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Stamp auction - 15 May 2018 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 15 May 2018. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 158 - Greece
Lot Thumbnail   Description of lot Estimate Realised
Used (on letter or envelope)
Postal stationery 1876 collection on leaves with Large Hermes 15l blue cards (12) with printing variations, 1883 5l & 10l cards unused with comparative additional examples, scarce set of three optd SPECIMEN & the reply card set similarily overprinted, 1940 illustrated Royal Family cards, envelopes, letter cards, Military concession cards etc. (77 items). £70 to 90 £90.00
1900-01 Surcharges on Small Hermes Heads collection on leaves with Athens print 20l on 25l imperf & perf M (43) - incl. four imperf between pairs, block of four, varieties opt double & inverted, 1d on 40l imperf & perf M (19) - incl. three imperf between pairs, 2d on 40l imperf M, 2d on 40l perf M (8), rare Belgian printing 2d on 40l M imperf & perf (both signed) Cat. £1300+. (133 items) £150 to 200 £350.00
1900-01 Surcharges on Large Hermes Heads 'Axia Metallike' collection on leaves with 1d on 40l bistre on blue imperf M (6) - incl. a fine strip of three, 1d on 40 perf M (3), 2d on 5l green imperf M (7) & U (6) perf M (3) & U (3) with 25l on 40l Small Hermes Belgian prints (14) - incl. a used block of four, 50l on 25l imperf M (6) & U (3) & perf M (2) & U (2). A scarce group £120 to 160 £300.00
1900-01 Surcharges on Large Hermes Heads specialised collection on leaves with imperf 30l on 40l mauve M (36) - incl. two corner blocks of four, 40l on 2l M (34), 50l on 40l M & U (46) - incl. multiples, 3d on 10l unused & U (14), 5d dull rose on blued imperf M (5) & U (5), rare 5d on 40l rosy mauve on blue imperf on transparent paper fine M (SG.134b), thereafter with perforated vals 30l on 40l (32) - incl. varieties, 40l on 2l M & U (20), 50l on 40l M & U (25), 3d on 10l M & U (11), 5d dull rose on blued M (5) & U etc. £200 to 250 £400.00
1924-35 pictorial issue, specialised study on leaves with excellent range of M high values to 50l in positional blocks of six & fourteen, Perkins Bacon 1d with two imprint strips of six, 1d re-engraved blocks (2), Aspiotois 2d imprint strip of five and an imprint pane of fifty, 3d (2), 4d pair, 10d black & claret re-engraved (3), 15d black & green original printing (4) - incl. a marginal example, 15d Polish printing (2) - one sheet marginal, 25d black & green (3) & re-engraved 25d. Generally fine, a good lot. £400 to 500 £460.00
1927-40 balance of a specialised collection incl. 1927 Athens set of three M, 1927 Navarino set of six M (Cat. £250), 1930 Independence set of 18 M (Cat, £300) & optd set of six, Arkadi 8d violet M, 1934 Salonica 20l imperf between pair, 1934 Athens Stadium 8d blue, both perfs, fine U (Cat. £475), 1938 postage due 50l on 5l block and imperf pair, 50l on 20l imprint block, 1938 Balkan 6d M pair, airmail 50l imprint strip with central stamp 'o' for 'p' variety, 50l on pictorial 20l M block & rare imperf between stamp and margin example U, 1939 Ionian set of five M, Balkan Games set M, 1940 Entente set of two M, 141 airmail 5d grey blue optd double M (signed PD). A generally fine & valuable lot. £250 to 300 £250.00
 Air Mail
Used (on letter or envelope)
1929-54 first flight covers (7) incl. 1929 Imp AW Athens - London official cacheted cover, 1931 Imp AW Athens - Kisumu official cacheted cover to Mwanza, another for Athens - Khartoum, 1954 stampless flown cover Greek Military Mission, GHQ UNC Far East, - Athens with cachet, (scarce) £120 to 140 N/S
Airmails - 1933 Zeppelin set of three, UM (Cat. £350) & 1933 Aeroespresso set of seven, M (Cat. £190) & Government Airmail set of seven, M (Cat. £250), 1935 Airmail set of nine and white paper set of five, M (Cat. £150), largely fresh & fine; together with a 1934 Athens - Ioannina flight cover & two airmail instructional labels, (Cat. £940+). £150 to 200 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
1940 Greek National Youth Organisation, 2 lepta brown postal stationery cards, the complete set of 15 with illustrated backs incl. Cyclists, Discus Thrower, Javelin Throwers & Phalangists etc. Fresh & fine unused. Rare, H & G 41a. £50 to 75 £80.00
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