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Coin, medal and banknote auction - 14 June 2012 (realised prices)
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This auction took place on 14 June 2012. Estimates and realised prices are shown below for information only.
Sale 34 - Gallantry
Lot Thumbnail Description of lot Estimate Realised
British Empire Medal Geo VI GRI Cypher Civil issue named to Thomas Smiles for meritorious service. Lot includes defective sovereign holder engraved 'Thomas Smiles', GVF. £150 to 250 £150.00
British Empire Medal Eliz II for Meritorious Service (Civil issue) to John Robert Gaffney in box of issue with newspaper clippings, he worked for the water board, EF. £170 to 250 £170.00
DFC Distinguished Flying Cross dated 1945 with Observers & Air Gunners Flying log book. The log book was issued to F/O Victor Davanant Purvis - navigator (44 Squadron). He was a native of Darlington Co Durham, KIA aged 22, 27th July 1944 during a raid on St Leu D'Esserant, buried in Equennes, Somme N France. LG 04/02/44 'This officer has completed many sorties including such targets as Berlin, Milan & Turin. He has displayed a high standard of navigational ability & his efforts have contributed to the successes obtained. He has also devoted much energy to training members of the squadron. His devotion & keenness to duty has been most commendable.' DFC was awarded 1945. He was in a training accident & also took part in diversionary raids to help the Dam Busters etc. GVF. £2000 to 2500 £2000.00
Geo V MM Military Medal 6332 Cpl G H Parker RAMC (repair to claw, needs attention), NVF. £150 to 250 £150.00
Geo V MM Military Medal un-named issue with suspender brooch as issued to foreign recipients, NEF. £180 to 220 £180.00
Geo V MM Military Medal 'for bravery in the field' 533270 CPL A D Donald 15 London Rgt, N EF. £200 to 250 £260.00
Geo V MM Military Medal to P1458 L Cpl H G Powell, 16th Rifle Brigade. Virtually Mint state & nicely tone. Un-researched. £250 to 350 £270.00
Geo V MM Military Medal H-73881 Pte L CPL P J Loftus 1st Northumberland Yeomanry, entitled to BWM & Victory, also served in the 7th R Irish Rgt as Pte 1558 & the C of HRS as 73881. The lot has a photocopy citation dated 24th October in which he took a mounted patrol & helped with the withdrawal of a held up advance. His information resulted in the capture of the objective, EF. £400 to 500 £400.00
Geo V MM Military Medal 'for bravery in the field' 3-10056 Pte S Nesbitt 18 Durham L Inf, Victory Medal to the same recipient (version on the reverse), VF. £200 to 250 £310.00
Geo V, DCM & Bar plus War Medal. DCM 16355 Sjt J McMillan 13/R Scots (from Blackridge) 'For conspicuous gallantry & devotion to duty. He single handed attacked an enemy machine gun emplacement capturing the gun, together with its crew'. Bar to DCM LG 26.07.17 'For conspicuous gallantry & devotion to duty. 'When the enemy put a heavy barrage on the outpost line, this NCO without orders brought his platoon up through the barrage to re-inforce the posts, organised & led the bombing party, driving the enemy back & capturing a Lewis gun, setting a fine example to his men'. With photographs of the recipient, near very fine. £1800 to 2500 £2200.00
Geo VI Military Medal set of five court style mounted. MM, Geo VI Ind Imp to 7203 Balbahadur Rana 5th RGR, 1939-45 & Burma Stars with BWM & GSM, Geo VI with Clasps S E Asia 1945-46 & Malaya (loose on ribbon). The 'MM' is correctly named in engraved capitals & was awarded for 'Scraggy Hill' feature Imphal/Tamu Road 10th June 1944. He was No 2 of the Bren Gun Team. 'His No 1 was wounded & he took his place. The platoon commander was wounded having his foot blown off. Receiving orders to withdraw he rushed across to his wounded P/C, picked up his tommy gun & LMG & half carrying & dragging his officer, he made slow progress. He was far behind his platoon & under grenade & rifle fire the whole time. He eventually, all alone, reached his own positions still carrying the officer & both weapons' etc. A fine Imphal box 'MM' with copy papers confirming him as wounded in Java 1946. He served 15 years. The papers confirm all medals & clasps, GVF. £1200 to 1800 N/S
Geo VI MM Military Medal un-named as issued to foreign recipients, EF. £350 to 500 £860.00
Geo VI MM Military Medal 14391743 Pte M H Wroe MM HLI. An immediate award sanctioned by Montgomery, at Molenhuis 16 February 1945 'Pte Wroe's section was completely surrounded & cut off. The enemy assaulted closely, using grenades, rifle grenades & panzerfanst, calling on our troops to surrender, they refused & fought the enemy off until dark. The section commander & platoon Sgt were both killed or missing. Pte Wroe & two other Pte's - both wounded, were the only survivors, one man was able to walk back by himself. Pte Wroe then assisted the other by dragging & carrying him the 1000 yards back to the coy position. Pte Wroe showed great courage, determination & devotion & certainly saved a comrade from falling into the hands of the enemy or succumbing to his injuries'. MM confirmed 03-05-45. £400 to 800 £860.00
Group of eight - DCM & MM, Geo VI plus 1939-45, Africa (8th Army Clasp), Italy Stars, War & Defence plus NZ War Medal mounted as worn in two groups with MID emblem. DCM & MM for North Africa, MID for Italy. DCM for the night of 24th/25th April 1943, 'WO Lock was CSM of a company which attacked & captured Terhouna Ridge. The Company Commander was mortally wounded & WO Lock took command of the Company, consolidated the position & due to enemy fire reconnoitred an alternative route back to Company Headquarters. The following morning WO Lock on his own initiative set out to try & locate them. When on open ground he was fired upon by an enemy machine gun post. He withdrew & tried again in a Bren gun carrier contacting the missing patrol which was isolated by enemy fire. Throughout, this WO's personal courage & coolness was an example to everyone. His initiative & determination were largely responsible for the consolidation & defence of Terhouna Ridge. WO Lock always displayed outstanding ability & courage without regard for his personal safety'. MM citation 'Sgt Lock was with the 26 NZ Battn from its inception, taking part in all the campaigns of the battalion. He showed outstanding coolness under fire & devotion to duty. At Miryiria on the night of 23rd Oct 1942 Sgt Lock was Provost Sergeant & members of the section were responsible for marking with lights the start line of the Battn through the mine field gap. All of his section became casualties & though wounded he finished the job alone allowing the much needed arms to reach the Battn. He was evacuated only under protest. He later re-joined his company at Nofilla. He always showed coolness & initiative etc.' He was wounded on two occasions & MID in Italy, also commissioned in the field, making the rank of captain. The DCM is named 13926 WO 11 ARG Lock 2 NZ EF 1943. The MM 13926 Sgt A R G Lock, DCM 2 NZ EF 1943, these are believed to be official replacements. The lot includes copy documentation, GVF. £2000 to 3000 £2000.00
Group of five - Geo VI, DSO, 1939/45, Africa Stars/1st Army Bar, War & Defence. Regret slip in box of issue named to Lt-Col W B S J A E Wilberforce, DSO sent from War Office to Mrs C M Wilberforce, Markington Hall, Harrogate, Yorks. DSO date 1945. Previously this CO had been recommended for an immediate award of the DSO, EF. LG 15.06.43 (page 2720) 1st Btn The East Sussex Rgt. Lt Colonel William B S J A E Wilberforce 'This officer commanded his battalion during the operations to CAPTURE CHAUOACH on 09.04.1943. He displayed considerable power of leader-ship under difficult circumstances & against a highly organised defensive position. The centre of the objective was very strong held & fighting took place throughout the 7th April. Tanks had to be used to clear up the enemy. The attack was a success & many prisoners were taken & the final objective reached. He continued to personally lead forward the coys under stiff enemy fire. This officer was outstanding & set a fine example to his men'. The L G entry shows him as serving with the KINGS OWN YORKSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY & since KIA. Copies of the Regimental War Diary 1st May to 31t May are included, these show that at OVED EL AZABI (Peters Corner) during the last hours of the battle for TUNIS, this CO was killed by the last German shell fired at 15.30hrs having been informed just 3 or 4 hours earlier of the award of the DSO. This lot includes an original typed copy issued by the BNAF 29th May 1943 of a General History of Ninth Corp. which includes copies of hand drawn maps covering the Battle of Tunis. These are marked SECRET & are original issues. He is believed to have been related to the Abolitionist William Wilberforce, MP for Hull. £1500 to 2500 £1750.00
Group of five mounted as worn. Geo V DCM, 1914 Star & Bar trio & LSGC. DCM 55146 B S Mjr A Cook B 159/BDE RFA, 1914 Star 55146 Sgt A Cook RFA, pair & LSGC WO2. Copy research DCM LG 21 Oct 1918 page 12333 'For conspicuous gallantry & devotion. This Warrant Officer has distinguished himself by his courage & devotion, he has at all times set a fine example of coolness under fire'. Some light pitting, NVF. £1200 to 1500 N/S
Group of four - Geo VI Terr Efficiency Medal (Ind Imp), 1939-45, France & Germany Stars & War Medal. Efficiency medal named to 5726653 Pte E G Jones, Dorset Rgt (this has 'R') for replacement on the edge. He earned an MM Military Medal for bravery in the field in the Arnhem sector. Group mounted as worn, MM missing, GVF. £100 to 150 N/S
Group of four - Geo V Military Medal (MM) & 1914-15 trio to 26753 Gnr W I E Dix 18th Sge Batt, RGA, LG 1st Sept, copy MIC index etc. VF. £350 to 400 N/S
Group of four - Geo V Military Medal Group, MM named 15814 Pte V Blore 11/North'd Fus, 1914-15 Star trio 15814 Pte V Blore N/Fus, all unmounted with original ribbons. Includes original recommendation for award 'On July 7th 1916 during an attack on Bailiffwood, Pte Vernon Blore 15814 of my company distinguished himself to the highest degree in the following circumstances. Our party had been unable to advance due to intense enemy machine gun fire in close proximity. Pte Blore although himself wounded & with complete disregard for his own safety went forward on two occasions throwing bombs which put the enemy machine gun out of action, killing its crew. By his unselfish action the company were able to withdraw in safety & retrieve the wounded. This is signed & dated July 23rd 1916 by Lieut E G Bowers who led this party of bombers who numbered approx. 50 men & endeavoured to hang on to the position in a shallow hollow. Pte Blore's action allowed these & other men to be withdrawn'. A much fuller account of this action is contained in the Reg of officers intelligence report of the 07.07.16, a copy of which is included. The Battn went into the action 682 strong & withdrew 430, 252 casualties being registered. The action of the 07.07.16 repeated the mistakes & results of the 01.07.16. This is an exceptional very early issue of the 'MM' & the lot is supplemented by the inclusion of copy documentation & original items in two medal boxes. Registered envelopes addressed to Mr V Blore, 8 Leopold Street, Radford, N/B/Land. Recommendation, discharge certificates, group hospital photograph from the 43rd Field/Hospital July 1916 & field postcard home dated 20 July 1916. An early Somme 'MM', GVF. £700 to 900 £920.00
Group of four - Geo V DCM to 547281 Sgt S Turnbull RE, 1914-15 trio to 1725 Pte 23 - Lon Rgt. Sgt on pair 23rd London Rgt. DCM, LG 3rd June 1919 'For good work in cable laying under shell fire on many occasions. It was due to him that communications were maintained'. He also served in the Machine Gun Corps & 2nd Tank Brigade Signals Company RE, in this unit he earned the DCM. original photograph & discharge certificate, VF. £1600 to 2000 £1600.00
Group of four MC (Military Cross) & 1914-15 Trio. 1914-15 1072 Sjt J Snee E Yorks Rgt, BWM & Victory Lieut Snee. Served as Lieut from 19.04.1917 in the 25th Battn 'Tyneside Irish'. The war diary shows that he took 35 men & held a strong point when he was one of only two officers left standing (10.04.1917) at Stellung. On 24.04.1917 at Fampoux he & six other ranks were wounded with three others killed while relieving the line. 17.05.1917 MC awarded to 2/Lts J Snee, LG 18.07.1917 'For conspicuous gallantry & devotion to duty he led his men with great skill & courage. He re-organised under the barrage & got into his final objective doing great execution with bombs. He displayed great gallantry throughout'. On 24.04.1917 he was severely wounded when hit in the face by a rifle bullet, which entered an inch to the outer side of the left eye & emerged an inch in front of the left ear. Un-mounted, scarce unit, an excellent MC group, GVF. £1800 to 2500 £1800.00
Group of six awarded to Major M J Dolan RE Sappers & Miners. MBE Military 1st type breast badge, China 1900 Clasp Relief of Peking, 28207 Sergt RE, War & Victory Capt, BWM re-named, Indian General Service Medal 1908-35 4 Clasps, Afghanistan NWF 1919, Mahsud 1919-20, Waziristan 1919-21, Waziristan 1921-24 (Captain Sappers & Miners), LSGC Geo V 28207 QM Sjt Instructor M J Dolan RE, generally VF. £650 to 750 £720.00
Group of six mounted as worn plus Dunkirk Medal. Geo VI MM (Military Medal) small EK, 1939-45, France & Germany Stars, War & Defence Medals, Geo VI Territorial Efficiency Medal (Ind Imp) MM to 4272310 Fus J R Marley, R North'd Fus, Terr Efficiency to 4272310 Cpl J R Marley KRRC, WWII Medals un-named as issued. MM awarded for the Defence of Dunkirk 1940 'On the 24th May 1940 Fusilier Marley's platoon were moving to occupy a bridge at Aire which was believed to be unoccupied. One the way, the platoon met the enemy in superior force & were hard put to it to hold their own. Fusilier Marley assisted the platoon Sergeant in firing a Bren gun with conspicuous effect against the enemy infantry. Later he helped with the evacuation of a wounded man. On several occasions he took messages & carried up ammunition under fire. He was a fine example to his comrades'. LG 11th July 1940. Lot includes Dunkerque Medal with certificate from French, he served 32 years & 335 days with the colours from the 1st Sept 1939 to 31.07.72. He was a native of Morpeth. Red service book included with certificate of service etc. Medals VF & better. £1200 to 1500 £2500.00
Group of three - Geo V DCM, BWM & Victory 770907 Sjt E Drew RFA, 2654 Sjt E Drew on pair. He served with the (North'd Bn) ??? RFA, TF. Attached 63rd Div Ammn Col. LG 09.09.19 'For Perseverance & steadiness under fire' (Walkington, Beverley), VF. £800 to 1000 £800.00
Group of three court style mounted by Spink. DCM 352483 L/Sjt C C Bowers 1/7 Lond Rgt, Decoration Militaire pour acte of bravoure, 2 Cl Sgt Bowers was one of only two men so decorated with this Belgian decoration from the London 4th Division, LG 2.2.1918. He was KIA 2nd December 1917. DCM 16th Aug 1917 'For Conspicuous Gallantry & devotion to duty, he led his platoon with great coolness & courage rallying men from the other companies who were badly shaken by machine gun fire. He assisted in the capture of the position, then dug & garrisoned a trench & held it for four days under heavy fire etc.' MM LG 25 May 1917, he was from Mortlake, GVF. £1700 to 1900 N/S
Group of three mounted as worn - Geo V MM (Military Medal) & Pair (verdigris spots on Victory medal) 37035 Pte J A Newton, 10/E York Rgt. Also incl. pair plus plaque named to Enoch Newton, 4216 Pte E Newton York Rgt on the pair, VF to GVF. £500 to 700 £660.00
KGVI distinguished conduct medal. Medal named 4270544 Sgt D.P.McKay, R. Nor. Fus. This is a duplicate official re-issue the word 'duplicate' has been half erased. The lot contains Tobruk Siege 1941 medal named 4270544 Sgt D.P.McKay DCM letter Z. M.G.Coy 1st Btn R.North/D.Fus. with matching miniature. Investiture letter for 9th Sept 1942 with portrait 'Rats of Tobruk' blazer badge in bullion:- This N.C.O has shown constant Gallantry & devotion to duty throughout the Siege of Tobruk & in the breakout commanding A. machine gun section. He showed outstanding leadership in the attack on Dalby Square when he led his section into the action on the back of a truck in the face of the enemy at close range. During the counter attack he dragged a gun into action in the open preventing the infantry from closing in. he showed the same fine fighting spirit in other engagements especially at ED. DUDA. He fought his section until surrounded by tanks & extricated most of his unit under cover of darkness. These are typical examples of his constant bravery etc. His commanding officer was a VC recipient. Original medals lost in house fire. £1000 to 1500 N/S
Korea, Kenya, UN Korea set of three MID with Queens Korea, UN Korea & AGS Kenya 28019052 Fus R Williams, RNF. The MID is for Korea & classed as scarce. Fusilier Williams was wounded twice in Korea, on the second occasion he had to have a plate inserted in a severe head wound. His family state that 'the MID was awarded for delivering messages under heavy fire'. The medals are unmounted & the Korea has an alteration to the service number. The 052 have been officially re-struck & the Kenya is heavily toned with a minor EK. His red service book & reserve service book etc. are included & confirm the medals & the award of the MID. He was from Middlesbrough & served in the E Yorks 01.04.48 to 08.02.50 then finished in the RNF from 29.08.50 to 25.12.56. His Busby badge & beret badges etc are included. A large number of Active Service photos, approx. 260 complete this very comprehensive record of one mans service. These include pictures of fusilier Williams on patrol, VF. £500 to 800 £3400.00
MM (Military Medal) & Bar with BWM & Victory 145887 L/Cpl J T Garrahy 106/F Coy RE, EF. £400 to 600 £660.00
Pair - Geo V (MM) Military Medal & BWM 2457 Pte J L Tinlin 11/Coy Australian MGC (Machine Gun Corp), awarded for gallant action on July 31st 1917. Served in Dardanelles & France, the son of Mr Edmund Tinlin, Woodside Farm, Ponteland, EF. £350 to 450 £780.00
Pair - Geo VI DFC dated 1943 in original box, DFM named to 1132613 Sgt A Liddle RAF. Both awards are confirmed as to Mr Arthur Liddle, DFM as Sgt, LG 15.12.42 page 5458 & as Pilot Officer for the DFC, LG 24.12.43 page 5588 serving with 107 Squadron (he flew mosquitos), un-researched and scarce combination. Citation for DFM states that he was wounded in an attack on an industrial plant at Ijmuiden & helped to fly the aircraft home after pressing home the attack, EF. £3000 to 4000 £4300.00
Pair - MM (Military Medal) & BWM to 19313 Cpl R Jackson 8th York Rgt. (Victory missing). Lot includes letter regarding MID addressed to Vicarage Terrace, Murton Colliery, Co. Durham. Also letters from this Lieut & Captain describing the action for the MM in which he was KIA. 'The deed he performed on that day will never depart from my memory' etc. MM for Messines, GVF. £300 to 450 £360.00
Pair - MM Military Medal & BWM, MM 16465 Pte H G Binns 1/4th West Rid Rgt; BWM (missing suspender) 16465 Cpl H G Binns, W Rid Rgt, GVF. £250 to 300 £250.00
Set of four DCM, War & Victory, Voluntary Overseas Service medal mounted as worn. DCM 403156 Cpl J H Barber, 2/2 W Rid Field A RAMC, 259 A Sgt on the pair, 259 Pte on the Overseas Medal. Citation:- 403156 Cpl J H Barber RAMC (Leeds) LG 30 Oct 1918 'For conspicuous Gallantry & Devotion to Duty. He volunteered to accompany an officer to assist in dressing & removal of numerous wounded from an Allied field battery which was being heavily shelled, the ammunition dump also being on fire & exploding. He displayed the greatest devotion to duty & complete disregard for his own safety, setting a very fine example to all around him'. Scarce combination not often seen on the market. Group hospital photograph included, VF. £1800 to 2200 £1800.00
Trio - 1914-15 Star, BWM & Victory 28603 Pte E A Cooke 18th Hussars, awarded (MM) Military Medal LG 27.06.18, VF. £120 to 180 £160.00
Visit to Ireland Medal 1900. An unusual silver gilt presentation medal named to 'John Murray VC, late Sgt 68th Foot' in contemporary engraved capitals. The obverse features a left facing bust of the veiled Queen Victoria with the legend 'Visit of H M Queen Victoria to Ireland 1900'. The reverse has an outer circle of Celtic intertwined lattice work with the legend 'To commemorate Irish valour', this is the inner field on a Ribond with clover leaves. It has a silver gilt suspender Blue Ribond. Sgt John Murray VC was born in Ireland circa 1831, he served in the Crimea (Medal 4 Clasps) & New Zealand. He won his VC for actions at Te Ranga, 21st Jun e 1864 when he killed over eight Maoris & saved the life of Sgt Byrne VC. He received his VC at Wanganui, NZ, 5th Dec 1865. An unusual medal, not often seen on the market. His Crimea medal group etc. is in the DLI museum, NEF. £800 to 1200 £1050.00
Geo V MM Military Medal & pair, MM 20225 Pte E Adamson 15/Cheshire Rgt, matching pair. Lot includes WWII set of four plus regret slip named to 4399177 TRP W Adamson in box of issue from RAC Records, addressed to Mrs E Adamson of Hetton-Le-Hole. Set comprises 1939-45, France & Germany Stars, War & defence. Please see next lot for 18ct tribute watch awarded for MM recipient, GVF. £350 to 450 £430.00
Demi-Hunter (half Hunter) 18ct pocket watch in working order but needs movement cleaning. Inside cover engraved 'presented to Pte Edmund Adamson 15th Cheshire Regiment by the Hetton Lodge of DMA on being awarded the Military Medal April 3rd 1918'. A good Durham Miners award. Please see previous lot to same recipient. £500 to 650 £800.00
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