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Stamp auction - 31 July 2019 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 31 July 2019. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 161 - Netherlands
Lot Thumbnail   Description of lot Estimate Realised
1852-1991 A substantial M & U collection housed in a Schaubek album from the first issues, highlights incl. 1872 2g50 U, 1898 1g Coronation U (Cat. £180), 1906 TB set M (Cat. £130), 1913 Independence to 1g M (Cat. £234), 2½g & 5g FU (Cat. £120), 1920 2.50 on 10g M (Cat. £225), 1923 5g M (Cat. £300), 1923 Culture Fund set M, later with range of interrupted perfs; numerous complete sets to 1990, Dues, Court of Justice & booklets etc. Condition mixed amongst earlies. ST Cat. £13000+ £600 to 800 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
C1800-1840 pre-stamp covers with variety of markings including Amsterdam ‘H', straight-line & boxed town marks and date-stamps, foreign destinations with ‘rayon' & entry marks etc. Also (1874) scarce boxed NED: INDIE VIA MARSEILLE on wrapper, stampless official mail etc. (29) £65 to 90 N/S
1852-1983 good to FU collection neatly housed in a printed album incl. 1852 5c (3), 10c, 15c, 1864 5c, 10c, 15c, 1898 Coronation 1g, range charity sets, defins, commems to 1980's. Clean lot. ST.Cat. £4000 £250 to 350 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
C1860-90 covers including King Willem 10c covers (3, one a pair), 1870's issues with many foreign destinations, numeral issue including scarcer single 1c items (2); postal stationery cards etc. (27) including uprated, some better destinations (‘NED: INDIE OVER NAPELS' routing noted). (42) £100 to 120 N/S
Used (on letter or envelope)
C1890's-1920's selection of better commercial mail - covers with good variety of frankings & cancellations (attractive registered item noted); also mainly used postal stationery (43) including better items and unusual destinations. Good specialist lot - worth careful inspection. (82) £120 to 150 £120.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
C1890's-1940's Railway interest - covers & cards showing a variety of station & TPO cancellations (30) plus 2 later with railway stamps; 1940-49 ‘autopost' bus items (4) and 1910-57 items (9) with ‘postagent' cancellations. Useful lot. (43) £65 to 85 £65.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
C1894-1957 Postage Dues incoming & underpaid items with variety of due issues / values to 1g (17); also two 1920s items with scarce use of Sunday delivery ('dominical') labels. Uncommon material. (19) £50 to 70 £105.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
Military - WWI censored mail mainly to foreign destinations with censor closure tapes (17) or hand-stamps (5); two POW cards & two official items. (26) £70 to 90 £110.00
1923-59 Child Welfare or Social Relief Fund range of complete M sets (35), odd UM, a few minor tones etc. Useful range. (163) Cat. £1056 £80 to 120 N/S
 Air Mail
Used (on letter or envelope)
C1928-1960 Airmails (few later) covers to variety of destinations, mainly commercial with the odd special flight cancellation - includes registered & express items. Mixed condition - interesting lot. (75) £120 to 150 £120.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
1930's -60's commercial mail with postcards & covers including registered & express, uncommon frankings & postmarks noted including naval, instructional, 1940's (2) Ex Dutch Court in exile etc. Mixed condition but an interesting lot. (61) £100 to 120 £105.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
C1930-40 interesting group of commercial mail (49) with considerable number of registered (insured cover noted), express, better frankings & variety of cancellations. Also a substantial range (76) of contemporary postal stationery with much used including uprated C1930's-60's (airmail & express postcards noted), some duplication etc. Mixed condition. (130) £80 to 120 £110.00
 Air Mail
Used (on letter or envelope)
1931-57 selection of cards/covers (19) incl. first flights to Australia, Sofia, Houston, Johannesburg, London, Liverpool, Saigon & Hull, as well as Commonwealth flights to Curacao, attractive cachets etc. Also 1970-90's selection of KLM first flight or special flight covers, many illustrated with a variety of frankings & includes the odd balloon flights. (50) £80 to 100 £90.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
C1938-70 philatelic covers with stamp sets, special cancellations etc. - emphasis on earlier issues. Mixed condition but many elusive stamps noted. (70) £80 to 100 £90.00
Used (on letter or envelope)
Military - WWII civilian mail censored with German or British tapes or hand-stamps, chemical wash etc. (26); German Occupation official covers (6), scarce 'return to sender' label (1940), Dutch (3) & British (4) field post covers plus six later military items. (46) £80 to 100 £165.00
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