp (30th May) with faint Cape Coast c.d.s. (3rd May) on reverse, the env with repaired tear across lower right corner, nevertheless an attractive franking. Provenance: John Sacher, Nov 2009. £45 to 60 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1896 (27 May) 'Rosser Jones & Co Wolverhampton' firm's advertising envelope used back to Wolverhampton, bearing 1891 2½d ultramarine & orange, tied by '554' obliterator, showing Cape Coast & red 'PAID/LIVERPOOL/BR PACKET' c.d.s. (19th June), with arrival c.d.s. on reverse. Delightful. Provenance: Soler y Llach, Feb 2008. £120 to 160 N/S
1907-13 unissued 10s green & red/green, optd SPECIMEN, fresh M, SG.69s, Cat. £350 £120 to 150 £210.00
 Block of four
1913-21 20s purple & black on red block of four, crossed by blue crayon & cancelled by Accra double ring d/stamp. A fine commercially used multiple. Rare. SG.84, Cat. £480 £130 to 160 £140.00
1921-24 MSCA £2 green & orange, fresh M, SG.102, Cat. £550 £150 to 200 £330.00
1921-24 MSCA Die II 15s dull purple & green and £2 green & orange, optd SPECIMEN, small imperfections. (2) £100 to 120 £130.00
1928-54 M & U collection on pages, broadly complete for the period, better incl. 1928 ½d to 5s set of ten, fine M & U, 1935 Jubilee set M & U, 1938-43 KGVI ½d to 10s set of thirteen, complete with additional perf varieties, 1948 Wedding 10s M & U, complete run of QEII to 1954 M & U and both Postage Due sets with 1923 ½d FU on piece, Cat. £1000+ £175 to 230 £175.00
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