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Stamp auction - 31 July 2019 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 31 July 2019. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 161 - Portuguese Colonies
Lot Thumbnail   Description of lot Estimate Realised
TIMOR extensive chiefly M collection in large stock book, all periods with 1885 to 300r (3), 1887 to 30r, 1894 to 300r, 1894 Provisorio to 47a, Da Gama set, 1896 to 78a (3), 1902 Surcharge to 22a (3 Types) etc, 1911 Republica to 78a (3), 1913 ovpts, 1913 Da Gama, 1914 Ceres set, 1915 ovpts Surcharge, 1919-23 to 5p (excl. 1p) M, 1914-15 Surcharge, 1938 Postage & Air set, 1946 ovpt set M, 1947 Liberation set Post & Airs M, 1948 set M, 1950 Flowers M, 1961 Art set M etc. Also Charity sets etc. ST.CAt. £3800 by vendor. £250 to 300 £250.00
1913-70 M/UM/FU collection neatly laid out in a large black page stock book incl. Angola 1951 Birds set of 24 VFU, 1963 Civic Arms set M, Azores 1928 Independence set M, Cape Verde Islands, Mozambique incl. 1930 Albuqureques Victories set M, 1933 Lusiads set U, 1951 Fishes set (24) U, later incl. M sets of 1961 Coats of Arms, 1967 Uniforms M, Mozambique Company incl. 1918 Pictorial set M, 1935 Airs sets M, Nyassa incl. 1901 Animals defins set M, range of 'Republica' opts M, 1924 Postage Dues set, further ranges from Portuguese India, Guinea, Timor etc. ST. Cat. £3800. (1636 + 5 M/Sheets) £200 to 300 £200.00
ACCUMULATION in a stock book incl. Macau (mainly earlies), a complete run through of Azores 1980-1991 incl. M/Sheets & booklets UM, also Madeira complete run 1980-91 plus M/Sheets & booklets UM. (100's) ST.Cat. £1470. £120 to 165 N/S
  • Macao
MACAO 1994-2001 duplicated UM assortment housed in large & medium sized stock books + hagner album, ranges of stamps, M/Sheets, sheetlets etc. Cat. £4684 £600 to 800 N/S
AZORES collection on nine double sided stock leaves, all period with 1868/81 Imperf 50r, 20r, reprints unused, 80r (crease) 'used' reprint, Perf 12½ 5r (2), 20r, 25r (2), 80r, 120r unused/used - condition varied, some reprints 1862-63 ovpt Type 3 10r, 15r, 80r (3), 100r, 150r (2), 100r, straight label large ovpt, good range to 300r etc. 1880-81 to 50r, 1882-85 to 50r & 500r unused, 1894 Henry most to 150r, 1895 Anthony 8 vals to 100r, 1898 Da Gama set, 1895 eleven vals to 500r, 1910 set of fourteen M, 1910 ovpts to 100r M, 1911 ovpt vals, 1912-20 Ceres, 1925 Centy 20 vals to 3E.20, good range of later issues, also a few Horta & Ponta Delgada. High catalogue value approx £4250 by vendor. £200 to 250 N/S
CAPE VERDE ISLANDS collection of chiefly M on stock leaves with useful earlies to 1866 with vals to 100r, King Louis to 40r, Carlos vals to 100r, 1898 to 500r, 1902 Surcharges to 400r (2), 1911 vals to 700r, 1932 to 500r, 1913 Da Gama the 3 sets, good range of Ceres, 1934 to 20E set M, 1938 set to 20F M or U, Air set M, 1939 Tour M, Dues etc. Some probable reprints. High catalogue value. £250 to 300 N/S
MOZAMBIQUE collection on eight stock leaves, good range of earlier issues, Republic ovpts, Da Gama sets, Ceres, 1920 Charity set M, 1928 set etc. ST.Cat. £1500 by vendor. £70 to 100 N/S
BALANCE OF COLLECTION on large double sided stock sheets with Mozambique, Nyassa, Congo, Angra, Zambezia, Laurenco Marques, Madeira, Inhambane. ST.Cat. £3579 by vendor. £170 to 200 £150.00
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